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FS: Gerard Gilet 1988 Brazilian Rosewood 00 sized acoustic steel string guitar

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Item: Gerard Gilet 1988 Brazilian Rosewood 00 sized acoustic steel string guitar
Location: Sydney 
Price: $9K
Item Condition: Excellent (see full description below)
Reason for selling: I have two Gilet guitars, this and a dreadnought. I also have two custom builds on order, which will be delivered soon. One is basically a replica of this guitar (with inferior BRW), but some customisation for me and a custom headstock inlay. This means, with some reluctance, that I have to get serious about moving this one along. I have been umming and ahhing, but I have to have a serious crack at moving it along. 
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


This is a well-known Gerard Gilet, widely regarded as one of the best examples of his work. Gerard built the guitar in 1988 and in late 2015 he inspected it, adjusted the set up and replaced the saddle. The original saddle is included in the sale. 


This 00, 12 fret guitar in Gerard's favourite style features master grade Brazilian Rosewood on the back and sides, which is vastly superior to any wood available today. 


It has a European Spruce top. The top has a hairline crack behind the bridge that Gerard tells me occurred in the late stages of him completing the guitar in 1988. He repaired it and it has since been stable with no change. Gerard checked it over again in late 2015 and it has remained 100% stable for almost 30 years and in no way diminishes the tone of the guitar. There is a clear plastic pickguard that has been there since new. 


The guitar features a Brazilian Rosewood pyramid style bridge, Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard and Brazilian Rosewood headstock. It has an Indian Rosewood neck. Abalone rosette and purfling. 


Gerard Gilet literally wrote the book on acoustic guitar design and build and this model features carbon fiber lattice bracing, giving it astounding projection and sound to rival much larger guitars. 


The guitar has sublime tone and intonation all the way up the neck and a fullness and balance that can only be obtained from a well-played, master-built guitar manufactured from top quality tonewoods. 


The nitrocellulose finish has plenty of scratches and marks, but there is no "damage" in the sense of cracks (other than as described above), dents or anything other than cosmetic wear consistent with a well-played guitar. 


The guitar could be sanded and resprayed, however, I consider that the patina and imperfections are entirely consistent with a guitar from the 1980s and do not detract from the instrument's character. 


The sale includes the heavy-duty handmade guitar case that Gerard sold the guitar with in 1988. It is heavy and sturdy. Perfect inside, the outside also shows it age. There is shrinkage on the material cover and the metal parts have some corrosion. It still functions perfectly. Again, it could be repaired and brought up to "as new" specification, however, I personally prefer the lived in feel and it is authentic to the guitar. 


In trying to get another guitar made by Gerard, I spent a great deal of time and money sourcing Brazilian Rosewood. This 1988 has back and sides that is superior to any Brazilian available today. Period. My new guitar is being made from some 1940s stock I located at great expense... but it is not a single piece back and Gerard tells me the wood won't be as good as in this 1988 guitar. I have also located some 1870s Brazilian salvaged from a large table... again it is inferior to the wood in this guitar. 







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