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  1. Hi! First time posting here! I’m looking for purchasing advice in relation to the Richter Mentor V speakers. I have a Pro-ject Debut Carbon Esprit and a Marantz 2252b and I’m looking at the Mentors to replace Klipsch R15M speakers that I got to start my system off. There’s a bit of information/reviews on the smaller Merlin’s online, but not too much info on the Mentors. Does anyone have any opinions or sage wisdom in relation to the Mentors and how they would go with my setup? Cheers
  2. Further Information: Fantastic Subwoofer for either music or home cinema. In perfect working condition but the room it is currently in is too small to really need a subwoofer (especially as I bought some good floorstanding speakers which do the job well) Still looks and sounds great - just has a few tiny knicks on the glossy finish on the sides which are generally not noticeable, especially if you have it up against a corner. Comes with power cable and throwing in 2 Mediabridge Ultra Series Subwoofer Cables (to connect to your amp). More info can be found here: https://www.visionhifi.com.au/hi-fi/sonance-sub-10-powered-subwoofer---ex-display---one-only/pid-p5 https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B003FW0WIK
  3. Ok, so I recently snagged an ex demo pair of Lii Song Fieke S6 speakers at under half their usual price. This exact pair I’ve always been curious about folded horns and The latest Silver series of full range drivers is meant to be a step up even from the Crystal which displaced the already excellent Fast series (which I have in my current DIY speakers), so I know they should be rather special. As you can see from the pictures above there is no speaker grille so I've about 5x pair of different speaker grills here as well as little neodymium magnets which can help hold the grill in place should it not fit properly or even if that looks better assuming the speaker screws are magnetic. Internal structure They’re being sent by container ship so I don’t really expect to receive them until late next month or early the following. Packed before putting into boxes for shipping While waiting for delivery I stumbled across this thread and ended up ordering some IsoAcoustics GAIA III feet for them. It should be a nice upgrade over the stock spikes. Each speaker measures 34w x 45d x 92h centimetres and the Silver-6 driver is 98.5db sensitive. They’re about 30kg each so the least expensive GAIA III can be used. The thread for the stock spikes is M8-1.25 so it should screw straight in. Here’s the link to the speakers on Lii Songs site though it tends to be short on detail: https://www.lii-audio.com/product/one-pair-6-5-inch-complete-speakers-liionidas-fieke-s6/ There’s actually more on the Silver-6 driver itself: https://www.lii-audio.com/product/one-pair-new-6-fullrange-drivers-exquisite-human-voice-silver-6/ Anyway I’m eagerly awaiting the new speakers. Very interested to see what they can do. Once received I’ll post more pictures here and write up my impressions. There will be some videos eventually too. There are YouTube videos up demoing this actual pair speakers though I find the recordings less than satisfactory. I guess it means these are very early production models. My understanding is that these cabinets have been developed for Lii Song by Leon Huijgen, and the design takes care of the weak point of the Silver-6: Bass. All speakers designed by Leon are part of the Liionidas range on their site.
  4. I have a pair of Trevor Lee Floorstanders, large sentimental value. Weight 30kg, Height: 112cm, Depth: 39cm, Width: 22cm Previously run through a Sherwood Amp / Pre-amp (gold coloured..) then an Onkyo Tx-nr801 which i have in storage. I'm currently running them as a 2 channel system through a Yamaha rx-v479 as that matched my budget at the time. Now in a position to do them some justice with a decent Amp. Probably remain a 2 channel system in a smallish room. Seeking any feedback on: - How I can find out what's inside. Believe they were custom made and my memory is of them going seriously loud when powered by the Sherwood. - Melbourne based audio shops that I can visit to inspect the speakers, source recommendations on amp etc - Are there any creative ways to use the NR801 in 2018? ie as a pre-amp to the 479 or similar as the 801 has no hdmi. cant see any audio outs from the 479 Would love to get them cranking up again.
  5. Hey All I'm setting up a budget stereo system in my lounge room for just basic radio, digital music (aux Flac) and occasional vinyl listening. i have the opportunity to purchase a pair of Jensen AVX-18 speakers or a Dali 5a for the sub $200 mark. what do people recommend between the two? i have a heap of amps over the years of collecting that i can use to power them so that is not an issue. i'm not after perfection, but just a solid loud 2 speaker setup. Cheers
  6. Longish post, however I want to write about a few simple tricks that many hi-fi heads will already be well familiar with, but took me years to learn about, or learn the value of, which profoundly improved the way my music sounded through a system I thought was incapable of that level of performance. And I did it for next to nothing. I recall after buying my first set of real speakers, walking back into the hi-fi shop and asking if it was possible to get another set of fronts to run together with the ones I’d just bought. This because I just wasn’t hearing what I wanted to hear from my new purchase. “Why would you want to do that?” the store owner asked me. “Yours are fine.” I thought she was saying that just to justify the fact that she’d let me buy an inferior pair of speakers (which my Cerwin Vega VE-15s sort of are, but in some ways they aren’t at all). Instead of a new pair of speakers though, she led me to purchasing a QUAD 99 power amp that I could run from the pre outs of my Yamaha AVR. Which did go some way to sweetening the sound I was hearing from those Cerwin Vegas. Though after a few years of use, and the entry of a nice turntable into my life, I started to think that I really should just leave those massive VEs as home theatre speakers, where they perform incredibly well, and set up a second system to do hi-fi duties. It was in this mood that I met Allan MacDonald, of Vinylhead Records in Coffs Harbour. My initial question to him was around possible speaker recommendations. “What are you running now?" he asks - and I tell him. “Oh, right. Well, they are a very efficient pair of speakers, those Cerwin Vegas,” he tells me. “They should be sounding ok. How have you got them set up? Are they on spikes?” “No.” “What sort of floors are they on?” “Wood.” You really need to have them on spikes or some kind of rubber pads to isolate them properly from the floor, he tells me. “You don’t have to spend a lot,” he says, and points to a pair of speakers nearby that are sitting on rubber pads he’d picked up at a hardware store. So, first chance I get, I go to Bunnings and find these inch and a half square rubber anti-vibration pads. After a bit of internet research, I also decide to put down some stone tiles, which went under the pads/speakers. The change in sound was immediate and satisfying. There was greater detail and air, and a general increase in focus and that undefinable element i'll call juice. It didn’t end there though. While it sounded great with jazz, after playing one of my CDs of more modern music with more consistent bass frequencies, I noticed that the bass was sounding really boomy. The Cerwin’s have always been established in the bass department, but never so much that I felt annoyed. Now, there seemed to be the overwhelming, droning bass response. With them already well away from the wall, I thought it was the tiles at fault, or maybe the fact that the speakers were off the ground now. I emailed Allan, with a couple of pictures of my room. “You speakers are fine,” he says. “But I notice that you have your components sitting on wooden shelves in your entertainment unit. You should try isolating the components as well, as this will help with tighter bass.” So back to Bunnings I went. And once again, once installed, the improvement was little short of amazing. The boomyness was gone. They gave my bass a new control, sharpness and punch, and the new clarity in the bottom end seemed to open up the mid-range to a new level of detail. The isolation also gave my CD player a heightened expansion and finesse I wasn’t expecting, and though I really should be using a platform for my turntable, jamming some larger rubber squares under its feet also made a noticeable and enjoyable difference to its sound, just in composure and presentation, and warmth. In short, I learnt the value of a hi-fi rack without actually using one. I emailed Allan to thank him for his advice, and let him know of the results. “I am right into isolation,” he replied. “Most audio shops don't sell or mention it, or don't know?” His comment got me thinking. Maybe the hi-fi shop owner was legitimately confused at my desire to find new speakers. Maybe she wasn’t avoiding the fact that they were not that good. Maybe that was because she had tested them and thought that they were. And now that I’ve got all of the components in my system isolated, including the speakers, the difference in music presentation is night and day. They are lovely, particularly with jazz. So why had nobody suggested I do this before? When I started complaining about my speakers initially, why was isolation not mentioned? Ok, so the store owner used it as an opportunity to sell me a new piece of equipment, in the power amp, and maybe that is the reason. I might have been satisfied with my AVR’s sound had I just isolated everything in the first place and went from there. And though I’m happy I have that power amp, I think I’d have been happier setting things right up in the first place.
  7. Hello, Need everyone’s help. Im moving into my new appartment later this year and am trying to organise speaker placement and acoustic treatment for my room. I have 5-6m wide and only 3.4m deep to work with, it’s not ideal. Ceilings are 2.7m high. Running B&w nautilus 802 with current classe delta model amps. Any suggestions on how I should treat the room besides a carpet. Cheers chris
  8. Hi everyone, I've come across a pair of Diatone DS 200ZX and I'm keen on them as I've heard good things about Diatone speakers. Anyone here has any experience with them? I'm going to be using them with the NAD 3020. Just want to hear some real world experiences with it. I listen to mainly Jazz, Vocals and some Rock music.
  9. Hi guys - first post and hoping to draw some of the vast knowledge of this community! Over the last 2 weeks I have built a 15W OTL Valve amp and a 300B based preamp (Transcendant Sound kit products, Son of Beast and Masterpiece respectively for those interested). Pics below. They sound great on my Aaron ATS-5, but starts to struggle when really pushing, particularly on complex loud music. I am looking for some speaker recommendations that will suit this relatively low power amplifier - 96dB+ efficiency and relatively stable 8ohm impedance preferred. I listen to a wide variety of music, but a lot of it is hard rock with a lot of density etc. My room is quite large - about 6x6m. So far I have read a lot about Klipsch, with their horn loaded designs etc and listened to the RP260 and RP280 which I enjoyed. The heritage klipsch (La Scala/Forte) look great but out of my budget. I have also found Adelaide Speakers who have a specific Valve range for this particular purpose, however have not found and reviews or owners of this particular line (http://www.adelaidespeakers.com/valve.html). There is also a large school of thought advocating single driver, full range speakers due to the high efficiency and lack of crossover - if there are any shopfloor examples of this approach I would be interested to hear them. Let me know any thoughts or tips. Target price is the $2k mark, but I’m happy to spend less or stretch etc.
  10. I spent a decade designing a sound system, beginning with experiments with numerous drive units and an LMS for testing. This is back in the '90s. After the '80s I thought that expensive boutique sound systems would continue to evolve, but the rise of computer and home theatre saw numerous boutique HiFi sellers disappear and the decline continues to this day...just the other day I went into Jaycar to buy a crossover coil to repair someone's IMF Studio monitor and found that they stopped stocking them two years ago... Enough on the history. I found that tweeters seem to sound better outside the case. The didn't perform quite properly when dangling from wires because the whole unit would vibrate, but something was better. I gradually realised that high frequency vibration is surprisingly mobile and can easily travel across the tweeter's faceplate and into the wood of the speaker. Far enough from the tweeter the vibration eventually ends, but all that energy is dissipated in the form of colouration: unwanted sound. I remember Duntech, among others, putting big fluffy damping on the faceplate of the tweeter to cut down on this unwanted colouration which they attributed to 'reflection'. So cut then down to nothing and mount them on the rear. This effectively conducts the vibration down the tweeter body and into the wood behind the tweeter where it can easily be damped. The sound is vastly superior, I mean that this is not just a subtle improvement you have to listen for. I had run out of money by the time I constructed the last prototype, the 'UltraFidelity Mk.IV', and so used leftover Vifa 25mm tweeters with the baffle cut down as far as I could and end mounted. Last year I finally built the version I had in mind, hand built 19mm tweeters in an aperiodic rear enclosure, three per channel so that they can reach well into the midrange. But I did not start with end mounted tweeters. I noticed in experiments that all the speakers, even cast frame speakers, vibrated at the rear. Conducting this vibration to the rear of the cabinet improved transients and reduced colouration. Rear mounting tweeters is relatively simple though it requires cabinet work. The space between the tweeter and cabinet should be filled with felt so that the vibration conducted to its mount can not be radiated back to the listener. The two images show the construction of the tweeter, image 8 shows them mounted and the other picture shows the finished job, wired in and felt installed. Note that felt is wound around each tweeters as far as possible. This damping proved the aperiodic (a bit like a transmission line) effect. The rear is neither sealed nor open but progressively damped.
  11. Hi everyone. I'm new to this site and I'm after a bit of advice on the best place to sell a pair of Sonus Faber Concerto Domus speakers. They are piano black. I would also like advice on what they would be worth. They are in pretty good condition however one of the front covers is a bit faded from sun. I know that you can sell them on here but apparently I would need to have posted quite a few times before i could advertise. Thanks in advance - Paul
  12. Goodaye all Scored a pair on Onkyo 5C speakers today. What information l can find say the grills come off, but l'll be stuffed if l can shift them. Anybody know for sure? What year also? 30w into 8ohm 2 way. Sound nice, little bassy for me, so might try some poly caps in the crossover's. Grills are perfect but a few marks in the cabinets. regards Bruce
  13. Hey guys, Any suggestions on bean bags. I have got 2 recliners in the media room and 3 seater side wise, else it will block the screen for viewers behind due to height. I am thinking to put 2 bean bags. ( 1 big and 1 for kids). I could see a lot of them online, but will appreciate some feedback on particular ones if anyone has used. Cheers G
  14. Hi, I have a pair of Paradigm S8 V2 For Sale sale in Sunshine coast. Owned since new, original boxes and packaging. Mint condition. Cherry Finish Review sample - http://hometheaterreview.com/paradigm-signature-s8-v2-loudspeakers-reviewed/?page=2 $6,250 .
  15. Hi there, I'm hoping I'm posting in the right place. I recently just purchased a set of Yamaha ns f150 speakers and a Yamaha yst-sw216 subwoofer. I'm trying to set these up without an amp or receiver, but instead just wiring the speakers to the sub, then the cables from sub to tv. Is this possible? Thank you to anyone who can help
  16. Hi there, I'm hoping I'm posting in the right place. I recently just purchased a set of Yamaha ns f150 speakers and a Yamaha yst-sw216 subwoofer. I'm trying to set these up without an amp or receiver, but instead just wiring the speakers to the sub, then the cables from sub to tv. Is this possible? Thank you to anyone who can help
  17. New range from Dynaudio. The Evoke 10 costs £1250, the Evoke 20 is £1800, the Evoke 30 and Evoke 50 floorstanders are £2900 and £3900 respectively, while the Evoke 25C is priced £1100. Thinks this range replaces the Focus series.
  18. Hey all, Is someone able to identify these speakers for me? We've had them since the 1990's but for the life of me can't remember or find what model they were... pretty beasty sounding... See pic! They are about 75cm high, 34cm deep and about 25cm wide...
  19. Hi there, I'm new to this forum. I've been using this 8 line, multi effect legacy xp-400 mixer for almost 8 years now, with 2 complimentary speakers for the powered mixed (legacy s12) speakers, and am looking to downsize as I just use my guitar & microphone now. I can't find any information on it and wondering if anyone knows about the system and the price I would aim at selling (cords & speaker stands included). Still use it 2-3 times a weekend, still has a great sound and has never let me down.
  20. Hi all, I bought an old amplifier at a house auction this week and ended up with two giant speakers to boot (I thought it was a table the amp was on and a separate lot) There seems to be a few unconnected wires and some bits I don't know if they are part of the speakers or not. Do any of you have any advice as to what needs to be connected to what , are these things even worth looking at (are they better off being used as firewood) All comments welcome. Cheers Phil
  21. Can anyone recommend a set of 2 speakers to use on a low timber sideboard unit which is around 80cm deep? Don't want anything too large or bulky. The Speakers are required for older home stereo system and I'm happy with any reasonably well-known brand such as Sony, Pioneer, Onkyo, A&R, etc. Note: not interested in 'Logitek' type speakers. Advice appreciated.
  22. Purchased these to use in the office but unfortunately my associates do not share my interest in music and the speakers do not work so well as a studio type monitor at low volume. The Left and Right are model 300's and the center is a model 100C. All made in Canada. They are in average condition, cabinets have scratches, bumps and dents, particularly corners and edges. Drivers all appear to be fine. $20 Donation to SNA and they are yours. Pick up is from the Burnside area.
  23. I've been searching the net for info on Sansui speakers (real ones, not fake badged ones) to go with my Sansui amplifiers. I have heard (many times now) that while Sansui amps are widely acknowledged as being very well engineered and built their speakers are widely regarded as not particularly special. I figured that there must be a few models that were worth searching for though so I did. It looks to me like there was a push from Sansui in between 1987 and 1990 to design and sell some bookshelf speakers that were a bit more interestingly designed than most. Info in links below. http://audio-heritage.jp/SANSUI/speaker/sp-100i.html http://audio-heritage.jp/SANSUI/speaker/sp-300s.html http://audio-heritage.jp/SANSUI/speaker/sp-1010.html http://audio-heritage.jp/SANSUI/speaker/sp-alpha2000.html So I set out to find one of these above, or something very close to them. And I did, find one of them that is. Pics (because no one reads these posts for the words) below have been copied from the auction listing. Now I don't really expect these SP300S speakers to beat my Lenehans or anything but I am certainly hoping that I will enjoy listening to them. (and I do love the idea of having an "All Sansui System" ? ) I do have one concern however, the auction listing did not mention including the speaker cables so I am currently planning on using them with a separate cable running from the ground back to the negative input on the amp. If anyone has a better idea please let me know. I could always get a custom set of cables made if needed but I'll hold off on that until I know if it's necessary. Beyond that, if you've got some Sansui speakers post a pic or two below, because there just aren't enough pics of Sansui speakers on the net as it is. With a call out to some of the well known Sansui SNA fans, @pete_mac, @skippy124, @BLAH BLAH, @Sansui77 Got any speaker pics guys?
  24. Hey, first time poster.. I bought an Onkyo 9030 to replace a vintage Rotel RA-820 a few months ago, and generally speaking it sounds really great, but the output for sounds that are panned hard right are either weak or inaudible.. It isn't the amplifier on its own because there is no problem listening with headphones, and the speakers didn't have this problem with my old amp.. My speakers are vintage Yamaha in the NS series (I don't know which one).. Could it be a lack of compatibility between the old and the new speakers?
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