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Elijah Audio Konvertible Lite USB Cable


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Well, kolour me konverted!!

I'm not a reviewer, nor even one who considers himself to have particularly good "audiophile" (I always pronounce that word as "stereonerd") ears. Plus I have always been sceptical about digital cables. Until now I have been more than happy with a $15 (including shipping) Belkin USB.......

So when I was asked to see what I thought of Elijah Audios' Konvertible Lite USB cable my first thought was naturally "what difference could it make?". Anyway, I like to think of myself as fairly open minded, so here we are with one of these locally made cables in my system for the past couple of weeks.

It is a very neatly made piece of gear, which is nice, and becomes far more important the more money we are parting with of course. We all like our equipment to look and feel good in addition to performing well. The basic premise is to totally remove the task of power transmission from the cables' job description or, if it is required, to physically isolate it from the data stream. Simple engineering really, run separate cables and make the power cables slightly longer so that they bow away from the data cable. It is fortunate that the power cable is there though rather than totally done away with as I found, against my initial thoughts, that my DAC does need that power connection to 'realise' that there is a USB connection. So, on to the sound......

It's very simple for me. My first, and lasting impression is that of space and definition. Every note, instrument and individual sound had more room around it, taking the music to another level of clarity and lightness. Slipping the Belkin back in confirmed my thoughts- it became more closed in and, for want of a better term, murky. Putting it more succinctly, music was just more enjoyable.

And when it all comes down, that's all I want from my system.

Equipment list for those interested- HP Stream feeding into a TEAC UD-501. Weston Accoustics Touchstone preamp, ME150 power amp, Energy Veritas 2.8 and Wyndham Audio BR1 speakers. DIY interconnects and Audio Principe custom speaker cables.

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Just to be totally clear, neither I nor Wyndham Audio have any affiliation with Elijah Audio. In fact up til I was offered the cable to try I had never heard of them.

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