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SOLD: FS: Luxman, DA-06, USB Dac

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Item: Luxman DA-06 DAC


Location: Wantirna, Victoria

Price: $3300

Item Condition: Excellent

Reason for selling: No longer required

Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal + 3%, 


Extra Info: Part of a complete system overhaul. Probably my favourite electronic toy in the past couple of years but I've cleared most of my system out this week and will start with a fresh pair of ears in a few months.

Purchased 2 1/2 years ago from Australian Supplier.

Will post interstate - cost will be added to final sale - Aus Post with signature.

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As someone who has sent a huge box with four smaller boxes inside it containing an LP12 with Ittok arm and cartridge through the post and at least a dozen amplifiers as well...I'm curious as to why you wont be sending this item in the post?


It doesn't actually need a courier, just registered post and insurance and signature on delivery, jobs done.


No postage rules me out as a potential buyer but GLWTS all the same.

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As an aside, I've used Aus Post's own calculator to work out (within a few dollars) the cost of sending a parcel interstate.

You need a ruler or tape measure and some bathroom scales to work out the weight.

and you  this is the site>>click


I'm sure you can follow the prompts. I'd be really surprised to see this item cost more than 60 bucks postage(excl insurance of course. That's up to your buyer)

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I know nothing obviously.


I defer To Mr Walker and his infinite wisdom.


Ignore my previous posts and go about your sale as you see best.


GLWTS of what is a rather tasty DAC.

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