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  1. Hi This is actually a reply to another SN member's review of his Luxman 509X Int Amp. After replying, I thought it would be nice to share it with other SN members. Just my thoughts on the three Luxman amps I have owned over the last few years. I have been lucky enough in the last few years to have own the 550AX Class A as my first Luxman Int Amp, then due to a house move, needed more power, I got the 590AXII Class A, now living most of my time in Thailand, I am enjoying the 509X Class AB. I have also listened to the 507uX Class AB extensively. My gear from the 550AX to 590AXII and 509X haven't changed - Macbook > JRiver or Roon App > Chord Hugo TT DAC (Cable = Audioquest Diamond USB from Mac to Hugo TT) > every Luxman Amp (Cables = MIT SL8 RCA interconnects) > Spendor D7 SPEAKERS (Cables MIT SL 9). Quick rating of each amp: 1. 550AX Class A 20 watts pc. (Build - 8) - (Look - 10 - if you like the Retro style) - (Power/Drive - 8 - ONLY if you have a small room, efficient speakers & don't listen loud) - (Clarity/Details - 7) - (Quietness - 7) - (Soul/Emotion - 8) 2. 590AXII Class A 30 watts pc. (Build - 9) - (Look - 10 - if you like the Retro style) - (Power/Drive - 8 - ONLY if you have a small/medium room & efficient speakers) - (Clarity/Details - 8) - (Quietness - 8) - (Soul/Emotion - 9) 3. 509X Class AB 120 watts pc. (Build - 9.5) - (Look - 10 - if you like the Retro style) - (Power/Drive - 9.5 - Most room sizes and most speakers) - (Clarity/Details - 9.5) - (Quietness - 9.5) - (Soul/Emotion - 8) Quick summary of each amp: 1. 550AX Class A 20 watts pc. Fantastic Class A Int Amp. Low power, which leads to other limitations. Only buy if you don't have enough money to buy the 590AXII for more Power and Soul/Emotion. 2. 590AXII Class A 30 watts pc. Great Class A Int Amp. Still low power for larger rooms. BUT simply amazing tones that ooze Soul and Emotion especially in vocals and acoustic music. Luxman Class A Masterpiece. 3. 509X Class AB 120 watts pc. Stunning Class AB Int Amp. Tons of power and punch. So quiet, so much details, so clean, etc. Only negative against the 590AXII - doesn't have that Luxman Class A Soul and Emotion. Against Class AB Amp in this price range, the 509X has very few to no rivals. My "Ultimate" Amp: *A Luxman because of the build quality, features and acceptable price. Compared to nearest & equal rival, Accuphase, Luxmans are a bargain. *A Luxman Class A Int Amp for the tone, soul and emotions that they produce. *A Luxman Class A 60 watts pc Int Amp!! - maybe impossible and imagine the heat! Play more music! To the 2 SN members who bought my 550AX and 590AXII, hope you are enjoying them. Photos of 550AX, 590AXII and 509X
  2. Hi, I recently purchased a Luxman L-509X integrated and am really enjoying it. My speakers are Dynaudio Focus 110s on stands and my listening area is an average size lounge. I'm looking to upgrade to better bookshelf speakers and read that Harbeth and B&W match well with Luxman. Any other suggestions? (up to about $7500). Oh, any speaker cable recommendations for such a setup? Thanks Artie
  3. Hi...I dug up my old Luxman PD 272 ...direct drive tt but the speed varies and it seems to be the pot controlling the speed that is shonky ...slight rotation makes speed change a fair bit. Anyone have any ideas or someone who could service this old tt.... ?... I wanted to set it up in my study just for fun (until I find a tt I want to buy)...thanks. PS I am in Sydney northern beaches
  4. Have to choose one of these turntables to keep. Curious as to which one others would choose, and which cartridge would be a good match for the Luxman? 1. Luxman PD264, mechanically great. Needs new cartridge to replace original cart with tired stylus. 2. Onkyo CP-5000a (circa 1978), recently serviced and fitted with new Audio Technica AT95 cart. Perfect working order. TBH leaning heavily towards the Luxman, but seeking suggestions for a good cartridge match to get the most out of the turntable. Unfortunately keeping both is not an option. Thanks
  5. I have been gifted a Luxman sq38fd. From original owner bought in the 1970s. It has some problems and I wanted to know if people think it’s worth going down the rabbit hole of repairs. 1. strong burning smell when turned on and one 50CA10 valve glows like the fires of hell. 2. volume switch crackling 3. Stereo / mono switch just cuts out sound occasionally. 4. it has new preamp valves - woohoo! so I am asking cause I don’t know the endpoint an amp like this gets to. I want to use it with my Klipsch Forte III speakers. If it’s a magical sound and the right repairs give years of happy listening I will go ahead but I am unlikely to want to spend heaps on average. For example a set of 4 50CA10 tubes can be $900 on the net. That might be US$. Thanks
  6. Hi All Was given a L-530 for Christmas, a beautiful beast but its got a few faults. I'd really like to get it working and I need some help. It's Japanese so I've powered it with a cheap 500w 100v step down. I've found and downloaded the circuit diagram, owners and service manuals. It looks reasonable clean inside, I reckon its been opened a few times as all the screws don't match. The transistors on the two PB-1393-1 (L&R power amps boards?) are different with with 2x 2SC2922 52Y and 2x 2SA1216 53Y on left board, 2x 2SC2526 NW(X) and 2X 2SA1076 OH(X) on the right. The right looks original. One of the caps (?) in the phono stage looks to have leaked but thats the only obvious blow out. Initial testing done with CD player connected to AUX input and both headphones (first time) and speakers via speaker A output. On power up; All the panel lights come on with the warm up flashing. Red LEDs on the power amp boards light (4 each) as do the two on phono input stage. Warm up relay (RY 201) triggers after maybe 10 seconds, light stabilises and music is produced out of the left channel only. About 10 seconds later relay triggers again, warm up flashes and music stops. Power off for a short while lets me repeat, with the same result. I'll probably have to take it to someone here in Adelaide before too long (suggestions as to who welcomed) but am keen to go as far as I can before then. Thanks for reading my post, any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Trying to fix the issue with this Luxman amp. Takes a while to get out of protection on start-up. When outputting more than about 1W, speaker makes popping sound, if left playing, makes one really loud pop and turns itself back to protection mode. I took it open and got some pictures. Seems like the amp had been repaired before. One of the amp board looks like it's been blown up before. the main power transistors looks different on the power amps, is that a concern? The 2SA679 is swapped for 2SB655A and 2SC1079 is swapped to 2SD675A. Any ideas what would be causing the issue? Any help is appreciated.
  8. Anyone had experience with a LUXMAN SQ-N100 tube amp? I'm looking for a suitable amp for my new Hoyt-Bedford type 1.5 single drive speakers (high effeciency) and this appeals (yes in terms of looks too!) The amp is powered by UL-connected EL84s and comes with a mm phono stage, headphone amp, and three RCA inputs. Perfect for my TT, Tuner, DAC/Mac 10 W at 8 oms per channel Srajan Ebaen, editor of 6Moons, awarded the NeoClassico SQ-N100 the prestiguous "Blue Moon" award : http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/luxman3/100.html any feedback is welcomed...
  9. Hi there, I've been a fan of vintage audio for years (currently on a Marantz 1152dc intergrated amp), but ive reached a stage where i want to invest in something new. Im keen to try a tube amp and to preserve the vintage look - so I have been looking at Luxman and Leban Integrated amplifiers. I've ruled out Leban, so... Anyone have experiences good/bad with the Luxman SQ-38u? Really appreciate your thoughts. Cheers, --Abby
  10. Had a decent listen to the Luxman p700 last night, was very impressed - usually SS headphone amps don't really wow me compared to the Stratus tube amp I have but this amp plays in a very high league! Listening was done mainly with the LCD-X headphones and the Auralic VEGA DAC. First I compared it to the Burson Soloist which I used to own and enjoy (also my go to amp for basic comparisons as I know it well) the p700 quickly made me realise the limitations of the Burson, which suddenly sounded a little compressed and has reduced soundstage width and height... At $900ish the soloist is in another price bracket to the luxman so I decided to try a higher priced model for comparison. Next up was the very expensive Cavallli liquid gold - this amp retails in Australia for $7.5k (!!) so certainly one of the most expensive headphone amps around. I'm not sure if the Cavalli needed more time to warm up - as it had only been on for a minute or so (after it's own long winded startup procedure) but I still preferred the Luxman. The p700 seemed to have far better imaging to my ear where the cavalli seemed to separate the sounds in a way that disjointed the music, some upper mid transients seemed a little harsh and the soundstage seemed a tiny bit compressed too. Maybe more warm up was needed? I haven't spent a lot of time with the Liquid gold. The Luxman seemed to create one of the nicest soundstages I have heard on a SS amp and I found the imaging to be spot on and the presentation to be very musical at the same time - it would be great to hear it back to back with the Stratus which is also really good in these areas. Downsides of the amp - obviously at a $5k list price it's not cheap! Also when paired with the HD800's it lost a bit of bass presence that the Burson had. My friend Jo commented that if you could take the treble and mids of the Luxman and combine with the bass of the Burson Soloist you would have the ultimate HD800 amp. I personally find the HD800 to be a bit bass shy, no matter which amp so I think other people who like the Senn's may disagree. There was no issue with bass presence when listening to the LCD-X however. Also the amp is quite big, what I would consider to be a full sized desktop amp - so not the best idea if space is limited. The other consideration is the source - at first I was listening to the line out of the portable AK120, which was ok, but as soon as I had a better DAC plugged (VEGA) in the system really came to life! If anyone in Melbourne has some time off over Summer and is curious to hear a top headphone rig I would recommend having a listen to this setup! I can't even com close to affording it and I still loved having a listen to it.. gav.
  11. Could you please share its sonic character? Are parts hard to find and are you using them with a step down transformer? Thanks Tax
  12. Hello all, It's been a while since I've been playing around with the idea of upgrading my Rotel pre and power amp for a Luxman Integrated, and because of the great prices I can get now at the end of financial year I've finally decided to go for it. Tomorrow I'll audition three models, the L-505ux, L-507ux and L-550AX. My speakers are Bowers&Wilkins CM7, which are not that sensitive (88db) so I was wondering which of the three will be the best match for them. ( At the store they don't have the CM7's, but other B&W models.) I know the 550Ax is pure class A, but it's only 20 W per channel at 8ohms. Would that model be more than enough to drive the CM7's perfectly? At what sort of things should I pay attentions tomorrow during the audition? Also, I assuming (but i might be wrong) that any of those three Luxman model will in fact be an upgrade to my Rotel RB-1552 power and RC-1550 pre.? I'll appreciate your comments and opinions, so thanks in advance. Jorge
  13. Hi everyone, I'm hoping you can help me out here (and that I've posted this in the right spot). There's an opportunity to buy a Luxman 5L15 integrated amp and a 5C50 pre-amp from the Labrotory Reference Series, both say "customed by Lux..." on the front, I'm not sure if they all say that but the ones I could see on google all do. Anyway, I have no idea what a fair price would be and there aren't many listings to go off on ebay or other places online. From what I can gather a fair price for the amp might be 350-400, and maybe 300 for the pre-amp? Am I way off or is that in the ballpark? I've just turned on the amp and it works, but it definitely needs a clean as the knobs and switches crackle and a channel will drop in and out. The pre-amp can't be tested yet as the power lead has been cut off at the plug. The amp started emitting a weird smell like a burnt resistor or something so we turned it off, it was still running fine when we turned it off. They're both in similar condition, not perfect but pretty good considering their age. Regards, Daniel
  14. 1. McIntosh MC240 2. Marantz 240 3. Luxman L-230 4. Luxman SQ77T 5. Marantz 6300 6. Luxman A522 7. Yamaha NS690II 8. Krix Equinox V2.1
  15. Collected this baby Luxman amplifier a few months back from a local seller. What he said was his father owned a HiFi shop in Melbourne long back and this was an unsold unit. Later it became their garage music setup when he shutdown the shop. He said it is not used much and was sitting packed and unused for very long years. Anyway I thought of giving it a go as I found some interesting information about this amplifier. * It is from late 60s when the tube amps era was approaching the end. * The successor of Luxman SQ77 vaccum tube amplifier. (Shares amlost similar appearence and switch pattern). * Uses germanium transistors than silicon transistors. Me got some free time last week and decided to take him to beauty parlour . Cleaned the face plate, applied some wood polish on the case, cleaned the switches with deoxit and cleaned internal circuits with a blower and soft brush (Ladies face beauty application brush). And it looks like this ! . . . Inside the Amplifier ! . . . Rear panel of SQ77T - The speaker connections looks totally different and I can't find any adaptors in local shops or ebay. The transistors - All four transistors are same Bendix B-170007 (The original ones ). Managed to test it two days back by touching the speaker wires at the terminals on different inputs. What I have observed is the sound is a bit scratchy and the level varies on different inputs. The left channel on AUX1 sounds good to me and it remains same even if I interchange the left and right channel using the knob in front panel. Anyone here able to help me in diagnosing this issue as I'm not technically sound in electronics? Dry capacitors the culprit here? Anyway I'm planning to give it a full restoration, but it will be good if I could have an idea of the issue before approaching the technician. Thanks in advance!
  16. Now I’m not really a bucket list person but if I was then this would have been right up high, top 10 for sure. A sound off between 3 of the Great Japanese Amplifier Manufacturers, Accuphase, Luxman and Sansui (in alphabetical order, just to avoid any accusations of favouritism). Ready for battle. And even before I get anywhere near the sonic performance I can’t help but notice all the differences between the three amps. But before I get to those I’ll just elaborate on the specific models present. The Accuphase E460 debuted in November 2010. Rated at 180wpc into 8 and 260wpc into 4 Ohms, frequency response is 3 to 150,000Hz at +0, -3dB, 0.05%THD from 20 to 20,000Hz from 4 to 16 Ohms. Uses 92 watts at idle and a max draw of 440 and weighs in at a moderate 24.4kg. It is also a MOSFET design. The Luxman L507u debuted at around the same time (can’t find any actual dates but it seems to have been on sale from about 2010 to about 2015). Rated at 110wpc into 8 and 200wpc into 4 Ohms, it is rated 0.22%THD from 20 to 2000Hz (into 8 ohms both channels driven with line straight on) which doesn’t sound that great but it does make 0.015% into 8 Ohms at 1kHz. Frequency response is 20 to 100,000 Hz -3dB or less. It uses 1.5 watts on standby, 82 watts at idle and 325 watts max. It weighs in at only 22.5kg. The Sansui Alpha 907NRA debuted in 1998 and as such is the old man of the three. It is rated at 160wpc into 8 and 190wpc into 6 Ohms and frequency response from DC to 300,000Hz at +0 and -3dB. THD is listed as less than 0.003% at 8 Ohms. I can’t find a power draw at idle but it is rated at 400 watts max. It weighs in at a spine injuring 33kg. These three amps don’t lend themselves well to direct comparisons in many ways, still, what’s life without a few challenges, let’s see what comparison categories we can come up with shall we? Ease of use: Otherwise known as the laziness category the loser here is obvious as the poor Sansui doesn’t have a remote. The winner is harder to pick, both Accuphase and Luxman have a remote with line switching and volume control but only the Accuphase has cd controls as well so I think the Accuphase wins this one. Environmental friendliness: The Luxman is the only amp that has a standby mode, so I can see people using it. That’s bad because it will use power 24/7. The Accuphase does not have a standby mode so I would think people would turn it off when not in use, that’s good, unless people leave it on in which case that’s bad. The Sansui has no standby mode and no remote, on or off people you need to make up your mind with the Sansui. Most people would see the Luxman winning this one. Capacitor bank size: Should be easy right? Wrong! The Accuphase has one large 33,000uF custom made cap per channel, the Luxman has two 10,000uF caps per channel which is more but they aren’t custom. The Sansui is harder to figure out as it has six caps of three different capacitance ratings at 2 different voltage ratings. If we just add up the figures we get 14,200uF per channel. The winner on numbers is the Luxman but it is obvious that the three amps are all designed along different lines of thinking since the amp with largest capacitor bank is also the one with smallest wattage rating. Coolest Running: The Sansui wins this category as it barely discharges any heat at all, the Luxman comes in second and the Accuphase third. None of these amps generate a lot of heat as such but the Sansui is the only one I would consider putting in an enclosed cabinet. Most gratuitous use of knobs in the design: Sorry Accuphase, you lose. The Luxman and Sansui tie with 8 knobs each. (Yes I could called this one “Most controls accessible from the faceplate” but… well… I didn’t) I was going to include a phono section but there wouldn’t be much point, every one has a choice of MM or MC and since I don’t have a turntable I don’t have the chance to try them out. Although the Accuphase doesn’t come with a phono as standard so I guess that could count as a loss with a tie for the Luxman and the Sansui, yeah, what the heck. Optional Accessories: Definitely a win to the Accuphase here with its 2 optional module slots. It can be fitted with optional DAC, phono and line in boards. Why you would want an extra line in board is beyond me but I guess if you do then you just do. Wall Voltage Options: I had to put this one in as since the Sansui Alpha series were only ever available in Japan they are only available in 100 Volt and as such a step down transformer is required to use them in many countries. This is not the case with the Luxman and the Accuphase amps. So a loss to Sansui and a tied win to the Accuphase and the Luxman. A and B speaker options: Sorry Sansui, with your single set of binding posts you lose this one. Most Gorgeous Looking Ass: That copper looks damn fine, Sansui by a mile. And one final thing of note, I really like the binding posts on the Accuphase. They just have the feeling of extra strength and extra grip, a really nice design to use. They give you the impression that you could really put some strength into tightening those speaker cables. So if I put in a “Speaker Binding Posts” category the Accuphase would be a sure winner. I could also put in an “Ability to Power Other Components” category too, with the 100 watt max plugs on its back the Sansui would walk away with that one, admittedly it is much more use in Japan but since that’s where it was designed, built and sold then that is what counts. I could continue on here for quite a while, could probably double the length of this post if I felt inclined, but I think I’ve covered enough info to let everyone get the impression that these amps aren’t really that similar even though they offer many of the same options and have fairly similar output ratings. So if you have to that conclusion then good, it will help minimise the confusion later when I start to say things about how they don’t sound that similar either. I have to go now, things to do, but I’ll be back.
  17. Currently have a Meridian system with DSP 5000s (24/96) but the wife wants to simplify the look in the living room so no floorstanders Been looking/listening to Bookshelves and have come up with the following combo (best i have heard to date for the price) and would appreciate thoughts/suggestions Luxman 550AX integrated amp (class A) with B+W 805-3s Sources are various - currently have a Meridian 596 and a Cambridge CD transport - been streaming FLAC via Logitech Squeezebox but will also look to a new streamer and a DAC but that is another topic!!!! Love to hear thoughts on the speakers and if I will lose or gain on giving up the Meridians..
  18. Well almost to the day 12 months on I've upgraded my system. I have enjoyed the Sansui for the last year, really a class act Amplifier and made the Wyndham Audio CH2s really sing. But decided on a new addition. The latest upgrades are a new cartridge and new amplifier. Micro Benz Ruby MC (thanks @rossb) Luxman 590AX Integrated Amp (thanks @Towny) Just picked the Amp up this afternoon and plugged it in. Its warming up playing Tracy Chapman initially and now Iron and Wine: Sing into my mouth. I have a big session planned for tonight to get acquainted with the new toy. It is almost as heavy as the Sansui. Quality yells at you when you inspect the 590AX. Build quality, design quality and (most importantly) sound quality - I expect. Some pics of the new setup and what will be assisting my enjoyment (Katnook Odyssey Cabernet).
  19. Item: Thorens or Luxman TT, looking for TD14X, TD15X, TD16X, PD2XX models, in at least moderately good condition Price Range: ~$400 - $500, depending on model and condition Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I'm in Sydney, so preferably pickup from Sydney. Pictures would be nice (necessary if I can't inspect because of distance) Happy to do 10% donation to SNA if a good deal is struck
  20. Item: Luxman mq-88uc tube power amplifier Price Range: Fair price for good condition Item Condition: New or Used
  21. Item: Luxman L-80 or L80 V, or any other similar pre-Alpine Luxman amp Price Range: $1000 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I am looking to provide a loving stable new home for a vintage integrated amplifier. . Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  22. hey guys looking for a luxman da-06 in sydney or anywhere in australia hit me up if you have one for sale also after a 3mtr speaker cable set . preferably kimber kable or something similar .
  23. Item: integrated amp Price Range: 500$ - 2k to 3k for Luxman to 2.2k for Yamaha AS2100 to 1.3k for NAD S300 Open to other brands. Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: sold all my amps but missed out on the one I wanted. Would like to get one soon but will have to be a very good one. Would consider amps over 12 years ago if it has been recently serviced and re-capped by a reputable technician due to past experiences this is a must for me. Previous amp experience including Rega, Cayin, Vintage luxman and Pioneer. Hope for something tube like, with lush mids and solid bass.
  24. Item: Vintage Luxman Amplfier Price Range: Depends on specific amplifier and condition Item Condition: NOS or Used Extra Info: Hi guys, looking for a vintage Luxman amplifier. Something pre-Alpine association (preferably mid to late 70's), and has a timber/veneer case. Looking for something in at least decent nick. Something like the L-85v would be ideal, but am happy to hear what people here might have. I'm based in Sydney, but would be happy to pay for postage for the right one. Thanks!
  25. Item: High-End Fully or Semi Auto Turntable - Denon, Luxman, JVC etc Price Range: max $1250 or (partial) trade with a Thorens TD 125 MK II with SME 3009 unimproved with new solid blackbutt plinth and lid OR store credit :-) Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I am looking for a new main turntable for my Dutch Vinyl record store. As we play records all day long a fully auto machine would be handy but we are also looking for a stunning and solid turntable. Just missed out on the Luxman PD 288 today so thought it was a good idea to put my feelers out to see if anyone has anything of interest for us. I have been considering the following: Denon dp 47f Denon 59L Luxman full or semi auto JVC QL-Y66F Something else?
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