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SWAP: Ortofon Blue 2M (about 150 hours use)

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Item: Ortofon Blue 2M Cart/Stylus (about 150 hours use)

Location: Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW
Price: SWAP for Grado Prestige Silver1/Gold1 Cart with equivalent usage
Item Condition: Appx. 150 hrs use, otherwise as new
Reason for selling: I've found that the Ortofon is somewhat too up front/detailed, and doesn't match well with my system or musical taste. It's great for Jazz, super fast, super detailed and maintains awesome clarity in the bottom end. However, I'm looking to try a warmer, more musical cart.
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


I can take some high res pictures if required, however will wait to see if anyone is interested first.

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What equipement are you using it with?  I'm using a Project RPM 5.1 with Arcam amp and Paradigm speakers and it definitely has a warm enjoyable sound.  I listen to Metal, Rap, Rock, Pop, Acoustic, Classical, Jazz, Electronic and find it a good all-rounder.

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Hi Raiden,


Good to hear you're having a good experience with it. I'm running an all Rega system, the components I have are all on the bright side, so I guess it has a cumulative effect. I've listened to the Arcam amps, they've got some great depth and refinement for the price, perhaps I'll upgrade my amplification and speakers in the future and give it another try. For now, I've replaced the Orto Blue with a Shure M97xe and I'm getting a more satisfying sound.




ELA 2000 Floorstanders

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