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SOLD: AudioQuest Redwood Speaker Cables : 8Ft, Bi-Wire, Spades

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Item: AudioQuest Redwood Speaker Cables : 8Ft, Bi-Wire, Spades
Location: Sydney
Price: $5,500includes shipping + insurance: Reduced to $5,200.
Item Condition: 8/10(normal wear)
Reason for selling: Upgraded
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Post - Direct Credit
Extra Info:


I bought these second hand from a Audioquest retailer early last year. 

These were his own cables, used in his own home setup.

He no longer had the boxes or packing(too much equipment and no room he said).

I verified his credentials directly with his Audioquest Regional Sales Manager for the Southwest Region of the USA.  I have email verification from him which states " if you are buying from him, the cables are legitimate".  Copy of this correspondence can be supplied if requested.

Consequently I can assure interested buyers that they are genuine Audioquest Redwood speaker cables and they sound fantastic.

This is an amazing price as the current price for 2.5metre would be approx. $13,000(could only find 3m price locally and that is $16,035).

If you bought directly from the USA I don't think you would have much change out of $13,500 once taxes, duties, PayPal fees, postage and insurance are included.

I liked them so much I have progressed to the Wildwood..







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I only have the Bedrock speaker cables. And can only put these on my Christmas list. If they are like mine, are these single Bi wire e.g. Single wire out from a amplifier then bi wire into speakers?

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I bought a cart from Bruce and he has a system that would match that sort of cable. Opened my eyes to Whatmough speakers - I didn't realise the top of the range were so good.



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Yes, bi-wire, single at amp end double at speaker end.


Audioquest, via their Australian distributor, Ambertech, can convert them to full run I would expect if required.


I had my Wildwoods converted to Bi-wire from full run recently by Audioquest at a very reasonable cost.


I thought they would just split the speaker end cables and fit two new connectors for each run but they replaced all connectors with brand new ones(that's 12 in total) along with new Splitter covers.


Great service and value.

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