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Klipsch Sub10 to passive

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Hi guys,


I have 2x Klipsch Sub10 subwoofers and both have dead Bash amps. I am thinking of blocking up the amp cutout holes and turning them into passive subs. I am a little confuse of how much power I would need if I was to get a replacement amp to run both subs. The specs stats it's 420watt dynamic power. What would that be in RMS and at what ohms?


Also are there any suggestions on an amp to run these?


thanks in advance :)


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A google search reckons they are 200w continuous.


If you could measure the resistance of the voice coil of the driver it should give you some idea. A 4 ohm driver should have a resistance somewhere around 3 ohms, an 8 ohm driver would be around 5-6 ohms.



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