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Found 13 results

  1. Hi! I've recently acquired a 70's Akai CS-34D top loader tape deck. It's running mostly great which was a pleasant surprise. My only issue is that occasionally there will be a high pitched screeching noise coming from the motor accompanied with some slowing down/drag of the tape. This usually occurs for a second or two after pressing play, then it will stop and sometimes come in and out as the tape plays. I have also noticed that this does not happen when the unit is operated upside down. I have tried to use some Sewing Machine Oil on the capstans and also the top of the motor where I can identify the screeching noise coming from - this made the unit run dead silent for a few hours, however the next day I tried again and the noise / drag had returned. If anyone has anything else I can try that would be great! It's a beautiful unit and I'd love to get it running as close to 100% as possible. Cheers
  2. Magnetic tape storage has been undergoing a renaissance in recent years, according to Mark Lantz, manager of CloudFPGA and tape technologies at IBM Zurich. This resurgence, Lantz argues, has been driven by the convergence of two trends: exponential data growth and a simultaneous slowing down of areal density in hard-disk drives (HDD). IBM scientists showed off a 29-fold increase in the storage capability of its current data-tape cartridge, from 20 terabytes (TB) to 580 TB. That’s roughly 32-times the capacity of LTO-Ultrium (Linear Tape-Open, version 9), the latest industry-standard in magnetic tape products. The fact is tape is back, by necessity. This new record involved a 15-year journey that IBM had undertaken with Fujifilm to continuously push the capabilities of tape technology.
  3. Hey folks, Been a while since I've jumped on the SNA forums - good to see, lively as ever I just acquired a Nakamichi BX-300 cassette deck from an eBay seller in NSW, despite the listing claiming "all ok!" it seems to be way off with speed. This unit has variable pitch control (luckily) and I've found that at 12 o clock, it's too slow. I've tried to match it with several albums I own retail copies on cassette and LP... found the sweet spot is around 3 o clock on the pitch control. Gave it a whirl recording at 3 o clock, but when playing back it sounded too fast. I'm thinking that the pitch control is ignored for recording purposes (rightly so, but would be great if someone can confirm this) Anything recorded on this deck sounds perfect with the pitch controller at 12 o clock, and although I have to correct for anything not recorded on this unit - I have noticed that the speed is very consistent, so I'm doubting this to be a mechanical issue, likely that this just needs calibration (how it got this far out, I couldn't say) Obviously my next step will be to actually contact the seller. Whether they want to service it themselves or give a partial refund, I dunno... We'll see how that pans out... For now though I'm thinking that I can probably find a cassette with test tones i.e. 1khz, 2khz, 3khz and use some software to count the frequency as I poke around inside - until the frequencies match what is expected. Just figured it'd be wise to run this by the good folk at SNA before I create a bigger problem (also, anyone familiar with this unit - your input is especially appreciated!)
  4. It's been some time and no one has been posting here. I'm enjoying the master tapes I've bought... I know its expensive, and it's old technology etc etc, but they do sound good I came across some new master tapes to add to the collection. At the moment I have 8 tapes and am enjoying these immensely. A range of classical to Jazz, from UltraAnalogue and International Phonograph Inc. The new label is from Italy and I ordered the Enrico Dindo tape. Quite expensive Euro245. ENRICO DINDO CONCERTOS A. L. Vivaldi Jacopo di Tonno I Solisti di Pavia I haven't received the tape yet but have heard very good reports about the recordings from an overseas friend. I'll let everyone know how well it sounds. http://www.openreelrecords.com
  5. I'll be picking up a Sony TC-353D reel to reel (similar to the pic) on the weekend. Apparently it worked fine a couple of years ago and had just one owner (the seller). Does anyone have any advice on whether this is a good RTR buy at about $100? Any tips or tricks for getting this up and running? Does anyone in SA have spare tapes at a good price? Cheers, Mark
  6. Hi all I have to sell a Pioneer RT-707 Open Reel machine for a lady friend of mine.Husband passed away and she has to move across the country and has no need for it.Just fired it up and it works fine.I know it should be in the classified section but what would be a fair price?Seen some crazy prices on fleabay.She is not greedy,just wants a fair price and a good home for it.Would come with quite a few reels of German music.Great for those Oom pa pah and Schnapps parties!
  7. Here is a list that would make a good sticky for those venturing out to buy tape software. For Playback: ABC Records (Jazz/Classical/Other) http://www.abcrecord.com Analog Mastering Services (Jazz/Rock/Classical) http://www.analogmaster.net Analogy Records (Jazz/Rock/Classical/Other) http://www.analogyrecords.org Brilliance Music and Studios (in US, Contact Gary Koh at Genesis Advanced Technologies) gary@genesisloudspeakers.com Dangerous Analog (Jazz/Classical) http://www.dangerousanalog.com Fone (Classical) see Elusive Disc http://www.elusivedisc.com/ Groove Note (Jazz/Classical/Other) see Elusive Disc http://www.elusivedisc.com/ Hemioliarecords.com http://www.hemioliarecords.com/index.php Horch House (Jazz/Classical) http://www.analogarts.net contact Volker Lange International Phonograph (Jazz) http://www.internationalphonographinc.com Lutz Precision/MPS-Music (Jazz/Rock/Classical/Other) http://www.mps-music.com MA Recordings (in US, Contact Gary Koh at Genesis Advanced Technologies) Master Tape Sound (Jazz/Rock/Classical/Other) http://www.unitedhomeaudio.com Open Reel Records (Jazz/Rock/Classical/Other) http://www.openreelrecords.com Opus 3 (Jazz/Rock/Classical/Other) see Elusive Disc http://www.opus3records.com Quinton Records (Jazz /Classical) http://www.quintonrecords.com The Tape Project (Jazz/Rock/Classical/Other) http://www.tapeproject.com Tone-Pearl Records (Classical) http://www.tonepearls.com Yarlung Records (Jazz /Classical/Other) http://www.yarlungrecords.com Ultraanalogue Records (Classical) http://www.ultraanaloguereccordings.com Lyn Stanley (special order) (Jazz) Patricia Barber (special order) Jazz) http://www.premonitionrecords.com Anne Bisson - email Gary Koh at gary@genesisloudspeakers.com This list is not extensive. For Recording: There are two blank tape media importers in Australia that supports RGMI/Pyral: Cassette and Tape Supplies - Prahran VIC http://www.casstape.com.au/ Music Lab - Bown Hills QLD http://www.musiclab.com.au/contact-us/ There is one blank tape media importer in Australia that supports ATR Magnetics: Grevillea Distribution http://www.grevillea.com.au/contact-us
  8. Hello everyone, This is Jerome Sabbagh writing. Three years ago, the generous support of this board on the other side of the world helped make a vinyl pressing of my album "The Turn" a reality in New York. I wanted to say hi and keep everyone posted about a new endeavor. I recently recorded a new album, "No Filter", a project I co-lead with my old friend - and fantastic guitarist - Greg Tuohey. I am raising funds to press it on vinyl. It will be all analog. Click here for Kickstarter link Like "The Turn", this record was recorded live to two track 1/2 inch tape at 30 ips by James Farber at Sear Sound. It will be mastered and cut to vinyl directly from the tape by Bernie Grundman. CDs and 96/24 downloads will also be available. We are trying to keep the vinyl affordable at $20 + shipping. There are also fancier options (numbered copies, signed copies, test pressings, and even reference lacquer pressings and 1/4 inch reel to reel tapes!). I realize shipping to Australia is expensive. The shipping costs on Kickstarter are what it costs me to ship. I don't make any money on shipping. That said, if several people on this board are interested and willing to organize, I could ship several LPs in one package when the time comes and I'm sure that would get the postage costs down quite a bit. Please feel free to reach out if that's the case. I imagine the more people sign up, the cheaper the postage would get. I can come up with a way to make this happen on Kickstarter. I am happy to answer any and all questions. I remain indebted to all of you who backed me last time and hope you might consider supporting this as well. Thank you! Jerome Sabbagh www.jeromesabbagh.com
  9. Not in pristine condition but I believe highly collectable. This is a single tape from a larger collection. I have not played this individual tape, so happy to resolve any issues with the buyer. Postage Aus wide is $10. PM me if you are interested. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved You understand that a reasonable donation for selling fees is expected upon successful sale of your item - if you have previously sold items and not made a donation, your advertisement may not be approved.
  10. Item: 8 x TDK SA90, 2 x Sony Walkman 100, 1 x Sony CD-IT74 Location: Kelvin Grove Price: $55 Item Condition: New Reason for selling: Don't need - sold the Walkman Pro Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Please see photos. Note: some tapes have sold - this is for the 11 tapes mentioned above. Pictures:
  11. Items: a variety of reel-to-reel tapes and associated things. About 44 reel to reel tapes. 7", 5", new, used. Location: Melbourne Price: The post is based on a 3 kg Australia Post satchel. Due to the tape size, a 3kg satchel is needed to safely pack these. Around four tapes will fit in this satchel and it's the same postage cost as a single tape, so I'm selling these in package-sized lots. Price of each lot varies depending on contents. Pick-up of course is welcome and certainly saves the postage costs. Post for these satchels is about $17 per Lot. Buyer pays postage. I'll confirm actual cost on sending. Item Condition: Some as-new. Most tapes are used - have been recorded on. Usually it's just one recording, so re-recording should be easy. Reason for selling: i have no reel to reel player. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Extra Info: descriptions of what's on the tapes is not verified by me. All I've done is write down what's written on the side of the boxes. I have no reason to disbelieve what's written on the boxes, the previous owner was a scrupulous man. Radiocasts were recorded at 3 3/4 ips in almost all of them. This collection has several radiocasts from early 1980's EON FM that to the best of my knowledge have not been released into the wild by bootleg collectors. I'd like to encourage buyers who say they will transcribe the radiocasts to CD and send me a copy. (No urgency on this task, just when/if you get around to it). (But please: i want the Elton John, I saw him on the same tour, he was great). All tapes bar one have been recorded on. For the tapes that have had officially-released recordings I am selling these for the cardboard boxes, plastic reels, and tape only. By buying these tapes you are committing to over-writing these tapes with your own choice of music (your payment is your assent to this condition). I am no expert on reel-to-reel tapes and I've listed what's on the boxes (assumming the text on the boxes is right) so that if you are anxious about sound bleed-through then you know what's on it or been on it. Comparable product pricing here and here These tapes have not been played or spun for at least ten years and more probably twenty-five. Sold as is. Pictures: as shown with each lot. Thank you for looking. Please PM me with the lot you want. LOT 1: Reels and labels Metal 7" reel Realistic + Realistic box. Plastic 7" reel Made in Japan. Plastic 7" reel Made in USA. Labels for reel to reel cases Memorex and Ampex. One of the brown boxes (empty) you see in Lot 4. Some cassette labels (bonus/free). Lot 1 Reels and labels $50 + postage. Lot 2: Realistic and Radio Shack 1 of Radioshack 2400 feet x 0.5 mil 7" Brian Eno Crossfire Direct to disc Kerrie Liddell and Compared to What 1 of Realistic 1800 feet x 1.0ml 7" CSNY Joni Miles of Aisles 2 of Realistic 1200 feet x 1.5ml 7" no markings. Other is Ledzep 4, Lou RocknRoll Animal + Live Lot 2: Realistic and Radio Shack $20 Lot 3: Maxell and a plastic case 1 x brown plastic case 3 x Maxell 1800 feet 35 micron 7" being 1 35-90 and 2 35-90B (b = back coated) U2 unforgettable Fire, This Mortal Coil, Crime of the Century, Breakfast in America, Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert Lot 3: Maxell $20 Lot 4: BASF 5" Lot 5: BASF 7" Lot 4 is 2 5" BASF tapes $10 no details as to history/use. One is in a 7" brown plastic case. Lot 5 is 2 7" BASF tapes $30 "1800 3 3 3/4 ips " Mental as anything Live EON FM 31/1/82" "Broderick Smith Big Combo Live EON FM 28/6/81" "Chick Corea Live Dallas Brooks Hall 3/3/82 EON FM" Lot 6: TDK GX 35/90B boots Lot 7: TDK & Ampex boots Lot 6: 4 of TDK GX 35/90B 7" 1800 feet 35 micron back-treated $40 Elton John EON FM 13/6/82 Elton John Sydney Entertainment Centre 24 March 1984 Men At Work Live EON FM Mondo Rock Live EON FM Hall and Oates Live EON FM Joe Cocker Live EON FM Lot 7: 2 of TDK 35/90 7" and 2 of Ampex GM-1800 7" $40 The Ampex are both GM 1800 1.0ml backcoated. Joni Mitchell Live Aust 1983, Tim Finn Aug/Sep 1983. The TDK are 1800 the boxes say Midnight Oil "Oils on the Water" JJJ 10th Anniversary Concert 19/1/85 Divinyls Palace Melbourne 14-2-86 EON FM Little Wing (radio play) ABC FM 28-1-86 $40 Lot 8: Scotch & Maxell Lot 8: 2 of Scotch 3M 1800 7", 1 Maxell 35-90 1800 7" 1.0ml base, TDK 35/90 1,800 7" Genesis, Mondo Rock, Fleetwood Mac. Hitchikers Guide. $20 A stack of Ampex split as below Lot 9: Ampex GM 1800 4 Ampex GM 1800 tapes 7" 1.0ml backcoated Peter Gabriel Live 1983 Phil Collins Live 1983 Joni Mitchell Joe Jackson Little River Band $20. Details are insufficient to see if any of these are EON FM radiocasts. $20 Lot 10: Ampex Grandmaster 1200 4 Ampex Grandmaster 1200 7" tapes 1200 feet 1.5ml backcoated $20 Lot 11: Ampex Grandmaster 1800 4 Ampex Grandmaster 1800 7" tapes 1800 feet 1.0ml backcoated Dire Straits Talking Heads Roxy Music Mike Olfield Joan Armatrading Art Garfunkel John English Australian Crawl Billy Joel $20 Lot 12: Ampex 1800 mixed 4 Ampex 1800 7" tapes 1800 feet 1.0ml backcoated. 1 is a 20/20+, 2 are Grandmaster 1800, and 1 is a ELN-1800 $20 Lot 13: TDK unopened 2 tapes in this lot. 1 x TDK GX 35/90 B 1800 feet 35 micron polyester base in wrapper - unopened. Lot 13: TDK unopened $60
  12. Item: Revox A77 (7.5/15ips) reel to reel Location: Kelvin Grove, Brisbane Price: $600 firm Item Condition: Very good for age Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: High speed model Just last week had capacitors replaced by Totally Technical in Brisbane (cost $400) - will include receiptNew counter belt installedComplete with NAB adapters, but no reels. Price is firm, thanks. Would prefer local pickup so that you can test it out. Short video of it working (recorded tonight): https://youtu.be/I8C8FA0jO5o Pictures:
  13. Item: bulk lot reel to reel tapes as shown in photo Location:3136 Price: $50 the lot Item Condition: very good. Last played a year ago. Reason for selling:not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: Pictures:
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