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  1. Hi, I'm querying what people think of different RCA cables and whether or not there's much difference in respect to the hundreds of dollars you can spend on them. In particular, can there be any difference in the extra pricy subwoofer RCA cables to cause extra performance in lower frequencies? And if so, would these cables reduce performance in higher frequencies? Has anybody switched a sub RCA with a standard RCA or visa versa and noticed the difference?
  2. Hi I have been a stereo nut for 20 odd years and recently upgraded to a new ps audio system and a few other new bits and pieces and decided that it was time to try some high quality interconnects both xlr which have been excellent but also some pretty heavy weight well for me anyway 300 - 500 dollar rca cables now all have been bought on sna and all look feel and research wise are good let's say mid weight cables but why don't they fit . I have at least 3 pairs that simply are too big or small with the final screw cap on ( branded) end of the cable. I don't want to push too hard and some simply don't feel snug. I found that unscrewing the cap over the plug and wiring worked and they all fit snugly now but have 6 end caps that I guess should stay on the cables to shroud or cover the soldering and final join etc but they simply are too big , tight or loose , do I push harder they are all different brands chord etc and I never had issues with ortofon - audioquest, linn, or cable company or a variety of other say 100 dollar plus cables. Any information happily received thanks. also it's not just the ps audio pre amp it's on other good quality components. Thanks in advance Ads.
  3. Has anyone compared The Rock, The Hill and/or The Mountain interconnects by Van den Hul? I would be interested to hear your descriptions of the sonic differences between them.
  4. Like most audio fanatics, I read reviews and if there are enough fair dinkum comments the item goes on my list of good stuff to consider. But over the last few days I have been RCA plug rolling, looking for that little bit extra from my KEF LS50's. I had convinced myself that silver interconnects sound best with a direct connection from the preamp terminating into a couple of Neutrix RCA's. Having read reports that Rhodium Plated Tellurium Copper RCA Plugs with a single point return sound superb I ordered a $25 set from Ebay. The Neutrix were replaced by the Rhodium plugs and the sound was brighter but lacked 'body' so I put them aside assuming another tweak had failed. ...BRAINWAVE! What if I clean them with my 100% Deoxit red and gold fluids. The result was a big surprise. The missing 'body' was there and the transparency was magic. I also cleaned the Neutrix but the Rhodiums sounded better. Naively, I just assumed that new connectors would be perfectly clean. Not necessarily! Perhaps silver wire with Rhodium interconnects is more compatible than gold or maybe the connector is better ...who knows? But at least both comparisons were on an even footing and there is a difference in sound. (In my ears not my brain) Now to check my other interconnects. My point is, how many of us properly prepare interconnects by cleaning them when we compare them? Professional reviewers never seem to mention cleaning plugs before testing them so how can the reviews be believed?
  5. I've inherited a largish collection of vinyl records, in mostly good condition including som rca living stereo red seal records. I'd like some advice on the best way to sell them, individually or as a collection? I'm not really into trying to catalogue 500 records.
  6. The sound from my NAD 3155 amp cuts in and out (fortunately mostly in). My amateur troubleshooting indicates it is the RCA jacks at the back of the amp as a bit of a fiddle of the cable helps. How do I fix it? thanks, Mick
  7. Hi again everyone, and hope you're enjoying the day! On my current setup journey, I've now got my turntable going in my new system, and it's already sounding great! It certainly needs some tweaking, and I reckon I could improve things greatly with a few small changes (not to mention getting some record cleaner! Suggestions welcome on that topic!). So, I have: Pro-ject 6.1 turntable with Ortofon MC10 cart > Creek Audio OBH-9SE phono stage > Wyred4Sound STP-SE pre I was wondering about experiences with cabling for starters? I had a look here, but I'm interested in silver vs copper, long vs short, RCA vs XLR - that sort of thing. http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php/topic/58011-great-cheap-phono-interconects-have-to-let-you-guys-know/?hl=interconnects I will likely soon get some of these (silver interconnects) to go dac>pre and cd>pre http://stagersound.com/silver/order.htm So perhaps I should get some for the phono too? I have also started a thread about the "balanced" nature of phono signals. In my setup, I could: 1. Go RCA phono >phono stage> pre 2. RCA phono>phono stage> then RCA to XLR pre 3. Have the tone arm reward and go fully balanced (but would need a new phono stage.... Lastly, as can be seen in pics, I have cheapo cabling with "inbuilt" ground wire. Once a setup is decided upon, what's the best way to do a new ground? Awesome! Mat
  8. Hello people. My hand-made interconnects that were lovingly made by George Secher 15 years ago are on their way out (or my hearing is, but I had that tested so it should be okay). I have mellow tastes and am always trying to slow the system down. George knew what I was on about and got a perfect match no problem. Don't know what they were though. I'm interested in trying Van den hul, as they seem to have a reputation for calm. The cables I have bought (without trying, duh) as a replacement are Chord Chamelon VEE in a green colour. I find them very detailed and bright - what are your thoughts? Would anyone be interested in trying them? I don't mind putting them up for sale, it just might be easier to swap though. Other cables I have had (though for too long) are Tara Labs, and Audioquest - both of which are prob not of interest to anyone. The Chord ones are only year old, and have been in a draw most of the time, so no wear. Cheers. System is Creek 4330 amp, Sonus faber Venere 1.5 speakers, Marantz ST 300 Tuner, Arcam CD73.
  9. Just wondering what the best way to use an interconnect RCA cable for my sub would be? I have an SPL-1000 and a Yamaha RX-A 3080 for reference. I picked up the receiver today and asked for a cable for my sub but the guy said he only has interconnect RCA's and it'll be fine, just plug one into the other output on my receiver... Just wondering if it matters which side on the sub the black and red go in? Or if it doesn't matter? Also the big thing im wondering, is if this will have any quality loss over a normal RCA sub cable? Cheers! EDIT - Also how do you register the receiver for warranty? The website on the card doesn't work lol.
  10. Hi everyone, We've got a huge number of JIB cables on clearance in the store at the moment, I've set the prices well below what they're available for anywhere else as we don't plan on stocking them again once they're gone. If you find a cheaper price anywhere for the JIB cable, I'll beat it. There's even some really nice high end XLR and RCA cables. I've also made speaker cable available by the metre in the store. Regards, Daniel
  11. Item: RCA 0.85m Krispy Audio Stage 3 Location: Melbourne, 3040 (can post) Price: $265, Reduced to $230 including post Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for Selling: upgrade bug, although not sure these will be topped Payment Method: local pick-up cash, bank transfer, Extra info: Had these for about 6 months. High quality, locking connectors. They are a custom length at 85cm.
  12. Item: Nordost Valkyrja RCA interconnect, 600mmLocation: Melbourne CBDPrice: SoldItem Condition: ExcellentReason for selling: Not neededPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal + 3%, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased these from a fellow SNA member. Didn't come with box or packaging. Terminated with the WBT Copper/Cu RCA plugs. These were second from the top-of-the-range Valhalla cable. Valkyrja was US$2,000 per meter when new. Review: http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/nordost_valkyrja.htm Pictures:
  13. Item: Nordost RED DAWN LS Interconnect 1 metre pair Location:Adelaide Price: $320 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: system requires different lengths Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:Apears on australian sites new for $600 i will forward in original packing I will further package for post and Buyer will pay for postage I purchased in Australia in the photo you will notice my small tweek consisting of fibre glass tape with cable tie attached ...I can easily remove and there is no damage to the Rca plugs as a result..I cant say i noticed any difference but certainly firmed up the connection physically to the components i used.....I have a 0.6 metre pair also listed Pictures:
  14. Item: Nordost RED DAWN LS interconnect 0.6 metre length Location: Adelaide Price: 230 Item Condition: good Reason for selling: i require different lengths for my system Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:Apears on australian sites new for over $500 i will forward in original packing I will further package for post and Buyer will pay for postage I purchased in Australia .....I have a one metre pair also listed Pictures:
  15. Further information: price includes Aust post express postage I made these up a few months ago for someone who ended up not turning up, ( not cool ). If you search on the interwebs, they sell for at least $500 Aust. They are phenomenal. The cable alone is worth a fortune. Rhapsody S IC was developed from a low resistance, helical design foundation employing six conductor groups, Silver coated OFHC copper delivers detailed articulation of all frequencies with luxurious musicality. Foam Polypropylene insulation encapsulates each group in a low dielectric environment. You'll enter a holographic soundstage just like the original recording venue. Acknowledged interconnect selection of knowledgeable industry personnel for trade show demonstrations. XLR (balanced termination) and Telescopic termination (tie the shield to ground at one end) are available along with standard RCA termination Clear Jacket over Blue Braid Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  16. Solid silver unshielded RCA interconnects made by Marc Stager in the US. Wire is .999 pure soft temper silver core with translucent Teflon insulation and Canare F10 RCA connectors. Website with US pricing: https://stagersound.com/silver/frames/order.html Homepage with a number of linked reviews: https://stagersound.com/silver/ Fantastic interconnects that are detailed, accurate and generally deliver exactly what is coming from the source, both good and bad ?. I bought these directly from Marc Stager in September 2017 and after trying a number of interconnects have used these ever since. I was quite surprised to see that pricing has not changed since 2017, I paid $125 US for the 75cm lengths and $100 US for the 50cm. Only selling as my current setup only requires 1 pair of RCAs, so I am keeping 2 (just in case) and selling the other 3 pairs I have. There are 3 pairs for sale: 2x 75cm - $100 each (currently $198 new plus postage from the US) - SOLD 1x 50cm - $80 (currently $161 new plus postage from the US) - SOLD Happy to post in a padded envelope for $5 per cable if sold separately. If someone takes the two 75 cm I will do $180 including postage in AU. Cheers, Ralf
  17. The price is for one pair, I have 2 pairs for sale. They are newly bought from Singapore via the following link: https://www.carousell.sg/p/high-end-authentic-western-electric-rca-interconnects-1097584339/?t-id=14280695_1630411408965&t-referrer_browse_type=search_results&t-referrer_request_id=2haFrXsNxwiSjwdl&t-referrer_search_query=western electric rca&t-referrer_sort_by=popular Rest assure that they are genuine NOS Western Electric cable, as I am currently using the 1.5 meter version. I am only selling it, as it is too short for my new setup.
  18. Item: CABLE TALK improved 2 RCA 0.5m made in UK Location: Melbourne Price: $20 plus postage Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, EFT Extra Info: Excess cables RCA 0.5m made in UK Price is per pair. Two pair available Pictures:
  19. Item: Black Cat Lectraline Silver RCA interconnect cable 1m Location: Glen Waverley, Vic Price: $250 per pair (2, possibly 3 pairs available) $450 for 2 pairs ($650 for all 3) Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Switching to XLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: One of the best value/quality silver RCA cables available for the price. 5N Silver cables (same as OCC silver - OCC copper is 7N). Impeccably constructed by Chris Sommovigo who was one of the makers of the still famous Xhadow connector. Was $399 AUD each before shipping and that was already a bargain. Pictures to come. I have 2 pairs (maybe 3...). You can have 2 pairs for $450 ($50 off). If I sell the 3rd pair (not sure if this one is 1 or 1.5m) and you take all 3, you can have the lot for $650 ($100 off). I'll confirm the 3rd pair later today. Will favor offers for all 3 2 over those for individual pairs. Pictures:
  20. Aurealis 75 Ohm Digital Cable with Vampire RCA plugs high quality coaxial cable OCC (long grain crystal) copper solid core signal wire double shielding with aluminium foil inside a very tightly woven pure copper braid foamed Teflon insulation termination in ETI Research Nexus RCAs - silver-plated copper Signal transmission is excellent, and provides considerable extra musical detail than your average digital cable. Part of the extra cables found during recent house keeping.
  21. Further information: Wordings on cable sleeves are faded and can only be seen under direct light, price has been reduced to reflect condition. Sound wise is still perfect with that golden warm sound that Cardas Golden Reference is so known for. Clearing my stored cables that I no longer require .. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  22. Item: RCA NOS 5881 tubes x 2 Location: Winmalee NSW Price: $90/pair Item Condition: NOS Reason for selling: Not suited to my tone Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank deposit, COD Only Extra Info: rare RCA Made in US 5881 NOS tubes. Working fine, polite treble and smooth mids. Not quite the tone I need. $10 postage. Pictures:
  23. Item: Van den Hul The Wave RCA Audio Interconnect Location: Brisbane Price: $140.00 Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: Upgrade. No longer needed. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer. Extra Info: Triple shielded interconnect designed to simply outperform its price class with superior qualities, it's pretty good value for the money. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  24. Item: Tara Labs TL-101 RCA 1m Location: Gold Coast Price: $130 delivered anywhere in Australia Item Condition: brand new (never used they were too short) Reason for selling: Selling all HiFi equipment ? Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Deposit Extra Info: I purchased these for my turntable but they were too short so never used. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  25. Skywire SE RCA Interconnects (0.5m) Transparent Ultra XL Interconnects (1m) Pure Silver Interconnects with Furutech Connectors (0.75m) After experimenting extensively with RCA and XLR interconnects in recent months, I've decided my system (balanced DAC to singe-ended amp) prefers balanced interconnects, hence I'm now retiring all my remaining RCA interconnects. I purchased each of these interconnects from SNA members, and offer each of them here for the same price I paid for them. $20 donation to SNA upon sale of all 3 pairs. Item: Skywire SE RCA Interconnects (0.5m) Location: Melbourne (Elsternwick) Price: $90 (+$10 postage) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: See above Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3%) Extra Info: Pictures: Item: Transparent Ultra XL Interconnects (1m) Location: Melbourne (Elsternwick) Price: $340 (+$10 postage) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: See above Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3%) Extra Info: As shown in the photo, there is some minor scratching on the filter network case, which seems to be the norm with these interconnects. There is also, inexplicably, a sticker on the back of each filter network case which has a picture of a mouse standing atop a tower of multicoloured dice, with the words, "I'm good at maths." Pictures: Item: Pure Silver Interconnects with Furutech Connectors (0.75m) Location: Melbourne (Elsternwick) Price: $100 (+$10 postage) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: See above Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3%) Extra Info: Pictures:
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