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Audio-GD DAC 19 DSP with PCM1704UK chips

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Item: Audio-GD DAC 19 DSP with PCM1704UK chips

Location: Cammerary, Lower Nth Shore, Sydney

Price: $580

Item Condition: Tip Top.

Reason for selling: Selling my spare.

Payment Method: Pickup - Cash.

Extra Info:

Purchased this for my brother after experiencing awesome results with my own one.

After a month, he decided that the black face was too much contrast for his all-silver kit and returned it to me. So I have two of these and therefore one is surplus.

Like Petemac, I'm an enormous fan of the audio-gd PCM1704UK sound due to its tonal and timbral goodness. I still haven't heard a DAC at this price point with such natural, effortless tonal reproduction.

This DAC has 2 x PCM1704UK chips and the audio-gd DSP1V5 digital processor. This allows selectable oversampling (including non-oversampling if desired), selectable stopband attenuation, dithering, and phased locked loop reclocking. You can tailor the sound extensively by enabling or disabling these options via shunt jumpers.

It has Tos-Link, coax and USB inputs.

The DAC paired with the Squeezebox Touch and EDO app works wonders. Additionally, Windows drivers are available from the audio-gd website.

I am confident that you won't find a DAC19DSP in this condition, performance or price point elsewhere in the near future.






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