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  1. Further Information: Selling Rega Planar 3 ( P3 ) turntable with upgraded Sumiko Moonstone cartridge. I purchased the P3 in 2023, only used the turntable and cartridge for 1 week, then I upgraded and have not used it since then. However, I checked and it works perfectly fine. it comes with its original packaging, power supply and phono cable. if you have any questions please send me a DM. thank you.
  2. Further Information: in excellent condition less than a year old, as pictured. Includes arm (RB880). Retail new $3999. No Cartridge, but includes Rega mat instruction booklet all packaging have boxes.
  3. Further Information: Features SME 3009 tonearm and Ortofon 2M Red cart with new spare stylus. Bought this a few years ago from an acquaintance but have only used it once or twice as the vibration from my wooden floors are not great with it. Previous owner had it serviced and set up and I have since re-checked cart alignment and spring stability and it's still good. I can audition but is not an ideal listening environment given the floor movement issue noted above.
  4. Further Information: RRP TT - ~$5000 with rega arm RRP TA- ~$2000 It was a serendipitous moment when I was able to find the Acoustic Solid with no tonearm and concurrently the Zephyr was available. The pairing has been an absolute wonder, to the point I would like to move to a better level of arm and possibly turntable. Hence my EOI. If someone is interested in the tonearm, I am happy to separate them and then upgrade using the Acoustic solid as the platform, though I think it will be better for everyone to keep these units together. The 10x5 isn’t included, though can be by negotiation. I have the original boxes, so shipping is fine (though the zephyr’s box got wet ( without the Tonearm in it) so looks a bit rough. the Zephyr was upgraded with silver wire prior to my ownership. I had a Delrin sleeve machined to help hold the arm on the metal arm board of the Acoustic Solid whilst reducing resonance. It works really well, though VTA adjustment is a little tricky initially. Happy to discuss or demo. the price includes the original Perspex Matt and an upgraded one.
  5. Further Information: Here is a beautiful vintage Japanese turntable. It is warm and smooth with great musicality and dynamics. Just serviced with new belt fitted and the stylus has plenty of life left. Includes original manual, cartridge, dust wand, stylus protector and original box for stylus. I had a couple of turntables prior to this, and it was this turntable that reignited my love of vinyl and showed me what the medium is capable of. I’ve since paid a lot more for other turntables, however the SR-2050C still compares very favorably and is a pleasure to listen to. It is in very good condition considering its age with just minor superficial marks in the dust cover. There is minor chip to the inside front plinth that is generally not seen unless looking down from above. See the pic. Otherwise you will see that it presents well. See info from Vinyl Engine below. Description The Sansui SR-2050C is a striking model strictly for the purist looking for the simplicity and accuracy of a manual turntable with the basic convenience of an automatic. Incorporating two of Sansui's latest engineering breakthroughs - auto lift/stop mechanisms - the SR2050C substantially adds to the convenience of the manual turntable without sacrificing any of it's accuracy. Like most automatics, the tonearm automatically lifts from the final groove of the record in play. But unlike conventional automatics which take advantage of increasing end-of-play tonearm speed to trigger the lifting device, the auto-lift mechanism is entirely electrical and is set in motion by a special detector circuit which activates a relay/solenoid control system. Specifications Type: 2-speed, belt-driven turntable with auto-lifter and auto-stop Platter: 301mm, 1.2kg, die-cast aluminium alloy Motor: 4-pole synchronous Speeds: 33 and 45rpm Signal to noise ratio: better than 40dB Wow and flutter: less than 0.07% Tonearm: static balance, tubular, inside force canceller, lateral balancer, direct readout stylus pressure scale Arm length: 220mm Overhang: 15mm Cartridge: induced magnet type Frequency response: 20-20,000Hz Output: 5mV Stylus pressure: 2g Stylus: 0.5mil diamond Dimensions: 190 x 442 x 352mm Weight: 11.8kg
  6. Further Information: Hi, this is basically a re-badged “Clearaudio” turntable. Something similar in there Range. This is Marantz’s return table, last one made over 20 years ago. Comes with a MM cartridge on a high quality tone-arm, super quite motor, thick heavy Acrylic platter on a acrylic plinth with isolation feet, google to find more info online. delivery anywhere in Australia included in the price. I have the original double box.
  7. Item: Sony PS-333 and PS-X45 direct-drive turntables Price Range: Free Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Not working but in good visual condition, including lids. From a deceased estate. PS-X45 has an Ortofon LM-20 cartridge. strictly pick-up only. Going to ‘The Green Shed’ in a week or so if no interest. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  8. Further Information: EXPRESSION OF INTEREST Life change and needing funds for a new investment, sadly looking to part with the below (Crazy I know). I have loved upgrading from a simple $300 project to the below! If there is genuine interest I will update with significantly improved images of every angle possible, all of the below are in mint condition and original packaging etc. Looking to sell as a complete unit rather than individual items... Happy to audition if you are local to Melbourne, it will come with a clear cover for the TT ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE TORNADO NEO Modeled on the High End Invictus Turntable, the Tornado Neo offers the best of Acoustic Signature design at a modest price point. Complete with 4 silencers on the platter that dampen vibrations, capacity to have up to 3 different tonearms and diamond coated spindle on the bearing, this is a serious turntable from a company that's serious about turntables. You won't find any mention of colouration, bloom or muddiness in descriptions of this turntable. If you're after the fluffy uncontrolled vinyl sounds of the 70s, there are many other options out there. If you want to hear what modern turntable design of the 21st century can do when every detail of the Turntable is examined for its inertia and low resonance properties, you must look at an Acoustic Signature. The result of though-out engineering coupled with an exposed yet beautiful industrial design is a turntable that is sounds devastatingly clear and musical and shows off its engineering prowess with a raw beauty. ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE TA-2000 NEO TONEARM (12 INCH SILVER) This is where the Acoustic Signature Tonearms start to get really really good. We jump up to an anti-skating knob which is capable of much more precise adjustments in anti-skate. And don't underestimate the importance of anti-skate with any reasonable quality cartridge. It can clean up woolyness in the sound. This little feature gets the tonearm to a point where those differences are very noticeable. The TA-2000 NEO also has better bearings than the TA-500 NEO and the TA-1000 NEO. Acoustic Signature say they are 'almost friction less ball bearings' and they're not ones to over exaggerate. Van Den Hul Crimson XGW Stradivarius (LESS THAN 100 HOURS ON THE CART) Van Den Hul's Crimson Stradivarius is a favorite in the CAV Reference System. The Crimson is the entry model into the Stradivarius reference line of cartridges and the most popular. The popularity is due partly to the fact that it's the most affordable, but also because it's the easiest to mate with a wide range of gear...bear in mind that the extreme levels of channel separation produced by the Colibri and Colibri Signature require the other equipment in the system to be matched very precisely. With a body handmade of Hawaiian koa wood triple-coated with a special Stradivarius-type lacquer, the Crimson uses 24-karat gold coils and a cantilever that is solid boron with a VDH Type 1s (2×85-micron) stylus. Our reviewer Andre Jennings found the Crimson XGW Stradivarius to be impartial across most of the frequency spectrum (including the presence range), with large macro-dynamics from the power region on down.
  9. Hi all, Wanting to know what others are using as an illumination method for a turn table. And where to get it from? Requirements: Very tiny LED light ( dimmable is better) Goose-neck type system to adjust the position of the light Re-chargeable battery ( to minimise RFI) Searching the web found quite a few - ranging from $30 to $250 Wanting to find out what forum members are using. Cheers.
  10. Hi all, I am looking for some advice. I have the following setup: Pro-Ject Debut Carbon with stock Ortofon 2M Red and acrylic platter Pro-Ject Phono Box S2 Yamaha R-N602 stereo MusicCast receiver Yamaha NS-F51 floor standing speakers I had this system for a few years now with exception of Phono Box S2 which I purchased a year ago. Few weeks back I noticed my cartridge was worn out so I replaced it with a Goldring E3 which I purchased few years back but never actually got it fitted up until now. I have noticed with this cartridge that the volume is a bit lower than the 2M Red so I increased the input gain on my preamp from 40 db to 43 db which increased the volume a bit. Now here is where I need advice, could someone let me know if it would be ok to increase the gain to 60 db (this is the next available option on the phono box) or would that be too much for this cartridge? This made me think about improving my sound, which leads to my second question. Do you guys think I could improve my sound by getting a different pre-amp that is maybe more suitable for this cartridge, like a tube one for example or some other one? Or what would you suggest the first thing I should think about changing in order to improve my sound? I don't have a budget in mind, but something of up to $1,000 for one of these components would be ok. Cheers
  11. Music Hall tt in very good condition. No scratches or marks on plinth or lid apart from a small ding on front left corner. This is hardly visible in normal light and does not affect performance. The price does not include the cartridge but I can include Audio Technica 440 mlb cartridge with low hours ( about 60-70 ) for an extra $150. I've replaced the original counterweight with a slightly heavier one ( genuine M. H. ). This is a great sounding combo and I'm only selling due to getting the upgrade itch. Comes with original packaging, screw-on record clamp,owners manual and transport screws. Happy to post at buyers expense, about $30 I think. Also happy to demo.
  12. Yeah, things don't get more debilitatingly saddening until you see a turntable without its matching tonearm. How about a turntable stuck in a high blanket/pillow/towel/doona cupboard, ahh, up on high, along side a Kondo step-up and an Esoteric C-03 phono? Some Stax phones. Actually that Kondo step-up featured in a Japanese Audio mag, edition no. 163, I think, because when I pestered the Folk at Kondo in Tokyo, when I visited them at the factory, for the rhodium RCA's used "only on the M-1000" pre of the time. Then they decided to have it reviewed. So it appeared in the mag. I asked for the step-up to be delivered with a copy of that issue, with photos of my unit. Which they did for me. Kondo, beautiful people. Additionally unseen is no. 16 of 25 of Lyra's Olympos cartridge with matching Erodion step-up in sparkly cherry, stunning, a van den Hul Frog and a Clearaudio wood bodied Master Reference, a Sutherland PH-2000 phono from '97, a dCS 905 A/D I was using to feed my FARCKEN wonderful dCS Elgar analog --> digital signal in DSD back in '99 and a Kondo M7 with phono; yeah, misery. Just recently, just days ago, 3 days even, an auction for one of these ghostly beings passed in through a private mail agreement with seller on Audiogon as I spent my unfortunate last fortune moments of opportunity writing to Allen Perkins to see whether he would agree to dealing with an Aussie for repairs and interational transport. Then it went. Always keen to have a second table and seeing another apparition of the beautious thing I already own, I thought I might run with two of what I already have. Anyway, never take it for granted that Mr. Perkins will ALWAYS deal with anyone, anywhere ... don't bother asking, just go for it. Talk later. I have owned my Immedia RPM-2 turntable since '98 when I was contracting in Portugal, via Sound by Singer in New York. Yes, the money was flowing in momentarily. How the mighty may fall. One of the GREAT!! TT's, don't let one slip by if you have the chance. The one currently on Audiogon for near 4K (with tonearm model RPM, not the RPM-2 with counterbalanced end weights) is not the split-bodied RPM-2 that I know. It's definitely NOT the RPM-1 'table. Maybe an early model/prototype as Immedia finalised the RPM-2 build, concepts; they were all hand milled. I even keep my wood spacers in place to this day, between two overly-hefty multi-plates of aluminium. My 'arm is actually with my household goods stored away until I finish bloody traveling. The 'arm simply isn't with the 'table right now to be of any use. Look and weep (with me). Boo-hoo.
  13. G’day all, I am still a newbie in the analog world and I need an advice on cartridge tonearm match. Am I damaging my LPs by using my current cartridge/tonearm combination? Do you recommend me to change the cartridge for the one that is a better match? I have E.A.T C-Sharp turntable with Ortofon super OM 10 cartridge with OM 40 stylus and Pro-Ject phono RS. To be precise it is not OM 40 stylus, but LP Gear Stylus 40 Shibata for Ortofon OM40 Super cartridge ( https://www.lpgear.com/product/ORTSOM40SLPS.html ). Original OM 40 has compliance of 25cu and E.A.T. C-Sharp tonearm has effective mass of 16.5g. That equates to 6.8Hz resonance frequency. LPGear can’t provide me with the details about compliance of its stylus accept that ‘The stylus is designed to be used in similar manner as the original but stylus manufacturers as a practice will not provide detailed specs. The stylus is not exactly the same as the original.’ I expect that compliance weight and VTF should be the same; however, the needle itself is different, bonded shibata oppose to FG on original OM 40. I used to have Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC with this stylus and cartridge. It was pretty much perfect match with resonance frequency of 9.6Hz. That was my first turntable and I never experienced mistracking. I don’t even know how it sounds. Long story short I have now E.A.T. C-Sharp turntable with the same cartridge until I save for a good one. The resonance frequency for this tonearm and cartridge combination is 6.8Hz. According to Ortofon website it is considered as possible and probably can be used without problems. ( https://www.ortofon.com/support/support-hifi/resonance-frequency ). I understand that I possibly don’t get the best sound quality out of the cartridge and from the turntable, but this is less important from the possibility of damaging the records by mistracking. As I said before I don’t know what mistracking sounds like. I can’t hear anything unusual on EAT TT. I tried one of my warped records and it didn’t skip or anything like that. I set the recommended VTA of 1.5g. I have also tried 1.25 and 1.75 and nothing out of ordinary happened on that warped record. The only difference between the settings on EAT and my old project Debut is input capacitance. I used to run 200 and now I have set it on 300. I couldn’t hear any difference between settings of 200-420 on my Pro-Ject (maybe due to a good cartridge/arm match). On EAT TT, 200 is fatiguing on my ears (I can’t listening like that), 420 seems to lack top end, but 300 is spot on. Is it because the resonance frequency is not in the optimal range and changing input capacitance tames the cartridge a bit or exaggerates the input capacitance settings? Taking only into account the possible record damaging cartridge/arm combination do you recommend me to change the cartridge for the one that is a better match? If you think that cartridge replacement is necessary than what would you recommend? I consider Ortofon Quintet Red or Denon DL-103 as a temporary solution before I save enough for a better cartridge. Thanks Kris
  14. Hi Everyone, In this tread I will document details of my homemade turn table. As it’s already working I’ll upload pictures and details as interest dictates. Regards Mark
  15. Have to choose one of these turntables to keep. Curious as to which one others would choose, and which cartridge would be a good match for the Luxman? 1. Luxman PD264, mechanically great. Needs new cartridge to replace original cart with tired stylus. 2. Onkyo CP-5000a (circa 1978), recently serviced and fitted with new Audio Technica AT95 cart. Perfect working order. TBH leaning heavily towards the Luxman, but seeking suggestions for a good cartridge match to get the most out of the turntable. Unfortunately keeping both is not an option. Thanks
  16. I have an opportunity to get a Technics SL-1700 Direct Drive turntable Mk 1 (circa 1978) in good condition. Currently I have a Pioneer PL-514 belt drive. Would this be an upgrade or pretty much an equivalent? Any thoughts appreciated.
  17. Item: Dual CS 505-2 Turntable with timber plinth Price Range: FREE or Postage PAID Item Condition: Used. Purchased June 1985 Extra Info: I would rather it did not go into landfill. Pick up Brisbane or postage paid by Buyer.
  18. Hi All, I have just taken delivery of a Kenwood KP-9010. I love these beasts, I also have a KP-7010 and a KP-1100 (soon). I know I don't need to tell anyone here what happens when you get hooked on one particular brand or model The 9010 has just arrived and essentially it's in beautiful condition and generally speaking operates flawlessly. you know there's a "but" coming... But, the tonearm lift mechanism is not working as it should. My 7010 lifts and lowers very smoothly but this 9010 drops the tonearm like a stone. It's less than subtle. I've read through a service manual for a similar turntable but there's nothing specific about the mechanical servicing of this component. I'm just wondering if anyone on Stereo.net has had any experience with this particular fault on these Kenwoods or might have some suggestions please? And I'm sorry there's no pics, in my excitement yesterday when it arrived I spent all my time setting up the tonearm, headshell and cartridge and then listening to records I simply forgot. I'll post some pics tonight, I promise.
  19. *May* be better than that Aldi USB one LOL! http://rack.3.mshcdn.com/media/ZgkyMDE2LzAxLzA2Lzk4L1NvbnlFdmVudDUuZWI2YjguanBnCnAJdGh1bWIJMTIwMHg5NjAwPg/cc0c562c/cd5/Sony-Event-5.jpg http://mashable.com/2016/01/05/sony-ps-hx500-turntable/#ULAPzwFIFmqA
  20. Hey, I bought a Rega planner 1 a few months back and have been enjoying it immensely. Just recently I’ve noticed it had a considerable amount of vertical wobble in the platter. I’m talking five or six mm. Moved the platter on the sub at five degree intervals and it made very little difference. Is this play deemed an acceptable amount of tolerance. To my mind I’d think not. I know the deck is a basic starter unit but I thought I’d be getting decent quality buying a recognized brand name. Any thoughts on the issue ? What would be the course of action to follow ?
  21. In may I bought a MOFI Ultradeck with Mastertracker. In the intervieeening months it started developing issues. Firstly the dust cover didn't have rubber stoppers as it should. The finish on the outside of the desk was inconsistent and started flaking off. I had motor noise. It was setup properly either. The corner of the front was bent. So I sent it back after a few weeks they sent me a brand new deck. Here is where it gets interesting. This ultra deck is night and day better than the first. Everything is tighter, tolerances are perfect. Everything fits better. The tonearm is more fluid. Motor noise is now non existent , no hum . So I was in communication with MOFI in the states through this. My new deck is like a ultradeck V2, it has many improvements , including the ones mentioned. So if anyone is considering buy a MOFI try to get a later manufactured one, they are so so much better. I think my new one sounds better to. It was quite a task to get this swapped during lockdown, but I am glad I did. At its price point it should be perfect and now I am happy to say it finally is.
  22. Hi All Are there any Project Primary E or Project Elemental users out there in Melbourne ? I have ressurected my original Pioneer A400X and Epos 11 speakers to start a second system during the ‘lockdown’. Using a Vincent Pho-8 phono stage The new turntable sits on an Ikea lack table, a Mission isoplat and addition 3mm EVA foam pads... the turntable is immune to foot traffic, i have a timber floor. The sound is very coherent and dynamic, and exceeded my expectation for a budget and well built tt. Derek
  23. Hi all. Hoping some of you gurus may want to weigh in with some advice / direction please; I have an RP6 with Exact cart, upgraded with Groovetracer sub platter and Little Belter blue belt. I love it - rhythmic, engaging, detailed - so much so that my LP12 has been relegated to the soon to be sold shelf in my storeroom (controversial, I agree). So, now considering upgrade paths for the RP6 I'm considering one / some of the the following; Groovetracer Delrin plater (approx $700), RB 330 tonearm (also approx $700), NEO PSU $449 Fono MC preamp $449 Ania MC Cart $999 Alternatively, I could sell my existing RP6 for (say) $1000 and pick up a new P6 TT w no cart (that already includes the NEO + RB330) for 2K, or with a new exact fitted $2399. or with the Ania MC for $2799. So basically I could have a new P6 for a cost delta of a grand. I have my own ideas on what would give the best improvements / cost but would really appreciate recommendations from you all on what path would provide the greatest sonic benefits. FYI - the RP6 plays directly through my Plinus 9200 in-built phono stage. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Brian
  24. HI Guys,I'm looking for a good place in Melbourne for my SL1210 MK2 need a service.thanks
  25. WHY OH WHY BUY LINN? Why is it that Linn products hold such a complete hold over their adherents? silly wobbly things with fatally failed suspensions that they worship to the exclusion of all other components infinitely tweaked in a futile attempt to rectify the unrectifiable. they even fight amongst themselves modernist linnies are reviled bt traditionalists for diverting from the one true path Why when really they have all wandered from the pilgrims progress along the straight and narrow path into the linn slough of despair.
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