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SOLD: FREE: The Jezebels - The Brink (Vinyl)

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Item: The Jezebels - The Brink (Vinyl)

Location: Manly, NSW
Price: Donation to SNA
Item Condition: New
Reason for selling: After a couple listens I've decided this LP has no business being in my collection. Apart from not warming to the album, I don't think it was mastered particularly well for vinyl, so to me it just sounds like noise. But perhaps you'll have a better experience, or a system that can better handle it.
Payment Method: Pickup Only from Manly, NSW (will not post sorry, too much hassle for a free item).
Extra Info: 


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Wow, there you go. I have the CD and think it is a fantastic album. Someone will be very happy with this.


Disclaimer- I am a massive Jezzie fan.


I have the vinyl too, certainly not the best SQ around but the music makes up for it.

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Guest scumbag

Funny init. Back in the day, the differences between CD and vinyl mastering was sometimes massive. You would have thought that this would have been in some way sorted out over the last few decades. 

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