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  1. Evening gents. I just purchased a SVS Sb-2000 subwoofer to go with my Rotel RA-1592 and B&W603 S2 (non-anniversary edition) which I use exclusively for music. My question is around managing the crossover frequency cutover point. The Rotel doesn't have crossover management on the amp. I currently have the Rotel sub-out connected to the LFE plug on the SVS (using a single RCA cable), with the sub set to 80hz. I feel like I've got 2 sub-optimal choices: Set the sub crossover lower, to say 40hz so there's minimal overlap between the sub and speakers Or keep it at 80hz and ignore the overlap Is this something to be concerned about, and if so, is there an easy/cheap fix? If not a concern, is there a preference either way? It seems the Rotel is mainly suited as a 2.0 and not a 2.1, but keen to hear views/potential fixes because I otherwise love this amp. Also worth noting this is being used in an 8x6m glass heavy open plan living area. Many thanks,
  2. Further Information: Great sounding cd player in immaculate condition. It performs flawlessly and comes with all accessories and original packaging. Happy to demo or post.
  3. Hi All, curious for opinions. Im comparing a Rotel RA-1572II vs. NAD M10 V2 vs Arcam SA30 as an upgrade to my current stereo set up. 100% music and I stream ~15k tracks via a Squeezebox to an (old) Onkyo TX-82. Its served me well, til now, with the amp starting to have issues (relay). Sound is via completely refurbished Jensen System 500 speakers. See pics! I'm looking for a DAC improvement to the squeezebox - Im certain thy will do that. And an amp improvement. The room is 5M X7M with opening out to to the yard. Rotel is A/B 120W with improved DAC - but no streaming. NAD is class D, 100W - with streaming. ARCAM Class G - with streaming. https://www.stereonet.com/uk/reviews/rotel-ra-1572-mkii-integrated-amplifier-review https://www.stereonet.com/uk/news/nad-announces-masters-m10-v2-just-add-speakers-sy Interested in thoughts!!
  4. Hi all, im thinking is like to try a different 2ch amp at home. i currently have the Yamaha AS-1100 and am happy however curiosity has set in and an wondering if more power and a different signature sound will also satisfy me some might recall my adventure getting this amp and the fact I have a Matantz AVR still set up at home and utilise a Beresford to switch between amps for HT and 2ch listening. speakers are still KEF Q950 the Vincent SV237mk is still knocking at the door loudly and I see now the Rotel RA1592 is on sale at a lot of places for approx $2700. I know the Vincent is a tad warmer and more powerful but the RA1592!ivenot heard but see it to be more powerful- anyone have experience with this amp? being that I consider Marantz sound quite warm and smooth, the Yamaha sound is very neutral but still smooth (not as smooth), but not as “forgiving” as Marantz... To spend the money on anew amp I’m keen to look and listen to amps that have more power than the Yamaha as the KEFs like being driven to get the most out of them any suggestions out there to add to the list Vincent and Rotel? budget up to say $3500 but less if possible! Understanding I’ll get suggestions above and double that but springing to mind is Roksan, musical fidelity and I think Onkyo have one for about $3k also. Whatever I look at must have x4 analog rca options, digital inputs and dac not important as I have an Oppo 205 which I’ll connect to it for that purpose but it’s a full package like the Rotel that is fine also. thanks all keen to read your suggestions and any experiences
  5. Hi I'm looking at buying a cheap Rotel RA-12 to use as a pre-amp. But I do not know if the pre-outs are variable or fixed? I've looked everywhere for the answer! Does anybody know or able to find out? I have found out that the RA-12 is almost exactly the same as the RA-630, if that helps giving the answer. Thanks for any help.
  6. Hello, Not sure if I've posted this in the right forum possibly should be in the DIY section. I recently bought a second hand Rotel RA-12 to use as a pre-amp. The Rotel randomly relay clicks and drops sound for a split second which seems to become more and more frequent over a couple of hours of use. I am guessing it is heat related. It is also gets quite hot towards the back right of the amp. I removed the monoblocks I was using and used the Rotel as an integrated thinking maybe it doesn't like having no load even though the speaker switch is off. And that seemed to reduce the clicking considerably but then I didn't use it for as long so who knows. I have taken the lid off after letting it run for quite a while with no speakers connected and found 2 transistor heat sinks (Q905, 906) under the location where it was getting quite hot. The heat sinks are untouchable for more than a second, they're that hot. Is this irregularly hot? Does anyone know what would cause this? Thanks for any help.
  7. Hi all The following comes from someone who really knows zilch about streaming or DAB+, so please pardon my ignorance... I don't have any streaming service accounts; have never used iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify, Tidal or similar; and about the closest I get to those is the ABC Listen smartphone app when commuting (which happens less since COVID-19), so I am truly a late adopter! I am torn between continuing to patiently look for a classic '70s AM/FM tuner in good condition (preferrably a Sansui or similar quality to partner my much-loved Sansui Au-4900 amp), or recognising that there isn't a lot of decent FM radio content these days anyway, so maybe I should step forward five decades to try streaming and/or DAB+. Most of my music is on LPs or CDs, so it's not as though I have a big exisiting digital music library to access. I have a soft spot for Rotel, so when I noticed the Rotel T14 I thought just maybe I had found a "curmudgeon crossover" device that might enable me to overcome my lethargy and step into streaming. But there seem to be very few reviews around of the T14, so I'm wondering whether it is a bit of a technological dead-end, and I'd be better off sticking with a cheaper, uglier plastic FM/DAB+ radio and/or simpler streamer plugged into Aux input of the amp.... From what I can interpret from the T14 product specifications and manual, it has no digital inputs, so the built-in Texas Instruments DAC can be used only for the DAB+ and streamed sources, and can't be used to improve other digital sources such as computer, USB, smartphone or Bluetooth source, so I guess I have to look to something else such as a standalone DAC if I want to use those sources... Just trying to keep the device clutter and $ spend under control, given by my standards the T14 is not cheap at well over $1K. Cheers, Rob
  8. Hi all I'm throwing this one out to the gurus for guidance on some good-speakers-on-a-shoestring budget, please. My wife has a vintage early 1970s Rotel RA-210 amp that she has owned for about three decades and loves dearly. It is performing very nicely after a recent service but there is no escaping the fact that its output is very modest (well under 10W / channel RMS). https://www.hifiengine.com/database/hifi_database.php?model_type=amp&make=Rotel&mdl=RA-210 It seems to have that Rotel characteristic of good current reserve, and I haven't observed any clipping on the DALI Concept 2 standmount speakers that it is currently feeding. Nonetheless it would be nice to hear the Rotel show itself through some speakers with higher efficiency and can give a bit more volume without cranking the amp, and which have a nice balance for jazz, rock, blues and orchestral music, mostly from LP and CD. Our budget for the new-to-me set of speakers is <$500 if possible (maybe can scrape up to $750), and I'm open to suggestions of vintage, not-so-vintage and contemporary products. My wife says she prefers some warmth in the sound, although she also likes the wide soundstage and clear placement of instruments from the current DALIs. The amp, sources and and speakers live in a high-ceilinged dining room about 4m*4.5m, and the dining furniture clutter means this is certainly less than ideal acoustically. Oh, one more thing: happy to hear suggestions for both bookshelf/standmount and floorstanders, but floorstanders might be easier to place in the current room and tend to have higher efficiency. And they'll have to be placed with the rear of the speakers close to the wall so I'm trying to avoid rear-ported designs. (Yup, the brief is sounding a bit picky, isn't it...) I'm keen to hear some suggestions so that I can tailor my search accordingly. Perhaps I should try to track down something like some vintage Coral full-range speakers? Any other left-field suggestions? I'd love to pick up a set of used cared-for quality Australian speakers such as Richter or Legend Acoustics but I think my budget won't stretch to those, and perhaps most Richters to show their best will need more oomph than the little Rotel can supply, anyway. (Happy to be educated on that by the Richter and Legend fans ...) Thanks folks! Cheers, Rob
  9. *update* - for very obvious reasons this is being postponed to a much later date. We are still open so if anyone would like to book a private session please do so via our booking system on our website. If you'd like to book outside of normal trade hours get in contact with us and we will see what we can organise for you Hi All! Bradd here from Todds Hifi In Brisbane, just wanted to give you wonderful people here on Stereonet an Invitation to our upcoming VIP night. https://www.facebook.com/events/787049325136406/ - Link for the FB event page - please RSVP there as spots will be limited. The scintillating combo of Bowers & Wilkins 800 series speakers with Rotel's latest premium range of MICHI amps makes you feel like you're breathing the same air as the musicians on the recording! What better way to feel this for yourself than a VIP sound demo night at the Todds Hi Fi Showroom... We'll be featuring a diverse line up of records across the night and there'll be refreshments, prizes, exclusive deals and perhaps a special wireless cross to Bowers' new Formation range. Seats are limited so please RSVP sooner rather than later to secure your spot. When - Friday 27th March 2020, 6pm til late Where - Todds Hifi Showroom - 308 New Cleveland rd, Tingalpa, QLD 4173 Looking forward to seeing meeting some of you
  10. Hi folks, I currently have a Rotel RCD 965BX CD player (coupled to a HK 6500 integrated amp and a pair of JBL L80t3 speakers), and considering buying something new, namely the Rotel RCD 1572 at around 1,200 AUD. Will it be a better CD player (uses a Wolfson DAC)? Do I need to spend that much to upgrade? Grateful for your thoughts. Thanks a lot, Jaime
  11. Hi All, I'm having trouble with my Rotel slot load CD player (RCD1570) It's not pulling discs in properly, makes a little bit of noise and jerks/jolts them a bit. It doesn't happen all the time, but mostly when inserting rather than ejecting a disc. any ideas??
  12. Before I get started, this is not a sale post. Also if this post needs to be moved, go ahead, not sure exactly where to post. So my father has a set of paradigm s8's and the matching c3 center channel in piano black. He looking at the possibility of putting them up for sale. They are in immaculate condition, with extremely low usage, around 20-30 hours, center channel has even less run time, maybe 10 hours if that. They get used around once a month (blow the cobwebs out, and to remind the neighbours who lives there). He's always been into hifi, always looks after his gear and is in a smoke free environment (also the person I got the bug from) . He's had them running off a pair of rotel 980bxs bridged, 1 amp for each speaker. These will more than likely be up for sale as well, he's owned this since new when he brought them back around 1998. He still has the original boxing for the s8's, no boxes for the center or the rotels (they got water damaged, tuned to mush). There are another couple of things, such as the harman kardon receiver and a B&W sub along with a pioneer bluray player. Ideally he would like to move the paradigms and the rotels as a set, would more than likely do a deal for the lot if someone was interested. Now, the only draw back, he's located in Hawks Bay in New Zealand. So essentially this will limit potential interest. Attached you will find photos.
  13. After reading many pages on the internet of Rotel's rcd991 getting the better of people with challenges to reliability, I took a stand and would not let it beat me. I have had the big Rotel for about 5 years and spent a fortune getting it from Greece to me in Malaysia. Why? because I Auditioned a Copland CD266 with dual BB pcm63p Dac chips and the controversial pmd100 filter chip. To this day I don't think I have heard a better disc player. So at the time I did not have the funds to buy and had to let it go. So armed with the knowedge of it's internals I scoured for a cheaper alternative with the same DAC chip and Filter. I came across the much unloved Rotel rcd-991ae in greece. I did pay way too much for it and the shipping but hey are we not all crazy when Hi Fi is concerned.? Once I got it home I listened to it for a few weeks and then decided I was under whelmed. At that point I decided to do something about it and Mod the hilt out off it. Enter Audio GD with 4 discrete op amps and a new clock, Jantzen entered the fray with some silver Output caps and Solen and Wima provided the added extras. After a few weeks of determined ignorance of a novice I finally had finished. Press Play and BINGO it was superb. I fell in love with this big chunk of Rotel metal and listened to it exclusively for weeks. I was 80% close to the Copland and I was a happy camper. After a couple of years of use It got pushed back off the favourites list by the modded duo of Marantz Cd5000's with the amazing Philips TDA1549 Dac chip and discrete op amp and New big Jantzen silver output Caps, and the Modded Marantz cd50 with Nos, discrete output stage etc.. The Audio GD NFB3.2 arrived and that was now the house favourite being driven by my Modded Pioneer DV989avi as a digital transport. Being the fair Hi Fi Father I am, I alternated between the players until my Rotel RCD991 started to behave like the petulant child it has been for so many people. I spent hours and hours inside it looking for why it sometimes would play CD's and sometimes would give me the finger with a "no Disc" message. Sometimes when it actually got going it would go into track skipping meltdown and then I would spend another full weekend of changing yet another laser and checking every capacitor and resistor there was. But to no avail it beat me.. Up until now. I have spent another day of research and discussions on this petulant child and read and read until I could read no more. Doing my best trouble shooting thinking on the Loo it Dawned on me. My enlightenment of the problem was a defining moment in my Amateurish attempts of days gone by. Armed with the soldering Iron and some spare parts pilfered from my now defunct Cambridge audio 540cv2, I changed the spindle motor and the laser motor and prayed that I had demonstrated enough determination to succeed. Load a disc, it reads the TOC straight up, press play and Music, beautiful music once more. Skip forward through a few tracks and tight and fast tracking once again!. I sit before you happily listening to my now Non belligerent Monster Rotel smiling and writing this little experience hoping that my Hi Fi Brothers owning this Player will not give up hope and not let this temperamental piece of Japanese mastery beat you.
  14. Hi All, I'm currently building a system and have a pair of dynaudio dm 2/6 speakers, I was just wondering what would be a good amp to match these? I'm on a bit of a budget so the two I was considering was the Marantz PM6004 or the Rotel RA-10. Does anyone have any views on these or is there something else I should be looking at? Cheers
  15. Hi Im looking for some advice, after a recent post I have decided to upgrade my amplifier, for my system. Current setup is miniwatt n3 tube amp, project tube box ii, wharfedale 10.1 speakers and pro-ject debut with ortofon blue cart. Im just not getting the power i need to run the speakers to their full potential. I have narrowed it down to either the: rotel ra-10 rega brio r arcam fmj a19 If anyone has experience with either of these please let me know. Also is it worth paying almost double for the rega or the arcam over the rotel ? or should i buy the rotel and put the rest of the money into other gear etc ? If you have any other suggestions please also let me know. Cheers
  16. Hi folks, TL;DR: Any owners of the Rotel RA-12 who can share feedback on it? Specially if you're matching them with B&W 685s. Those of you in NSW: hope you're doing ok in the storm. I've been going back and forth between amp options to match the B&W 685 S2 I've set my sights on. So far I've looked at: Arcam FMJ A19 + standalone DAC Marantz PM6005 Rotel RA-10 + standalone DAC Rotel RA-11 Rotel RA-12 At this entry-level I'm operating at ($2k total), 50-70% of the budget should go towards the speakers, since that's where I'll get the most ROI. For that reason, I've ruled out the Arcam and Rotel RA-10, simply because with those options too much of the budget goes to the DAC, which is the 2nd least important part (after cables). However, I've found on eBay a Rotel RA-12 at a decent price ($739). It has built in DAC, 60w per channel...well enough to drive the 685s. However, I can't seem to find many reviews on it and the What HiFi review was a bit mixed. Anyone here using the RA-12 that has some feedback to share?
  17. I have rotel rb-981 power amplifier..However it powers up and protection light goes off.
  18. Anyone out there own the RA 1570? Thinking of getting it to run my Logans
  19. Hey guys, First post here. Recently I have gotten the bug to go into components over a Home Theatre Amp. Im replacing my Harman Kardon AVR145 with a Rotel RSP-985 and so far I have a RB-960BX for the rears and a RB-971 for the fronts. Now for the centre I have been looking at a RB-850 and either bridging it to run a single centre or swapping out my JBL centre for 2 x Klipsch bookshelf speakers for a wide centre field (not sure what got me thinking this way). Is the RB-850 to old? will the mixture of Rotel amps give a slight variation in sound? I know this is all older gear Im doing this on a budget and so far have not had to spend a cent after swapping some old car audio gear I wasnt using for the power amps and pre amp. Current setup: Harman Kardon AVR145 JBL SCS200.6/230 New setup: Rotel RSP-985 Rotel RB-971 Rotel RB-960bx (possibly) Rotel RB-850 JBL SCS200.6/230 (possibly) Klipsch Quintett pair as center channel
  20. Hi again guys. Im still having trouble choosing a pre/pro for my home theatre system and im looking for some help I currently have: ROTEL RMB 1095 AND RMB 1080 AMPS PARADIGM STUDIO 60'S, 40'S AND CC690 CENTRE VERSION 4 ONKYO SR876 RECEIVER SONY ES50 PROJECTOR AND 108' SCREENTECHNICS SCREEN I will only ever be using my system for 5.2 or possible 7.2 channel and bypass for 2 channel listening which is very important to me. Im looking to eliminate the onkyo receiver from my system and get a nice pre/pro to compliment my system. Pre/pro's that have cought my eye are: MARANTZ AV 7005 MARANTZ AV 7705 MARANTZ AV 8801 ROTEL RSP 1580 (WHICH I CAN GET FOR $2500, RETAIL OF ABOUT $4500) I dont know much about Marantz model numbers so it gets a little confusing, and is there Denon pre/pro's that are up with these ones i have listed that i should consider? Im looking to spend roughy around $1500-$2500 on either a new or used unit i dont mind either way. Im sure the Rotel would blend in with the rest of my system like a glove, but how would the likes of Marantz/Denon/Parasound etc be? * Would like all of the latest decoding and room correction etc/ The best audio and visual possible for my budget/ Any help very much appreciated, thanks guys. Heath.
  21. Being new I’m not sure if I’m supposed to start a new topic or tag onto an old one, so here I am. We have a wonderful, if not old, stereo set-up with Rotel AMP and pre-amp, Yamaha multi CD player, an old turntable and Dali bookshelf speakers. I love using it, but the rest of the family just grabs the portable Bluetooth speaker and connects to their phones! In an attempt to use the digital technology and get a better sound than a portable Bluetooth speaker, I purchased an audio pro Addon C10. Much better sound – may need to get a second one! Anyway, the point of all this, apart from lamenting my old system, was to see if anyone knows of a sound bar for the TV that is compatible with audio pro gear. I cannot seem to find one. Audiopro have a gadget called a’Link 1’ but a person at one particular store was not sure it would connect to a soundbar or a TV. Any ideas welcome! Maybe it’s as simple as using the Link 1?
  22. Hi all Noob here. My current setup is a Rotel RA630 integrated amp paired to Monitor Audio Bronze 5 floor standing speakers. As I'm looking to purchase the Yamaha WXC-50 to use a streamer would it be possible to connect an active subwoofer to WXC-50 & then run it through the Rotel. Reading other queries here it seems that the WXC-50 can be used in "player" mode when connecting to an integrated amp but I'm not sure whether it will work when connecting an active subwoofer as well.
  23. Hi, I've just purchased 2nd hand a pair of b&W 805s, i need advice on upgrading from Linn Classic cd/receiver to an integrated amp capable of biamping the speakers, adding hard drive (bluesound perhaps?) and a streamer. Yes a Naim all in one would be good however the price prohibits this, I'm looking second hand mkt. I may add a sub and another pair speakers for surround - BW cdm7 or 9s a preference at this time. I see Rotels come up regularly on 2nd hand mkt and Accuphase, mosty older models so there's a risk there. Rotel power amps are at low prices however trying to declutter but maybe for rear channels? I have a pair of bw 602.5 and 602s3 as well but likely sell these to fund the cdms'. My recapped/retweeted imf super compacts and linn receiver will go,to the bedroom. Would appreciate relevant advice. Thanks JH
  24. Further information: Purchased mid October here in Perth from "Leeming42" , mint condition. (no dents, scratches etc) No original box so local buyers preferred, happy to demo. Shipping (Australia only) is $35 via courier with tracking. Current model, RRP is $1799, on sale for $1600 in few online shops... https://klappav.com.au/products/rb-1552-mk-ii https://www.digitalcinema.com.au/rotel-rb-1552-mk-ii-stereo-power-amplifier.html Power Configurations: 2 x 120 watts (20Hz-20kHz, <0.03%, 8 Ohms) Watts/Channel: 130 watts, all channels driven, 8 ohm load, 20-20kHz THD (20-20,000Hz) 8 Ohms, all channels driven: < 0.03% IM Distortion: < 0.03% Damping Factor (8 Ohms): 500 Input Impedance / Sensitivity Unbalanced: 12k Ohms/1.5 volt Balanced: 50k Ohms/2.5 volt Frequency Response (+/-1dB): 4 - 100kHz (+0.5dB, -3dB) S/N Ratio (IHF A): 120dB Power Consumption: 400 watts Dimensions (W x H x D): 431 x 144 x 340 mm Front Panel Height: 3 U (5.25”) Shipping Weight: 14.3 Kg Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved You understand that a reasonable donation for selling fees is expected upon successful sale of your item
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