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  1. Further Information: Year of manufacture appears to be 1997 from the serial number. Black ash finish with a few light marks as shown in the photos. The bad: One LF cone has a small crack and the fabric tweeter dust caps show signs of age. Each speaker has one broken grille lug but the grilles still attach firmly. The good: They have cleaned up nicely after being stored for many years. I have tested them and they work beautifully. They are big bookshelf speakers and sound even bigger. Photos: Provided Specifications (sourced from prior SN listings): Type: 2 way rear vented bass reflex Frequency range: 50Hz to 20 Khz Sensitivity: 88 dB Impedance: 8 Ohms Recommended amplifier: 20 to 60 watts RMS per channel Low frequency driver: 170 mm (6.5”) long throw polypropylene with inverted rubber surround. The voice coil is wound on a high powered aluminium former High frequency driver: 25mm soft textile dome ferro fluid cooled tweeter. Crossover: 2KHz. Acoustic and electrical filter designed to exhibit essentially on Acoustic 2nd Order Butterworth response for the bass and tweeter Volume (internal): 17 litres Dimensions (mm): 285 (depth) x 430 (height) x 225 (width) Weight: 8.5 kg No other items in photos are included in the sale.
  2. Further Information: Selling my Krix Seismix 3 MK7 subwoofer, a very good quality sounding subwoofer that is very good for theatre and music systems, comes with power cable and manual as well and purchase receipt.
  3. Hi All, I am setting up a 5.2 system for my HT room and struggling to understand the best position for my surround speakers. I got the following setup Marantz cinema 50 Krix Harmonix as front left and right Krix Vortex as center speaker Krix IW 30 (Ecliptix ) as rear left and right speaker. Tone winner D4000 subs My recliner is hard against the back wall (maybe a 300 to 400mm gap between ears and wall in the reclined position), and I wonder what the best location is to mount Krix IW 30. I can't move the recliner any forward as it will then become hard to see the whole screen without fatigue (110-inch screen). I can accommodate moving it a little bit forward to have an earline-to-wall gap of 400mm to 500mm in the reclined position if that makes significant changes in the performance of the speaker or if it is a judging factor in speaker placement. Option 1 - Rear wall Option 2- Side wall Any help would be greatly appreciated. Side note: I referred to the Dolby setup for 5.1/5.2 setup but got confused as it shows the bookshelf speakers and I got the in-wall speakers.
  4. Hoping someone can help me here. I just sold a set of Krix Phoenix MK1s to my old man (I'm moving). Came back today to help him hook them up and upon testing Billy Joel over them, it was obvious the sound was completely vacant of any high frequency sound (sounded terrible and muddy). Definitely no sound coming from the tweeters on both speakers. Confirmed nothing wrong with the receiver after testing it with another pair of small bookshelf speakers (tweeters worked). I took the tweeter out and tested it's resistance. They both tested 6 ohms as labelled on the side of tweeter. So I took the crossover out in the back of the speaker and this is where I'm out of my depth... Just wandering if anyone could suggested what to do from here or if new tweeters are needed, how I'd go about tracking them down. Cheers!
  5. Further Information: Shipping available at agreed cost through Living Sound and Vision Brisbane. Amplifier, Sub-woofer and Chord Clearways come with full warranty (5 years from purchase) Warranties are fully transferable Yamaha A-S1200 Integrated Amplifier Full specs here: https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/yamaha-a-s1200-integrated-amplifier Purchased new in October 2022 from Living Sound, Brisbane Krix Seismix 3 Mk7 Sub-woofer 300w sub-woofer, Black Woodgrain finish Full specs here: https://krix.com.au/seismix3-mk7/ Purchased new in May 2021 from Living Sound, Brisbane Mint condition, little used Sonos Port WiFi Network Audio Streamer Full specs here: https://www.sonos.com/en-au/shop/port Purchased new in October 2022 from Living Sound, Brisbane All boxes and power cables are included, plus 2x 3m speaker cables
  6. Hi Experts, I'm in the midst of setting up HT with 11.2 setup using Krix speakers: Neuphonix MK2 - Front Epicentrix MK2 - Centre Symmetrix - Side and Rear Atmospherix - Ceiling (x4) Sub-woofer - Undecided I have several suggestions to go with 1. Intergra DRX-R1 & Anthem MCA 5.1 power Amp 2. Yamaha CX-A5100 & MX-A5000 combo 3. Anthem MRX 11.2 & Anthem MCA 5.1 power Amp Would appreciate if someone could provide some advise on the above or something else. Also, i'm still undecided on the subs too... Thanks again Cheers K
  7. Hi all I am wondering if anyone can assist in identifying a pair of vintage Krix speakers we have. We think they are circa 1988 but have no information or specifications for them other than the original Krix labels on the rear and badges on the front. We would like to sell them and it would be helpful if we knew exactly what they are and the specs. If anyone can help it would be appreciated. Cheers Daniel
  8. Hi all, I'm in the process of upgrading my HT setup and will eventually replace everything. At the moment I run a Yamaha RX V663 AV Receiver that has done me well in my current setup, however I don't know how well it will go with the new speakers I want to get. I have shortlisted a few speakers of interest.... Krix: - Harmonix MK2 for fronts (Sensitivity 90dB, Nominal 6 Ohms (minimum 3.1 Ohms)) - Vortex MK2 for centre (Sensitivity 91dB, (Nominal 6 Ohms (Minimum 3 Ohms)) - Dynamix MK2 for surrounds (Sensitivity 88dB, (Nominal 6 Ohms (Minimum 3.7 Ohms)) Vaf: - DC-X63 (Sensitivity 94dB, Nominal 6 Ohms) or DC-X42 (Sensitivity 92dB, Nominal 6 Ohms) for fronts - DC-X63cc (Sensitivity 94dB, Nominal 6 Ohms) or DC-X42cc (Sensitivity 92dB, Nominal 6 Ohms) for centre - surrounds unknown at this stage Klipsch: - RP-260F for fronts (Sensitivity 96dB, 8 Ohms) - RP-450C for centre (Sensitivity 97dB, 8 Ohms) - RP-150M for surrounds (Sensitivity 93dB, 8 Ohms) I just want some peoples opinions on how the AV receiver will go with either of these setups and if I really should be looking at getting a new AV Receiver first? Yamaha RX V663 Specs: - Minimum RMS Output Power for Front, Center, Surround, Surround back 20 Hz to 20 kHz, 0.06% THD, 8 Ω ...................................... 95 W - Power Consumption [Other models] .................................................................... 440 W Cheers, Dave
  9. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with using bungs with Krix neuphonix speakers so that they can sit closer to the wall. Some additional queries are: 1. Whether this may actually damage these krix speakers 2. Where can i get some bungs? or should i just increase the subs crossover higher to reduce bass output from these fronts.
  10. Hey guys, I have my home theatre at 6m long by 4.8m wide. I am planning on having 2 rows of seating one at ground level and another on a 500mm platform. The back row of couches will sit roughly 4.5m from eye level to the screen and the front row will be about 3m from eye level to screen. With regards to side surrounds would you place them in between the two lounges or inline with one and make that spot the sweet spot for the room? The lounges will be slightly off centre so one seat will be dead middle of the room. I have a JVC X5000 Projector and 120' 16:9 screen. The surrounds are Krix Dynamix surrounds. I haven't yet chosen ceiling speakers for atoms as of yet though. If there is any info I have missed please let me know. Regards Cameron
  11. Hi All, Love to hear opinions on how the relatively 'new' Krix Atomix speakers compare to the 'old' Brix. Was a big fan of the Brix but I'm told they are no longer available - so I'm looking at alternatives. Main use is HT but will be doing duty as a 2ch stero from time to time. Thanks. THR.
  12. I have the opportunity to purchase a pair of Krix Esoterix 1 MkII speakers for $450 Worth it? What are these speakers like? I currently have some low/mid range Infinity 3 way floorstanders (Delta 40) that don't have alot of bass. I will be running them through a NAD C375BEE Cheers
  13. Hi guys, I currently have a full krix 7.2 home theatre system. I would like to add 4 in ceiling atoms speakers but don't know whether I need to use the same brand speaker or if I can add a cheaper speaker for instance a set of paradigm in ceilings. I can get the paradigms a lot cheaper and my thoughts were the ceiling speakers won't be doing a lot of work so is it worth investing a lot in those ceiling speakers? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you Camo
  14. Hi everyone, back again with another subwoofer review, a couple of months ago I decided to change out my Krix Seismix 3 MK7 with the model up, which is the Tektonix to see if there was any differences or improvements to see if it can be called an upgrade. So here's my review; Features: As far as I'm concerned its not typical for a manufacturer to use the same enclosure from one model to create a higher model, this is the case for the Tektonix where it uses the exact enclosure that the Seismix 3 MK7, as well as this the Tektonix uses what appears to be the same driver unit as the Seismix 3 MK7, so far then things don't look significantly different until we talk about the amplifier. The amplifier fitted to the Tektonix is the major difference on this unit, where the Seismix 3 MK7 uses a 350 watt rms amplifier, the Tektonix uses Krix's KDSA 450 watt rms amplifier which is also found on the bigger units such as; the Volcanix, Volcanix Slim and Cyclonix (powered). I really like that the Tektonix like the bigger units has the LCD display on the front which makes things a lot easier when it comes to making adjustments especially if you don't like to keep moving your sub to make those adjustments, speaking of adjustments the Tektonix has quite a fair amount of it including; level, crossover, auto sense or 12v trigger option, auto sense sensitivity, Q adjust, set-up lock to stop unwanted adjustment. On the back of the Tektonix amplifier we have; 12v trigger input, rca sub inputs L and R ( L is for Mono LFE connection in this case), High Level inputs and IEC power input with switch. Set-up: I have recently during my time with the Tektonix have made some changes to my home theatre system, so as far as sources go the AV receiver I'm using with my theatre system is my recenlty bought Yamaha RX-V2085 (RX-A2080 equivilent) with the Sony UBP-X700 4K blu-ray player and a Marantz CD5005 (which I recently for $50 and repaired). As for speakers, I'm using a pair of (also recently bought) Fyne Audio F302's as my fronts, Polk Signature S30 as my centre and 2 pairs of Polk signature S10's for surround and Dolby Atmos/DTS-X effects. I left the level on the Tektonix at '-20' with the crossover at 'LFE' and because I was using 12v trigger I set the option from 'auto sense' to '12v trigger', I left the 'Q' on default which is '0.9' and phase was set for my area as '180' and that was all that was done on the unit itself, on the AVR I had my front speakers and subwoofer level set at '-6' with the centre at '-4' and surround set at '-5' with the heights set at '-2', crossovers on the AVR were set to '80Hz' for the Front three speakers and for the other speakers were set at '90Hz'. The Tektonix was positioned between my front left and my centre speaker with a couple of inches away from my wall. Performance: I started my listening test with some music to see how musical the Tektonix, so I played Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" and noted straight away that this sub can easily do music, bass notes were flowing nicely with every beat sounding clear and tight with the right amount of punch that was not over exaggerated or boomy, I then played "Peaceful Easy Feeling" live by the Eagles and like playing Pink Floyd the Tektonix really did an amazing job of blending in with my front speakers and not standing out from them, but at the same time it gave the music that really nice realistic dimension to the sound, kick drums and bass guitar notes sounded seperated and very well defined, after the Eagles I played more wide range of music content and every time the Tektonix proved to be a great sub for music, staying tuneful and controlled even at high volumes without me having a second thought about the sound. As for movies I played a lot of movies such as; "Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker", "Aquaman", "Tron: Legacy" and "Avengers: Infinity War", to be honest I was really suprised because the Tektonix performed so well, it didn't just put out deep bass effects, on top of all that, every crash, thud, boom and crunch had great realism, dimension and dynamics to the sound and the Tektonix can go really loud if it has to, I have to say I am blown away to see a sub such as this do what it does especially given that it is not the size of some really big subs (svs) that I know of. The funny thing about the Tektonix is that even with all that power and performance in a smaller enclosure, I never once detected any port noise which is generally typical of many ported subs which shows that the engineering behind the Tektonix is fantastic. Comparison: Krix Tektonix price for comparison: (RRP $1745) Krix Seismix 3 Mk7 (RRP $1295): a lot of people that I know of have asked me if the Tektonix is any different from the Seismix 3 MK7 mainly because they both have the same cabinet and the short answer is yes there are some difference in terms of sound, firstly especially for movies where you get a lot of LFE, while the Seismix 3 MK7 has some good depth, the Tektonix takes it to another level where it sounds even deeper with a greater sense of scale, but at the same time it sounds a bit more realistic and dynamics are a bit better too, while for music while both subs sound quite close, the Tektonix adds a bit more definition and sounds a little bit wider in the frequency spectrum to me than the Seismix 3 MK7 especially when listening to content with pipe organs. The Seismix 3 MK7 is still an excellent subwoofer within it's price range especially when compared to many subs around the same price, but obviously because the Tektonix is above the Seismix 3 MK7 in terms of product and price range, there really should be some differences anyway or else in my personal opinion it's not worth the upgrade. Klipsch SPL-120 (RRP $1999) : I got the chance to hear this subwoofer and its an ok subwoofer, it goes loud and it goes quite deep, but its not very musical so I would not recommended it for many cases where you are listening to music with a sub, the Tektonix is very superior in every way compared to the SPL-120 for music and even for movies while the SPL-120 is very loud and dynamic, but it doesn't sound as cinematic as the Tektonix does. SVS PB-2000 (RRP $1750) : I do like svs subwoofers especially given the price to performance ratio, so how does the PB-2000 compare to the Tektonix, well the PB-2000 surely goes deeper than the Tektonix and because the PB-2000 has a bigger driver, it can also go louder and it sounds quite cinematic, however when it comes to realism I feel the Tektonix gives more of it and is more cinematic while at the same time keeping a big scale sound and when it comes to music, the PB-2000 is pretty good, but can sound a bit slow and slightly boomy with certain music content, whereas the Tektonix sounds quicker and more tuneful and of course if size matters the PB-2000 is way bigger than the Tektonix, the SB-2000 and even the Volcanix. Richter Thor 10.6 (RRP $1699): I have always had a liking towards Richter subwoofers, but the 10.6 definitely gives the Tektonix a run for its money and all I can say is that both subs do extremely well in both music and movies, in fact its a hard to pick one over the other for there performance, but if you do value features then they do differ in that area, the Thor 10.6 has dsp control for music, home theatre and merlin mode. whereas the Tektonix doesn't and all the controls on the Thor 10.6 are on the back of the unit, whereas the Tektonix has control on an LCD display on the front of the unit. The Richter Thor 10.6 unlike the Tektonix has an XLR balance input and XLR balance pass-through along with the usual RCA and high level inputs. Conclusion: Overall I have to say that I really like the Krix Tektonix, it does everything that a good subwoofer should do and given the size of this unit, it will fit in many places, while putting out excellent bass sound for movies, music and even gaming content, now of course I had the Seismix 3 MK7 prior to the Tektonix and would I say that this is an upgrade? It sure is, In fact I liked the Tektonix so much that I actually purchased a second unit because well, how can you go wrong with that.
  15. Hi all Call it upgradeitis, the nagging doubt there is always something better or a search for higher purpose but I can't help wondering if my floorstanding Krix Lyrix are the best match for my newly acquired Rega brio-r and Rega DAC. I LOVE my rega's and I used to LOVE and still do my Krix Lyrix speakers (purchased over 10 years ago - since superseeded my "Phoenix"). Should I just stop here I was fortunate in that I was forced to upgrade my previous amp (a Rotel) when it blew. However am I imagining it or do I hear the bass and mids being sucked through honey rather than being immediate and clear (I obviously can't speak audiophile) to do the rega's justice? Can the rega drive the Krix? Is there a loudspeaker that would bring me significant improvement in a similar price bracket (~$2k?) Can someone advise me on (a) whether it's all in my head and I should just be happy with what I have saving myself some hard earned cash or (B) is there floorstanding loudspeaker that would make me happier...? Audition music; Primal Scream - Screamadellica (anniversary edition) Radiohead - In Rainbows Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes Dynamo Productions - Get it Together My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
  16. Hi Guys, Might be a stupid question but I have picked up my speakers and need to store them over these summer months until the house is ready. The room I have them in is a Sunroom attached to the house and it gets quite hot in there over summer. Will this effect the speakers and should they be moved somewhere cooler? Thanks Guys
  17. I have a 5.1 Krix setup from Prior's original group buy in 2007. It is made up of the Neuphonix, Epicentrix, Equinox and Seismix 5. Currently it is powered by the Onkyo 875 as Pre and Emotiva XP5 as Power Amp. I have a few questions if you dont mind.... 1. The whole set up is about 10 years old. What part of it has lost quality when compared to brand new - ie do I have to start again? 2. Could I get a new Pre-Amp and use the old Onkyo 875 (integrated amp) and Emotiva XP5 (true power amp) to power the speakers of a Dolby 5.1.2 Atmos set up? This way I could power 10 speakers! 3. What Pre-Amp would be good if #2 is possible? 4. Is there a set of ceiling speakers that would match my current set up? 5. If I dont want to install speakers on the ceiling, how bad are floor atmos speakers? I'm just concerned with the wiring and cables everywhere! Currently the cables go under the carpet so there are none in sight!
  18. Hey all, I've been looking for some heavy duty wall mount brackets for my Acoustix - I haven't found anything sturdier than the Raxx brackets from Selby... So I thought I'd ask if anyone here has any suggestions? I may end up making something sturdier if I can't find anything Cheers
  19. Item: Krix Atmospherix and Hemispherix in-ceiling speakers. Price Range: Less than full retail Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for two pair of Krix in-ceiling speakers, preferably a pair of Atmospherix for the rears, and a pair of Hemispherix for the balcony. A long shot I know, but thought I would post this in case anyone had any surplus that they needed to move on.
  20. Item: Krix Acoustix x 2pr Price Range: $1,000 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: After two pairs for my theatre. Am located in Melbourne, Vic. Preferably mk2.
  21. Item: Krix Graphix Centre Speaker Price Range: $375 - $400 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Any finish, cabinet condition is not critical but drivers and internals must be excellent. Hi I'm looking for a Krix Graphix to sit between my Symphonix Speaker pair. I have a Krix Centrix which is great, but it is slightly too big to fit in my cabinet. So I would also consider a swap if anyone is interested ?. Unless I can locate a Graphix ASAP (or sooner) the Centrix will go under the knife. I will plane off 4mm from each side of the cabinet to make it fit. Crazy? Maybe. help save the Centrix. Thanks ? OK the cabinet has now been trimmed - no casualties to report. It still works, and it fits!! Cheers to all my subscribers.
  22. Hello Community If anyone has a pair of krix brix or krix equinox for sale give me a holler as I'm after a pair of either. Cheers
  23. Item: Krix speakers Price Range: 1234 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: After the above mentioned Krix speakers, ideally located in Brisbane but happy to consider a courier if possible for out of State speakers (happy to arrange this too)
  24. Item: Krix Acoustix or Equinox Price Range: $0-800 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Interested in either model preferably not in a black finish.
  25. Item: Krix Graphix mk1 centre speaker Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I am looking for a Krix Graphix mk1 centre speaker to match my pair of Krix Phoenix mk1s. Atlantic Jarrah finish preferred. Local or interstate seller is fine. Thanks!
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