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  1. Hi so selling 2 pairs of the Isonoe isolation feet which I had on my dj set up of technics 1210s.. Took them off years ago when I rearranged my console. I ALSO HAVE ANOTHER AD FOR THE OTHER SET ! for those wanting both pairs to fit in a dj set up will cover the postage. Isonoe Feet were designed to dampen the Technics SL1200 deck, but it works on anything with a 6mm threaded foot. Thanks for looking. Further Information:
  2. Further Information: Up for sale is my lovely Technics SE-A2000 and SU-C2000 pre/power amplifier combo. SE-A2000 and SU-C2000 were matching models run from 1993 to 1998. These are some of the best components Technics ever released, proven by the wonderful sound quality produced by the combination, with utmost engineering and quality having been placed into the top range Technics SE series. Both components are in excellent condition and operate flawlessly. The power amplifier offers a clean, gutsy 100WPC/8ohm power output and incredibly gorgeous VU meters, dual transformers and large filter capacitors to support the powerful dual mono design, along with a stunning appearance and build quality to match. 16mm thick steel plate chassis separating left and right channels entirely. As photos do show, the rear binding posts have been professionally upgraded with rock solid 5 way binding posts, providing support for banana connections and the like. All wrapped up in a component of hefty weight at 22kg, and dimensions of 448mm W x 186mm H x 431mm D. The preamplifier offers plenty of functionality, with an abundance of inputs and remote control operation - remote is also included. At the front, located are tone controls defeatable with a direct bypass, a stereo/mono operation switch, dual tape monitors, a balance knob, and a phono stage compatible with both MM and MC cartridges. At the rear, numerous inputs exist, with a superb sounding phono stage, a tuner input, a CD input, an AUX input, two tape input/outputs, and a pre-out for connection to the power amplifier. The C2000 preamplifier comes in at a weight of 8kg, and dimensions of 448mm W x 129mm H x 344mm D. Along with the remote, included are power cables and binded printouts of the Technics 2000 series marketing release. I bought these units about 2 years ago and they have run brillianty since then. Had the pre-amp serviced by Liquid Audio over here in WA, got the look over and one RCA connection was cleaned up. The power was serviced just before i bought it by the previous owner, speaker binding posts were changed to bananas. Only wanting to move these on as I've recently upgraded to a reference Luxman combo and want these to go to someone who will appreciate their worth.
  3. Extra Info: Hello friends, I know this is a turntable that is hard to find anyone is thinking of selling it, please let me know. Thanks
  4. https://www.westcoasthifi.com.au/brand/technics/?fbclid=IwAR3G9-YBUe12RthCxmh1YAn5vrCWIGfQN31clUEJzVJGvJsK2ZVATS1eVjo&show=all
  5. Gday all, I just received a Technics epc 205c mkiii. This is a well regarded vintage cart that comes with integrated headshell. The headshell is azimuth and overhang adjustable. The overhang in the manual is recommended as being correct at 52mm on the integrated headshell gauge markings. However if I leave it as this the cartridge is a fair way off aligning on the Stevenson protractor (what I typically use on my Marantz s-arm). It is also off the recommended effective length crosshair that comes with my Marantz TT 6350. My question is, which one should I use? I’m used to being able to manipulate both the effective length and the cartridge angle in the headshell to suit Stevenson to good effect but am a little confused with the integrated hs setup of this line of Technics!?
  6. Anyone know anything about this TT? It belongs to my neighbour. He's had it for 40 years and doesn't use it. It works but hums and he's wondering whether to fix it or pass on to someone who might use it. Seems like a well made TT. Is it worth anything? Cart is in good nick i think and looks like an Audio-Technica AT 91 @djb
  7. Ive got an SL-10 recently and would really like recommendations other than the almost unobtainable EPS-310MC that it originally came with - Its currently got an audio technica 311EP mounted Does anyone have any suggestions? MM or MC options welcome!
  8. Hi all, Keen to get your views on what is the best sub $3K TT (new only-without cartridge). I appreciate the other elements (amp, speakers. phono stage etc.) all have an impact but putting that aside I am keen to get views on what you see as the best bang for buck TT at the moment in the sub $3K range. I am really keen on a Technics SL1200GR but would love to hear from anyone with any alternate suggestions.
  9. Hi All, I've just upgraded my turntable from an older Pioneer PL-12AC belt-drive turntable to a Technics SL-1200MK2 direct-drive turntable, and I thought a cartridge upgrade would also be in order (since I can put the old one on to the PL-12AC to keep using it out in the back room). I've currently got an Audio-Technica AT95E, which was attached to the PL-12AC. It sounds quite good on the SL-1200MK2, although since I've just spent a fair bit upgrading the turntable a cartridge upgrade is probably the next most logical choice. Has anyone got any cartridge suggestions for the SL-1200MK2? I've been looking at the bigger Audio-Technica models (120 and 440), as well as the Ortofon models (Red and Blue). Budget is around $150-$250 depending on how big the upgrade is I guess. Other suggestions are also welcome. Thanks!
  10. Petition launched to reintroduce Technics turntables Thousands demand the return of Panasonic’s legendary Technics SL-1200′s. A petition has been launched online to reintroduce the Technics SL-1200 turntable, which has been out of circulation since manufacturer Panasonic retired the iconic model in October 2010 after almost forty years as the world’s DJ turntable of choice. Launched in January of this year through online petition platform Change.org, the campaign has picked up pace after a slow start, gathering over 5,000 signatures in the last five days, and currently stands at close to 7,000 overall. Tabled by one Moni Daniel, the campaign states: For turntable-fanatics we’ve seen technology advance expeditiously and that’s not to say there are no benefits to the digitalisation of music… However we feel that there’s a place for vinyl and the traditional DJ’ing and turntablism is too – and this is where we feel the Technics SL 1200s are vital. More in hope perhaps than expectation, the petition will be presented to Panasonic Company and its parent company Matsushita Corporate, and simply demands the “re-introduction of legendary Technics Turntablesâ€. Of course, there’s also a Facebook group doing the rounds which has also drummed up over 6,000 likes. You can sign the petition here. That said, with 3.5 million thought to have been sold in the last 35 years, you might be better off nabbing yourself one on the frankly saturated second hand market. In related news, Pioneer recently unveiled a new turntable heavily influenced by the Technics model, which you can see here. You should also check our list of the 8 best budget turntables for home listening, for more alternatives. This is also not the first time disgruntled record collectors have mobilized via social media. Last month close to 30,000 people joined a group to save IKEA’s 12″-friendly storage shelf, the Expedit, which has now been pulled from circulation. Although the writing was already on the wall for Expedit, the outcry did draw an official response from IKEA. In October 2010, leading Japanese electronics company Panasonic announced that the legendary and symbolic Technics 1200 would no longer be sold. As one of the most iconic pieces of DJ equipment ever made the announcement to cease distribution was yet another blow for analogue enthusiasts the world over. For turntable-fanatics we’ve seen technology advance expeditiously and that’s not to say there are no benefits to the digitalisation of music – there are plenty, it’s of course great for music at large. However we feel that there’s a place for vinyl and the traditional DJ’ing and turntablism is too – and this is where we feel the Technics SL 1200s are vital. After all, vinyl sales have been rising year on year for some time now having a recent resurgence, so quality equipment should surely be available to play records with. Since originally launching in 1972, Panasonic have sold around 3.5 million of the Technics SL-1200 model turntables and with the demand for Vinyl steadily rising, I Want to launch a petition to see how many other music enthusiasts feel the same. If you’d like to support the movement, join the petition to bring the Technics SL 1200 back into production ! Petitioning Panasonic Company (Matsushita Corporate) This petition will be delivered to: Matsushita Corporate Panasonic Company (Matsushita Corporate)
  11. Hi all, Here is my Technics hi fi system on a home made flexy rank I built. 1. technics hi fi by rockypro1, on Flickr 2. Technics hi fi by rockypro1, on Flickr 3. TECHNICS MONSTER HI-FI by rockypro1, on Flickr
  12. Gday Guys, Well I recently came across a good condition Technics 1200 mk2 for cheap from a good friend of mine. It is in original condition and has had some DJ and general play use, a few cosmetic marks on it but everything seems to run fine. I will be looking at getting it serviced in Perth as step 1, so far I've found on place online called Ettric Audio Visual, has any one had any experience with them or can recommend any one else? Mainly, I am looking for tone arm suggestions for it, I'm currently eyeing out something from Origin Live, perhaps the Zephyr, or an SME 309. I was looking at the wand arm for a little while, while it does seem to be very good value for money, and it looks quite spiffy in my opinion, I think I'd miss having a cue lever and a little handle to pick the arm up with to much. I will be using my current 2M Black on it, so good matches to that cart would be very welcome. I'll also end up chucking a Herbies Mat on it as I love the one on my current Rega and probably won't switch for a very long time - if ever. The other upgrades I'm looking at is the Platter, PSU and bearing uprgrades. However, I think I'm a little iffy about these, as they are pricy but I'm unsure of the real sonic benefits of these upgrades, any insight would be appreciated. All suggestions are welcome, so don't be shy! Cheers, Sam PS: Once everything has been decided, I will post an upgrade log with some pics and give my opinions vs the Rega.
  13. Hey Guys I'm looking for some help finding someone to repair my Technics SP10 turntable. We seem to have limited options in Perth. I have tried a few people, i seem to either get - Yes thats an open cheque book please - Yes i can do it, then excuses, price hikes and no action, Or yes I can but i don't want to (my interpretation, no thats too hard for me but I don't want to say that). Either way I have had no luck. I would post over east if I thought I could get it repaired. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. Hey guys, i would like some advise on choosing between an marantz pm54 amp with a ST-64 tuner and a Technics Su-z65 and a st-z55 tuner. i have a friend who acquired both sets and wants to use one in a garage and i can have the other, he is not fussed. From what i can read the sets are very similar in specs with the marantz producing 10 more rms watts Im wanting to use this set to listen to radio and digital audio via a fiio x5 or computer and CD. I already have a marantz 2230b and a kenwood ka 5002 which i swap between using for vinyl. So i would be interested to know which one would be better suited for my purpose. they will be driving a set of 3 way kenwood floor speakers. I really don't have much experience with audio gear post 1980 so any help would be much appreciated
  15. Hi There, It's been a while since I've been on this forum, but was wondering what's a fair price to pay for a Technics RS1500 Reel to Reel (15ips) machine in perfect working order. Any assistance would be much appreciated
  16. Item: Budget turntable (modern preferred or good working order vintage) Price Range: 100$ - 300$ Item Condition: Used Extra Info: looking to buy a beginner budget turntable preferably from brands Rega (Planar 1) , Project (Essential, Debut), Technics etc I am in Perth (6060)
  17. Item: Technics sl-1900 4x feet plus dust cover Price Range:? Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Does anyone have a knackered SL-1900 lying about they'd be willing to part out? It might be easier for me to buy a whole donor deck to repair mine but postage to WA may be a pain unless someone local. It's possible that other late 70s technics feet may also fit with modifications. Probably in for a long wait on epay for this one but doesn't hurt to ask I guess!
  18. Item: Technics SL1200/1210 MK2 Price Range: $550-$650 without cart, $750-900 with Ortofon 2m Blue or Denon DL-110 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: based in Melbourne Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  19. Item: Genuine Technics 6mm rubber mat for SL 1200 series Price Range: $60 - $100 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for genuine Technics 6mm rubber turntable mat. Must be in excellent condition. The part number is on the mat's flipside - RGS0010 Sydney local is ideal, but happy to pay for shipping. Thanks!
  20. Hello, does anyone on the forum have any feedback on the Technics 1200G? Looking to purchase at some point, but a big difference in price to the GR.
  21. Looking to buy a Technics 271C phono cartridge, with or without stylus. I've currently borrowed my fathers and he wants it back. I purchased a Shure m97xe as a replacement for my SL-D3 but I find it flat sounding and really preferred the sound from the old Technics cartridge. If anyone has one I'd be happy take it off your hands.
  22. Item: Technics SL-1700mkII Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a Technics SL-1700mkII complete or parts of. Happy to pay shipping if reasonable, please contact me to let me know what you have. Thanks.
  23. Item: Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  24. Item: Technics SL 120, Turntable Price Range: Depends on cosmetic/working condition Item Condition: Used Extra Info: - SME mount desired - Unserviced condition welcome
  25. Looking to buy a direct drive turntable in good condition and fully functional, it does not have to be a Technics SL1200 but I would like something decent that won't break the bank. I also would prefer to find someone locally rather than interstate but I'm happy to hear from anyone that thinks they might fit the bill. I'm also not interested in any of the Super oem DD Technics clones that are available. Please let me know what you've got and feel free to through any brand suggestions that might help. Cheers
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