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Hi everyone,

My name is Dean. Since I was a teenager I have been a basshead and have always been after the best and loudest subwoofer for music. Last year I ended up getting a SVS PB-13 ultra subwoofer and it is amazing. I didn't really care how the rest of my music sounded, as long as it had lots of bass. One day last year I discovered what soundstage was when I moved my tower speakers out from the wall. I couldn't believe that I could hear sounds coming from behind me when listening in 2-channel. The last 12 months have been a massive learning curve and now I am addicted to listening to music in 2 channel (I always used to use pro logic) I now care what the rest of the audio spectrum sounds like and I have been slowly upgrading my components to strive for better sound. My current system includes a Denon X7200w, dual Emotiva XPA-1L monoblocks, a SVS PB13 ultra calibrated with a minidsp, a pair of old Sony SSU-290 floorstanders and various other speaker in my 7.1 system. I have joined this forum to increase my knowledge and further improve my system.

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