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:popcorn: Hello to all. My name is Jesse from Sydney Australia. My audio obsession started when I heard my Brother play music from his car. There was quite an age gap so I was very young. I used to climb our tree and listen to Santana, Led Zeppelin and  lots of oz rock. I used to snap branches and use them for drum sticks. My sister was David Bowie mad, her bedroom wall was wall papered with him. We used to cruise around in her Sunbird Torana and listen to Bowie Tapes that we dubbed from My Brothers Awesome Marantz Hifi. As soon as I was old enough to drive, I was that guy who had the 1 note wonder sub bass annoying the crap out of the neighbours. Mum didn't mind, she used to put dinner on when she heard me coming some blocks away. Eventually I moved more towards sound quality and began to install systems in my car. I started competing inter state and nationally with a $2000 budget competing with, wait for it $50,000 budgets and beat them. I needed a reference system for the car for tuning so I started buying stuff on ebay but my piece to resistance was my Mcintosh amp and a set of vifa kits that I assembled. After a while I was corious if what i was hearing was the production or my system at times so I enrolled in a live audio and lighting course and learned to mix live. Dabbled in theatre and wherever there was music. Pushed road cases at Allphones arena and outdoor music festivals like the Big Day out. I later enrolled in a bachelor of audio, SAE (production) and became and engineer. I sold most of my collection to buy production gear but I needed hifi gear to see how my mixes translated. So, I am now obsessed with Hifi again after buying a quad 405-2. So thats it! Crazy about music sound and audio.

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