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Newbie from Maryland, USA

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Hello from Fort Washington, Maryland USA.


I am a music and audio enthusiast. My goal is realistic music reproduction at home.  A few details of my system basics are Altec Voice of the Theater A-5 speakers, with the amazing 15 segment metal horn for the midrange.  I modified the cabinet with JBL 2225 18†subwoofers in their lower part, and I use Fane horn loaded super tweeters.  The system uses an amplifier per unit (subwoofer, woofer, midrange and super tweeters) per side, for a total of eight monoblocks in the system, and a stereo amp driving two additional subwoofers.


The main amps are my beloved Atma-Sphere M-60’s, which I use to power my Altec woofers. The midranges are driven by Wright 3.5 Amplifier monoblocks.


The preamp is a Conrad-Johnson PV-11. My turntable is a SOTA Star Sapphire with an SME V tonearm and Shure V-15-mr cartridge.

I use three Rane electronic crossovers. I use Maher noise reduction products, crystals, etc for noise.


The sound is fabulous, with lots of dynamic range and amazing image and details.


I put a lot of attention on AC and noise reduction.


I very much look forward to learning from my fellow music and audio lovers in this forum.


Thank you,



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