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Advice on Yamaha system

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Hi all


I recently bought a Logitech z-5500 set from a friend for my PC and have been pretty impressed. It got me thinking it would be great to get a 'proper' 5.1 set up for the lounge. This would replace our little Denon F-107 system we currently have set up. I'd like to spend a max of around $1k on the whole system, so I understand this puts me in the budget range.


The room isn't going to be ideal for a sound stage, the dimensions are 5.0l x 4.2w x 3.3h, with a 0.9w x 2.0l bay window on the right hand side. Plus it has timber floors (with a couple of rugs).


As for the receiver it doesn't need to do much other than power the 5.1 speakers so I don't mind getting an older unit. HDMI is a definite plus. My personal preference is for deep bass, hence being impressed by the z-5500s. I'm not an audiophile so as long as the other components are solid quality, I'm happy.


I am currently looking at a second hand Yamaha YHT-698AU 5.1 set:

I can pick this up for around $450-500, well under my budget.


I am wondering whether I could keep the RX-V373 receiver if I wanted to upgrade components in the future. E.g. replace the sub with a Klipsch 12 inch, for example.


Advice much appreciated.


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RunTheTrap > "I am wondering whether I could keep the RX-V373 receiver if I wanted to upgrade components in the future." <------ If you mean upgrade the speakers and keep the AVR, then the answer is yes. This AVR would run other speakers, including the Klipsch sub. But honestly, the NS-50F are good sounding speakers, a girlfriend had them running on a stereo setup (no sub). I found that hey do lean towards the lower frequencies, meaning they do have a 'strong' bass sound to them because of the duel 16cm cones and the bass reflex port. I would call the YHT-698AU system a nice balanced system, meaning the speakers and AVR combination works well together. And for the price I think you would be happy with the sound.

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