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Old Video tape to digital for a 21st

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Hi all

Youngest son has a 21st on April 9 and wife wants to put a slideshow/video together to loop during the night - just to embarrass him in front of his Uni friends I reckon - seems fair :)

She has found some old vcr baby/kid tapes she wants to digitise

For hardware, I have a Sony VCR (Rca outs only)

Have various digital devices - HP and Apple laptops, PS3, iPads etc

What is the easiest method these days to do it please?

Any watch outs?

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Something like the DVDEasy Cap off ebay will probably work fine.


If you get really stuck I have a svhs player and a Canopus hardware encoder but getting it here and back to Melbourne by the 9th might be a stretch.


Hardlynormals might have a similar thing to the ebay capture device.

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Hippy, it went well, eventually. Ezcapture device about $15 from local vendor on eBay.

Initially, I only had composite video out on my vcr, and the video had vertical lines through it and monochrome

I had read it worked best with older Windows, so loaded it on an older XP laptop. Same result

I noticed it had an s video output, so thought that was the key to better chroma.

Borrowed a neighbours vhs/DVD recorder which had svideo (but only on the DVD side)

Not sure how, but the software now started working on the Windows 10 laptop.

So used that, and created the baby videos on a usb stick.

It all went well on Saturday night - my son was fully surprised by his mates

Thanks for your help Hippy

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