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    • Price: AUD $275
    • Condition: Used
    • State: (VIC) Victoria/Australia
    Selling Atlas Equator Integra 2m RCA . Bought about a three years ago from lifestyle store. Great sounding cable that has a superb noise isolation Have done rearrangement and the cable is bit long for me now No box!!!
    • Price: AUD $200
    • Condition: Essentially New
    • State: (VIC) Victoria/Australia
    Compact set of 0.5m analogue leads by The Chord Company. Essentially brand new in original packaging. Happy to ship Australia-wide, for free within VIC.
    • Price: AUD $250
    • Condition: Essentially New
    • State: (VIC) Victoria/Australia
    Essentially brand new set of Chord Company Shawling Analogue RCA. Unneeded, so on the block. In original packaging and flawless condition. Happy to ship Australia-wide, within Victoria included in cost.
  1. Further Information: Rrp $525 per set ($1050) Brilliant cables for the money, and Audioquest gear is always priced well for the performance, I just don't need these and have some bills to pay. Will ship australia-wide at no cost.
  2. Further Information: RRP: $675 Brilliant cable, and made to AudioQuest's exacting standards. More "oomph" than I'm used to from an XLR at its price, even compared to Atlas' Equator OCC range - which are a huge favourite - are given a good run for their money considering the price difference. Good staging, excellent dynamics, and no anaemic midrange or bass tones to be seen (or heard, as may be more apt...). Work beautifully, the sheathing is still near perfect, but a couple of marks on the xlr shells - nothing affecting their usability, however. Happy to ship Australia-wide, usually including freight unless it renders the sale redundant.
  3. Further Information: The ARAY geometry conductors are heavier gauge oxygen free copper, insulation has been upgraded to FEP and the shielding is a dual-layer counter-wound heavy gauge foil design. The Clearway RCA is fitted with Chord direct silver-plated VEE 3 RCA plugs. Clearway Analogue RCA cables are turntable-ready as standard. I've always been very happy with the sound of these. I've used interconnects of much higher value with no discernible benefit.
  4. I had a chance to borrow a Bocchino Mayflower interconnect recently from Bruno at Kasum Audio in SA and was astonished by how much they complimented the AudioQuest Sky cables and gave my system a much more 'live' sound with punchier bass. There was also a noticeable spatial improvement with separation of instruments. Placing them between the pre and power amps made the most difference so they are now a permanent feature in my system. Just wanted to know if anyone else had been blown away by the Bocchino cables or other accessories. I have also learnt that they have been suppling AudioQuest with their high-end connectors for the WEL series. They have an amazing high quality feel to them, so I guess this is not really surprising...
  5. Hi All, I have been reading about Belden's new cables for several months in the PS Audio forums (USA). Several pre-production sets were being evaluated and much of the feedback was very, very positive however there wasn't; A) little information from Belden themselves regarding the cable design, measurements, background and, B) you couldn't purchase them. The above has been solved so I thought I'd pass on the information for inquisitive minds here. I'm not involved in any way with Belden or HansonAV in the USA who are selling the product. I merely post for your information. I cannot personally comment on the performance as I haven't purchased any either! If they are as good as ppl say perhaps they are worth considering. At least the company has published performance figures, design and the whys of what they consider important. Enjoy the read. Frank USA distributor / www.hansonav.com ICONOCLASTTM-XLR-CABLE.pdf ICONOCLASTTM-RCA-CABLE.pdf ICONOCLASTTM-SPEAKER-CABLE.pdf ICONOCLAST(TM).pdf
  6. I was reading all about Keith Eichmann's new plugs and ICs and such a few days ago and it got me to thinking. I can't argue against anything I've read on his site (check the link below for details) http://kleinnovations.com/kle-innovations-klei-products/klei-harmony-plug/ but I can ask the question "What does it mean to me?". A bit of knowledge is all well and good but if it isn't used for something then it might as well have never been learned in the first place. Now I could buy some of KLEI's products and give them a shot but I don't exactly have any spare cash floating about (and the pic of the copper plug looks like it's silver coated to me so I don't like it) so is there anything else I can do? The answer seems to be "yes" (I say seems to be because I haven't tried it out yet). I can take this 'knowledge' that all copper, or silver, is good and brass/rhodium/gold is not-as-good and reverse it to see if I can DIY an interconnect that sounds significantly worse than a control interconnect. I've still got my old CCI (Cafads Crappy Interconnect) pair, manufactured from thin speaker wire using some old don't-really-know-where-they-came-from RCA plugs that were given to me in a box of old cables by an ex work college. So, after not a particularly large amount of thought, I've left one as standard and cut the other one up into sections and joined those sections again with some big old lumps of brass (actually they're banana plugs from Jaycar, I was going to solder in some brass speaker jumpers at first, but the use of banana plugs requires far less burning of fingers, and I had a few spares lying about, so I settled on them instead) So the signal will have to jump from copper to brass and back 3 times in between components, if this is going to be a significantly bad thing then I should be able to hear the difference between these two interconnects, yes? And if I can't, well, I may just have to try harder.
  7. To minimise the number of cables, I'm thinking of using a component video cable between the AVR and Power Amp. This will just be for the centre and 2 surround channels. The main L + R are ok and go via HT bypass on a 2ch pre. Are there any major pitfalls in doing this?
  8. Can anyone advise on a 3m long interconnect to connect a phono stage, something like a rega fono or Heed, to an amp, the phono stage is connected to a Rega RP3. Cant seem to find many for sale on line. Want something thats fits in with this equipment, not silly money but something to do it justice. Cheers
  9. The recent discussion on the "Speaker cables make little to no difference" thread has given me an idea as to the next audio side project to have a try at. These Bybees look very interesting, and have a few influential owners who swear by them, but how do we go about proving that they work? I'm going to throw my idea out there for discussion and anyone who wishes can chime in to discuss any mods or a completely new method. Option A. If I/we buy 4 of the little Bybees it will cost $500 (plus postage). I/we then butcher a pair of ICs (I'm thinking Redgums again, just to keep costs down) and reconnect them (via some silver solder I would think) with a Bybee in each path (negative and positive). It shouldn't be too difficult to do and then I/we can do a few ABX tests (blind, double blind or however) and see if any difference can be heard. Option B. Alternatively, and this one will cost over $2k, we could group buy a set of these "Golden Goddess" RCA plugs and then send them around for each of us to test. There would be a fair bit of trust involved in this one so I'm going to suggest option A. http://bybeetech.com/?page_id=248 Opinions?
  10. Just wondering what the best way to use an interconnect RCA cable for my sub would be? I have an SPL-1000 and a Yamaha RX-A 3080 for reference. I picked up the receiver today and asked for a cable for my sub but the guy said he only has interconnect RCA's and it'll be fine, just plug one into the other output on my receiver... Just wondering if it matters which side on the sub the black and red go in? Or if it doesn't matter? Also the big thing im wondering, is if this will have any quality loss over a normal RCA sub cable? Cheers! EDIT - Also how do you register the receiver for warranty? The website on the card doesn't work lol.
  11. Item:R1 Dragon with ETI Kryo RCAs - Silver and Copper Litz Price Range: as required Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I am looking to get hold of a pair of R1 Dragon of Geoffs Silver / Copper Litz interconnects ..... Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  12. Item: Aurealis R3 Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi all. I'd love to try a set of the Aurealis shielded interconnects (RCA>RCA) between my TT and my phonostage. Let me know if anyone has any! About 1m length ideal, and ideally with a ground wire (but not essential). cheers! Mat Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  13. Item: Graham Slee GSP Audio Lautus RCA Interconnect 1.5 MT Price Range: Market price Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  14. Item: Kimber Kable Hero-HB 1 mtr WBT102AG-MXLR Location: Melbourne Price: AUD$150.00 o.n.o. Item Condition: Almost new with original Pelican case Reason for selling: Not using anymore. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: RCA to XLR interconnects https://www.kimber.com/products/HERO-HB For review check out - http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/2017-editors-choice-interconnects-and-speaker-cables-part-1/ Pictures:
  15. Item Number One: 1 pair of Balanced Osborn Silverlink ICs, 1 meter in length. Location: Nanango 4615 Price: $125 (including postage to the eastern states of Oz, that's what the $5 is for) Now Sold. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: I'm not using them. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Can't remember when I picked these up or where they came from but I'm not using them so they're up for sale. Pictures: Item Number 2: 2 pair of Aurealis R1 (pre dragon model, this is the one with the 3 different thicknesses of copper wire, all copper, no silver) ICs, a 1 meter pair and a 1.5 meter pair. Location: Nanango 4615 Price: $85 for the 1m pair, $105 for the 1.5m pair. (including postage to the eastern states of Oz, that's what the $5 is for) Both pairs now sold. Item Condition: Used but in excellent condition. Reason for selling: I've moved up to the Dragon R1 cables. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Had these for a few years now, excellent cables but again I'm not using them so they're up for sale. Pictures: Item Number 3: 2 pair of Little Blue Penguin's Papakaio interconnect cables. Location: Nanango 4615 Price: $55 a pair (including postage to the eastern states of Oz, that's what the $5 is for) Item Condition: Excellent. Reason for selling: I don't have a great deal of use for balanced cables, and I have a pair of aurealis dragons there if I ever do need them. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These have been sitting in a box for over 3 years, time to move them on. Pictures:
  16. Item: Telefunken speaker cable - 2.5 metres (RRP $160 posted from UK) Location: Canberra Price: $100 posted Australia wide. Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Telefunken speaker cable with factory terminated banana plugs.
  17. Item: Black Cat Silverstar 75 Ohm digital interconnect Location: Sydney Price: $135 + postage Item Condition: Brand new, never used Reason for selling: I have a few of these so this one is surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: This is NEW digital interconnect from Black Cat cable. It replaces the Veloce. Terminated with BNC at each end. Ships with 75 Ohm adaptors and movie tin packaging. Pictures:
  18. FS : Item : Tara Labs Prism 200d Digital Interconnect Cable Location: Mullumbimby NSW Price : $ 30 ono Reason for selling : I no longer have the equipment that required this cable Condition : Working but dusty and marked. Payment method : pick up-cash, or paypal Postage will be $5.00 Au wide. http://www.myhappybody.com/IMG_3738.JPG
  19. Item: HiDiamond Signal Plus MKII interconnect 65cm - Made in Italy Location:Gold Coast Price: $185.00 ONO inc postage Australia Item Condition:Near New Reason for selling:Moving overseas & surplus Payment Method: Pickup or Post - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hand made Italian high-end interconnect. Used 6 times and always kept in the box. RRP is over $400. Please PM me if you need any additional information. Pictures:
  20. Item: (4 pairs) Siltech MXT NewYork interconnect (1 meter) Location: 3782 VIC Price: $250 (pair) Item Condition: 8/10 Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3% or friend) Extra Info: Postage to be discussed These cables have been used in a mult-ichannel setup and are no longer required as I have switched to balanced cables. All in good working order. Can be auditioned if you like.
  21. Further information: price includes Aust post express postage I made these up a few months ago for someone who ended up not turning up, ( not cool ). If you search on the interwebs, they sell for at least $500 Aust. They are phenomenal. The cable alone is worth a fortune. Rhapsody S IC was developed from a low resistance, helical design foundation employing six conductor groups, Silver coated OFHC copper delivers detailed articulation of all frequencies with luxurious musicality. Foam Polypropylene insulation encapsulates each group in a low dielectric environment. You'll enter a holographic soundstage just like the original recording venue. Acknowledged interconnect selection of knowledgeable industry personnel for trade show demonstrations. XLR (balanced termination) and Telescopic termination (tie the shield to ground at one end) are available along with standard RCA termination Clear Jacket over Blue Braid Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  22. Further information: Amazing pair of NORDOST LEIF SERIES 1.0 metre BLUE HEAVEN ANALOG INTERCONNECT - As new! $365 Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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