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EXPIRED: Ayon Audio Orion Tube Integrated Amplifier

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Amplifier was bought in 2012.


It has had seldom use - perhaps 20 hours at most.


1 year warranty on unit and 3 months on tubes.


Output power: 60Wpc pentode, 40Wpc triode
Tube complement: Four KT88, three 12AU7
Frequency response: 27Hz–40kHz +/-0.5 dB
Transformer taps: 4 and 8 ohms
Bandwidth: 15Hz-50kHz
Nominal voltage gain: 40dB
Input sensitivity (full power): 1V
Input impedance: 100k Ohm
S/N ratio: 85dB (2mV)
Dimensions: 18" x 14" x 10"
Weight: 62 lbs.


Photo of rear of unit now attached.


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Rounding out the back panel are the aforementioned Direct In/Pre Out jacks and switch, the USB input, and three line-level inputs which were top-notch-quality gold-plated and chassis- mounted. That USB (and associated internal D/A converter), although garnering barely a mention from Ayon in its literature, proved to be quite a right-sounding thing, accepting up to 48kHz/16-bit datastreams. Way over-qualified for the streaming radio I usually fed it, but obviously not suitable for hi-res music files.


From a review I found

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