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Anyone here own or heard a Lector CDP?

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I've been searching for a while now for a detailed valve output CD player. I've been on the hunt for a second hand or ex dem Unison CDE but to no avail

I happened across a second hand Lector 603 in the UK through a seller who is also a Unison dealer. I won't go into the details as these are personal choices but I was convinced the Lector was for me. Now in customs in Brisbane...😀

Lector are pretty rare outside Europe (especially Germany) . Anyone here use one - or heard one?

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On topic - consonance droplet is awesome. so there are other valve out cd players if your willing to accept something other than the Dr Lector........


Off topic - 


Johns just getting lazy in his old age.


CA. Yeah no. Kill it with fire, it's the only way to be sure............

And then Nuke the rest of the company. Unless you want to wait for them to self implode. Can't be to far off surely.

If a part seems cheap, theres probably a really good reason for it.


Starting to remind me of the old days of getting parts from Hewlett Packard. *shudders at the memories*

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I've heard good and mixed reports of the Droplet and it was on my shortlist. The feedback I had about a UNISON CDE was unanimously positive but couldn't find one in my price range (not coming up second hand - owners clearly keeping them). A distributor of both Unison and Lector advised me that customers who heard them side by side always bought the lector.


I've bought it so no room to change my mind. Just interested whether there were other users out here...and their thoughts

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Ahhhhhhh ok. buyers after sale research :D


We all do that. I think ?

I know I do.


buy something then worry if youve made the right choice.


Wait until youve got it and had a chance to play with it.

Then let your ears and mind tell you if your happy with it.

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