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choose a cheap component challenge


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So there's a pile of accumulated low-end stereo gear I have.


The present system is a Hitachi HT-2 turntable with a Luxman L-1 amplifier, Akai CD-M444 CD player and Janssson (Californians trying to appear Europeaney) speakers which is good enough for old vinyl and I'm a bit deaf.


There's a requirement for a system to go into another dwelling out of the rest.


The challenge is to choose a good combination (and there needs to be a second turntable choice as one of the adjustable speed ones runs slow ....).


Turntables -


Pioneer PL-2

Pioneer PL-155A

Technics SL-D21

Technics SL-BD20

Akai AP-D33

Onkyo CP5000A


Amps -


Technics SU-Z65


Akai AM-U22

Pioneer SA-5500 II


CD player -


Marantz CD-42


Equalisers -


Pioneer SG-3

Yamaha A-09


Tuner / Receivers -


Pioneer SX-5  (computer controlled !)

Pioneer TX-606

Pioneer SX-450 x 2 of them

Luxman T-1

Marantz ST 30

Yamaha T-560 DC-NFB PLL  MPX  (wow)

Sanyo DCX3000KA

Technics ST-Z55



Speakers - a heap of probably ordinary and decayed bitzas so if you have some suitable ones in WA please let me know.


Tape players -


there's a couple of them too.   and a Kenwood AT-80 timer 


Have a go   :-)

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