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  1. VAF

    DC-X35 Thread

    This is the official VAF DC-X35 thread. The DC-X35 will be shown at the Australian Audio & AV Show in Sydney 19-21 October (Next Week), and you'll see an offer for the first 50 in a seperate VAF Show thread. We won't reveal all here just yet, but the new DC-X35 builds on the previous platform with smoother response again, better dynamics again, 10% deeper bass (as if its predecessor didn't go deep enough), and 10% higher bass power handling too Prices will start at $2,999 in Black European Oak. Other finishes will be available. A DC-X35cc centre speaker will also be available for $1,799. Every set will be individually serial numbered for each owner, and a gold plate on each speaker will identify these limited edition speakers. Questions welcome...
  2. Hi all Call it upgradeitis, the nagging doubt there is always something better or a search for higher purpose but I can't help wondering if my floorstanding Krix Lyrix are the best match for my newly acquired Rega brio-r and Rega DAC. I LOVE my rega's and I used to LOVE and still do my Krix Lyrix speakers (purchased over 10 years ago - since superseeded my "Phoenix"). Should I just stop here I was fortunate in that I was forced to upgrade my previous amp (a Rotel) when it blew. However am I imagining it or do I hear the bass and mids being sucked through honey rather than being immediate and clear (I obviously can't speak audiophile) to do the rega's justice? Can the rega drive the Krix? Is there a loudspeaker that would bring me significant improvement in a similar price bracket (~$2k?) Can someone advise me on (a) whether it's all in my head and I should just be happy with what I have saving myself some hard earned cash or (B) is there floorstanding loudspeaker that would make me happier...? Audition music; Primal Scream - Screamadellica (anniversary edition) Radiohead - In Rainbows Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes Dynamo Productions - Get it Together My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
  3. Hi everyone, I've just spent all day putting the SB Acoustics drivers on the store. The only ones we couldn't get were the 2 different 10" passive radiators, everything else is on there though. Some feedback on price would be good, if it's way off what others are selling them for then I'll update the pricing tomorrow. For now we only have a shipping weight, but you should still be able to place an order. I'll be putting in shipping dimensions once I have them. These are all being sourced from a local distributor, so orders will be very quick once placed. Regards, Daniel
  4. Hi everyone, We're having a 3 day sale on the Ultimax 15" and 18" drivers! By far our most popular subwoofers. Save $90 on the 18" and $60 on the 15"! It's also the last 3 days to get 15% off on the pre-orders for the new range of kits! Regards, Daniel
  5. Hi everyone, We've been getting a lot of requests for complete HT bundles, including all speakers, a subwoofer and an AVR. We're working on the subwoofer kits, they'll be available soon, but I'm hoping to get some suggestions from SNA about the AVR. Given say a $1500-$2500 spend on speakers/subwoofer, what price would people expect to pay for an AVR? And what brands are popular at that price point? Suggestions? I've just added the suggested brands to a poll question along with a couple of others, you can select multiple brands so tick any that you would like to see us sell in our bundles. As for the price range, $700-1K seems to be the most popular for a base model, and perhaps another option with more features at 1.5-2K? Regards, Daniel
  6. Hi Everyone, Pre-orders are now being taken for the new range of LSK kits. The M6, F6, C6, F4 and S8 are all online and there's a 15% discount for pre-orders. More details and measurements will be added as we get them. let me know if you have any questions PRE-ORDER HERE Regards, Daniel
  7. Hi everyone, Our email for kit pre-orders has gone out. Pre-order now to make sure you are one of the first to get your hands on the new kits! You can read the full newsletter HERE. Don't forget our January specials, you might find yourself a bargain! Improve imaging and spaciousness! Professional grade acoustic treatment that won't break the bank. Take your listening experience to the next level with the LSK diffuser kit. Available now!
  8. Hi everyone, Our latest newsletter has just been sent to our mailing list members. If you would like to receive regular updates about our products and services as well as valuable audio DIY tips and project ideas, please visit our website www.theloudspeakerkit.com and subscribe to our mailing list today by entering your email at the bottom of our homepage. Below is a sneak peak. Our Demo room is now ready to go! contact me to arrange a time to have a listen. Currently we're running a 5.1 system with our M4 and C4 kits, this will be expanded as more kits are released. I'll be updating this post with more details and pictures throughout the week, stay tuned! What are you looking forward to demoing the most!? Regards, Daniel
  9. Hi Everyone, For the next 2 days our M4 Mk2 and C4 kits are 10% off! Multi-channel Bundles and M4 woofer upgrades are included too! Use the code lskoctober10 when checking out :-) Regards, Daniel
  10. Hi everyone, We're currently running a competition on Facebook to win an M4 Mk2 mini monitor kit. head over to our page for all the details! Regards, Daniel
  11. Hi everyone! I'm really excited to announce that we're now shipping worldwide! Every international order will ship with TNT Express, an extremely quick and affordable service. You can get a quote directly on a product page using our postage calculator, there's no need to make an account or go through the checkout process to get a quote either! Regards, Daniel
  12. The Massive LSK Christmas Sale Continues! A friendly reminder for you to pick up a special summer project or a great gift - order now to receive your kits before Christmas! Same great sales continues! Christmas comes early at LSK, save up to 50% on a wide range of products during our Christmas sale. Click on the Specials page to see the below great deals and more: JIB Cables - 50% off LSK Kits - 20% off - including our new M4 kits! Test & Measurement Equipment - 15% off Speaker Stands - up to 10% off Acoustic Treatment - 10% off Avoid the Christmas rush and have your gifts delivered right to your doorstep. Sale ends Christmas eve! Christmas Specials Read the full newsletter here
  13. Hi everyone, For those of you who missed our New Years newsletter you can check it out HERE. These great specials are currently available and only while stock lasts, so be quick! New Years Specials!LSK QRD-500 500 Hz Quadratic Residue Diffuser kit - 12 kits only! 40% off Jib cables - while stocks last! 60% off SB Acoustics SB12NRX25-4 4" Midwoofer - 3 pairs only! 50% off SB Acoustics SB12MNRX25-4 4" Midrange Driver - 1 pair only! 50% off Dayton Audio RSS210HO-4 8" Reference Subwoofer - 2 only! 15% off Dayton Audio RSS210HF-4 8" Reference Subwoofer - 1 only! 15% off Dayton Audio RS180S-8 7" Reference Shielded Woofer - 4 pairs only! 15% off Dayton Audio RSS315HO-4 12" Reference Subwoofer - 3 only! 10% off Dayton Audio UM15-22 15" Ultimax DVC Subwoofer - 1 only! 10% off Regards, Daniel
  14. Hi everyone, We would love to see your LSK kit builds and any other projects you've completed using parts from us. It doesn't matter if it's your first go at DIY or your hundredth project, everyone is welcome to post so don't hesitate! We work hard here and seeing completed projects is really exciting for us and I'm sure everyone would be interested to see what you've done. Regards, Daniel :-)
  15. Hi Everyone, We've just sent out a newsletter for our Christmas sale! Read it here. Surprise someone special with a summer project they'll never forget. Christmas comes early at LSK, save up to 50% on a wide range of products during our Christmas sale. Some discounts on popular items include: LSK Kits - 20% off Test & Measurement Equipment - 15% off Speaker Stands - up to 10% off Acoustic Treatment - 10% off JIB Cables - 50% off Avoid the Christmas rush and have your gifts delivered right to your doorstep. Sale ends Christmas eve! Simon Tremlett of StereoNET on the M4 Mk2 mini monitor kit - "this kit is really hard to beat, sounding better than some much more expensive products" Read the full review here - StereoNET Forum Reviews FUN FACT: There's a reason why everyone has been raving about our new M4 Mk2 kits, and here's why! The LSK line of kits have been re-vamped and overhauled by high-end loudspeaker designer, Stuart Graeme Ralston, Mr SGR himself! There's now a chance for everyone to own some SGR magic, at very affordable prices! Regards, Daniel
  16. Hi everyone, I've just finished updating our acoustic treatment section. We've got Pyrotek acoustic panels and bass traps, as well as our own DIY diffuser kits. There's a lot of useful information on there to help you choose the right treatment to suit any application. Pickup is now available on all orders from our location in Templestowe! Regards, Daniel
  17. Hi everyone, We've got big things on the way at LSK! Or should I say... little things! UPDATE: The M3 kits are now up for pre-order! Check them out here. There's also a Bundle available including a Dayton DTA-1 amplifier and speaker cable, check that out here. We're going to sell 5 pre-production kits to SNA members for the special price of $99 providing you're happy to give us a review of the speakers. PM me if you're interested and I will give you the promotion code. The pre-production pairs will ship in the first week or two of January. We've got an update newsletter coming tomorrow with all the information about the next kits to be released in 2015! Sign up here Here's the first M3 enclosure (on the right) next to the M4 Mk2. Regards, Daniel
  18. Hi everyone, We've got a few different ideas in the pipeline at the moment, so we thought it would be good to get some opinions on what would be of most interest to you! Please select one or more of the options and let us know what you want to see us do next. Regards, Daniel
  19. Hi everyone, I have just added the 4 different Precision Sound port tube kits to the store. They come in 2", 3", 4" and 6" sizes. We've had a few requests for them over the last couple of months, so we decided to add them to our range. These are the best port tubes of their kind on the market. Regards, Daniel
  20. Hi Everyone, We weren't at all happy with the quality of the speaker stands supplied to us in the past, so we decided to get a few different models in to test. We've just added our 3 favourites to the store! The Dayton model is an extremely sturdy stand that is as serious as it looks. The other two models are neat looking stands, both with sleek black tubes and tempered glass bases and tops. Check them out here! Regards, Daniel
  21. Item: Brodmann Acoustics F2 Loudspeakers (pair) Piano Black Location: Burwood VIC Price: $6,000 (RRP $10,995) Item Condition: Used. VG condition. With the original boxes and packaging. Reason for selling: Sale Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is a pair of the Festival series F2 loudspeaker from Brodmann. Finished in an 8 layer high gloss piano black finish, that has to be seen. With a front tweeter and 2 side firing mid/woofer drivers, arranged in a horn resonator arrangement. Its a 2 way with very natural and extended bass. Experience no compromise listening. Brodmann has created some of the most tonally accurate loudspeakers speakers available. All Brodmann loudspeakers are made by hand in Vienna Austria, the spiritual home of classical music. Every speaker system and every instrument produced (they also make pianos) is a direct reflection of passion for music. Brodmann takes great pride in applying new technologies and procedures to improve their products, which can be considered works of art. Using real timber veneers and multi coat piano finishing, no two are exactly alike. Optionally they can be ordered in any color you choose. Look at the finish and you will quickly realise that this loudspeaker is special, listen to it and you will fall in love. Specifications: Frequency Range: 36 - 25,000 Hz ±3 dB Acoustic Crossover: 130 Hz (4.5 dB/oct) Electronic Crossover: 2.15 kHz (6 dB/oct) Operational Output: 1.8 Watt for 91 dB/m Power Req: 20 - 160 Watt Nominal impedance: 8 Ohm Dimensions (H x W x D): 1112 x 216 x 275 mm Weight: 19 kg Pictures:
  22. Item: Fostex FE206E Full Range Loudspeakers Location: Launceston, Tasmania Price: 1500.00 ONO Item Condition: Excellent Condition Reason for selling: Excess to my needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: These Loudspeakers were manufactured by Andrew Tilsley from Sydney, they weight around 45kg each and are beautifully made. Would suit Tube low watt power amplifier, I have run these on my high power amplifiers and they sound great! However they are excess to my needs and need to find a new home. I can ship these anywhere in Australia at new owners expense or if you live in Tasmania you can pick them up locally. Pictures:
  23. Item: Mission 796SE + Matching 79AS Sub (Gloss Rosewood Cabinets) Location: Kingaroy Price: $3700 Posted Within Australia OPEN TO OFFERS! Item Condition: Immaculate 10/10 Near New Reason for Selling: Purchased for a Specific Room, Then had to move Surplus to Rooms/systems Payment Method: Pickup-Cash, Paypal (Add 3%), Bank Deposit Extra Info: Purchased for a living area, then was forced to move to a house with 1 less room to fill, ran for about 50 hours to begin running in, have been packed until this last weekend when I got the motivation to pull them back out. 10/10 Condition, all original packaging, 4 Years Warranty Remaining (2 on Sub amp, 4 on Sub Driver). Very musical little speaker, especially for small scale and acoustic works, driven with a nice tube amp this little speakers truly shine, and are perfect for even the smallest of rooms. Designed and Built in England by Mission. Will attach pictures of sub Tonight.
  24. Hey. Due to a death in the family, (earthwolf82) and the various stuff shuffling around, these speakers are up for sale. originally bought by myself in 1995, these were made when Mordant Short were English owned, and built their speakers in England. Real wood veneer, and three way design. If I remember correctly, it was 90db and 8 ohm - so real easy to drive. it was my first foray into Hi-Fi, and cost me over $1500 when I was earning $15 per hour!! i think the price is fair, considering the condition. One driver was replaced back in 2001, but that’s it. Working perfectly. all proceeds will go to Healesville Sanctuary (hence why there’s no discount) in tribute to my brother, who adored animals! pick up only, contactless.
  25. Hello SNA members! Finally, after lengthy contemplation, decided to put these up for sale. Got the upgrade bug!! Damn expensive hobby this They are in immaculate condition, had them for about six months. So they are just run in now. Have the original box, instructions and receipt. They've always sat on top of some Atacama SL600 speaker stands on Atacama gel pads, so the underside of the speaker is as immaculate as the top and sides. They've been in my room in a pet and smoke free environment. My price is firm, so please no offers. I'm happy to deliver anywhere in Melbourne, for country Victoria and the rest of Australia, postage is at your cost, and your responsibility. Outside of Australia, sorry, I won't sell overseas. $25 dollar donation to SNA when I get payment for the speakers... Item: Monitor Audio RX2's Location: Melbourne Price: $795.00 Item Condition: Excellent, like new. Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Paypal Extra Info: n/a Pictures: I've attached one, if you want more, ask.
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