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    • Price: AUD $1,500
    • Condition: 100%
    • State: (NSW) New South Wales/Australia
    Bargain price reduced for a quick easy sale! RRP$7499! 5 Driver 3 Way design. Likely the best surround speakers you'll ever hear! Bring your movies to life with these Paradigm Signature Series ADP-3 Surround speakers. They are unmarked and in perfect condition. They include wall mount brackets, and can be stand mounted if you prefer. If you prefer black they can be easily painted. RRP is $7499. Shipping is available or pickup from Kellyville Ridge NSW. Audition is available if required.
  1. SNA just announced the new SP4 in the news. Bryston has partnered up with Storm Audio for the digital part of the processor. Based upon what storm audio is already offering we might get an idea about what the SP4 is going to be like. https://www.stormaudio.com/en/products/av-immersive-sound-processors/7807-isp-3d16-elite.html You can email James Tanner jamestanner@bryston.com for a preliminary PDF of the SP4 as posted on audiocircle. http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=155431.0 Looks like this is going to be an more expensive unit then the SP3 (which is going to coexist with the SP4), most likely absolutely out of reach for many of us.
  2. Hi, I've been searching for a couple of days but and have found quite a bit of information, but nothing that quite answers my question: We are about to start building a new house, and I need help deciding whether or not to install built-in speakers. It's a rather open-plan design and has a bulkhead all around the room with the TV. The red line indicates the wall where the TV will be mounted. The wall behind the TV is no longer a cavity slider, we've changed it to a normal wall with a hinged door. We aren't super into TV or movies, buy would like a reasonably nice system so that when we do have the time to watch something it's a good experience. We cannot have a separate sub or anything that sits on the floor We can't have inbuilt wall-mounted speakers, but we can mount them into the bulkhead The TV and soundbar will be wall-mounted From what I've read, these are the options available: 5.1 active soundbar with built-in sub Pros:Everything is balanced and managed by the system Cons: I'm not sure how effective it will be with the wide open space towards the kitchen and the glass stacker door to the other side Surround effect is not as good as with individual speakers. All built-in speakers around the bulkhead (all the same kind of normal built-in speakers). Not pointing down, but on the sides of the bulkhead facing towards the centre of the room Pros: Even more discreet than a soundbar Separate speaker for each channel - true surround Cons: Separate amp required (amp will live in another room and be cabled accordingly) Once the speakers are in, it's not easy to get rid of them. If the positioning is not perfect, then it's always going to be off. If we want to move the furniture a bit, will that cause problems? Is it ok if all the speakers are so high (I've read that L, R & Centre channel should be about head height)? 3.1 active channel Soundbar with built in sub + 2 rear speakers in the bulkhead driven by the soundbar Pros: Correct height for Left, Right and Centre channels Good combination of properly balanced Left, Right and Centre channels, and rear for surround Maybe doesn't suffer so much for lack of solid side walls? Cons: Is it easy to find a soundbar with a built-in sub that that will drive external rear speakers? (I had trouble finding one online) 3.0 active channel Soundbar + 2 rear speakers in bulkhead + sub in bulkhead (all driven by the soundbar) Pros: Same Pros as previous Maybe better bass quality? Maybe easier to find an LCR soundbar that can drive 2 rears and a sub? Cons: Same cons as above Is a sub effective above you? What would you recommend to be the best option? Would you have recommendations on specific soundbars that would what I need? Thanks so much!
  3. So I have some Zensor 3's coming, but have found some really cheap Zensor 1's that I'm considering using for 7.1... Would there be any drawback in using the different model speakers? Basically the difference is the Zensor 3's are bigger, bigger driver and can go lower. So I'm guessing they will be fine, but just wanting to get some opinions. Cheers!
  4. Have been waiting for this for a long time - a 5.1 version of this album should be superb if done properly (think DSOTM)- shudup and take my money!! http://www.jimihendrix.com/news/the-jimi-hendrix-experience-electric-ladyland-deluxe-edition-50th-anniversary-box-set-out-november-9th/ http://www.superdeluxeedition.com/news/jimi-hendrix-electric-ladyland-50th-anniversary-super-deluxe-edition/
  5. Howdy all, Happy New Year! I thought I'd start a little side topic based on my movie watching over the Christmas break. I bought a nice little sub as self-given present, and then went on a... somewhat excessive (according to my better half) quest to find some material (mostly movies) that would test it out.. along with the other speakers in my home theatre. Now, you'd think in this age, that there are many fine movies that test out a subwoofer. But boy was I struggling a bit to find something that really "reaches deep", for more than a few moments, a scene, or even at all! So I "went to the all-high oracle of knowledge (google) for other people's suggestions. Many people suggested movies far too numerous to mention here. But after taking some of their advice, I'll outline what I watched: Jurassic Park is a classic, for the stomping of the T-Rex... ok, that has it's bassy moments. Star Wars.... (anything really) but a special mention goes to Ep II for the seismic charges. (The first thing I tested the sub on). U571 (Old now, but good atmospherics). House of Flying Daggers. (The drum scene is pretty good for bass, pity about the story). Pacific Rim... yes, there's some VERY nice bass here. Master & Commander. (I only have the DVD, but the cannons certainly have some punch to them). Thor I & II (Yep those are good ones) The Avengers... Good Bass. Lots of crunch. Captain America I & II. Some nice bass in all that.. but nothing really seems to stand out in my mind. Super 8.... yes... that was a train crashing in my home.... To my neighbourhood.... I'm sorry the sound disturbed you, but truth be told, I'm not sorry I did it! :~) Brave... I know, I was shocked too! Great atmospherics for the overall sound system too! Lord of the Rings trilogy... with special mention of the battle scenes in the Two Towers, and Return of the King. Good bass with the War Oliphants (Elephants) collapsing, and the catapaulted rocks. Letters from Iwo Jima. As far as the sounds of warfare can be considered "Nice". The Dark Knight... that's a fair whack of bass! The Matrix movies have some nice moments, especially with the EMP pulse and many fight scenes. Tropic Thunder (Please forgive my watching of Ben Stiller) but the explosion in the beginning is very cool. The latest Star Trek movies. Aside from the sound being great, I just couldn't help but think back to "Heroes" and muse "Why Sylar, your ears have grown so pointy!". However, for SHEER DEPTH, DURATION, AND IMPACT.... MY PERSONAL WINNER IS: The latest (2014) reboot of the Godzilla movie. A 12" sub is good... a 15" or bigger would be better! (Or multiple subs for a noticeable improvement). There's so much bass! Power plants collapsing, planes crashing, giant creatures fighting like Pacific Rim, but a bit bassier (yes, I know I didn't think that was possible) Go watch it, with the sound cranked, and you'll understand why! I'd love to hear what movies get your fillings rattled out! Also, what movies do you think has the most immersive sound? Love to hear your thoughts! Hamish.
  6. Hi, I'm fairly new to home theatre, only really started a few months back. Only ever had HTIB setups previously as I lived in units, but have moved into a house this last year and wanting to get a decent setup. The first speaker I was able to get was a Aaron cc120. Long story short, got it off a mate for a case of beer after he upgraded. At this point, my little pioneers were being outclassed by the centre and while on gumtree I saw another cc120 going cheap. I had a read a few times that matching LCR is the way to go so I went for it and started looking for a third which I was able to get. Now I have 3 of these for my LCR channels. 2 vertical, the centre horizontal. I was in the process of looking for some bookshelves to put as the surrounds but in my searching, I noticed 2 cc120's on an auction site and looks like I can get them at an absolute steal! So, would 5 of these speakers (the rears vertical as well) work in 5.1 setup? I really do like the sound of these speakers but I have also read MTM (mid-tweeter-mid) style speakers aren't well suited for surrounds. Would I better leaving these and getting bookshelves even though its an almost too good a price to pass up? Would the benefits of timbre matching outweigh the downsides of MTM surrounds? I my lounge, the fronts are around 3.8m from the main seat, and the rears will be around the same.
  7. Hi there! i am from Austria (yep) and i bought this nice surround receiver "LG-AR702 NS". I bought it used last year. I'm very pleased with the sound and i really like it. Here comes my problem. LG Austria, Germany .. do not support this product anymore. You can't even anything about it at LG-Online in my country. Its' like it didn't ever exist. So when i found out that there was no support here in my continent, i started researching and found out, that there are some information about it down under. So my problem is, that when i connect my PC or PS3 directly via HDMI to the LG, there is this problem, that it recognizes the "multi-channel" input, but messes it up, and center comes from surround right. I got this problem on PC when using windows-sound-configuration. when i click on the center, the test-sound comes from the back. When i watch a downloaded 5.1 video (movie-trailer), the sound goes right. But games, programs and windows do not work well. Same at PS3. Netflix works fine. Amazon Prime Video not. Netflix even works fine, when i got 1. PS3 to TV via HDMI. 2. TV to LG via Toslink) I think it depends on the signal that comes into the AVR. I found out, that there was a similar problem with "Denon" receivers. This could be fixed with a firmeware update. But i couldn't find anything for the LG. Do you have any idea in fixing this? BTW. as i bought this used, i didn't get a microphone for audissey set-up. and it is IMPOSSIBLE to geht one used-part here in Europe. is there any help for me too? thank you a lot. nice greetings from the other side of the world
  8. Howdy fellas, just got a question with speaker placement for a 7.1/7.2 system I'm putting together... I have a pair of Dali Zensor 3's coming and will get some stands from Selby. For a 5.1 setup I'll make room either side of the lounge, but for 7.1 how close can the speakers be? I could bring the lounge a bit more forward but not too much, I'm just wondering if I get another set of Zensor 3's or Zensor 1's for rear surrounds and put them on stands too if it'll be alright being so close? BTW I sit in the seat closest to the bookshelf on the left. Also another question, I could get Zensor 5's (I have Zensor 7's as fronts) for an insane price second hand and wondering if they'd work well as surrounds or not? From the same guy I could get some bookshelfs for a good price to use as front heights for Atmos/DTS-X etc too.
  9. Hi, I am planning for an HT room and would like to go Atmos/DTS-X. It is more the restricted Atmos setup with the ceiling speakers that is making my life difficult. I have an exposed ceiling with the roof studs starting at 220cm and the ceiling at 250cm. In the picture, the black cubes are the 7 channel setup, (I know, no center or sub in the picture), the orange cube are Atmos 35 degree angle from LS, and the green are Atmos 45 degree angle from LS speakers. The six grey cubes are "chairs" and the blue box in the back of the room is a pantry that I cannot move, I might build a cabinet in the other corner in the back to mirror it. I was thinking for the LS and RS to go with bi-pole speakers, to suit the back row. For the LSB and RSB I will probably go with mono pole speakers due to the pantry (and possible cabinet) For the ceiling speakers I was thinking to go with box speakers angled toward the LS. These speakers within the Atmos preferred dimension will sit smack bang against the exposed roof stud. I could build a lowered floating ceiling to mount the speakers in, but they exposed roof studs will still be in the way since I don't want to lower my ceiling to 220cm height. Going Atmos 7.2.2 will have the same problem that the ceiling speaker will be sitting smack bang against the next exposed roof stud. What would be the best option if not DTS-X
  10. Hi, I have a dilemma: I purchased some Q Acoustic speakers from their 2000i series as a 3.1 system with the intent of turning it into a 5.1 system later down the track. I always bought the two 2020i bookshelf fronts with the intent of using these as rear surrounds later down the track when I would buy two floorstanding 2050i's which I have heard and love. This way the system would be matched. When listening to music I usually listen in 2.1 and (would) only use 5.1 for movies. Now that I have saved for the 2050i floor speakers, their price has gone up as they have been superseded by the newer and better performing 3050 series. I'm not sure whether to buy the 3050 fronts and use them with my system knowing that the system isn't matched. I could always buy the 3050 floor standers to use on their one and just finish my 5.1 system by buying the smallest rear surrounds of 2010i. This way I would switch to 3050 for music but still have a matching 5.1 system. My wife won't appreciate the extra speakers in the room though. My query for you, is how important is it that the system be matched for 5.1 movies/music etc? I don't want to blow money on un-necessary speakers if I'll never hear the difference in real life watching movies. Thanks.
  11. Items: RS6s, RSLCR, RSFXs Location: Drouin Vic Price: Items listed separately below are negotiable Item Condition: Excellent working order, but some scratches & a few chips. Reason for selling: Inherited just as I was downsizing! Love them, but no room. Payment Method: Cash on pickup - (Tired of SlowPal) Extra Info: - PM for a demonstration, pictures or any additional info - Manuals & RSFX Template included - All offers considered Monitor Audio RS6 / Silver6 pair new = $2380, now = $1300 Monitor Audio RSLCR / Silver Centre new = $899, now = $580 Monitor Audio RSFX pair new = $1188, now = $625 http://ca2.monitoraudiocdn.com/downloads/brochure/Silver-Brochure-LR-proof-added-quotes-2015.pdf?mtime=20150216131510
  12. Hey guys, I've decided to sell my Klipsch Quintet IV surround sound speakers along with my Klipsch SW-350 subwoofer. I have just upgraded to a Q Acoustics setup so this Klipsch setup is no longer needed. Everything is in excellent condition and working order (I look after my stuff), sale includes everything pictured, original Klipsch booklet and I can also provide the original Harvey Norman purchase receipt from 08/2012. This is a very capable little surround setup, it won't disappoint. Res: $500 Instant: $600 Pickup from Deer Park (3023). If you have any questions just let me know. Cheers
  13. Item: Tannoy Arena 5.1 System Location: Mascot, Sydney Price: $1500 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Relocating and some gear has to be sold Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Mint condition system still in use until sold and I move again.... You will struggle to find a system as flexible for theatre or HiFi that is this small in footprint offering this level of sound quality and beautiful design. The dual concentric driver with centre super tweeter sounds amazing and I have tried many traditional boxed speakers that can't compete with point source driver layout. They simply defy logic considering their size and how loud and clear they sound! The front mains come with original stands which were a $700 extra, the rears are actually 2 more of the larger centre speaker and come with the optional adjustable wallmount and table stands. All speakers have the grills. You can also reverse the config around and put the slimline speakers on stands as your rear speakers and use the 3 matched dual speakers across the front if you have one of the lowline cabinets etc. Originally spent over $3500 for this setup so the price is good. The system is currently setup as my home theatre/living room HiFi rig and can be demonstrated for serious buyers in Sydney. Pictures:
  14. Further Information: Selling these as a combo, balanced interconnect cables included. Due to the weight and no packaging, pickup only. Integra DHC 80.3 specs: https://integraworldwide.com/au/products/dhc803/index.htm New RRP $3,695 Anthem A5 specs: https://www.anthemav.com/products-archived/model=a5/page=specs New RRP $5,799
  15. Item: Vogel surround speaker stands for small speakers, a pair, grey Location: VIC 3212 Price: $35 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Extra Info: Comfortably holds something coke can or coke bottle size, but nothing heavyweight Height 1070 mm, from ground to mounting hole 1055 mm Base plate 230 mm deep by 250 mm wide at front and 135 mm wide at the rear Upright column is two-part and the stand can be dismantled for easy transportation Some very light rust at the bottom of the base plate. Photos show both stands Pick-up from VIC 3212 preferred, could possibly arrange a delivery to western suburbs of Melbourne. Pictures:
  16. Item: 1x Aaron Center CC-120 1x Aaron Subwoofer SUB 120 2x JMLab Focal Bookshelf (used as the mains) 2x Mission Audio Bookshelf (not sure on model but i am using them as Surrounds) and stands included 1x Denon 5.1 Receiver AVR 1708 (will update with model numbers later at home) Location: Located at Port Macquarie but can negotiate Newcastle/Sydney delivery if you are quick. Price: $900 (think this is very reasonable for a complete setup, if not let me know)Item Condition: Standard wear and tear on speakers for their age like badge fallen off grill, grill wear at edges, mounting screw holes in MA speakers, no damage to receiver (was my brothers so owned since new). Speakers have all been bought second hand. Id say all Aaron and Focal speakers in good condition and mission audio in OK condition. Sonically no issue. System seems very well matched and sounds very big with movies. Reason for selling: Moving to LondonPayment Method: Cash, Bank transferExtra Info: See above condition report. Have used this as my HTPC surround setup. Really enjoyed this for movies and games. Any specific questions let me know. Pictures: Will add Sub photos soon.
  17. Item: Cambridge Audio 640R - Silver, with 2nd Zone KP10 & PS10 (keypad/power supply) Location: Melbourne Price: $600 for the lot Item Condition: Excellent - 640R remote has some button text wear Reason for selling: No longer used Payment Method: Pickup (heavy!) - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: I am sure most people familiar with CA have an idea of what the 640R is capable of - excellent multichannel AVR and a very competent stereo amplifier in its own right. The limitation is its HDMI inputs which are passthrough only - no decoding of any kind of digital audio, regardless of legacy DD/DTS or newer DD-THD/DTS-MA. Will pass through all video resolutions fine, but with no conversion or scaling i.e. Component in -> component out. The KP10 & PS10 allows the 640R to have a second active zone option through the A-BUS system. You need to run Cat5e (Stranded only, found that out the hard way) to the keypad from the 640R and the speakers run directly from the keypad. PS10 powers the keypad over the Cat5e from the 640R unit, so no power required at the keypad end. I picked this up and had going very briefly with a set of outdoors for zone 2, but then rental situation changed and now in a brick walled house. All boxed, with manuals. Further reading here
  18. Item: 5 x Meridian DSP5200 digital speakers (all floor standing vertical and matching in black piano veneer finish - L, C, R, RL and RR) 1 x Meridian SW5500 (dual cone sub) and finished in black piano veneer finish PLUS Buy the above speakers and sub and I will include at no extra cost: 1 x Meridian G68 Processor (including original Meridian remote) - rack shelf inc. 1 x Meridian HD621 HDMI Switch - rack mountable 1 x Middle Atlantic full size rack with custom shelves and power rails (other equipment and Blu-Rays not included) Location: Point Cook, Melbourne VIC 3030 Price: Asking price AUD $27.5k (Original purchase price AUD $80k plus) Item Condition: Mint, as new. Very light use (worked interstate for 5 years), no scratches or marks Reason for selling: A change of direction with my cinema has meant that I’m selling my full Meridian 5.1 setup. Meridian is regarded at the very upper end of 2-Channel and HT audio and recognised for their development of industry standard high resolution audio codecs such as PPCM and MQA. All pieces are ‘as new’ mint condition with no scratches. Very light use as I’ve been working out of state for the last five years. Meridian Audio: https://www.meridian-audio.com/ Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Cleared bank transfer Extra Info: Any questions please let me know. Happy to demo if you’re in Melbourne and given the weight and size of everything I’d prefer local pick up - if you really want to ship interstate, as long as you organise and pay freight, insurance, etc. Thanks for looking Chris PS. My camera skills are left wanting and do not do justice to Meridian. The cinema is completely black, so either hard to see or camera flash. Serial numbers available on request. Pictures:
  19. Further information: This immaculate condition NAD Sorround Sound Receiver is now ready to go to a new home. Bought from Klapp Audio (Prahan) and well looked after since new. Always stayed in my Hi-Fi rack and comes from a smoke and pet free home. I have the original box so this can be sent via courier if the buyer can organize the transportation. NAD, the highly regarded manufacturer of high-performance audio components, incorporating NAD's ""Music First"" philosophy as the cornerstone to their ambitious design goals for this T 762 made in England. The T 762 offers Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, DTS, DTS-ES, and DTS Neo:6 decoding, along with 7.1 Matrix, Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Pro Logic II, and the proprietary NAD EARS circuitry for creating natural surround sound from any format input, 7.1, 6.1, 5.1, and 2.0 stereo, digital or analog. Also included is an HDCD decoder plus a ""Stereo Enhanced"" mode that uses no processing, but allows the stereo signal to be sent to any or all of the selected 7.1 channels, depending on listener preference. There is also an analog bypass mode for stereo purists. Surround processing is automatically detected via the digital inputs, and the most appropriate decoding format is switched in. Conversion of the decoded digital bit stream is performed with high resolution and extremely linear D/A converters, carefully selected for their performance capabilities. The EARS (Enhanced Ambience Recovery System) circuitry uses DSP technology to extract the natural ambience in a stereo recording and redirect it to the surround channels, creating a warm, natural reverberant effect without any artificiality. Full Disclosure Power rating, with all channels driven simultaneously, at any frequency from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, with less than 0.08% THD at 8 and 4 ohms. Also specified is Dynamic Power at 8 ohms, 4 ohms, and 2 ohms. The T 762 delivers 100 watts per channel of continuous power with all six channels driven simultaneously at rated distortion into 4 or 8 ohms. Dynamic power is rated at 300 watts into 2 ohms. Dynamic power is rated at 300 watts into 2 ohms Five A/V presets can be stored for instant recall with unique speaker configuration, level, distance, surround mode, and tone control settings for instant recall. This allows a user to set up one type of playback for multichannel music and a completely different setup for movie soundtracks. Channel volume settings for sub, center, and surround channels can be adjusted on the fly without entering any setup menus. Pick up (VIC 3133) is preferred, but I can package it up for the buyer to arrange own transport arrangement. NAD HTR 2 Remote is included. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  20. Further information: KEF T301 speakers - have 6 pieces. Used for about 2 years in a 5.1.4 Atmos system. Comes with all (unused) mounting gear/stand. Note 2 speakers are center channel versions that can be used horizontally. Selling in pairs - Can offer a discount if purchasing multiple pairs
  21. Item: Wharfedale Crystal 2 - 5.1 Surround Speakers & PowerCube 12+ Subwoofer Location: Perth Price: $400 Item Condition: Great Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, EFT Extra Info: Great condition Center - WH-1.1; 10-120W; 4-8 Ohms Left/Right - Crystal 2-40; 150W; 6 Ohms Surround - WH-1.1; 10-80W; 4-8 Ohms Subwoofer - Powercube 12+ ; 150W; 25-170Hz Freq Response Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  22. Item: DSE 5.1 Surround Speaker System with Subwoofer Location: Balwyn, VIC Price: $150 - make me an offer! Item Condition: Good, all tested and working Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Local only Extra Info: I inherited this 5.1 system from my parents recently. The sub is in storage so not pictured but it is 10" 100w ported design same as (http://dsesub.tripod.com/front.jpg)
  23. Paradigm Monitor Center 3 v7 *Reduced $500 to $425* In original packaging, was floor stock at AV Concept Toowoomba, and hasn't been removed from packaging since purchase in October 2020 Black
  24. Item: Whatmough Synergy 2 series 5.1 Home Theatre Speakers (5 x satellite and 1 x powered sub-woofer) Location: Footscray, 3011, Victoria Price: $500 Item Condition: Very good condition. There are some surface marks on some of the speakers, and you can see a small mark on the front grille of the subwoofer - refer pics. Excellent performance. For the money I think these are a steal (yes, am obviously biased here). Reason for selling: No Longer Required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Excellent sound and thundering, yet clean,bass... there have been a delight to use. Worth well over $2000 when new. Please look at the photos to see specifications. Kordz Subwoofer cable included. I am unable to demo as I've sold my surround amp. Depending on where in Melbourne you are I may be able to come to you.. Relist as previous sale fell through at the last moment. References: http://www.digitalreviews.net/news/industry-news/what-a-coincidence-whatmough-synergy2-speakers.html http://www.bettercomputers.com.au/whatmough-synergy-2-series-5.1-home-theatre-speakers.html Pictures:
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