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In House Voltage Regulation Unit

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Hi All,


I read this article today in the context of energy savings, and wondered about its effect in the context of sound quality:




I am not an electrical engineer, but generally understand the importance of a quality power supply on SQ and noise floor.


Anybody care to comment?



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I believe the Corrector works by drawing power from the grid during 'off-peak' hours and then feeding it back into your house/company when required during 'peak' times (I never could work out how 'peak' could be longer than 'off-peak'). Not sure of the quality of the power release, but as long as the inverter works well and consistently and doesn't add any stuff into your power system - then it could be a good thing.

The eSAVER is probably OK also, but only if your supply is at a high voltage.

Still looking for that battery system to link to my house - looks like there's a local competitor to Tesla.

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I actually saw it in the context of this other article which you might be interested in:




I remember when batteries came out and I was considering adding solar to my roof (I didn't because the slates are too old and I'm not ready for a roof upgrade yet). I did the maths but frankly it won't add up for another 5-10 years...and didn't I read here that the inverter adds noise to your electricity?

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