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  1. We've installed our great looking and great sounding Soundwall at Carlton AV. One of the best stores in Melbourne, we're so pleased they will be handling sales and support for VAF Soundwall in Melbourne into the future. Give them a call to arrange an audition or just pop in. 164 Lygon St, Carlton. 9639 2737.
  2. Hi all, recently had a little accident with one of my Vaf DC-3 surround speakers falling off the wall..... long story short it killed the main driver. (Tweeter looks to be ok) Does anyone know where to purchase this driver from? The little bit of research I’ve done say they may be a SEAS driver that can be bought from Madisound. But I have non idea what the actual driver is, looks like VAF has installed some cover thing on the magnet. Otherwise I will need to send back to VAF to replace. Anyhelp would be appreciated cheers
  3. Hi all, I'm in the process of upgrading my HT setup and will eventually replace everything. At the moment I run a Yamaha RX V663 AV Receiver that has done me well in my current setup, however I don't know how well it will go with the new speakers I want to get. I have shortlisted a few speakers of interest.... Krix: - Harmonix MK2 for fronts (Sensitivity 90dB, Nominal 6 Ohms (minimum 3.1 Ohms)) - Vortex MK2 for centre (Sensitivity 91dB, (Nominal 6 Ohms (Minimum 3 Ohms)) - Dynamix MK2 for surrounds (Sensitivity 88dB, (Nominal 6 Ohms (Minimum 3.7 Ohms)) Vaf: - DC-X63 (Sensitivity 94dB, Nominal 6 Ohms) or DC-X42 (Sensitivity 92dB, Nominal 6 Ohms) for fronts - DC-X63cc (Sensitivity 94dB, Nominal 6 Ohms) or DC-X42cc (Sensitivity 92dB, Nominal 6 Ohms) for centre - surrounds unknown at this stage Klipsch: - RP-260F for fronts (Sensitivity 96dB, 8 Ohms) - RP-450C for centre (Sensitivity 97dB, 8 Ohms) - RP-150M for surrounds (Sensitivity 93dB, 8 Ohms) I just want some peoples opinions on how the AV receiver will go with either of these setups and if I really should be looking at getting a new AV Receiver first? Yamaha RX V663 Specs: - Minimum RMS Output Power for Front, Center, Surround, Surround back 20 Hz to 20 kHz, 0.06% THD, 8 Ω ...................................... 95 W - Power Consumption [Other models] .................................................................... 440 W Cheers, Dave
  4. interested in getting some opinions So I am looking to upgrade my front speakers to get a bit more enjoyment from 2 channel music. (I have a range of musical tastes - not big on dixieland jazz or zydeco) I really plan on trying to listen to as much as I can, but I am eyeing a set of VAF i66mk2's - would like to get some views on how they might compare to speakers like the ATC SCM40's or Harbeth HL5's. I am unlikely to be able to audition the i66's, but I have owned a pair of DC-X speakers many years ago, and was pretty fond of them. Happy to get other options - the i66's are probably the limit of how big I want to go
  5. Does anyone know what model of VAF speakers is this? Is this a good series/model? Thank you
  6. Howdy here's a quick round up of the evolution of my system. In 1996 it consisted of: Meridian 508 Krell KAV300i Duntech Viceroy As of joining Stereonet my system had been reasonably stable for over a decade & looked something like this On the left are some of my CDs & taking pride of place were my Duntech Viceroys which I owned from 1996 until 2010. Corner front left is an REL Strata III doing incognito bass duties disguised as a lamp table. Inside the cabinet on the right is my Krell KAV300i, A Denon AVR underneath. On the left looks like my Oppo 93 on top of the old Panasonic DVDRecorder. Bottom left is the kids PS3. The Centre channel is a Duntech Onyx and the rears would have been Sonique SAV1s (out of picture). Also out of the picture is my Benchmark DAC1 USB which is nearer my chair where the laptop is. I still have a Meridian 508 CD Player which is now hiding in my wardrobe - I can't bear to sell it. Sometime after this picture I ripped up the carpet. In 2010 I sold my Duntech Viceroys because of the bass problem in my room & replaced them with Vaf i91 which I had originally bought for rear channels. Much else was the same. Can't seem to find any photos & even though it was documented on Stereonet the photos no longer show up for some reason. There were a few more minor changes some good, some terrible. eg: I had a Emotiva UMC1 in my system longer than I would have liked. An Emotiva XPA3 handles the center (unchanged) and rears (Vaf i90s) I now run the Oppo straight into the power amps. The Oppo has an ESata and USB HDD attached to it. There is a Marantz SA8003 for two channel SACD listening. I still have the Krell 300i which is going strong since 1995 and is now powering its 4th pair of speakers (the ones before the Duntechs were Sonique 6.5) Then we get to the current incarnation which came about in December 2013 when I received my new VAF i66s. Apart from this the main change is that because of over flowing CDs I have around 700 of them stored out of their cases in folders. When listening to music I put a blanket over the TV. If I'm in a hypercritical mood I set up some impromptu absorption at the first reflection points as well. (blankets on microphone stands). This seems to make less difference than the blanket over the TV but it is noticeable, So it seems the main thing I change about my system is the front speakers. The last four pairs have all been South Australian and all had first order crossovers. Hmmm .. .....
  7. Hi everyone, Just wanted to report on a recent purchase I've made and maybe give those thinking of buying some new speakers a recommendation. About a month ago I picked up my brand new VAF DC7, DC6 centre and SW4 subwoofer. I'm using these with my Castle Knight 1s as rear speakers. My living room is about 5x4 metres, with wooden floors and high ceilings. So far I couldn't be happier with my purchase (particularly as VAF were having a 30% off sale). I listen to a wide range of music from classical to metal, lots of rock, jazz and occasional electronica. As stereo speakers the DC7s are incredible. After adding the sub, music took on a whole new dimension. Beautiful highs and deep yet crisp lows. My partner and I have also watched through all the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings and all the Star Wars films on bluray, and again I am just blown away by how different and how 'big' yet accurate everything sounds. The beautiful thing is that while the sound is very immersive and just generally huge, it is still restrained and doesn't add anything to the mix; it doesn't colour the recording and just lets it blast as it should! So thank you very much Vaf for an excellent product, excellent service and just a great experience that I'm sure I'll enjoy for many years to come. Ben.
  8. Hi all I am upgrading my home theatre set up from a circa 2003 setup. I have an old marantz srx006 amp that doesn't have any hdmi inputs but I do like the warmer sound of it. Having read a lot of the posts in other threads I more than a little undecided! I have 2 x 2003 vAF dcx fronts (may be replaced with i91's or i33's) 2 x i90's as rears 1 x i90 centre. Room size is 10m x 8m with entertainment area in one corner. I am pretty keen on the marantz sr6008 for around the $1000 mark. Budget is around $1k but could stretch a little further if worthwhile. Does anyone have any thoughts on something better than the marantz for the money? Thanks Jaws
  9. Hey everyone, I've got a Musical Fidelity M1 DAC + CDT connected to a X-150 amp, driving a pair of VAF DC-7's. Cables are Audioquest VDM-5 coaxial, QED Reference Audio Evolution RCA 0.5m & Chord Carnival (SilverScreen?) speaker cable. ... and the opportunity to acquire some Naim Allae's at a reasonable cost. I'm keen to keep myself from purchasing stuff that won't be a significant upgrade, but I have to admit I liked the Naim sound when I heard it on a CD5i/pre/power/Allae rig at a friend's place in the UK, and I'd be happy if my MF mini-stack sounded as good (it doesn't). Having said that, these are famous for being finicky as to component matching, with their being accused of being sterile and bright, favouring dynamics and pace/rhythm/timing/detail over listenability, and my own VAF's struggle with the treble in the room they're in at the moment - slightly too much undampened HF ringing makes my ears sad! I'm hoping that this won't persist if I switch out the speakers. any thoughts? thanks, Frog
  10. Hi, I'm new to the forum and need some info please. I have been offered these Vaf speakes for a low sum of money, they are bookshelf size and I can't seem to find out anything by searching the web so I thought I'd give you guys a shot. They have flecked paint covering on them that appears to be original but the Vaf badge on the cover looks differant to the other Vaf speakers I've seen. They sound clear and awesome with Jazz type music. Question, are they real Vaf speakers, are they rare, how old, what would've they retailed for back in the day and any other opinions would be appreciated. My mate want's $80 for them, thanks ., `
  11. New Release: Signature evo1 speaker. Little box with lots of bass. 35hz out of a cabinet only 220w, 320d and 370mm high. Magnesium coaxial driver, our smallest biggest sound ever. Contact us for more info. PHONE +61 8 8363 9996 EMAIL vaf@vaf.com.au
  12. Hi guys, I'm in need of some solid purchasing advice. I have been looking to upgrade my current bookshelves (krix equinox) I have auditioned the Vaf i91s and can really appreciate why everybody on these forums love these little speakers so much. I was a little concerned that they are a little bass shy but they are only a small speaker. My question is, I am better of for a very similar price getting a floorstander such as the Krix Harmonix, as its a large room (8x7) . I am yet to demo these but from all accounts they are pretty good bang for buck. I realise the VAF's are probably going to be more refined but my amp is pretty modest Cambridge CXA60. Music genres vary a lot anything from Arcade fire, Jazz to Kendrick Lamar Assistants is appreciated.
  13. We're having another evening event to present the new Chord digital products. The evening of the 14th Feb, Thursday. VAF is SA's only fully certified Chord stockist and we're very proud to present their latest creations. The New TT M-Scaler, Hugo TT-2 dac and the TToby matching amplifier. Along with some other chord products to audition. A casual and informative evening with Mr Rob Wong from Chord coming in from the UK to present and answer questions. We'll be showing the TT suite with our new I-91mkiii magnesium/Alloy based speakers. RSVP via eventbrite - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/chord-electronics-presents-tt-suite-m-scaler-hugo2-and-ttoby-tickets-55439346578
  14. Item: VAF Signature I-66mk2 - Palisander (Brazilian rosewood) finish. Bought in 2012 directly from VAF. Location: Hampton Park, VIC Price: $5000 (Negotiable) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgrade of the system and not longer needed. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: I paid $10,000 for it originally. Local pickup only. Pictures:
  15. Item: VAF RESEARCH DC-X GENERATION IV FLOORSTANDING SPEAKERS Location:SYD Price: 500 Item Condition:good Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info:very good work pickup only Thanks Specifications Nominal impedance: 8O (4.9O min; 14.2Omax) Sensitivity: 95db/watt (2.83V) Power rating 10W to 200W Frequency response: 35Hz-18kHz +/-2dB (-3db @ 32Hz) Dimensions: 1195h x 250w x 350d(mm) Weight: 32Kg each THD: 0.13% Pictures:
  16. Item: Vaf Signature i-93 loudspeakers Location: Norwood, SA Price: $4600 Item Condition: Used. Approx 3 years old, with balance of factory 10 year warranty Reason for selling: Moving to Loudon Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: see listing Pictures: see listing Hey Guys, I've just listed these on eBay, though will end the listing early if anyone on here wants to buy them. More than happy to audition if anyone is local. These are a stunning pair of speakers and they don't come up for sale often at all. I won't do a complete write up here, as it's all in the listing. When the auction closes, they'll belong to someone else. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/231140760825?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Cheers Al
  17. Item: VAF Home Theatre Setup for sale VAF i93 Fronts pair (Original price 12k) VAF i93 CC Centre (Original price 7k) VAF i90 Rear pair (Original price 1.5k) VAF Gravitas 0.5 subwoofer pair (Original price 4.5k) Amplifier Anthem MRX 300 (Does not matter! needs an upgrade down the line) Devialet 200 (Original price 10k) Anthem PVA 5 (Original price 3.5K) Power board Isotek Aquarius (Original price 2.5k) All interconnects currently used and an OPPO 83 Blue Ray player (region free) All including the accessories would have cost at least 40k! in total With use and current costing I am planning to sell them as a package at 25K(not going to sell them separately) The Devialet with a pair of i93 alone would cost 20k at the current pricing. The rest is a bonus! The only item that is in need of an upgrade is the AV Receiver. The rest are still in the top of their game Can organise a listen. I have currently setup up the i93s with the Devialet for stereo listening and then using the devialet in bypass mode for a 5.1 setup The Devialet have the SAM function for the i93 Location: Adelaide (9km NW from CBD) Price: 25k Item Condition: USED, Excellent condition (about 2-4yrs old) Reason for selling: Reason for selling, moving place/downsizing. This system would be an overkill!!). Will be using Devialet Phantoms as my stereo/home theatre setup Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Bank transfer Extra Info: Christmas may come early in someone's home Pictures: Best to see/listen to it for yourself (at this price/cost!)
  18. Item: Vaf i66 (Mk 1) Location: Melbourne Price: $2,700 Item Condition: Very good condition. great sound. Some small marks on base Reason for selling: Wanted a change so upgraded to the Vaf i93. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Some very nice Vaf i66, sound great, in what I believe is the best finish of the Piano Palisander (way nicer than my i93 finish). These speakers are fairly heavy at 60 KG each, so would prefer local pickup. C Pictures: Added pictures
  19. Further information: On offer is a pair of DC-7’s that are in very good condition for their age, I won’t be waffling on about how great these are as that is so subjective, (for anything audio but they are revealing) the previous owner used them as rears for his 5.1 but are equally at home as a stereo set up which is what I used them for. If you are looking to dip your toe into the VAF sound signature then these should be a great introduction for you with little outlay. I uploaded the specs in the VAF owners forum if you’re interested? Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  20. Item: Vaf i91 MkII & matching Stands Location: Adelaide Price: $1950 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Moving in the same direction! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: It has taken a great deal of anguish to decide to sell my VAF i91 mkII in Jarrah - which have served me admirably for three years. I really could & probably should have lived happily with these speakers forever, to my ears they really do no wrong for a speaker of this size. I'd like to keep them, but a lack of space & common sense dictates that I need to move them on to some deserving soul to recoup some of the money for the impending upgrade. I really do love what the i91s do with music, particularly: imaging, the ability to disappear, holographic nature of vocals - particularly female, dynamic nature especially with jazz, purity of instrumental tone, the ability to pin point instruments on the stage with height, width & depth, voices & the “you are there†nature of the sound. If you'd like more in depth details of my opinions & how these compact speakers were bought for rear channel duty & eventually replaced the larger and more expensive Duntech Viceroys as my main speakers please click on this link http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/23113-vaf-i-91-update-impressions/?hl=%2Bvladimir+%2Bfreddie#entry382235 - my opinions really have not changed. Rest assured they have been very well looked after, no pets, no smoke & not over-driven. & look pretty much exactly the same as when I got them. The reason this post is “expressions of interest†is that I would like to keep them so I have something to listen to whilst the replacements are being made. The new speakers won't be ready until Christmas at the earliest and possibly not until early in the new year. So if you'd like too spoil yourself with a Christmas present, albeit probably a little late, please pm me if you are serious. I’d rather not send them interstate so it’s pick up only. Pictures:
  21. Item: Vaf DC-X Gen 4 mkII speakers - American Oak Veneer Location: Adelaide Price: $1600 plus fees if applicable, negotiable Item Condition: Excellent, only 1 tiny corner mark in the veneer that I can see Reason for selling: upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer Extra Info: Picked up from factory direct, so no packaging, and therefore pick up only. Matching centre also available I also have a pair of DC-7 in the same finish, which I could part with. See attached data sheet Photos: dcx data sheet short.pdf
  22. Item: 2x VAF DC-S subwoofers Location: Brunswick VIC Price: $350 for both (and open to offers!) Price drop: now $200 for both Item Condition: technically great cosmetically ok Reason for selling: bought some smaller ones Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: 430mm x 430mm x 430mm I have them on casters for convenience. The vinyl cover was quite scratched and worn so I have repainted them. The sound is very good, they keep up easily with my main speakers that operate at about 118db at 1m. As advised by the previous owner: "one of the subs had a new plate amp installed by VAF a few years back". I found the following on the archived VAF website: The VAF DC-S Active Subwoofer has been designed to provide true Audiophile bass performance in a compact unit. Pitch definition, texture and transient response are superior to other products in its class. Low distortion and clear, detailed sound have been achieved, even at levels in excess of those required for domestic listening. Description Bandpass enclosure type features Hypersoft foam internal damping material. 2 x VAF 210mm woofer withfibreglass cones exhibiting low mass, high rigidity and large excursion capability. Advanced Class AB Power Amplifier delivering 180 Watts RMS and featuring a sophisticated control circuit and auto on/off. Second order low pass filter with acoustic crossover frequency continuously adjustable between 40Hz and 125Hz. Application The VAF DC-S Active Subwoofer is suitable for extending the frequency response of all speakers and enhancing the maximum Low Frequency SPL of an existing High Quality audio system for premium quality home theatre. The DC-S is the ideal choice for use in high quality systems where maximum sound quality is required from a unit of reasonable size and cost. MAIN FEATURES: High Output: Over 100dB at all passband frequencies. -3dB at 27Hz. Flat Frequency Response: +/-0.5dB over the pass band. Lower -3dB point at 27Hz, upper -3dB point variable. Easy to Place Flexible Control Adjustments: Ensure good sound when placed in various locations in the listening room. Low Stored Energy: For tight, clear bass without significant 'overhang'. ] .
  23. Further information: VAF I-66 speakers in Black Oak. They are fantastic speakers and imo the pick of the VAF range. I have owned these speakers for just over 7 years. Selling because we are downsizing and large floorstanders are not a good fit in my new home. Speakers are in good condition. Unfortunately I do not have the grilles Local pickup only. They weigh a ton and are too much hassle for me to ship interstate. Located in Sydney. Inner west. Photos:
  24. Selling my pair of Vaf DC-X35 Black European Oak floor standing speakers. Thread discussion about speakers here: http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/46133-dc-x35-thread/ Purchased in 2013 for 3k. Has been an amazing setup. I have been using an Emotiva XPA5 (which I'm also selling) with amazing results. Reason for sale is baby proofing my house. Condition is good. Has a few minor scratches. Will upload some pictures tonight. Location is Brisbane. Pickup preferred, though will courier at your expense. Price: Offers over $800 considered.
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