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Found 22 results

  1. Hi all, hoping to tap into your vast experience for some guidance/recommendations. I am looking to upgrade from my very reliable and good sounding Schiit Mani as I want to dabble with MC carts. I have a Audiolab 6000A amplifier, Technics 1200GR TT and Ascension Timberwolf floor standers. While I am happy with my Nagaoka MP200 cart paired with the Mani, I am led to believe that it may not be as proficient with MC carts. As a result I am keen to consider first a phono stage upgrade followed by a decent MC cart (have my eye on the AT 33SA). Pricewise I am looking at up to about $2K or just ove
  2. Evening all, am looking for some upgrade advice please. My current setup. Turntable: Pioneer PL-514A (late 70s vintage) w/Ortofon 2M Red (of uncertain age/use) Amp: Onkyo A-9030 (has a MM Phono stage) CD Player: Marantz CD-5004 DAC: Cambridge Audio DAC Magic Speakers: Whatmough P25 Blu-Ray: Sony UBP-X700/BM TV: Old LG, not enough HDMI ports, plugs into DAC via optical Gaming console Apple TV Objectives: New turntable - definitely (Want new) New amp/receiver - maybe (2nd hand okay) Fewer com
  3. Hey All! I've been out of the loop for a few years now but finally getting some free time to enjoy movies/gaming/music again and want to improve on my current 2.1 audio setup to match a recent 4kTV upgrade. My current setup is: Visual Sony X85G 4k HDR TV Sources CA Azure 751BD Bluray/Cd Player Foxtel iQ4 PS4 Pro iPhone11pro Audio Rotel RA-06SE Integrated Stereo Amp B&W 685 Speaker Pair B&W PV1 Subwoofer A $50 Jaycar DAC that's handling the optical audio output from the TV to my stereo amp while
  4. I've been using a Technics SL-BD20 for about 3 years now since I got into vinyl, and after upgrading the rest of my chain I think it's time I graduated to something a little nicer. I'd like something under $400, which I'd say makes the used market a no-brainer. I suppose I'd like something with more consistent speed that is actually adjustable (my Technics has the counter weight and anti-skate configured from factory, and there doesn't appear to be any cart alignment possibilities). I found a Rega Planar 1 for $300, however the non-adjustable anti-skate and captive RCA cables don't impress me.
  5. Hi All, Looking for some advise as I am thinking of upgrading my NAD D3020 into a receiver, Either a: Yamaha RX-V685 Sony STR DN1080 Denon X1500H I would like to get some opinions or experiences from anyone who has gone through the same pathway from an integrated amp to an av receiver. I was wondering if the NAD D3020 would still be better for stereo music listening as compared to an AV receiver? Thanks!
  6. Hi Audio friends! Hope your music was flowing this past weekend I'm currently thinking of some upgrade paths, but would love your input on how to do it. I didn't find an existing post that discusses this, so perhaps this one can collect people's opinions on how to do it, what to upgrade first (taking into consideration budget). Current setup: old Sony AV amp (STR-DG500) feeding Epos ELS-3. Future setup: seeking an integrated stereo amp to feed new or current speakers. Budget is around $1000. I think my current Sony AV amp is a bo
  7. I have a 5.1 Krix setup from Prior's original group buy in 2007. It is made up of the Neuphonix, Epicentrix, Equinox and Seismix 5. Currently it is powered by the Onkyo 875 as Pre and Emotiva XP5 as Power Amp. I have a few questions if you dont mind.... 1. The whole set up is about 10 years old. What part of it has lost quality when compared to brand new - ie do I have to start again? 2. Could I get a new Pre-Amp and use the old Onkyo 875 (integrated amp) and Emotiva XP5 (true power amp) to power the speakers of a Dolby 5.1.2 Atmos set up? This way I could power 10 s
  8. Hi everybody, I am looking for a bypass so I can benefit from your decades of experience and spend my money wisely! After 20years of musical practice, I started my journey into a good system for musical enjoyment a couple of years ago. I started with a pair of Goldenears Triton 7 with a Marantz PM 6005 integrated amp. At the time, my laptop was the source plugged to the amp's DAC vis toslink. Then came the Bluesound Node 2 streamer which allowed me to not have to drag my (then) 10m toslink cable around the house (and was an improvement on the sound of the laptop). Two months ag
  9. Heya all. Anyone with a JLTI oppo had theirs modded to the 4.2 revision, and the 'analogue clock booster'? I'm currently on revision 4.1 - and whilst being very happy, would love to hear it compared to the new 4.2 ACB+ version. Joe's currently doing a roadshow in NZ, but if there is sufficient interest, I'm sure we can convince him to do likewise back over the ditch. Excerpt from website: "The acronym ACB stands for "Analog Clock Booster" and although it sounds like a novel idea, to use an analog amplifier to control the strength, power and level of a clock
  10. Ok, So posted the below some time ago but can now delete the requirement to sell ..... Sometime in 1965 to 1970 my Dad bought a set of speakers from a fellow in Sydney who made them from a Janszen kit. There are a pair of Janszen Electrostatic Tweeters in each. I’m not sure what they cost him, but it must have been a fair bit, as Mum was not very happy! They missed out on our annual family holiday! My Dad is no longer with us, and I’ve inherited his speakers some years ago. I had the speakers serviced in Canberra in 2010 by a very experienced fellow with a great reputation. the w
  11. Hi, I want to upgrade the phono cable on my debut carbon turntable. It's rca to rca & was looking at the Aurealis phono cables but was wondering if that is overkill for my set up? Rest of the set up is rotel 1070 power & pre into homemade bookshelves. Cart is stock OM5e, but will eventually upgrade this, when it needs replacing.
  12. Hey, Im looking at spending a bit of money on my current system but Im not sure where its best spent. My current system is a project 3 debut with ortofon 2m blue cartridge, pro-ject tube box ii phono, miniwatt n3 tube amp, wharefdale 10.1 speakers. I am interested in the lounge mkiii phono amp after reading good reviews, but then I think is the money better off going to a new TT or getting a more powerful amplifier ? What would yield the best results in the chain.....? Any advice and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated Cheers Chris
  13. Hi All, advice please I am looking for an amp to replace my Marantz PM17Ki amplifier (it’s dead L) and power my Kef C95 4 ohm speakers (circa 1990 which have been recently recapped and tested well). The plan is to buy an amp that will see me well into the future and hence drive upgraded speakers when funds allow in a year or two. (Note this is a stereo only setup, my AV system is completely separate). I have put a few details below and would appreciate any comments regards amplifiers you would recommend I audition. Sources: CD – Helios 3 (recently received new transport and lase
  14. Hi all, I am looking to upgrade my existing Foxtel iQ box (model DS460) to the Foxtel HD box. As I have satellite connection I am just wondering if it's a matter of unplugging the existing iQ box and then use the existing wall plate cables to plug into the new iQ HD box? Plus of course using a HDMI cable to replace my existing scart to component connection from the iQ box to the TV. It would be great to avoid any re-installation or pay additional costs for a technician to come out. Appreciate any info.
  15. Happy if this gets consigned to a debate forum if that is most appropriate... I want to put the question out there and start the conversation. Which gives the better sound improvement - upgrading your equipment (at say a cost of $10k) or upgrading your music collection (at say $10k also to be fair - that is about 400 albums)? So here is the conversation starter ... I would need to spend about $10k to get a worthwhile improvement in sound. by upgrading speakers and perhaps a little on a better source player. Yet I can buy a well mastered re-release of some of my favourite music in a
  16. Want to upgrade my Accusound SW250 Subwoofer and found this 500W Dayton Audio amp. There is also a 1000W version avaliable. http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=300-807 Since the Accusound SW250 is a bandpass design with 2 vents at each side and an internal 10 inch driver. It peaks from about 30 to 50hz but this amplifier has a built in parametric EQ and I think I can get much better balance bass quality by lowering the boost at 40hz by like 6-8db while retaining volume. So therefore I can blend the sub into my main speakers at 80hz better for movies. Is it worth
  17. I've been talking to Decky about modding the Krell, and since I still can't figure out how to upload pics that don't go straight to a post I sort of had to start this one so I could get some pics to show him. What do you think Decky, can we rebuild him? Make him better? Stronger? Faster? Able to leap tall electrostatics in a single bound?
  18. Not using these if anyone is interested. Item: V-Cap .1uF CuTF X 2 and V-Cap 0.33uF TFTF X 2 Capacitors Location: Sydney Price: 0.33uF TFTF x 2 = $150 and .1uF CuTF X 2 = $175. Plus shipping. Can split pairs if you are only interested in 0.33uF's or the .1uF's Item Condition: Great Reason for selling: Not using them. Too many projects. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal with fees, online bank transfer Pictures:
  19. Item: Bostion Audio Graphite Mat2 turntable mat Location: Sydney Price:looking for $250 plus postage (recommend insurance if postage is required) . A new one of these is $346.50 plus postage. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: upgraded to a much more costly special Micro Seiki platter see photos in post #600 on page 14 of my showcase thread. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal with fees, Online bank transfer Extra Info and pictures: Similar to this. http://www.decibelhifi.com.au/mat2-boston-audio-graphite-turntable-mat-5mm/ Looking for expressions of interest as I have upg
  20. Hi everyone, is anyone else out there in record player lane upgrading their Zu Soul Superfly Loudspeakers with the factory Mk.I-B upgrade kit? I have ordered & paid Mike @ Magenta Audio for a kit and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival. I will be interested to hear from other up-graders and I dare say the forum & Soul Superfly owners would also like to hear about them. I will post my review once they are installed, maybe some of you have already manage to upgrade - your comments please. Nick
  21. All, So I took my barely used B&W 686's out of surround duties and set them up with a Rotel RA-04SE Integrated to perform 2 channel duties in another room. At last I have been able to give them a proper listen, and while they are Ok, they are bit too warm for my liking. Its not the amp, as I auditioned it with a couple of other speakers and it performed well with the better B&W Bookshelf (685) and Klipsch floorstander. I like detail and soundstage - thats why I LOVE listening to my Ascension Summoner floorstanders. So, I am going to look around for a replacement for this wee bookshe
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