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  1. Item: Loewe Reference 55 - UHD 55" (4K) TV Location: Burwood VIC Price: $10,999 StereoNET Special $7,300 Item Condition: Shop demo, as new with original remote, carton, etc. Reason for selling: Demo Sale Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Loewe is acknowledged as a specialist manufacturer and this is their top television, the Reference, in a 55” size model. It is hand made in Germany with features that are not found on standard sets. Effortless Perfection. The new Loewe Reference sets exceptionally high standards. An achievement made possible by a perfectly synchronised performance: A crystal-clear Ultra-HD picture combines with outstanding quality sound from Loewe's unique integrated soundbar. A timeless modernist design meets ultimate convenience, thanks to the integrated hard disk recorder and Bluetooth audio streaming. Ultra High Definition ... for the best picture. The UHD display is combined with Loewe's unique glass high contrast filter panel, delivering even richer colours and deeper blacks - for a truly special picture. For TV broadcast signals that do not yet meet the UHD standard Loewe's up-scaling algorithm converts from the currently available Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 pixels in a seamless process ensuring visibly enhanced details and the clarity of Ultra HD 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. Loewe 3D Active Shutter ... for even more depth. From outer space to jungles or oceans … Sometimes, you want to truly immerse yourself in the action unfolding on your screen. Loewe's 3D Active Shutter technology brings images alive with vibrant detail - and not just for 3D content. Algorithms work invisibly behind the scenes - calculating which picture content should appear at the front and back - to transform even 2D content into an impressive three-dimensional home cinema experience. High-resolution art ... with the LUMAS app. The new LUMAS Gallery app takes art into the digital dimension - and opens up new horizons. It allows you to enjoy selected works of art by internationally renowned artists - such as the Cuba series by the Stuttgart-based photographer Werner Pawlok - in high-resolution Ultra HD quality on your television screen. The LUMAS TV app is available on the new Loewe Reference TV home screen, so you can start selecting pictures straight away - using the Loewe remote control. Browse photographs, graphics, illustrations, digital art or paintings. When you find a picture that appeals, you can display it as a fixed image (for a maximum of 24 hours) or enjoy as part of a slide show. Quality Sound The Loewe Reference has a sound quality to rival even high-end hi-fi and home cinema systems: tangible bass, vivid middle, precise highs and an exceptionally wide dynamic range – the traditional hallmarks of Loewe Sound. The Loewe Reference sets particularly high standards. An integrated soundbar with eight speakers generates crystal-clear sound with a rich 120 watts of music output. In combination with the specially designed bass reflex box and integrated 5.1 audio decoder with Dolby Digital and DTS, the result is an impressive home cinema … and a perfect home concert hall. The Loewe Reference's cinema surround mode conveys amazingly authentic surround sound. At the touch of a button, it also allows you to switch between film and music mode. Special algorithms calculate the optimal overall sound setup for each situation: as powerful as possible while retaining sensitivity – ideal for cinema buffs and music fans. Loewe Mobile Recording ... any time, any place. You're stuck in traffic or can't get away from a meeting...you won't make it home in time for your favorite programme. You're out with friends...and you suddenly realise your weekly drama is about to start. The Loewe Reference takes the stress out of situations such as these. Loewe Mobile recording allows you to easily record programmes on the integrated Loewe DR+ 1 TB hard disk, even if you don't happen to be at home. Leaving you free to enjoy your favorite programmes at a more convenient time! All you need is a smartphone and an Internet connection. Simply open the new free Loewe Smart Assist app, select the program from the programme guide and press 'record'... Your Loewe TV will then take care of the rest. When you get back home, you can even watch your recorded programmes on your patio, or tucked up in bed using a tablet computer. Pictures:
  2. Item: Loewe Bild 1.40 – FullHD 40" TV Location: Burwood VIC Price: $1,999 StereoNET Special $1,300 Item Condition: Shop demo, as new with original remote, carton, etc. Reason for selling: Demo Sale Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is our shop demo with very little use. With original packaging and will suit a new buyer. With manufactures warranty. Brilliant remote control. Firmware upgradable. Many inbuilt apps inc Netflix. Loewe is made in Germany and they are the inventor of the television since 1923. LOEWE offer the very best in design and engineering. Pictures:
  3. Item: Panasonic TH-P50V10A - 50 inch Full HD Plasma TV Location: Inner West, Sydney Price: SOLD Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Possibly upgrading, not enough space for two TV's Payment Method: Pickup - Cash. Too big/heavy to send via courier. Extra Info: This is the acclaimed V series from Panasonic. I have owned this unit since 2010 (first owner). It was used primarily for watching movies (blu-rays and dvd). The unit has been well looked after and in very good condition. The unit is made in Japan. Includes original remote, stand and box. TV is working 100% without any issues. No burn in either. Reluctant sale but I'm finally thinking of jumping for an OLED (gotta watch them cardoons). If I had the space I would keep this as a second TV but unfortunately I don't. Instruction manual/specs here: http://www.panasonic.com/content/dam/Panasonic/support_manual/Color_TV/English/TH-P50V10A_Operating_Instructions.pdf CNET Review: https://www.cnet.com/au/products/panasonic-viera-th-p50v10a/review/ Pictures:
  4. Item: Samsung PS64F8500 Plasma Location: Kellyville Price: $300 Item Condition: Used flagship Samsung Plasma. The display stopped working few months ago, heard a pop and there was no image. Reason for selling: cant be bothered to fix, bought a new 4k tv. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Pictures:
  5. Further Information: WAS LISTED AT $1,000- NOW REDUCED FIRM Purchased new October 2017 for $2,995- Refer web: www.lg.com/us/tvs/lg-OLED55C7P-oled-4k-tv# C7 OLED 4K HDR Smart TV - 55'' Class (54.6'' Diag) Has worked flawlessly and only replacing with a bigger unit of the same LG OLED type. Comes on the pedestal stand as per photo which allows it to be carefully moved and transported thanks to the attached wall bracket that is still rear mounted to unit. Wall fixing bracket is included but not photographed. Original remote included. All original paperwork available. This is definitely local pick up only as original boxes are long gone. Please bring a suitable vehicle, once it's in your vehicle it becomes your responsibility. PLEASE PM IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS HAPPY TO DEMO, IT WORKS PERFECTLY
  6. Further Information: I recently received this A80k as a replacement for a defective panel A80J. I no longer require this TV due to change in personal circumstances. in box, never opened, invoice / receipt will be provided.
  7. Item: Panasonic VIErA TH-P55VT60A 55" Full HD 3D TV Location: Southbank Price: 850 Item Condition: mint Reason for selling: upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: For sale is a Panasonic 55vt60a, the last generation plasma TV Panasonic made, and also one of the best TV ever made. I upgrade to Pana's Oled recently, so this one must go. Bought new at Myer in 2014, the panel has been used for around 4200 hours . Only accept pick up due to the weight and size of this item. Thanks. Pictures:
  8. Hi all, We're looking to buy a TV for our bedroom. It will be mounted in the top corner of the room on a swivel bracket. When we built the house I thought to get a double power point put in, but no ethernet cabling. I'm keen to stream movies from our PC at the other end of the house onto the TV and was wondering whether there are any TVs out there around the 32" size that have been proven to have decent performance. The key criteria are: ability to connect wirelessly and stream movies; ability to play a range of file types. I realise that a WD player is going to give me everything I need, but the catch is I would need to mount it on the wall behind the TV somehow, which could be problematic, if not impossible, due to space restrictions in the corner. Has anyone had any experience with a TV that offers this capability? Any suggestions, or alternative solutions, are much appreciated! Andrew.
  9. Hi, I was looking at upgrading my old 32" Samsung LCD and was after some advice and this seems like an excellent place to get some. I narrowed it down to the LED range and most likely around the 40" – 42" size. I could push it to 55" but I tend to sit relatively close to the TV so that's probably too big for my lounge. I am however happy to hear advice in the 50"+ range too. The Sony W800A and Samsung F6400 seem good. JB have the F6700 which confused me a bit as it looks like the F7100 series which only come in 46" and above from what I saw on their site. So I assume it's the F6400 with a different case. The Sony apparently has really good input lag (or lack thereof). While I'd mainly be using it for gaming, I'm after something that also has great image quality, colors and good contrast. 3D and internet is really not important. What would you guys suggest? Any models you have that you've been happy with? Sony W800A Lowest input lag which is great for gaming. 2" bigger than the Samsung counterpart. Good color reproduction. Downside is that I noticed some flicker on some scenes that the Samsung didn't have. Samsung F6400/6700 These seem like the same panel to me but the 6700 is apparently a JB exclusive and looks like the 6400 internals on a 7100 case. Colors were nice. Higher input lag than Samsung. Panasonic ET60A Nice colors and decent TV but apparently has some contrast issues and input lag problems. Also came across this which I'm dubious of but found interesting:
  10. Hey guys, Its been a long long time since i bought a brand new TV (All my Plasmas / LEDS have been second hand through this forum i think). I have just moved to a new place and get to have my own HT room, so I am looking at buying a new TV for that room as my old Samsung 58" plasma will be used in the living room / family room area. I was hoping to go large as in 70" or 65" ideally but can go down to 60 or so but i am not really looking to spend too much due to the home loan. Basically what i am saying is I am more looking for bang for buck rather than a real high end TV at the moment. I plan on also having a projector in that same room anyway. I am hoping for smart TV but i guess they all are these days and truth be told i dont really need it to be smart i guess as i will be using a HTPC most likely. The question i had or 2 questions was, what is a good / best bang for buck Brand these days and / or model of the TV. Plus which stores are the best places to go in for price? I know back inthe day even Myer was very negotiable but i get the idea they arent that great anymore. So i guess the usual suspects of Bing Lee, Good Guys and JB HI fi, or online like Appliances Online, Soniq refurb or even ebay? I guess the other alternative is buying 2nd hand, but i am not sure if thats feasible at that size as well as if price wise its worth it or just better to buy brand new.
  11. Hi Everyone, My new LG Smart UHD TV drops wifi connection exactly after 1 hour. I have tested this a couple of times and it is 1 hour. I then go to 'network' option and reconnect the internet on the TV. (All the other devices connected to wifi works absolutely fine). I mostly watch Youtube and Stan app on the TV. I am currently with Telstra Bigpond and use the Technicolour TG587n V3 modem/router. Is this the router issue or the wifi hardware on tv?
  12. Hi Everyone, Got the LG 55UH652T (Ultra HD TV) over the weekend and hooked it up on the wall. Setup was a breeze and the TV connected to the wifi instantly and the picture and sound are fantastic! For the last three days, while watching Youtube or Stan for a hour or so on the TV, the app stops responding and I get "you are not connected to the internet" error. I went to network settings to see the TV is still 'connected' to my wifi but the internet doesnt work for any app including Freeview. (I checked other devices like my ipad, iphone and the wifi is working fine). I click on it, it forgets my network. I click on it again and type the password and it connects instantly and the internet on starts working fine. The router is in the same room as the TV. Its approx. 4-5 meters away with no obstruction. I called LG support today from work and they asked me to 'reset the router'. I dont understand why I have to do that as the router is working fine! They also asked switch on the personal hotspot on the mobile phone and connect the TV to that to see if it gets disconnected (I am actually trying that now). This is crap as the TV is kind of using all my mobile data!! The support rep advised if the TV wifi doesn't disconnect then there is an issue with you internet network. If not then I can call them again to request for a technician to come in. I dont feel it is correct as i have never had issues with my Internet connection (i am with Telstra). The TV is 3 days old and I hate the fact that I have to go through this..... Any advice? Suggestions? Thanks
  13. Hi, my Pioneer LX608 plasma no longer seems to be able to get to standby mode, let alone turn on the screen. Could this be a capacitor problem? Any good recommendations for repair in Melbourne east? The tv is out of warranty, and since Pioneer closed shop I've no idea where to look. Cheers.
  14. Recently, I was having some issues with my Kogan KALED55UHDZA smart TV, and the internet told me i needed to update it via the.bin file on a FAT32 formatted USB drive. I followed all instructions perfectly, only to have the firmware update freeze completely at 2%. After countless hours of it being stuck at this percentage, my only option was to turn the TV off. Now, when starting the TV only "SMART TV LOADING" shows up on the screen and hangs completely. I've tried multiple times to restart the update with it only to hang at 2%. After plenty of tedious chats with KOGAN representatives, i was informed to Power-cycle the TV, as this would apparently fix the TV's issues, but after 3 Power Cycle attempts I had no such luck. I would love to know if there is a way for me to Factory Reset the TV to its factory settings manually, but i cannot execute any of the different Factory reset options as the TV needs to be fully functioning. Thank you very much for your time, I'd love to hear any ideas or suggestions Sincerely, Harvey
  15. Selling my Samsung 40" Series 6 LED TV due to upgrade. Model UA40C6900. Has been working flawlessly over the years and it has seen very little usage as I don't watch much TV at all, only a bluray here and there. It has been professionally calibrated by Avical Australia (http://www.avical.com.au/) so you know you're getting the utmost best picture quality. This calibration cost $400 and trust me, it was worth every cent. Comes with remote, detailed calibration report and ultra-slim wall mount kit (similar to this: http://www.samsung.com/us/televisions-home-theater/television-home-theater-accessories/televisions/ultra-slim-wall-mount-wmn3000bx-za/). I think I have a spare HDMI cable floating around somewhere which I'll also include. Looking for $500 Pickup from 3072
  16. I am moving to the Philippines and would like to take my Plasma with me. Will it work if I get a set top tuner? Any other issues to be aware of?
  17. I know OLED is more expensive, but it must be worth the money. It can't make the value that high without having good features. What would you choose?
  18. Hi all, I recently acquired some new gear and need some help with connectivity. Below is all of the gear I am attempting to connect: Receiver – Denon AVR-2808 Speakers – Dynaudio Audience 72 (left/right) and Dynaudio Audience 42C (centre) TV – Samsung UA55NU7100W Entertainment – Apple TV 4th Generation (no optical, only HDMI) Turntable – Dual 1019 The turntable is straight forward; just an RCA connection to the PHONO audio input. I’m having issues however with the TV and Apple TV. My aim is to NOT NEED to turn the receiver on and use the Dynaudio speakers whenever I want to use the TV or Apple TV. For casual watching (e.g. the news) I would like to just use the TV speakers with the receiver powered OFF. However for more involved watching (e.g. movies) I would like the audio to play through the Dynaudio speakers once the receiver is powered ON. 1) If I connect the TV to the receiver using an optical TOSLINK cable, would the audio still play through the TV when the receiver is off? And then when I turn the receiver on it would play through the Dynaudio speakers? Or alternatively, can I use a HDMI cable and somewhere in the software tell the receiver to only take audio and not video? 2) I also have issues with the Apple TV. It is the 4th Generation meaning it has no optical connection, only a HDMI. What would happen if I simply connected the Apple TV to the TV via a HDMI cable? Would the audio follow the same path discussed in question 1? Thank you in advance! Mitch.
  19. Item: 50 inch Pioneer Kuro Plasma Location: Mt Colah, NSW Price: $350 Item Condition: Excellent second hand condition Reason for selling: Upgraded to a projector Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Only Extra Info: Comes with it's stand as seen in picture and also a wall mounting bracket. Purchased for $5000. Very low usage and in excellent working order. This is a bargain! Pictures:
  20. Item: Sony 55 9000E Location: Brisbane Price: 1100 Item Condition: As new (4 weeks old) Reason for selling: Changed mind - moving to Samsung. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Original Box, receipts and warranty. Pictures:
  21. Item: Loewe: Bild1.65 - 65 INCH 4K ULTRA HD LED TV Location: Burwood VIC Price: $3150 Item Condition: Shop display model in "as new" condition. Reason for selling: Demo Sale Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: MADE IN GERMANY! 4K ULTRA HD TV E-LED TECHNOLOGY SUPERIOR PROCESSOR PERFORMANCE DOLBY SURROUND SOUND HDR AND HLG VIDEO PROCESSING This is a very nice television, with soft natural European color reproduction. As new, excellent condition, with remote control, manual, box, full warranty. Suit new buyer. $4000 elsewhere. Pictures:
  22. Hello, I had a Samsung PS50b450B1D that broke 4 times so Harvey Norman extended warranty gave me $1000 to buy a new TV. I was wondering if someone can help me choose the best value TV that I can buy for that money. I'm happy to add the extended warranty on top of that. I've read that Samsung is releasing new 2012 models soon, so my question is, should I wait or should I try to score a last year's model at a cheaper price? I live in SE QLD and have been told that for this climate LEDs are better than Plasma, but I can see that they are more expensive too Not really picky but what I look for in a TV is: - Nice image quality of course - Size – 50" ~ 55" - PVR (I like the idea of being able to pause live TV – this would be a nice to have although I realise that this might be a little bit too much to ask) - HDMI ports (4 ideal, but at least 3) - Component connection for Wii Not really interested in: - 3D - Internet browsing (although internet connection for upgrades or Skype would be a nice to have but not essential) - and all the new speech & gestures recognition, etc... Lastly, I'm not a brand fanatic at all. I know I have been unlucky with the last unit I had, but I liked Samsung overall. I think no brand is exempt from faults (I'll be getting extended warranty with anything I buy), but I'd like to get another samsung, although I'm open to other good brands too. I've spent a couple of days trying to get my head around what's available in the market now, but I am still a bit confused. So any direction and/or advice from someone that is 'connected' to what's going on in today's market would be really appreciated. THANKS! Nano
  23. Further information: It pains me to get rid of this - its been a stellar TV since purchased new from GoodGuys Essendon DFO in Sep 2009. But I just don't have room for it any more. All it needs is a Chromecast and its a smart TV. Unfortunately this is pick up only (47Kg) and should be transported in an upright position. Sorry I have no boxes but its last move wrapped in blankets went without incident. Comes with manual and remote. Photos:
  24. Further information: 1080p, 58” Plasma Television. Kept in excellent condition, with original remote, documents & box! There isn’t a better kept TV of this age around. Stand hardly used - TV was wall mounted for the majority of the time. Photos:
  25. Further information: Panasonic 65” Plasma TV TH-P65VT60A Top of the line 65” Plasma Television approximately 6 years old. Brilliant TV for sport. TV has never had any issues and works perfectly with no damage or scratches. Selling due to upgrading to an OLED Comes with 2 remotes controls and touch screen pen. The power button on one of the remotes no longer works. Supreme picture quality with full network connectivity. Top-end Plasma TV picture quality and the smart functions, with a side speaker system for uncompromising sound quality. PICTURE QUALITY PANEL: NeoPlasma black 3000 PANEL DRIVE: 3000 Hz FFD DISPLAY RESOLUTION: 1920 x 1080, 16:9 CONTRAST: 1:6,000,000 FILTER: Infinite Black Ultra 3D: Active SPEAKER CONFIGURATION: Front (Side, 5W 5W), Woofer (75mm, 10W) NETWORKING Smartphone App, Swipe and Share, Remote Play VIERA Connect Display Mirroring Media Play Bluetooth Wireless LAN TERMINAL TUNER: DVB-T (Digital) / 4-System (Analog) HDMI (3), Component/Composite In (1), USB (3), SD Card (1), LAN (1), Digital Audio Output (1) SPECIFICATIONS DIMENSIONS (W x H x D) without Stand: 1531 x 887 x 51mm WEIGHT Without Stand: Approx 42kg Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
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