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  1. Further Information: RRP: $13,000+ Open to sensible offers. See this link for more info on it. This is selling a dream, honestly. Was purchased as is from a friend several years back, and I've held onto it ever since, in the hopes that it will - eventually - get used. Sadly, with the interest rates and economy as they are, the likelihood of me ever getting to use it are slim to non-existent. Unit is quite literally unopened and unused, with all original accessories and plugs, in original carton. Plenty of settings for Moving Coil carts of almost any denomination, and fully separated power supply. If you've been looking for a genuinely versatile, and frankly stunning sounding )AND looking) phono stage, while also not wanting to drop $10k+, this may be your ticket. I'm happy to ship Australia wide, but given the size and weight I may not be able to include it to some remote locations. Still, if you want to check, feel free to shoot me a message and I'll check if I can include shipping.
  2. Lightly used phonostage with separate power supply and linking cable. MM or MC selectable. Extremely solid chassis with the lightest of use-rash on the edges. Happy to ship at buyer’s expense.
  3. Further Information: Recently completed refurb of a vintage Accuphase amp means my faithful and well-liked Moon 340i is no longer being used. I bought it from a fellow SNA member after positive experiences with other Moon amps and, after linking it with quality interconnects, have been very pleased with it. Has the optional DAC and phono stage. The current Neo model has a different DAC, which to my ears is a move sideways, but other than that specs are the same. 100 watts - 8ohms. 200-4ohms. It is a powerful and dynamic sounding amp. Runs in class A for the first 5 watts. Condition is excellent, with no marks or scratches that I can see. Comes with instructions, remote and original packaging. Happy to answer any questions. Please pm me.
  4. Further Information: Hi all, I got this Ifi Zen Phono after reading ElTel's loaner program (read below). I did think of becoming part of ElTel's fun exchange program, as reading it was a rip snorter, but in the end I decided to just to get my hands on one. I really enjoyed this phono stage, however, my end game was always to get some nice tube phono stages, and that has been achieved. I love Ifi's gear. I also had two Ifi Zen Blue's which are absolutely fantastic. I sold them only because I started streaming via roon. I've considered getting one again as I miss them, but my Eversolo also has Bluetooth so can't justify it. This Zen Phono has taken me from MM to MC and even after spending WAY more on tube phono stages I had to go back and listen really closely to find out if there was a great deal in between the Zen and the others. While there was a bit in it on very close listening but the Zen put up a heck of a fight. I'm sure, jut like the Zen Blue, there will be times I'll miss it's versatility and small footprint. Do yourself a favour and give it a try. https://www.stereonet.com/forums/topic/533326-ifi-zenphono-eltels-loaner-program/
  5. Hi all After a bit of advice. I am currently running a Schiit Mani phono stage with separate power supply in my current set up. I would like to upgrade from the Mani and am unsure which way to head. Have a $1000-$1200 nz/au budget Currently running a couple of different MM carts but would like the option to go to MC at a later date. My system consists of at the moment... -Technics 1200 mk2 with fluid damper and separate PS -Shure V15 iii with Jico SAS stylus -Schiit Mani phono stage with separate PS -Tsakaridis Aeolos EL34 integrated tube amp -Fyne 502 Speakers Have though a used Rega Aria or Audio Research? Love tubes. Thanks in advance Niz
  6. I have heard great reviews on the Lehmann Black Cube SE phono stage and I am currently looking to pick one up second hand as well as welcome any experiences with the phono stage. I currently run a Prima Luna Dialogue, with B&W 685 speakers, Project Turntable with Ortofon 2M Blue and a NAD pp2e phone stage - looking for the step up in performance with my current setup. If has one for sale or could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. Cheers Nick
  7. Rookie question- I have a newly purchased rega p3 with an exact mc cartridge...and am trying to hook it up to an evo 400 preamp phono stage... unsuccessfully. Is there a particular channel/ input that needs to be engaged? The are leads attached at the back and i get silence on all channels...
  8. Hi all, hoping to tap into your vast experience for some guidance/recommendations. I am looking to upgrade from my very reliable and good sounding Schiit Mani as I want to dabble with MC carts. I have a Audiolab 6000A amplifier, Technics 1200GR TT and Ascension Timberwolf floor standers. While I am happy with my Nagaoka MP200 cart paired with the Mani, I am led to believe that it may not be as proficient with MC carts. As a result I am keen to consider first a phono stage upgrade followed by a decent MC cart (have my eye on the AT 33SA). Pricewise I am looking at up to about $2K or just over for a phono that will cater for both MM & MC and one that is flexible to be used with various MC carts in the future if needed. I like the things I have read about the Parasound zphono xrm at the moment but was wondering if anyone thinks there would be a noticeable difference or improvement in sound quality by moving from the Nagaoka/Mani combo to something like the AT33SA/Parasound zphono xrm combo? I am really keen to hear and learn about your experiences. Also would love to hear of any other suggestions for phonos up to about $2.5K. Cheers!
  9. Hi all has anybody got a Maggi phono stage, I`m after your thoughts cheers tim
  10. The Audio Research PH6 Tube phono stage, have to pop the hood to fit the supplied valves, which gives the chance to grab a shot of the innards back on the hifi unit,
  11. Can anyone advise on a 3m long interconnect to connect a phono stage, something like a rega fono or Heed, to an amp, the phono stage is connected to a Rega RP3. Cant seem to find many for sale on line. Want something thats fits in with this equipment, not silly money but something to do it justice. Cheers
  12. I`m curious to hear what people think of this as just a phono stage more for low mc usage, that is if their is anyone who has listened to or owned 1 cheers Tim
  13. Just purchased a Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 hybrid preamplifier as a start to a second system. As I wish to use my Thorens TD160 tt I need a phono pre. MM MC Any suggestions on a good vintage unit or other late/new units (on a budget)! cheers
  14. Hi there, can anyone recommend a phono stage that I could upgrade to, with clearly audible improvement? I am currently using a Rega MM with RP6+Exact. I am looking for something that is not overly bright. Say under one grand (second hand). Thank you!
  15. Further information: Little introduction needed for this one. Fantastic value and performance MC/MM phono stage. Can read plenty about it online. https://6moons.com/audioreviews/raysamuels/f117.html http://www.raysamuelsaudio.com/products/f-117.html Photos:
  16. Item: Pro-Ject Tube Box S - MM/MC phono preamplifier with tube output stage Location: SE Suburbs, Melbourne Price: $330 (RRP$456) + postage ($30) anywhere within Australia, local pickup welcome. Item Condition: Excellent, As new Reason for selling:Received it as a gift, I already have a highend phono stage. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (sending to a friend or 3%) , Bank Transfer Extra Info: see below Pictures: see below I received this as a Xmas gift in 2017. Its an amazing tube phono amplifier, very musical compared to other phono stages, in that price range. Check out the manufacturers link - http://www.project-audio.com/main.php?prod=tubeboxs&lang=en I only played it for a few hours, so the condition is like brand new. Being a curious audiophile, I compared it to the Rega phono stage. Please have a listen to it on my YouTube link - https://youtu.be/_z0TJtwiTt0
  17. Item: Sugden PA4 Masterclass Phonostage Location: Berwick / Bayswater , Vic Price: $2,100 Item Condition: As New, no marks, scratches, 2 years old Reason for selling: Funds for upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD, bank deposit etc Have all original boxes, posting no issue. RRP is $4,050.00 at Stereophonic.
  18. Further information: Great at this price- requires no introduction and plenty of information available on StereoNet and internet. Suitable for both MM and MC cartridges. In perfect condition but does not have original packaging. If shipping is required, will ensure proper packaging. Comes with interconnect and power cable. Any postage cost in addition to listed price. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  19. Item: PS Audio NPC Nu Wave Phono Converter Black or Silver Location: Tivoli Hi-Fi 155 Camberwell Road Hawthorn East VIC 3123 Price: SOLD including Shipping anywhere in Australia (RRP is $2595) Item Condition: Silver Ex Display, comes with all original packaging and full Australian Warranty. Black is SOLD Payment Method: Direct Deposit, Paypal, Cash - Pickup in store, Credit Card including AMEX with no fees or penalties. PM Tivoli Hi-Fi staff member @jimsan after hours for prompt response. Extra Info: Take the best analog phono preamplifier PS Audio can make, combine it with a state-of-the-art Analog To Digital Converter, place them both in a hand crafted chassis, add a massive power supply, provide fully balanced class A analog outputs as well as multiple digital outputs including DSD and PCM and you have the NuWave Phono Converter. Flexible loading and gain options to suit any MM or MC Cartridge. For those that want to digitally catalog your vinyl collection the NPC can encode your vinyl as FLAC or DSD, cooool! RCA or XLR out, the NPC ticks every box!
  20. Further information: Fantastic phono stage, built like a tank, competes with phono stages at triple the cost. Presents as new. Comes with stock power cable. Review below: https://www.hifinews.com/content/primare-r32-£850 Photos:
  21. Item: Tron Seven MC Phono Stage Location: Melbourne (pickup only; but I can assist with Pack & Send) Price: $2150 (please contact me by PM if you are interested in this unit) Item Condition: 8/10 Reason for selling: Moving to all-in-one solution Payment Method: Cash on pickup, paypal (+3%), bank transfer Extra Info: I am selling my Tron Seven MC tubed phono stage. The phono stage has 69dB of gain (49dB + 20dB step up) and is for low output MC carts only. It employs 2x12AX7 and 1x12AU7 tubes. The tubes were carefully selected and installed by the previous owner, @petng. The 12AU7 is a Telefunken ECC82, which the previous owner highly recommended. The two 12AX7 are Mullard tubes if I remember correctly. I never opened the unit and fully trust the previous owner's judgement when it comes to the selection of tubes. I have no knowledge about tubes, whatsoever :-) I do know, however, that I very much like the sound of this phono stage. In my system (Brinkmann Bardo with Jelco tonearm and Ikeda 9TS cartridge), the Tron Seven sounds better than a number of other phono stages I tried including Aurorasound VIDA and Rega IOS (which it replaced in my system). The unit is in excellent condition. Please note that it comes with a short power chord of only 50cm length because the unit sat at the bottom of my rack. I no longer have the original box (but I kept a piece of the box with information about this unit, see pictures). Therefore, this is pickup only from Williamstown or Carlton. Alternatively, I am happy to assist with Pack & Send at buyer's risk and expense. More information about this phono stage can be found on the designer's (Graham Tricker) homepage: http://www.tron-electric.co.uk/phono-amplifiers/seven-phono-stage/. I link petng's original ad on SNA below, which also includes some pictures of the open unit (but with a different set of tubes). Please note that I paid more than the price advertised there because of the previous owner's recommendation to go with this particular set of tubes. From memory, I paid about $2500 for this unit. An MM version of the Tron Seven recently sold for $1950 on this forum. The MC version is more expensive than the MM version because of the additional step-up transformer. Therefore, I think the price I am asking for this unit is very fair. Pictures: (sorry for the dust; only noticed afterwards)
  22. Item: Accuphase C37 (100 V unit) Location: Adelaide Price: AUD 5500, or best offer Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Not into hifi nowadays Payment Method: Pickup, or post - Cash, bank transfer Extra Info: Super awesome phono stage with 3 inputs. Has been working its magic with my Lyra Atlas. Note this is 100V. I will include a TorTech transformer. You wouldn't even know it was there, or it was running on a different voltage. You can argue amongst yourselves about purity of the electrickery Pictures:
  23. Item: Lehmann Black Cube Statement MM/MC Phono Stage Location: Perth Price: $350 Price drop now $300 (ONO) Item Condition: Used but in excellent condition Reason for selling: No longer required. Upgraded to a new preamp with a phono stage. Financing new purchases. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This Black Cube has a basic power supply, which can be upgraded at Lehmann. This is a fantastic phone stage. Great features, good build quality, compact and excellent sound. Well reviewed online and a Stereophile Recommended component. OPen to reasonable offers. The Lehmann Audio Black Cube Statement utilises a double sided circuit board and comprises audiophile Burr Brown gain stages. The features include; low ESR electrolytic caps throughout the circuitry, gold plated DIP-switches, noise metal film type resistors and an over-dimensioned AC adaptor to supply constant power. Due to the compact size of the Statement it can easily be placed near to the turntable to reduce the necessary cable length to as small as possible, further reducing loss and interference. Lehmann are renown for their special attention to detail and the Statement is no exception. This case even features includes a non-magnetic covering to cut down on unwanted resonance and electrical interference. A phono amp with many fans, offering a taste of Lehmann performance at an excellent price. The standard Black Cube can be upgraded to SE spec at a later date with the addition of the PWX power supply (which is the same price as the Black Cube SE, allowing you to easily upgrade later for the same price overall). Gain at 1kHz: 31dB, 41dB, 51dB, 61dB selectable Signal to noise ratio: 80db - 60dB depending on selected gain Input capacitance: 100pF Input impedances: 47 kOhm, 1k Ohm, 100 Ohm switchable underneath the unit, 1 slot for a custom load Output impedance: <100 Ohm RIAA filter: passive equalization between two linear gain stages Soft Bass Rolloff: 6dB/oct. @60Hz jumper activated Inter-channel mismatch: typ. 0,5dB Power consumption: 3W with external AC power adaptor Dimensions: audio section 103 x 108 x 45mm ELECTRICAL DISCLAIMER This product has not been manufactured by a qualified individual or company, therefore contains electrical circuits that do not necessarily comply with Australian Standards. I understand that as the seller, I may be liable to repercussions in the event of equipment failure. By advertising and selling this product, as the seller I also agree that I am solely liable, and the publisher of this website takes no responsibility for any injury or death resulting from, whether directly or indirectly, any accident that may happen as a result of the failure of the product being sold. If in doubt, seek the services of a qualified electrician to inspect the product to ensure it is safe Pictures:
  24. Item: Metaxas Cp 2 Preamplifier with Phono Stage & separate power supply. Location: Gosford/Sydney Price: $480 neg Item Condition: 7/10 a few marks, but nothing major. Reason for selling: Too much stuff Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal buyer pays fees, COD Only Extra Info: I've used this preamp for a while now and really enjoyed it, but I need to raise funds and a few things have to go. In terms of sound quality, this ones right up there with the best I've heard. Superb clarity and definition, while remaining musical at all times. Excellent bass response on my system. Selectable hi and low gain setting, making it easier to integrate into your system. Also has an adjustable Phono stage, although I'm unable to test this. Everything else works fine. Dual mono volume controls on the same adjustment. Well buit and heavy with the solid marble sides. I can post this anywhere in Australia, or worldwide. Pictures:
  25. Further information: I auditioned a lot of different phonos and I personally haven't heard anything that was as good at the time without spending silly money. While some may want a darker sound the Whest phonos are very neutral but not cold - it's very detailed, well balanced tonally, not too warm or dark sounding, plenty of air and space round the notes with a huge sound stage. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved You understand that a reasonable donation for selling fees is expected upon successful sale of your item - if you have previously sold items and not made a donation, your advertisement may not be approved. Edited February 28 by PKay
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