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  1. I seem to recall a mention of a GTG for the LK1 speakers, or was it the ML5s? Could have been the new ML1's, or possibly the Magnesium Ltds. Whichever one it was I thought the idea deserved its own thread as I certainly can't remember where I read it. And since these GTG's happen 2 or 3 times a year why not have an announcement thread. So Mike, any GTG's planned for the near future? And what was the next one for again?
  2. Not sure if there are any Blutech fans on the forum but they are releasing a new album which is cool in and of itself. The Exciting part is that they will for the first time be releasing (in limited numbers of 300) the album on vinyl! From Bandcamp: "Behind The Sky" is the debut collaboration between In The Branches and Bluetech. In The Branches is a prolific ambient music project from guitarist/producer Shane Cotee (The Adaptive, Infinite Brothers). Shane's textural guitar layers intertwine with the intricate modular synth explorations of renowned electronic music producer Bluetech for a potent new sound. "Behind The Sky" features cinematic and emotional soundscapes, pulsing analog oscillations, and deep-space meditations with intricate attention to detail. Melodic, dreamy, and high-fidelity ambient music made for contemplating what lies Behind The Sky. It is up for pre-order now with one track avail. straight away for those that choose to do so: https://bluetech.bandcamp.com/ Cheers, Terry
  3. So the freakiest thing happened today. While at a lions shed my wife and I found a 1970s National hifi that looked exactly like one I had as a teen 25+ years ago. Bought it for $25, took it home and on closer inspection found it IS my old stereo! I am here because it has faults that I will need guidence on. Here's hoping.
  4. Hopefully I'm doing this correctly! So hello all. long time tinkerer. Came looking for NCore amplifier tips and projects
  5. Gday all, My names Tim and I'm originally from Melbourne. In Melbourne I worked in the high end 2 channel, cinema and multi-room audio industry for 8 years. I'm currently working in Central QLD as an electrician. I look forward to chatting to everyone here Tim
  6. Hey guys, i just joined recently, and would like to ask your advice on good hi-fi stores online. If you have any experience with buying equipment online. WA lacks high end audio stores so i have decided to look online. I saw a couple of amps and speakers on Class A Audio's website (Passlabs x350 and a Wilson Audio Wattpuppy 5) Do you guys have any experience with this store or any experience with these amps and speakers. I would love to get all of your opinions before i make a commitment. Are the amps 240v? Looking forward to your replies. Thanks in advance, Ken.
  7. Hello fellow members, Thought I would introduce myself as a new member. I am a Melbournian in fact I live in the CBD (heart of the business precinct). I have just returned to vinyl collecting after a 20 year absence (about 6 months ago) and like everything else I do I have thrown myself into it with a passion. I have already cherry picked about 150 records (a lot of which I tossed out when I was in my early teens in favour of CD's *sigh*) and I have just purchased: Mordaunt Short Carnival 6 Floorstanding Speakers Pioneer Rondo Denon 300F Automatic Turntable (too lazy to get a manual one, picked this up at CAV) and a Marantz PM7004 amp (wanted Japanese made so hunted down this freshly discontinued gem at Klapp Audio, Windsor) Litecase LP Roadcases (great way of storing vinyl!) Cheers, nje
  8. Just starting to get back into audio. Looking forward to learning more.
  9. New Release: Signature evo1 speaker. Little box with lots of bass. 35hz out of a cabinet only 220w, 320d and 370mm high. Magnesium coaxial driver, our smallest biggest sound ever. Contact us for more info. PHONE +61 8 8363 9996 EMAIL vaf@vaf.com.au
  10. Hi, from Brisbane. Just joined. Have been reading topics for years, so thought I would join. Also have an amplifier and transmission line speakers I may need to sell, so I might use the classifieds at some stage.
  11. Hi everyone, I thought this would be a good way to get suggestions for new products on our site. We're already looking to expand our range and get in a few different brands of drivers, but what would you like to see? Maybe there's something that's hard to source in Australia or is only available at ridiculous prices. Let us know and we'll see what we can sort out. Regards, Daniel
  12. I am looking at purchasing a new system for the first time in almost 20 years. Since I was last exploring decent audio there have obviously been some quite considerable changes, and I am still getting my head around some of them. I would like suggestions on possible paths to take, and decent equipment recommendations. My previous integrated amp was a Harmon Kardon before they went mainstream, along with a reasonable quality CD player, and B&W 620i floor-standing speakers. Within the last 18 months, the amp has blown, along with every CD player I owned (3), and until now did not have the budget to purchase new equipment. I am sorely missing the ability to listen to good music. Currently I have ripped all my CDs to a NAS in FLAC format, and would like to be able to use that as my primary source (at least for the time being). I still have the B&W 620i speakers which I will also use initially, with the aim to upgrade in the next 12 - 18 months. So the question is; what are good possibilities for amplifiers? And what network connectivity / streamer / DAC / whatever else piece(s) of equipment do I need. Was possibly looking at Bluestream Node for connectivity and controller app, but this is subsidiary. Budget around the $3000. Thanks in advance. Ben
  13. Saw these on the fourm for 700$. Would they be suitable? If so would offering 500 be insulting? See below post for siuation, thanks!
  14. Hey guys just found this site, what a wealth of knowledge i've stumbled across! Hoping for some advice for a floorstander on a $500 budget? Tight bass from 40hz upwards is important. Second hand or diy kit (quite handy) ideas prefered. Would like to listen to music (all genres) with no sub at medium volume in a medium sized room. Currently have Orphues Aurora 1 bookshelves which are amazing but bottom out at about 80hz, will move them to the rear. Sony str-dg700 amp, only 100 watts so floorstander needs reasonable sensitivity. Elac debut 2.0 c5.2 centre speaker (great but find their towers in my price range low on bass) Old Marantz sub (little boomy buy goes low will use for 20-60hz on movies only) Anyone got anything suitable they want to move in Sydney? Or can highly reccomend a diy kit or something they saw for sale? I know i should go listen but i cant really compare in my situation and no point buying new considering 500 budget. Also please dont say save more for etc. etc. my ball and chains happyness and therefor my sanity requires $500 only. Cheers for your help and understanding, Nick
  15. Item: Sonus Faber Principia 5 Location: Mansfield QLD Price: $1299 Condition: Brand new, in box Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Principia collection is a great solution for many different listening needs, meeting the requirements of stereo as well as multichannel Home Theater systems in both small and large rooms. See here for more information: https://brisbanehifi.com.au/products/sonus-faber-principia-5 Pictures: Stock photos used; please contact us for more pictures and price negotiations
  16. Item: Apple iPad Air 2 64GB wifi Gold MH182X/A Location: Melbourne inner north Price: $695 ($10 to SNA) Item Condition: Brand new still sealed in plastic Reason for selling: Insurance replacement not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Just what it says on the can. Current model in the middle of the range. $739 in stores. Only purchased 2 days ago for insurance replacement but no longer required. Receipt included. Pictures:
  17. Item: Schiit Modi 2 DAC Location: Melbourne, Victoria Price: $150 (RRP $253) Item Condition: 9.8/10 - Almost Brand New (perfect cosmetic condition) and has only had about 10 hours usage Reason for selling: I am upgrading to Bifrost / Valhalla 2 as I've picked up some HD800s Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Only (If you're interstate I may be able to ship) Extra Info: Purchased from Addictedtoaudio (an authorised AUS reseller) everything comes new in box, with original receipt + balance of 2 year warranty (still around 19 months left). This is suited to someone who is looking to pull the trigger on a brand new Modi 2. PLEASE NOTE: The VALI 2 is NOT INCLUDED (Sold). This listing is for the MODI 2 DAC ONLY. Pictures:
  18. Item full name and model etc. ...see below for individual details * Location ... Melbourne * Item condition description ...see below (Standard SNA gradings) * Price and price conditions ...as specified below * Reason for selling ...Your weekly hand-picked suggestions. * Payment/delivery Methods: NO PICKUPS SORRY - mail only. Bank transfers, or PayPal (Friends & Family only, no notes) are both welcome. STUFF YOU NEED TO KNOW: Once all sold (or near to), a donation to SNA of 5% of the total sold will follow. All titles here get brand new inner and outer sleeves before shipping. I try and ship 5 days a week. THE SMALL PRINT: I fully guarantee everything I offer - if you don't like any item for whatever reason, return it at my expense, no questions asked (verified 30 day+ active Forum members only thanks).. Original contents are stored inside the cover. I try to ship all records outside the cover and inner paper sleeves, so any postal damage is minimised. I use new pre-made cardboard mailers for smaller orders, and these virtually guarantee safe arrival of your record (they are also MUCH faster to pack). Combined postage to anywhere in Australia at cost (or close enough). ABSOLUTELY NO LOCAL PICKUPS - don't ask - it's not going to happen. I just don't have the time, sorry. I'm barely at home as it is though, and have no wish to be here waiting around for hours at a time. Lastly - I'm not a shop. I don't have credit card facilities and I don't do this full time (though sometimes it feels like I might!). It's a hobby I love, where I try to make damn sure that *everyone* wins. Complain to me loudly if anything goes wrong (although it barely ever does) - and I'll fix it. Post in this thread to reserve your item(s). NB: CONSERVATIVE GRADING… cover first / record grade 2nd ________________________________________________________________ LATE NIGHT TALES: Nils Frahm Dbl gatefold vinyl with download, SEALED and new. "I’ve really got off on working on compilations lately. It’s such a wonderful way to delve deep into your music collection. My flat is now crammed with music media of all stripes, from an old hand-cranked 78 phonograph player to 45s and albums on vinyl, my beloved old cassette tape collection, even mini-disks and, lately, WAV and MP3s. It’s all music to me. After spending hours recording from all of these diverse sources, I started to play around with the tunes, layering them, sampling, looping certain parts, extracting phrases and using all the freedom that this allowed me. If I got a little carried away or stepped on anyone’s toes in my quest to do something interesting and original, then I apologise. Some things may have accidentally landed on the wrong speed, while other spooky happening have occurred along the way, whether it’s ghostly additions of reverb and delay or simply subtle edits or reproductions, they've all gone into the magical stew I've tried to create for your pleasure and edification. I can’t tell you how much fun I've had creating this compilation for you but, suffice to say, I hope it will be a nice journey for your mind and heart" - Nils Frahm. Nina Simone, mixed in with with Miles Davis, Four Tet, Boards of Canada, very gentle original piano interludes and a 1958 recording of 'Flight of the Bumblebee'. If you perhaps have a Lynchian bent, you'll likely get off on Mr.Frahm's cock-eyed view of the fine, fine art.... of relaxxxxxxxing. Beautifully produced in a lovely gatefold, double Audiophile pressing, half-speed mastered and some carefully thought out extras. Sweet product. $48 Steely Dan – Gaucho – AUS pressed original (MCA 6102) VG/VG+. Lovely cover with just some light rubbing marks/buffs, and removed price sticker residue top right corner front. Good legible spine. The back is even better. Nice clean OIS too. All around nice title. The wax is pretty much spotless under harsh overhead artificial light, and plays like it (a dream). $24 Steely Dan - The Royal Scam - UK original 1976 (ABCL-5161) VG-/VG+. Pretty nice cover except for one corner, which is badly worn (see video). Else it's really without wear, and the original 4 corner-cut lyric harder cardboard inner. The record has light hairlines, but plays through them with that stoic British stiff upper lip this 70's Great Britain vinyl is famous for. Barely a noise to come out of it, but sweet music.... And what music too - this is my favourite Steely Dan title (with the worst cover art!) by a ways. $16 Steely Dan – Aja – US pressed 1977 original gatefold (ABC AA-1006) VG+/VG+. Gorgeous cover with just light edge marking/wear, light corner bumps, some barely seen rubbing wear (have a good look at the video), else a near-spotless white gatefold inner. This one also comes with the original lyric harder cardboard inner sleeve, and it's a beaut. The wax is also really nice - some light marks, but plays without noise, all the way through. $28 Steely Dan – Katy Lied – US original press in shrink (ABC-846) VG/VG+. Really nice cover, still in 90% of the US factory shrink so expecting it to be absolutely gorgeous underneath it all. Does have a cut-out punchole through the 'K' of the front cover title though (see video). Else lovely with just light corner wear, and the original price sticker still on, central front. The hard cardboard OIS is also brilliant (small cut out hole). The wax has some light marks, but plays beautifully throughout. $26 Michael Jackson – Off The Wall - AUS pressed original gatefold with poster inside (ELPS 3973) VG+/NM. The cover is lovely with the hype sticker still white and clear, top right front. Very little wear to speak of otherwise, and the gatefold inside is immaculate - just a really nice example. The poster is never found with these anymore, but this one has clearly *never* left the inside of the gatefold sleeve. Really nice. The wax is a 9/10 Mint copy, and one of the nicer ones I've ever seen, with not even a light hairline under strong overhead light. $40 Bob Dylan – Live At The Budokan – AUS double LP gatefold with poster (S2BP-220211) VG+/NM. Really nice AUS pressing that is nearly always beat up when found in the wild. This one has a great cover with just a few marks/impressions, but nothing more than a hint of ringwear and that's about it. Near perfect gatefold inside. Quite rare in that overall condition. Also all contents (two nice OIS) and two fabulous slabs of original wax, without a mark (I mean, pressed yesterday-type clean and mark-free). Can't ask for more. $40 The Matrix - Original Motion Picture Score (Don Davis) - US pressed Limited Edition (302 066 026 3). M/M Sealed Brand New. 1500 copies released worldwide, Amazon only exclusive colour variant Split Red / Blue, 180 gr vinyl $45
  19. Hi I'm moving out and have no room for this fantastic projector. The W3000 is the latest from BenQ and has got fantastic reviews with a 'Best Buy' endorsement. It's rare in Australia due to it only being available from one dealer. It has ISF certification and it has been calibrated to Rec709. Cost over $3200 in August this year and I will include 2 BenQ 3D glasses worth $89 each (used once - seriously). Still under full warranty. Asking for $2500 and open to offers. Great way to save off a new unit. Location is Mount Eliza Victoria. Please contact me for shipping details http://www.benq.com.au/product/projector/w3000
  20. Item: Audioquest Jitterbug in packaging. Location: Brisvegas Price: $50 plus postage in AUS Item Condition: NEW in box Reason for selling: Selling for a mate who just got in from the UK. He no wanty no more. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: If you have a "dirty" USB bus then this is will clean up things. There are lots of positive reviews out there. De-grunges your PC to make your music cleaner. Having heard one in action, it makes a horriblly noisy laptop sound very civilised. I found that some DAC's like the NAD M51 really respond well to these as they sadly do not have terribly good galvanic isolation (I owned one, I know). If you already have one, buy it a new friend to keep it company at night. Apparently they work better in twos. Pictures:
  21. * Item full name and model etc. ...see below for individual details * Location ... Melbourne * Item condition description ... varies as detailed in text below (Standard SNA/Goldmine gradings) * Price and price conditions ...as specified below * Reason for selling ... latest finds * Payment/delivery Methods: NO PICKUPS SORRY - mail only. Bank transfers, or PayPal (Friends & Family only, no notes) are both welcome. STUFF YOU NEED TO KNOW: Once all sold (or near to), a donation to SNA of 5% of items total will follow. Any titles here get brand new inner and/or outer quality Blake sleeves as needed before shipping. I try and ship 3-4 days a week. THE SMALL PRINT: I fully guarantee everything I offer - if you don't like any item for whatever reason, return it at my expense for a full refund, no questions asked (verified 30 day+ active Forum members only thanks).. Original contents are stored inside the cover. I try to ship all records themselves outside the cover, so any postal damage is minimised. I use mostly s/hand pre-made cardboard mailers for all orders, and these virtually guarantee safe arrival of your record (they are also MUCH faster to pack). Combined postage to anywhere in Australia at cost (or close enough) and is EXTRA (ie. not included in prices). ABSOLUTELY NO LOCAL PICKUPS - don't ask - it's not going to happen. Complain to me loudly if anything goes wrong (although it barely ever does) - and it'll be fixed, in your favour.  Please post in this thread to reserve your item(s).  __________________________________ Combine with anything in this list to save postage: Brazil Classics 2 : O’Samba - w/David Byrne vinyl LP. NEW & SEALED. Compiled by David Byrne (ex-Talking Heads). Includes Digital Download. "The music is wonderful, also a historical archive as partial basis for contemporary Brazilian music. Danceable, singable, easy to listen to over and over again." $35 $32 $28 Jason Isbell & 400 Unit – Here We Rest – 2011 Lighting Rod gatefold & 7" single (…15506) - SEALED and BRAND NEW. Vinyl album w/ 7" single in gatefold cover. - $40 $38 $35 Jason Isbell – Sirens of the Ditch - US 2018 Special Deluxe Edition 2LP - SEALED and BRAND NEW. 180 gram 2-disc with download card which includes 4 extra unreleased songs not available on the original release. Deluxe Edition hype sticker and New West Records 20 Year hype sticker. $42 $38 $35 The Incredible Jimmy Smith – Midnight Special – Blue Note 2015 (602547476463) BRAND NEW & SEALED. Blue Note Records 75th Anniversary Vinyl Initiative release of fantastic hard to get Blue Note original recordings. $38 $36 $34 James – Living In Extraordinary Times – EU pressed 2018 2LP vinyl (…393620) BRAND NEW and SEALED. 180 Gram Vinyl, includes Download Code. $40 $38 $34 Various – American Epic :The Best Of Blues – Third Man Records 2017 vinyl - BRAND NEW and SEALED. Remastered using a mix of analog and digital technology. A nifty companion to the amazing US PBS documentary series. Single pocket tip-on jacket with soft touch finish, with black poly-lined inner sleeve. Paramount record masters courtesy of Lars Edegran and the George H. Buck, Jr. Jazz Foundation. Jack White as Producer. $38 $36 $34 Traffic – When The Eagle Flies – 2013 Ltd Friday Music gatefold - BRAND NEW SEALED. Remastered from original Island Records tapes. Mastering by Joe Reagoso w/ Kevin Gray. $40 $38 $34 Miles Davis + 19 / Gil Evans – Miles Ahead – US 2013 Columbia KG mastered MONO repress. BRAND NEW and SEALED in baggie. 180-gram audiophile mono vinyl LP. Reissue of the original mono version cat.#: CL 1041. Sticker notes the release is 'individually numbered', however there is no number printed on this cover! Regardless, another Kevin Gray masterpiece. $38 $36 $34 SOLD Miles Davis- Pangaea – US 2012 Double 180gm LP by Four Men With Beards. BRAND new and SEALED. Stop - don't run! This 4 Men With Beards pressing is actually great! Recorded live at Osaka Festival Hall, Japan, Evening, February 1, 1975. Original vinyl released June 1976. 180 gram double vinyl, gatefold sleeve. $42 Ry Cooder – The Prodigal Son – black vinyl EU Concord 2018 repress - SEALED & BRAND NEW - Ry back on top form in this highly acclaimed new album. Great reviews! $35 Fleetwood Mac – Pious Bird of Good Omen – 2012 MOV EU press - BRAND NEW & SEALED. Nice solid bottom, clear mids and very pleasant top end too. Great collection of Peter Green era tunes. $40 The Stooges – Stooges – 2010 import Rhino Vinyl 180 Gram Repress LP. SEALED and BRAND NEW. Cut from the original analog Masters, incredible SQ. Highly acclaimed.... "this press is definitely the one to get. Dead quiet, great dynamic range and separation, just all around beautiful sound. I don't have an original to compare to, but this version definitely does have the best sound to me...."THIS is the copy to have… $38 Santana – Inner Secrets – US 2014 Friday Music repress - NEW & SEALED in baggie. Lovely copy, Mastered by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios, and pressed at R.T.I. plant. $42 Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence – 2014 US 2LP pressing - SEALED and BRAND NEW. With colour insert. LP mastered by Wes Garland at Nashville Record Productions and pressed by United Record Pressing. $42 ________________________________
  22. Further Information: I have the following Kraftwerk LPs for sale, each is new and sealed: Autobahn - 2009 - Mute - Stumm 303 - 50999 9 6601419 Discogs Radio-Activity - 2009 - Mute - Stumm 304 - 50999 9 6601914 Discogs Trans Europe Express - 2009 - Mute - Stumm - 305 - 50999 9 6602010 Discogs The Man Machine - 2009 - Mute - Stumm 306 - 50999 9 6602218 Discogs Computer World - 2009 - Mute - Stumm 307 - 50999 9 6602317 Discogs The Mix (2xLP) - 2009 - Mute - Stumm 309 - 50999 9 6605219 Discogs Tour De France (2xLP) - 2009 - Mute - Stumm 310 - 50999 9 6610916 Discogs Selling as a single lot only. Price works out to be approx $35 for single LPs and $50 for double LPs + a little bit for SNA seller's fees. All are in excellent condition on the outside although there is a slight crease on the lower corner of Tour De France. I can't comment on the condition of the vinyl as all LPs are still sealed. Pickup only as I do not want to deal with shipping. If there's an issue a full refund is available upon return. --Geoff
  23. Item: Canon EOS 1300D / EF-S 18-55 III Kit - Brand New Location: Sydney - Northern Beaches Price: $400 ------> Price dropped to $350 Item Condition: Brand New. Bought 28 April from Ted's Cameras in Sydney. Reason for selling: Not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Brand new kit bought today from Ted's Sydney store. This was purchased in order to qualify for another offer. Not needed as I have another body and will not used. I opened the box and took the pictures that you can see. The camera has not been removed from the box and all the accessories including lens are still sealed. As you can see from the receipt, price paid for this was $549 earlier today. The cheapest Canon authorised shop I could find was $534 (DCW - See here: http://www.digitalcamerawarehouse.com.au/prod13630.htm) or you can get a grey import, with no warranty or GST invoice for about $438 on ebay. With that in mind I believe $400 is more than a fair price given it is brand new and locally sourced. I would prefer local pickup but happy to pay postage if anyone interstate is interested. Shipping will be at the buyer's cost. Please PM me if you have any questions. Pictures:
  24. Further information: Hello everyone, I am selling new (sealed) Astell & Kern SR15 Digital Audio Player (DAP) with new (sealed) Astell & Kern SR15 black leather case. I purchased them today but changed my mind and decided to use a DAP I already have. Purchased on 12.12.2020, I can provide the receipt as well. thank you. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
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