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  1. Hi all, im thinking is like to try a different 2ch amp at home. i currently have the Yamaha AS-1100 and am happy however curiosity has set in and an wondering if more power and a different signature sound will also satisfy me some might recall my adventure getting this amp and the fact I have a Matantz AVR still set up at home and utilise a Beresford to switch between amps for HT and 2ch listening. speakers are still KEF Q950 the Vincent SV237mk is still knocking at the door loudly and I see now the Rotel RA1592 is on sale at a lot of places for approx $2700. I know the Vincent is a tad warmer and more powerful but the RA1592!ivenot heard but see it to be more powerful- anyone have experience with this amp? being that I consider Marantz sound quite warm and smooth, the Yamaha sound is very neutral but still smooth (not as smooth), but not as “forgiving” as Marantz... To spend the money on anew amp I’m keen to look and listen to amps that have more power than the Yamaha as the KEFs like being driven to get the most out of them any suggestions out there to add to the list Vincent and Rotel? budget up to say $3500 but less if possible! Understanding I’ll get suggestions above and double that but springing to mind is Roksan, musical fidelity and I think Onkyo have one for about $3k also. Whatever I look at must have x4 analog rca options, digital inputs and dac not important as I have an Oppo 205 which I’ll connect to it for that purpose but it’s a full package like the Rotel that is fine also. thanks all keen to read your suggestions and any experiences
  2. Hi Experts, I'm in the midst of setting up HT with 11.2 setup using Krix speakers: Neuphonix MK2 - Front Epicentrix MK2 - Centre Symmetrix - Side and Rear Atmospherix - Ceiling (x4) Sub-woofer - Undecided I have several suggestions to go with 1. Intergra DRX-R1 & Anthem MCA 5.1 power Amp 2. Yamaha CX-A5100 & MX-A5000 combo 3. Anthem MRX 11.2 & Anthem MCA 5.1 power Amp Would appreciate if someone could provide some advise on the above or something else. Also, i'm still undecided on the subs too... Thanks again Cheers K
  3. Hi all just wondering what peoples thoughts on connections for my setup with my power amp and speakers from the yammy Gear as follows yamaha rxv2077 emotiva xpa5 gen2 paradigm signature s8 v3 paradigm c5 v3 paradigm adp3 v3 paradigm s2 v3 at the moment i have the s8,c5 and s2 on the xpa5 using the unbalanced rca connections from the yammy and the adp3's from the yammy All speakers just have a single speaker cable connected But i have been wondering if i should use the xpa5 for the s8's and c5 and run the s2's and adp3's from the yammy and how would i do this? Im very vaig on bi amping and bi wiring and unsure? Some images or clearly explained instructions would be of any help and appreciated Just any reccomendations really?? Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, I have some CD and DVD Players that I would like to source some replacement belts for - given their age I intend to open them up, replace the belts, clean the laser head and have a general (gentle!) dusting and re-greasing of moving parts etc. Some of these belts are hard to source, such as for the Sony CDP-CX235. Also looking at the Sony CDP-CE375, Yamaha CDC-585 and DVD C750 (definitely this one, as the tray isn't opening properly - previous user error lol) Where in Australia do we buy these from please? Wagner's website is either down or they've shut, WES appears to be catering to 'professionals' only. I'm feeling like my google-fu has failed me, which is a somewhat feeling for me lol I have found these belts on line (ebay), but shipping from US or the UK pretty much doubles the costs - happy to pay it, but would rather forgo the buyers remorse in finding they can be purchased in Australia for much less! Any help here is much appreciated - thank you!
  5. I have a pair Yamaha WX030 Music Cast in my lounge. I have pair them to run as a stereo pair and I think they pretty good for what they are. So whilst I can stream Pandora etc, and these have blue tooth, can I send them the audio from You-Tube? The APP on my phone seems to allow "this device", but so far I have had no luck in hearing any audio either WiFi or BT. Can it be done? If so how?
  6. Hi there, I'm hoping I'm posting in the right place. I recently just purchased a set of Yamaha ns f150 speakers and a Yamaha yst-sw216 subwoofer. I'm trying to set these up without an amp or receiver, but instead just wiring the speakers to the sub, then the cables from sub to tv. Is this possible? Thank you to anyone who can help
  7. Hi there, I'm hoping I'm posting in the right place. I recently just purchased a set of Yamaha ns f150 speakers and a Yamaha yst-sw216 subwoofer. I'm trying to set these up without an amp or receiver, but instead just wiring the speakers to the sub, then the cables from sub to tv. Is this possible? Thank you to anyone who can help
  8. Just picked up something very special....shhhhh
  9. Need some sanity check on what I'm trying to do and how to do it... I'd like to run my Stax 727 off my Yamaha R-N602 so I can switch between my TT and Spotify. Thought I could keep Kefs as Speaker A and run the Stax as speaker B. I thought I could do this with RCAs, but then realised the R-N602 has banana plugs. Jaycar told me I could use a 2xRCA into 1xRCA cable, cut the 2xRCA off and install banana plugs and this would work. Yamaha is now alerting to a speaker wire short circuit. Is what I'm trying possible? Can it work without a preamp out? Is my homemade cable the problem? Is my R-N602 at fault? How can I test? How can I gloriously enjoy my stax?
  10. Some good news for both yamaha and auro3D that they have added this processing. it is THE processing for music in my opinion as doesnt create a fake surround mix instead sticking to a more front biased presentation as you get in concerts and kind and the 3D audio adding a lovely ambience of being there. press release below, https://www.auro-3d.com/press/2021/05/auro-3d-in-the-newest-yamaha-aventage-av-receivers/ Mol, Belgium – May 20th 2021 – Today, May 20th 2021, Auro Technologies is pleased to announce that our 3D-audio format AURO-3D will be introduced by Yamaha on its newest AVENTAGE AV Receiver platforms. YAMAHA announced today their newest AVENTAGE AV Receiver Models RX-A8A and RX-A6A , offering 11- and 9- channels, respectively. The AURO-3D technology is a leading immersive – and fully backwards compatible – technology and format that creates a full, three-dimensional space around the listener and now also available on the latest Qualcomm QCS407 platform. The magic of AURO-3D technology is found in its introduction of, and use of, the crucial third and final dimension – the height layer. With recommended speaker configurations ranging from Auro 9.1 to Auro 13.1, the AVENTAGE models can transform the listening room by transporting the listener into the virtual world of their selected content, regardless of the original audio format. True to form, YAMAHA implements AURO-3D in the AVENTAGE AV Receivers combining the Auro-Codec decoder and world-class Auro-Matic up-mixer, enabling an Immersive Sound experience that accurately reproduces 3D audio providing a superior emotional experience. It feels like “being there” on the movie set or in the concert hall or at any sport event. To experience AURO-3D, the user simply requires an RX-A8A or RX-A6A , a Blu-ray player, and an AURO-3D configured speaker array. “Auro Technologies is thrilled to see AURO-3D becoming enabled on the newest YAMAHA AV receivers. This announcement signifies another major milestone for the expansion of AURO-3D into more Home Entertainment devices and YAMAHA’s commitment to expand the availability of AURO-3D,” said Rudy Van Duppen, CEO of Auro Technologies. “AURO-3D brings to customers the truest to real-life immersive experiences for the Home.” “We broke the mold when we premiered our flagship AVENTAGE series in 2010. Now we’ve reengineered it from the ground up, shattering expectations for what’s possible for an AV receiver to reproduce True Sound,” said Yoshi Tsugawa , Senior General Manager, Home Audio Division, Yamaha Corporation Japan. Important to know is that AURO-3D capable speaker formations do not require ceiling speakers. Simply mount the speakers above the existing surround layer (to the walls) to enable AURO’s unique “vertical coherent stereo field all around the listener” which is a key component to get a natural immersive sound experience. Here, the AURO-3D-equipped YAMAHA AVENTAGE models add a ‘height layer’ directly above the speakers at 30 degrees. Installing AURO’s speaker configuration has a few advantages; it is easier to install and it can perfectly playback all other audio formats within their specs. When it comes to content, AURO-3D is available on many Blu-ray discs and the catalogue continues to grow. However, the majority of media consumption today is still is non-3D (surround and stereo). The AURO-3D technology also works with this ‘non-AURO-3D’ content. Whatever the resolution of the audio input, the YAMAHA AVENTAGE AV Receivers mentioned earlier, employ the Auro-Matic up-mixer to convert any and all content into the AURO-3D format, recognising existing mono, stereo, or 5.7/7.1 surround signals and transforming them into fantastic natural immersive sounding experiences. Therefore, regardless of the original format, the listener can always enjoy the thrilling effect of sound in real 3D. With effect from fall 2021, AURO-3D will be available, also as an upgrade, to the YAMAHA AVENTAGE AV Receiver Models RX-A8A and RX-A6A.
  11. I'm having some trouble with my Yamaha DSP A1 amplifier. It sounds like the right channel is giving a weak or sub-par performance. It's relatively subtle, but seeing as my wife agrees with me it must be true. It sounds as if one of the two mid-range speakers might not be operating, like that side is lacking something. Also, occasionally after turning the system on there will be zero sound coming from the right. After turning off and on this usually resolves itself. However, I've recently started using the amp's headphone socket, and have noticed that if I plug and unplug from the headphone socket a few times this can lead to the sound returning to the right channel. This leads me to believe there is something amiss to do with this part of the amp. However, even after regaining sound from the right speaker it sounds slightly weaker, lacking in clarity, as if one of the right tower's speakers is not working. I am an utter novice, so please forgive me. I've switched cables and attached speakers to the opposite outputs. When attached to opposite outputs the issue follows to the left channel. Any help would be much appreciated, and if there's anywhere else I should ask this question please let me know.
  12. Hello friends, I just spontaneously purchased some Bowers and Wilkins DM2000 last week. Honestly, I saw a photo of them on ebay and something just clicked, not at all my usual shopping style. But this is what I imagine when I hear the word "speakers". So, now of course I am worried that my reciever is going to leave me wondering about needing more power. While I await delivery, I'm hoping someone can comment on my Yamaha RX-V1800 ability to push them, and/or suggest something more appropriate, at a price that doesn't trigger my wife's attention. Is the v1800's 140W a true and fair representation of its power? Currently, I have Wharfdale 9.5 towers, and enjoy listening to them as loud as I can, relative to any particular situation, but haven't really gone full throttle on them. They tend to lose clarity as I approach -0db. The few references I find to my b&W online, or to similar b&W spkr of that era, seem be unanimous in that they will eat as much power as you can give them, and crave more. Indeed, the b&W spec sheet gives a minimum Wattage, rather than the usual indicators. What have I got myself into? Further down the rabbit hole? Or is this going to work out just fine?
  13. From the Webpage : " No HDMI 2.1 receivers were officially announced at CES 2020 but Yamaha's 2020 line-up of Aventage receivers will seemingly be one of the first to arrive with HDMI 2.1. The Yamaha RX-A8 (11 channels), RX-A6 (9 channels), RX-A4 (7 channels) and RX-A2 (7 channels) were detailed in a now-removed video and summarized in German Hi Fi forum." For those who understand German , here is a link to the German Hi Fi forum post.
  14. Hi..I. Currently have a Yamaha P 60 package which included two Ns F50 as my fronts. I have the opportunity to get some NS333 bookshelf speakers as fronts. Just wanting some advice. Re is this an actually upgrade to the F50's I currently have. Thanks in advance
  15. Hi all, just wondering if a Yamaha RXV 1085 AVR would suit a set of Zensor 7's, Zensor 3's and Zensor Vokal Centre Speakers? I'm new to the this hobby and finding it hard to understand what is required in terms of power per channel. Any clarity and advice would be appreciated! Cheers EDIT: I also have a Panasonic UB820 4K Blu Ray player that i recently purchased (My god improves regular blu rays - compared to Xbox/PS4 players), I think it would be suitable for passthrough of this amp (ARC?). I dont know if this will change anything?
  16. Hi Guys, I'm quite new to the Home theater sound systems and seeking your guys advice. I'm planning to buy paradigm studio range sound system (studio 100 for front, Studio 60 for rear, CC690 for center and sub 12) my home theater. Can you guys suggest me a good A/V receiver/amp (Integrated), which can capable of handling the power requirement for these speakers. I was tossing between Denon AVR X4000 and Yamaha RX-V2075. Which one is most suitable for these speakers. I'm Open for any other brand model suggestions as well. Any advice is appreciated.
  17. What is a reasonable sell price ? Yamaha DSP E300. Digital Sound Field Processor ( Dolby Pro Logic Surround Sound ). 5 channels of amplification Original packaging remote control, manual https://www.manualslib.com/manual/417491/Yamaha-Dsp-E300.html?page=16#manual Pick up only, Balgowlah or Ryde - Sydney. Unit given to me, works just not my thing
  18. Hi all, Hoping to get some practical advice / views about a replacement sub I am considering which is strictly for stereo / music use in a smallish room (25-30sqm). I am currently using my trusty Canton Plus C 305mm passive sub which has been in service since 1988. This was paired with the Canton Plus S satellites until I recently upgraded to a pair of Q Acoustics Concept 20. The sub crossover is fixed at 120hz which was perfect for the smaller Cantons, but not an ideal blend with the Q Acoustics which are bigger and go lower. This has lead me to shop around for a decent 2nd hand sub with a variable crossover filter so I can tweak and find a good balance with the new speakers. Not interested in masses of bass as I mostly listen to classical or rock or singer / songwriter styles of music, so an 'organic' sound with good weight and dynamics is what I'm after. There seem to be quite a few Yamaha powered subs up for grabs here and there (e.g.YST-SW80, SW40, SW100, etc) from 50-300 bucks, some newer than others.. and from what I've seen, fairly well reviewed (albeit on the 'enthusiast' type review forums..). At this stage I am looking for a cheapish option (maybe $200 max?) and prefer to be able to connect via 2 sets of speaker terminals (in from amp, out to speakers) rather than HT type arrangements as I only have a pre out on my MF A3.2 amp, not sure how that works and would prefer to keep that for use with a power amp down the track. Also prefer it to be front-firing. Any advice on this arrangement and views on the suitability of these Yamaha subs for my set up? Any alternatives I should consider? Cheers in advance
  19. Hi SNA Legends, I'm new here and unsure of the category best to post this in. I've guessed for General HIFI because I want HIFI questions answered, but there is an inherit technology aspect written in as well. Problem Definition I'm struggling to get the most convenient, highest quality audio at the moment in my home from technology. In Short - LossLess Digital Audio and Apple Devices = Pain. My ideal digital audio setup would be CD quality files stored in Plex on the network, and played without loss across the network into my receiver with access to a decent client app on iPhone/ios/appleTV/mac. HIFI Streaming service such as Tidal is ok, as I can Airplay that across to the AppleTV from IOS which is in fact taking FLAC > ALAC > Digital Audio (HDMI) > Receiver, not passing a DAC until it hits my Yamaha Receiver and presumably only passing a DAC and creating artefacts inside my receiver. It seems Apple refuses to include FLAC still in IOS/AppleTV devices, and client apps like Plex must under license presumably use the apple codecs only when writing apps for these devices. Apple has their ALAC (Apple Loss Less Cocec) which they seem to not use commercially on iTunes (yuck anyway) and the only mention I've seen them use it is in their AirPlay which for the most part works quite nicely as mentioned above. So - what are you using out there to get FLAC files out of Plex/DLNA over the air with convenience without losing quality? I don't really want a new receiver. I've just seen the Chromecast Audio device, which looks to have optical out - is anyone using this with iOS Plex APP with FLAC files streaming to the ChromeCast and outputting digital audio via the Optical and confirming that there is no weak link in the chain going all the way to the receiver's digital input? The ChromeCast should be undoing the FLAC and outputting PCM via Optical yes? Cheers, Luke
  20. Item: Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo/Surround Amplifier AVX-700 Price Range: Free to a good home Item Condition: Used Extra Info: This is a spare amp I had lying around. I did just test it and it works. There's a bit of crackling if turning the volume pot. A quick look through the top vents I can see it's pretty dusty so probably would need a bit of a vac and some TLC for extended use. Would be great as a first amp for someone or a spare one for a garage. It has a fixed 'Low Pass' 200hz so presumably that acts as a subwoofer out? The surround functions are those old school ones with the simulated rears... like the good ol VHS Dolby Surround days! Local pickup only due to not having a box.
  21. Hi all, I recently purchased a new pair of Cambridge Audio Minx Min 22 speakers from a local dealer. These were direct replacements for a pair of Paradigm Millenia surround speakers, using the same AVR (Yamaha RX-V685), the same wiring and mounted in the same location as the previous speakers. As an aside, I realise the location for the surrounds isn't perfect but part of the reason in getting these was to allow me more future flexibility with mounting. When I turn my receiver on, it makes the usual turn on click sounds and then after approx 5 seconds seems to activate the speaker relay which results in a loud popping/thumping sound coming from both of the new rear surround speakers. This did not occur with the previous speakers. This is louder and more prevalent the first time the AVR is turned on each day and also if it has been off for a few hours. Im wondering if anyone has any thoughts as to what this could be? Its quite a loud noise. After this sound occurs the speakers do work fine and sound great, but it's disconcerting to say the least. Things I have tried so far: Checked all wiring to speakers Unplugged all input devices, including anything non speaker related from receiver Upgraded receiver firmware Tried adjusting volume down and muting output at startup None of which have improved the situation. I have also raised a ticket with Cambridge Audio who politely said that it cant be their fault and to talk to Yamaha (but it did not happen with the old speakers) I have a video which you should be able to view at the following URL: https://imgur.com/a/84og6JG Thanks for any help you can provide. Cheers Andrew
  22. Hi All, I have a Yamaha RX-V1065 receiver and I had 4 speakers (only) for about 7 years in my very small apartment. Obviously I endured a phantom centre in the system and honestly, I wasn't unhappy with it through the years. I got some speare speakers and so I put them side by side in my system and wired them I believe in series parallel The speakers are from TLS, the M4's http://www.theloudspeakerkit.com/lsk-m4-mini-monitor-kit-single/ http://www.dansdata.com/m4kit.htm I'm playing all my media from a HTPC, via HDMI through an nvidia card Windows is configured to output 5.1 channels. I literally sit 7.5' from the speakers, that's ear to speaker cone - pretty damn close. http://imgur.com/KhtAMPs So here's the thing, I'm not sharp with speakers, hifi, home audio. Am I doing something wrong? I'm finding that the voices are simply too quiet. I've used the YAPO thing to adjust the centre channel. Is my amp too weak to drive 2 speakers in series parallel? Can anyone give me some tips? My next step is to actually completely disable the centre channel on the amp, keep using the phantom for a few weeks just to be sure it's not my imagination? It's distinctively voices (centre) which seem to be insufficient. (I've tried setting them to small and large on the amp) Thanks for your time. EDIT: Just FWIW, I don't believe I drive my system excessively loud, quite modest infact. I don't think my hearing is damaged, I just want clear, distinct voices, I get the impression most movies unfortunately seem to send ALL the goddamn sound to the centre and even the fronts are only used sparingly.
  23. Hi, I'm a bit of an amature with all this. But I have a Yamaha RX-V481 reciever that says 260w on the back. Its driving 4 x Yamaha in ceiling NSIC800WH 140-Watts Speakers and 1 x Kef T301c centre speaker. Is my reciever powerful enough to run this setup? Do I need a power amplifier? Cheers
  24. Item:Yamaha Power Amplifier Price Range:Neg Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: After a Yamaha M-80 or M-65 power amplifier thanks. I’m in Brisbane so may need posting. cheers Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  25. Item: 1 or 2 yamaha b3 amplifier Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hope you're willing to ship to SA
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