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Found 7 results

  1. Relisted: Wilson Benesch Square 2 floorstander with custom 2.5m bi-wire cables Location: Hillside, Victoria Price: $3300 for both (price reduced: originally listed at 4k) Item Condition: Speakers are in pristine condition, cables are in very good condition Reason for selling: Moving house (down-sizing) and can no longer justify keeping them. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought these from Secher Audio in late 2009 and used them in the typical no-smoking, no-child environment. About 12 months ago I chose to explore a different direction (low powered amps/high sensitivity speakers) and no longer use them. I haven't used them for 12 months+ but couldn't bear to part with them- I had hopes of using them to upgrade my home theatre system. I am now moving into a small inner city dwelling and the missus has insisted it is time to sell. They are literally in mint condition, finished in the stunning W.B piano build black gloss. They are a very sweet, natural sounding speaker and I am genuinely sad to put them up (following the wife's orders). I am hoping they will find a very good home. I am pairing them with a 2.5m set of bi-wired cables that were the same as the cables Secher Audio made to demo them. They are based around two runs of Audioquest C6 cable. P.M me if you would like more information about the speakers- a quick google will bring up some relevant reviews. When I purchased them, the retail price of the W.B Sq2's was $6600 (now i believe around 6k) and the speaker cable was $1200. So save heaps on a truly mint, low use, example with custom cables for $3.3k. I would consider selling separately but would prefer to see them go together to the new fortunate owner. If you live in Melbourne you would be most welcome to come and audition them. If they sell for my asking price an appropriate donation will be made to SNA.
  2. Item: Naim Audio Stageline Phonostage for Moving Magnet(N) Location:Mentone 3194 Price: $425 Item Condition:Mint Reason for selling:Now using an MC cartridge Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal or Direct Deposit Extra Info:This is a fabulous Phonostage that will bring your vinyl to life.Comes with original box, manual ,receipts etc. Mint condition..unmarked.Current retail is $800 Pictures:
  3. Item : Morel CAT378 Location : Sydney Price : $120/pr Item Condition : Used but excellent Reason for selling : no longer needed. Payment Method : Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info : Morel is known to produce high power drivers with great sound, this is a great high sensitivity waveguided tweeter Specs Sheets Tweeter - Parts Express Pictures: please see attachment Item : SB Acoustics SB26STC Location : Sydney Price : $60/pr Item Condition : 1 is brand new and 1 is tested Reason for selling : no longer needed. Payment Method : Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info : Great inexpensive tweeter, very linear response and flat impedance KIT i found on the net, i have never heard of this particular speakers or combination, but its worthwhile to consider as its well documented. https://www.loudspeakerbuilding.com/Magazin/Loudspeakermagazine-2013/April-2013/_SB-240_8636,en,900995,5602 Pictures: please see attachment Item : SB Acoustics SB29RDC Location : Sydney Price : $90/pr Item Condition : 1 is brand new and 1 is tested Reason for selling : no longer needed. Payment Method : Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info : Modern Ring Radiator tweeter with high sensitivity and been used by growing numbers of hifi manufacturer. from Troels website on his kit http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/SBAcoustics-3WC.htm Pictures: please see attachment Item : Scan Speak HDS 1" Tweeter (made in Denmark) Location : Sydney Price : $130/pr Item Condition : used lightly and its in very good condition Reason for selling : no longer needed. Payment Method : Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info : World famous tweeter with light diaphragm and healthy sensitivity. Many kits and projects available on the net for this particular tweeter and used by Joe Rasmussen on his Elsinore kit. from Troels website on his kit http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/Peerless_HDS830875.htm Pictures: please see attachment
  4. Item: Linn Krystal MC Phono Cartridge Location:Melbourne Price: $2,150 Item Condition:Less than 30 hours use as new. Reason for selling:Taking a different direction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal+3.5% COD Only Extra Info: For sale is an excellent condition Linn Krystal (#829) bought new from, and installed by, a specialist Linn dealer in April of this year. It has had less than 150 hours use, and the stylus is straight (per photo). I have a recent inspection report, which I can forward to you on request. The Linn website provides specifications of this model; and the Linn public forum includes feedback from other owners, which I believe is self explanatory. Reason for sale: I find I mostly listen from another room, while working at my computer, etc, and I agree with my dealer that a cartridge of this quality is wasted if used mostly for background listening. Therefore, I've decided to head in another direction.Rest assured that the cartridge has had less than 30 hours use. Current retail on the Linn Krystal is $2,995..so this is a substantial saving on new price.Open to reasonable offers. Pick up is the preferred option but will post at cost. This sale includes only the items shown in the photos. Specifically: 1x Linn Krystal MC cartridge, serial number 829; 1x transparent stylus guard; 1x outer carton; 1x 'ring box' style black, padded presentation case, and; 3x mounting bolts. My dealer provides the following notes 'to whom it may concern': 1. The Krystal's stylus cantilever is extremely exposed, and is made of hollow aluminium(!), which will bend very easily(!) if struck or pressed. 2. Part of the internal wiring, which is thinner than a human hair(!) is exposed at the sides of the cartridge near the output pins. It is recommended to become familiar with the anatomy of the cartridge before attempting installation. A magnifier + strong light are recommended. 3. Regarding the optional third bolt: if the purchaser's tonearm does not allow easy fitting of the third bolt, then two bolts may be used satisfactorily - this certainly won't prevent the Krystal sounding superb. However, improper attempts to modify a tonearm to accept the third bolt are likely to harm the arm's bearings, or other parts, with consequent effect on overall sound quality. 4. An installation hazard involves connection of the arm's wiring to the Krystal. A thoughtful, slow, 'better safe than sorry,' approach is advised. 5. Do NOT brutally tighten the mounting bolts as advocated by some; let common sense prevail. ------------------------ End ------------------------ Pictures:
  5. Item: Onkyo A-5 Integrated Amp serviced! Location: sydney Price: $475 price drop!! Item Condition: mint Reason for selling: surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have a beautiful and Rare onkyo A-5 integrated amp. Its in really beautiful condition inside /outside and the body is scratchless. It is also serviced. It states that it puts out 45 watts rms but really it feels like easily 65-70 watts.( check out the massive twin oversized capacitors at 13000 uf!! Extremely powerful and versatile with plenty of tweeks to adjust via control knobs. Soundstage is unlike any other onkyo/ integra i have listened. This amp is so diffrent. This amp puts out an Amazing 3d sound field with uncompromised bass/ midrange/ treble combo. Easily ran big floor speakers so no worries there. Postage is 45$ Australia wide (Professionally packed and sent) item will arrive extremely safely Thanks for looking Pictures:
  6. Item: Onkyo (integra) M588f/ P388f Location: sydney Price: $2990+ Free postage!! PRICE DROP Item Condition:Mint/ Excellent Reason for selling: not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hi Everyone. I have a set combo of Onkyo(integra) high end pre/power combo. This is a true 240 volts interchangeable unit was sold brand new in sydney around 1994. I am the second owner and this has been sparingly used by both of us. where do i begin..the best combo of pre/power i have heard till date ..period. If u may know the integra was a higer end of onkyo division producing some amazing components..and this is the holy grail of onkyo.The Power amp M588 sits just below the monster grand integra..and it can pump out 300watts of pure power each channel @ 4 ohms.!! Soundwise it puts out a 3 dimentional engaging powerful sound. Extrememy detailed and natural. With the right set of speakers/sources..this would be end game for some. The power amp uses the super balanced circuit design and twin monouaral design transformers! Massive amount of high grade capacitance/ balanced inputs/outputs, gold plated terminals and input rca!! beautifully lit with meters lights This beast weighs in at 32kgs+ Same applies to the matching pre amp. 3 transformers and high end massive capacitors, balanced inputs /outputs are some of the features. All controls are at the tip of a touch..and also an Original R1 Remote is supplied which controls volume and other inputs.( will add pic later) Everything works 100% with absolutely zero static or hiss... as if it just came out of the box. Inside and outside condition is LIKE NEW! Not a single mark! On either units If u look closely at the pics u may see some tiny threads..they are fabric strands from my silly cloth wiping skills. Both units are immaculate and a real oppurtunity for someone to own this classic combo for a fraction of the price. These were 300,000 and 200,000 yen when they came out!! importing these from japan nowadays will set u back at least a solid 5000$ and then u need a step down transformer to run it..which is a pain! These will be packed with extreme care as i have sent many items in the past with no issues. 8-9 layers of bubble wrap/ 2 layers of heavy duty cardboard/ shrink wrap/ pallet strap..this is how nicely it will be packed ! It will take a whole day for me to pack these babies..which is the only way i will be doing this!☺ Sorry for this long post but i think it is important to mention things as clear as possible. Some info https://audio-heritage.jp/ONKYO/amp/integram-588.html Pictures:
  7. Location: Perth - Inner northern suburbs Price: Various see list Item Condition: Near Mint Reason for selling: Finally made up some crates for a record fair, then couldn't get a table! This is stuff I either have duplicates of, or I cant see myself listening to again. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer, Paypal Extra Info: These are the cream of the crate condition wise. Have been stored in protective sleeves and have no ringwear or worn corners (unless stated). All the vinyl is as near mint as it gets. I would prefer local pick-up or multiple purchases, so I'll wait and see the interest I get before confirming sale. I will do postage at cost (preferring as few parcels as possible). So will charge $10-20 etc initially and give a credit back for any overcharge. Photos show the 3x VG Covers and the NM Tears for Fears as an example. Artist Album Price Country Serial# Cover Vinyl Other Notes Alan Parsons Project Ammonia Avenue $10 Aust RML 53118 NM NM Printed Inner & Insert Cheap Trick Dream Police $10 Aust ELPS 3975 NM NM Gatefold & Printed inner China Crisis Flaunt the Imperfection $10 Aust V2342 NM NM Printed Inner Original price sticker on rear Cold Chisel Swingshift $20 Aust 800003 VG+ NM Printed Inners Double LP, minor wear on one cover corner Daddy Cool Daddy's Coolest $10 Aust WIZ.1002 NM NM Frank Sinatra Greatest Hits Vol 2 $5 Aust FS 1032 NM NM Original price sticker on front Heart Little Queen $8 Aust PR 33004 NM NM Printed Inner Original price sticker on front Moody Blues Seventh Sojourn $10 Aust THS 7 NM NM Gatefold Moody Blues Long Distance Voyager $10 Aust TXS139 NM NM Gatefold Morrissey Years of Refusal $25 EU SKL6014 / 4781581 NM NM Printed Inner Rare, as new Moving Pictures Days of Innocence $8 Aust WBEX.1005 NM NM Insert Paul Mc Cartney McCartney II $10 Aust PCTC.258 NM NM Gatefold & Printed inner Richard Clapton The Very Best of $10 Aust L37674 NM NM Original price sticker on front Tears fo Fears Songs from the Big Chair $10 Aust 824 300-1 NM NM Insert Original price sticker on rear The Eagles One of These Nights $10 Aust 7E-1039 VG NM Printed Inner Wear cover top corners. The Sugercubes Life's Too Good $15 UK tplp5 VG NM Printed Inner 2cm sleeve split
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