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    • By Tagjazz
      I am fairly new to this hobby and have been gradually working my way up the 'audio' ladder for the past few years. I am an active member of Head-Fi and SBAF and am looking forward to connecting with fellow Aussies who share my passion for listening to Music with good quality audio. Looking forward to my first Hi Fi show in October. 
    • By twochannellover
      Introduction to SNA:
      A pleasure to finally join and participate in SNA. 
      I have appreciated the various equipment articles, sales searches and particularly the informed advice threads over the years. 
      My thanks to those that have shaped my HiFi learning and listening development.
    • By Runner100
      Hello everyone!
      My name is Yuriy, I am from Ukraine!
      Now I have a small hayfay system:
      Turntable - DENON RP -53 B
      NAGRA BPS phono stage
      Power Amps QUAD II
      Speakers GPA 604
      I'll meet you on the forum!
    • By Xecuter
      Hi guys,
      I have been very active on changstar, sbaf and headfi for years.
      I love unobtanium!!!
      My chain:
      LYNX e22 -> AES
      DAC: Sonic frontiers SFD-1Mk II SE+ with tele e88cc
      Pre- Sonic frontiers SFL-2 with 8x sovtek 6922
      Amps: Custom SET by eddie current (studio) with a NOS quad of  AVVT mesh - this is arriving in September!!!!
      Schiit Ragnarok - this will go when I've compared it to the studio
      Vintage amp: Luxman l80
      Abyss 1266 (modded)
      k10 ciem
      TT: old school direct drive luxman 272
      Speakers: vintage wood land audio 2.0
      Still a long way to go with TT and proper speakers and some monoblock amps.

    • By Audiofan231
      Hi, been an audio lover for the last 30 years, but only recently back into the hobby after retiring from work and been empty nester. Mainly into British gear such as Naim, Rogers, Kef, Audiolab, etc. Bought myself a Sonneteer Campion integrated recently, and wow, that is one great amp. Got 3 setups at home, as follows:
      Naim 42/110, Linn Tukans, NAD cd
      Sonneteer Campion, Kef 105, Sony cd
      Audiolab, Epos ES11, Sony cd, Musical Fidelity M1 DAC
      Love to hear from anyone regarding hifi matters.

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