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AB ing speakers Yamaha Vs AR

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I just purchased a set of AR SWT 110. Just missed out on a pair of KLH 150 for $300. The ARs are Almost pristine apart from a tiny ding in the hardwood bass. When I auditioned them, I thought they were a little bright but I put it down to the entry Marantz integrated amp and the room. So When I got home, I wired them up to my quad 405-2 duel mono 2 x100 w amp and xiang sheng DAC 01-A pre amp. Boy they were too bright. cymbals were un natural. Harsh and fatiguing. I opened them up. Looked as new as you would have just bought them. The caps looked brand new. Everything was labelled nicely. They looked genuine. The drivers looked hardly used. I tried repositioning & placing them off axis. I even put them side ways, tweets outside and mids in. I place large mobile broadband absorbers in the direct path, no joy! The potential for image and depth is there, pretty good in fact just too harsh. My Yamaha NS-344 have much smoother top end and better bass extension you should expect from a 10 inch driver and image is more solid. I had no way to attenuate the top as there is no tone controls on the pre amp. The only solution is to fit Lpads on the tweeters but I was worried about phase shift. I got my Sansui AU 3900 and connected it with the same cd player, technics SL-ps700 and the pre- amp. I was able to attenuate the treble on the Sansui by 6db to get a good balance. Now they sound very nice indeed. Loving them at the moment. Lovely detail. I have a quad 66 preamp on it's way from the Europe. I hope it should sort it out all else I'm going back on the grog. I should mention the track used was Opeth, Benighted from Still Life.





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