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I'm an American audio hobbyist of fairly recent vintage, having built my first speakers (Dayton III) and amplifier (ESP P101) in 2012. Both outperformed well respected commercial products for which I'd spent many thousands of dollars over the years. 

Because of the need to help care for elderly relatives I left the states in 2014 and landed here in central Germany, and since I don't yet speak the language I welcome contact with any other English speaking hobbyist in the Giessen area. I'm not truly tech savvy, just an old retiree who can read well and follow basic instructions. 

My system got left behind in the states so I've begun work on another. This time it's based on Tom Christiansen's Neurochrome Parallel-86 amp, of which I'm building 4 channels to power Siegfried Linkwitz's LXmini active speaker system. In due time, the LXmini will morph into the LXstudio and will require another 4 channels of power. Would have gone for the classic LX521 but right now don't have the 6K cubic feet of listening room space they supposedly require, so they'll have to wait a few years.

Besides soldering chores, I'm spending quite a bit of time trying to wrap my head around all the digital audio issues, especially DIY DACs and the various interfaces. And, of course, the LXmini is DSP-based and the field for implementation is wide open...and sometimes very confusing. 

Anyhoo, it's all about time and discovery..and having fun along the way.

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Your personal carer situation sounds scary .

I've done it at home in my native tongue

We love to gossip hifi so contribute and we will reply

Take care

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