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FS: Various records, region locked NZ residents only

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ITEMS:  Various vinyl records

PRICE:  NZ dollars

Location: NZ south island

Condition: Used but good, region locked to NZ

Reason for Selling: It's quite obvious, I can't play these in AUS, they are region locked to NZ



I'm currently on a trip to NZ with the family and whilst in Rotorua came across a great records stall at the Saturday market.  The vendor had a great collection of NZ and world vinyl.   I bought a couple of records from the NZ section not realising that they are region locked to NZ, I'm here for another week so if anyone wants them I can be found on the South Island.


Artists include: Dave Dobbin, Jimmy Barnes, Lorde, Russel Crowe and the 60 foot of grunt and a few others who can probably stay in NZ anyway.


At least this is what I told my wife today who for just a second believed me.  April Fools darlin'.

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"keep mouth shut, grin and bear it"

"keep mouth shut, grin and bear it

"keep mouth shut, grin and bear it"



These are my simple cousins after all, having a little gentle ribbing, so don't bite back, let them have their fun, whatever keeps their plain, uncomplicated, elementary, facile minds occupied...  :P  ;)  :)


:thumb:  :thumb:  :thumb:

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it's this one, please send address





TOFOG may be one of those bands who's destined to be just a conversation piece. Aside from the fact that everyone outside of Australia is baffled by their name, their lead singer and main songwriter is one of Hollywood's biggest stars. By nature people will link Russell Crowe with the likes Kevin Bacon and Jeff Bridges, who have launched second careers in rock & roll (both to a predominantly unreceptive audience). But this is much more than a side project for Crowe. TOFOG began making music together in the early '80s, well before Crowe was an international superstar. Bastard Life or Clarity is their fifth album. It is well-thought-out, well-produced, and proof that they intend to be taken seriously. That being said, it is not an album that takes many chances. It's straightforward, guitar-driven, mid-tempo rock with a touch of country that sounds a lot like watered-down Bon Jovi or the semi-successful comeback album of any number of '80s bands. "Things Have Got to Change" is a promising start, but turns out to be one of the disc's most distinctive tracks. Crowe's voice is strong enough that one can almost forget that he's a movie star. That is, of course, until he blows his cover with a tough-guy monologue in the middle of the second track. His lyrics are neither offensive or memorable, but the arrangements and musicianship provide some surprisingly moving moments. Though used sparingly, Stewart Kirwan's lone trumpet is particularly affecting, adding another layer and a uniqueness to an album that is otherwise little more than something to talk about.

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It's technically incorrect to say the records are locked in the NZ.  NZ is in the southern hemisphere, so the records turn in the opposite direction to records in the northern hemisphere.  These records will play fine anywhere in the southern hemisphere - Australia, Sth.America, Antartica, etc. They will not play in the northern hemisphere - USA, Europe, Artica, etc.   This is also the reason why there is no music until the digital era in equitorial regions, as records do not rotate there.  It is also the inspiration for region-locking DVDs, as it was thought that consumers would be confused having a product that would play flawlessly anywhere in the world. 


Incidentally, although this phenomena affects the rotational direction of records, it has implications for the transfer of digital audio.  Apparently the polarity of electron flow is different for the two hemispheres - in the nth. hemisphere atomic electron rotation is clockwise in the northern hemisphere if there is an even number of protons in the nucleus and anti-clockwise if there is an uneven protonic quotient.  It is the opposite in the sthn. hemisphere.  Munster cable (sic) are reportedly researching a rare-earth USB cable which will re-align these factors into a coherent stream irrespective of which hemisphere you are using it to play music, developed using NASA technology.  I have spoken to an insider who witnessed a confidential double-blind test comparing this USB technology in prototype form with a piece of string and said that it was clearly obvious that the USB outperformed the piece of string.  Now that's something to Crowe about!

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