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  1. Hey Everyone, First time posting here but long-term audiophile since I was in high school. Back in about July 2017 I purchased this speaker kit from the USA, this is a Dayton Audio / Parts Express kit jointly designed by Don Keele, Jr. I've always been very interested in this technology as the ground plane version that these are and the version before use the floor reflection as an advantage instead of a destructive influence. The kit is called the CBT24, "Epique" I purchased the kit as the difference in price is about 500USD, I thought I could save a lot on painting and assembling myself (and I did). The kit comes with premade wiring harness for both, all major wood working assembly already done, wiring binding post input cup, bolts, drivers, screws, name plates and sound deadening. 24 x 2-inch Dayton Audio ND64-16 2-1/2" Full Range drivers are what these are designed around, each are 16 ohms DC, with the harness a 4-ohm load total is what is seen at the amp. The wiring in the CBT24 is such that the loudest output are at the floor and quietest (12db approx.) down at the top, only two massive resistors are needed for the attenuation/padding of the last couple of drivers, more on the technology and the shading maths behind it can be found on Dons website : http://www.xlrtechs.com/dbkeele.com/ Below is a timeline of photos from the start to finish: The padding resistors I added a little zip tie to remove the strain on the resistor leads, there are two in each speaker, so this is added insurance the resistor wouldn't break in two :P The MDF boxes as delivered, I test fitted the drivers and noted that the side walls were a little tight on the outside basket of the drivers, especially at the ends of the boxes, I noted this and sanded those MDF edges heavily, this is something I did tell the supplier about, even just 1 mm wider would have been nice to reduce the chance of scratching the paint/finish. Here are the Dayton Audio ND64-16 2-1/2" Drivers, very well made for how cheap they are, especially when there is 48 x of them I did discover however that the metal frame vents do get blocked off quite a bit on the MDF cut-outs as the thickness and proximity of the MDF is almost the same height, I left the boxes un modified due to the amount of work to correct this. Chamfers on the rear inside edges of all the driver cut-outs would be a nice change in future versions to release the pressure, this choking does affect the TS parameters of the woofers from reading I’ve done. After receiving the kit, I did research on MDF preparation etc, I settled on the following procedure sticking to Oil Based paint the whole way through: 1) Sand RAW MDF with White 180 Grit Sandpaper 2) Seal with Dulux Prep coat 1Step Oil Based Primer, Sealer & Undercoat, I rolled this on with roller and a fine good quality brush. 3) Sanded Undercoat with 220 Grit Sandpaper 4) Apply Base/Final coats: Rust-Oleum 2x UltraCover Paint+Primer with light sanding between. 5) Apply Clear coat: Also Rust-Oleum Branded Gross finish. I first painted the bases completely to get a feel for my ability, I did work out my approach to sanding the undercoat was not enough, I did get a slight orange peel look to it, I fixed this in the tower painting by sanding the under coat with 180 then 220 Grit to first get the levels all correct and then sand further to smooth it. Once I was happy with the bases (halted at clear-coat stage) I stared on the towers, these took about a day to sand ready, I also filled in gaps like the one below with some putty Next, I coated everything in one go so that the panels that would be seen the most, two sides, top and front where well connected and consistent finish. I rolled on this undercoat and brushed on small tight areas too to make sure even coverage. I did fail to seal the bottom thick enough the first time haha, I fixed this later by just using the roller. This was both towers fully coated and drying (no picture of rear panel and bottom being finished) Next, I sanded them with 180 then 220 grit sandpaper, and cleaned them thoroughly before the main black paint, here I laid them down on one side, this method seemed to work very well for the base black paint as I could get nice even application. Each coat on each speaker was recorded so i could track where i was up to, I alternated between sides, back and front to get even coverage. Once all the main paint was done I proceeded to attach the towers to the bases, in hindsight this was a mistake for the clear coat, I worked out with the clear coat that actually almost flooding the area of application instead of a thin coat resulted in less over-spray or chemical dust getting on the bases and other panels. I instead disassembled them and made some temporary feet from scrap MDF I had, this allowed clear coating of the bases and towers to be down separate which resulted in a much more professional look. In the end I ended up using approx 2litres of clear coat in spray-can form to coat these o-o I left them to dry for approx 8 days to make sure as much of the fumes was gone, I then blew all the dust out ready to bring inside, I settled on not even sanding or polishing the finish as it was already butter smooth. I attached the base temporarily and sat both upright to install the wiring harness in both through the top hole. A recommendation I read was to leave the speaker input cup until last instead of connecting it first, as fly leads outside the box were much easier to connect instead of reaching in. I then laid them the towers on their side, removed the base and used a little hot glue gun and glued the harnesses in place in both boxes, making sure each labelled connection came out the correct baffle hole number and that the wiring and resistors were far back as possible from each driver, without being to far for the cables not to reach. Once wiring was done I inserted and left loose the Polyfil sound deadening. Once all the wiring was done I unpacked all the 48x woofers and tested all for similar resistance and for mechanical noise - all passed I then screwed in all the drivers by hand, I strongly suggest test fitting each and pushing them down first as some of the spade input terminal areas of the woofers had a tad to much solder, rubbing up against the MDF cut-out. Finally the bases could be attached for the last time completing the build. I then spent a whole heap of time setting them up. Nice little arty picture here: The system they are now apart of consists of the following: 2x CBT24 1x NAD C245BEE 4 channel amp (only two channels used as 4ohm load) 1x Custom made digital Preamp (pictured below), USB Streamer, Optical/Coaxial SPDIF input, MiniDSP branded 2x4 + MiniDigi combo, running left and right active sub-woofers in stereo or 2 in 4 out. 2x Yamaha NS-SW300 sub-woofers in stereo (not summed mono) 1x Marantz CD32 CD Player. No room correction on the MiniDSP at this time, only a phase flip on the subs, crossovers are 100hz @ LR 48db/Octave. The system sounds awesome even without E.Q. and is well worth the time put it. Thanks for Reading, please leave a comment
  2. Item: Triangle Esprit EZ Gaia or Antal Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Sydney based will be good. Hi guys, I am looking to buy Triangle Esprit EZ Gaia or Antal spekers. Or any floor standing speaker that have similar sounds. Thanks!
  3. Hi there, I recently purchased a subwoofer to complement my system and after testing it I think that perhaps it may be too small. I have two Martin Logan Motion 20 floor standing speakers powered by a Vincent Sv236MK with new NOS tubes. My room is not super large so this setting itself was already quite satisfying. However since we alway think about buying something new (we are sick) I decided to buy a subwoofer and I went for a REL T-5 (150W, 8"). After setting the sub up, I realised that I need to keep it at very high volume in order to get the sound I want in my room, and when I say very high I mean at about 80% of the volume scale. This is also because I am crossing over quite low in frequency, as my speakers do go quite low theirselves (great great speakers by the way). Do you think my subwoofer is too small? I did not want to buy one with a cone too large because I want to keep la bass section it quite fast. However I guess I could bring it back and get the more expensive T-7. Or perhaps keep my T-5 and buy a second one sometime in the future. My question is, do I risk to damage it if I keep the volume so high all the time? What do you think? Is there a rule about how big the sub should be compared to the rest of the system? Many thanks
  4. Item: Proac Future One Floor-standing speakers Location: Bendigo, Victoria Price: $2900 Item Condition: Good condition. These have been well cared for. LHS speaker does have small damage to veneer only at the very bottom of the rear corners (see photos, not noticeable unless up close). Comes from non-smoking, no pets environment. All drivers are in mint/as new condition. Reason for selling: Part of a second system that I don't have the time to use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal. Extra Info: A rare find, as these remarkable speakers don’t often come up for sale. They were a departure from the usual Proac design, with open baffle and ribbon tweeter. When new, their RRP here in Australia was $18,999 and $10K USD overseas. After owning many speakers over the years, I have a distinct preference for the high end Proac sound. These speakers have been part of a second system, however I rarely get to use even my primary system. Primary system includes Proac D80’s, which are amazing. These speakers are the next closest I have heard to them, but it’s time for them to go. After years of trying out many speakers across brands, I have not come across anything better than these used for even twice the amount of my asking price. The birdseye maple finish is stunning, and is by far the best finish on any speakers I have seen or owned. The birdseye looks almost multi dimensional from different angles and in different light. As with all Proac's, these speakers are built to a very high standard and the sound is exceptional. Stereophile review here - https://www.stereophile.com/floorloudspeakers/1000proac/index.html It is rare to find these in Australia for sale. For reference, overseas sales are typically in the $5-$6K AUD range I would encourage local pickup, with a chance to audition, and with payment of your choice. Bendigo is only 1.5 hours drive from Melbourne. I currently have them setup with a pair of Red Wine Audio Signature 70 mono-blocks, and they can be auditioned for as long as you wish (in a separate room from rest of the house). Note that I’m prepared to sell the mono-blocks to the buyer at a very reasonable price if interested. If not, after the sale I will be looking to sell the mono-blocks for anyone interested. If local pickup isn’t practical then I’m happy to look at delivery options. Questions welcomed. Thanks for looking. Pictures:
  5. Item: GoldenEar Triton One Location: Mansfield QLD Price: $7999 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer Extra Info: The Triton One is an evolutionary speaker that builds upon all the advanced technologies that have made the Tritons famous. The sleek 54" tall Triton One represents the highest technology GoldenEar has to offer, including 56 bit DSP engine for the sub section, a fully balanced crossover design, high-end film capacitors, advanced cabinet design, and much more. See here for more information: https://www.goldenear.com/products/triton-series Pictures: Stock photos used; please contact us for pictures, condition, and price negotiations.
  6. Item: Klipsch Synergy F3 Floor standing speakers Location: Point Cook, Melbourne, Victoria Price: 450 Item Condition: Used (good condition) Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pictures:
  7. Item: RTR 280DRs Location: Price: $1200 $1100 Item Condition: 7/10 - awesome for their age Reason for selling: Dad has upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hi all, I’m selling these beautiful and rare old RTR 280DRs on behalf of my Dad (not to be confused with the cheap RTRs after BIC bought the company in the 80’s). Matching serial numbers 3838 and 3839. The story goes that as an 18 year old, dad had a choice to make – a new car or a stereo system. Needless to say that he choose correctly and they’ve been in the family since new in 1977. It’s actually quite a sad day for both of us really as these were my first introduction to the glorious world of hifi as well – in fact the couple of dinted dust caps were at my own hands as a 5 year old – apologies! Anyway, here they are in all their Teak clad glory (real Teak, not plastic veneer). They pack in 10 drivers per tower. 5 paper mids/tweeters, a front facing piezo horn, 3 front/side facing 10” woofers and a downward firing 10” woofer. I’ve checked all drivers and they are in good working order. The rear of the crossovers have pots for treble and mid range as well as an protection override reset button. One speaker will on occasion cut out but a reset is all it needs. The switch probably just needs a clean. The cloth grills look loose in the photos, that’s just due to the screws being removed for me to take photos of the drivers. The crossovers have recently been recapped with Jantzen MKTs from Speakerbug.com.au. Dad reckons they now sound exactly like he remembered back in 77’ as they had lost a lot of sparkle and bottom end prior to the recap. Sensitivity wise, I can’t find the original specs but they’re clearly pretty sensitive when compared to my -89dB Martin Logans. Easily over 91-92dB. They’re not in perfect condition being 41 years old but overall present very well. There has been some loose veneer over the years which has been reglued. One tower has a chip to the bottom rear corner. I’ve tried to show all of this in the photos. A few of the tiny dust caps on the paper tweeters have been pushed in but they’re such shallow caps, I hardly noticed until dad pointed them out. I’m not sure what else to say about these but please feel free to ask questions. Dad is asking $1200 for them and I realise that’s on the higher end but given their rarity here is Australia it’s probably a fair price Pictures:
  8. Item: Dali Ikon 7 (Mk1) Floorstanding Speaker (Black) Location: Brisbane, QLD Price: $1100 PRICE DROP $1000 plus freight (if required) Item Condition: Excellent condition Reason for selling: Upgraded and wife won’t let me keep 2 sets of floorstanders in the house. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Only Extra Info: RRP for these speakers was over $3k and JB Hifi have the mk2 currently for $3750. These are not to be confused with the Concept Series. The Ikon’s were hand made in Denmark and include the beautiful ribbon/soft dome tweeter combination along with 3 x 6.5 inch drivers. 4 out of 5 stars when reviewed by Whathifi as per the following link. http://www.whathifi.com/review/dali-ikon-7 I’m the original owner and as with all my hifi gear, they have been looked after with care. There is not a scratch or mark on either of the speakers. They came with 5 year warranty when new so you can purchase knowing that they are covered by this warranty until July 2014. I have the original receipts. I don’t have the original boxes anymore so would prefer local pickup but I’m happy to help coordinate shipping if arranged by the purchaser. If local, I’d be more than happy to demo the speakers. Let me know if you have any questions. Note that I’m planning on listing these on other sites later today, get in quick if you want to pick up some great speakers in excellent condition. Pictures:
  9. Item: A pair of Sony SS F-60 ES floorstanding speakers (Elevated Standard range) and a Sony CDP-CE525 5-disc CD changer / player / transport (comes with a remote) Location: Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, NSW Price: REDUCED TO $400 $520 ONO. I'm not offended by offers, so please don't hesitate to message me. That being said, you may not want to miss out on these, as they don't come up for sale very often in this part of the world. Item Condition: Great to Excellent condition Reason for selling: I need money. Money is good. I have many speakers. Speakers are also good, but money is slightly more important right now. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash after full demo/inspection. This process will likely be accompanied by the old obligatory lengthy conversation about hi-fi gear. In light of this, do set aside additional time! If you're interstate and particularly keen on these, you'll need to PM me and convince me of your Sony fandom. Extra Info: Really hard to find this Sony ES speaker line in Australia, and in such great condition at that. Can't even remember the last pair of Sony ES floorstanders for sale here on SNA. You'll find that on the used market, the greatest number of examples of this line come from Germany and the Netherlands, where it seems to have been not only made, but more widely distributed. I found this particular model listed in a German 1995/96 Sony catalogue of high-end components ( hfe_sony_es_high_end_hifi_components_1995-96_de.pdf ). It's quite clear from the catalogue that this was one of Sony's top-of-the-line speaker offerings at the time. Two snippet of the specs listed in that catalogue (which, naturally, is in German) are included here: Though it can be hard to interpret the German info I've come across in learning more about these, I believe they are of German design, made in Germany with all Danish Vifa drivers. The frequency response is rated at 32-20,000 Hz , and each cabinet weighs 22.5kg. Not your standard Sony speaker by any means! These are in really nice shape. Cabinets have very, very minimal wear, as is the case with all of the drivers and the grilles. The foam surrounds on the mids have some light wear, but there is no tearing or deformity: they still seem to be going strong, which is why I haven't felt the need to replace them. The speakers sound great: get them off the floor!! Whether you isolate/couple them or use small stands, getting these babies off the floor really opens up the mids and takes any boominess out of the bass. I use 60-80cm stands with them, which makes them look absolutely ridiculously tall but seems to hit the spot for me in terms of sound-stage (BIG). Once correctly set-up, you end up with a performance marked by control and clarity. The CD player is in good shape, with only light wear, and comes with a remote. If you have any questions at all, or would like to set-up a demo time, feel free to message me. I have plenty of other hi-fi that I'm looking to sell, so please do let me know of what things you're looking to add/change within your own setup. Pictures: sony_ss-f60esl_f60esr.pdf
  10. Item: Dali Concept 10 Location: Melbourne (inner west) Price: $1000 Item Condition: Excellent condition (one speaker mesh has a super tiny wearing on top corners ) Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Excerpt from Dali's Website: Flagship model of the Dali CONCEPT series, the CONCEPT 10 is a monster of a full-range three-way, floor-standing speaker. Although that might sound like a "living-on-the-edge" or die-hard play-only-loud speaker, it is not.Yes! The CONCEPT 10 can play LOUD and then some - but playing loud was never our intention with this speaker. We wanted to make a speaker that would be able to give you HI-FI sound AND play loud. And the 2 x 10" bass drivers, 8" midrange and 1" tweeter do just that.This is a speaker that will give you real DALI high quality sound reproduction at the same time as it will be able to wake up, not just your next door neighbour, but the entire neighbourhood - not that we recommend you try - but if you wanted to, you could - and you would still enjoy great sound quality. SPECIFICATIONS Product Series CONCEPT Speaker Type Front Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) [Hz] 35 - 25,000 Sensitivity (2,83 V/1 m) [dB] 91.0 Nominal Impedance [Ω] 6 Maximum SPL [dB] 114 Recommended Amplifier Power [W] 50 - 200 Crossover Frequency [Hz] 600/3.200 High Frequency Driver 1 x 1" Soft Textile Dome Midrange Driver 1 x 6.5" Paper Fibre Cone Low Frequency Driver 2 x 10" Paper Fibre Cone Enclosure Type Bass Reflex Bass Reflex Tuning Frequency [Hz] 29.5 Connection input(s) Single Wire Magnetic Shielding Semi Magnetic Shielded Recommended Placement Floor Recommended Distance From Wall [cm] 0.00 Dimensions With Base (HxWxD) [mm] 1130 x 300 x 420 Weight [kg] 34.0 Accessories Included Manual Spikes Finish Black Ash Vinyl Cherry Vinyl Light Oak Vinyl Reviews: http://www.hifi-review.com/151020-dali-concept-10.html http://www.tnt-audio.com/casse/daliconcept10_e.html
  11. Item: HiVi Swans Diva 6.2HT - A high end, CES award-winning 5.1 Home Theatre System that would still set you back about 6k new. Consists of Swans Diva 6.2F Floorstanders, Swans Diva 5.2R Centre Channel, Swans Diva 5.2R Bi-Polar Rears and a Swans Diva Sub60 Subwoofer. Now throwing in the Energy sub too. Location: Sydney -- they're in Maroubra right now, but may be moved to storage in the lower north shore area if not bought soon. Price: $1800 for the set. I'll include an Energy e:XL S-12 subwoofer for FREE an additional $150 (so $1950 total with both the Swans and the Energy subwoofers). The Energy alone would easily sell for $350-400 on its own, and the Floorstanders are worth 1000 easy. Grab yourself a bargain, this is a fraction of RRP. Item Condition (pictures attached): Sounds fantastic, drivers are immaculate. Good condition and presents very well overall: I do believe 90%+ of buyers on here would not hesitate to give this pride of place in a primary (or secondary if you're full-on speaker mad) home theatre system. The offer of the Energy Subwoofer more than compensates for the shortcomings of the Swans subwoofer (as described below). There are some signs of wear if you look closely, and I have tried to document them as best I can within the pictures. I've included a fairly comprehensive and rather nit-picky list of signs of wear below: Swans Diva 6.2F Floorstanders: These have a few light scratches on the sides, which would likely be easily sorted with a polish application. A few small holes in the grilles. I'll upload some videos if I can to better show the condition (secondary camera in use at the moment due to mini phone meltdown, so bear with me regarding video quality). Swans Diva 5.2R Centre Channel: One midrange driver surround has some fading to it, but is intact. You can choose to refoam or not, up to you. Needless to say, you're not missing out and they still look great. I'm even happy to do a refoam for you if you really want! Swans Diva 5.2R Bi-Polar Rears:One of them has a chip on the black part of the paintwork. The other has one speaker peg hole with a bit of plastic caught in it: that being said, the corresponding grille has all of its pegs intact. Swans Diva Sub60 Subwoofer: The downward-firing driver has been removed, while the front-firing one is still present. This is the weak link in the system: hence my offer to include an additional top of the line Energy Subwoofer for a small amount extra ($150 is well under half its fair used market value). The Energy e:XL S12 Subwoofer is in great condition, and is superior in terms of frequency response: it will do 20Hz at -3db. Reason for selling: I'd rather have someone use them than have them sit in storage. Bought too much gear for my own good in the last 3 months: you'll see a small selection in the background of the pics here. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash after thorough testing and inspection. I want you to be happy with them, so we'll go through it all. It's beautiful gear that speaks for itself, just have a listen! Extra Info: Swans Diva 6.2F Floorstanders Series : Home Theater System Model : Swans Diva 6.2F System Type : 3-way 4th order vented box system Drivers Configuration Woofer : YT8N×2 Midrange : YT5N Tweeter : TN28 Frequency Range : 33Hz ~ 20kHz Harmonic Distortion : 47Hz ~ 20kHz =1%(2.83V/1m) Sensitivity(2.83V/m) : 90dB Nominal Impedance : 6? Power Handling : 10 ~ 200W Finish : Rosen wood/ high gloss piano lacquer Dimensions (W×D×H mm) : 313×410×1248 Net Weight : 35kg Swans Diva 5.2C Centre Series : Home Theater System Model : Swans Diva5.2C System Type : 2-way 4th order vented box system Drivers Configuration Woofer : YT6N×2 Tweeter : T28 Frequency Range : 58Hz ~ 20kHz Harmonic Distortion : 63Hz ~ 20kHz =1%(2.83V/1m) Sensitivity(2.83V/m) : 87dB Nominal Impedance : 6? Power Handling : 10 ~ 100W Finish : Pailsander with black piano lacquer Dimensions (W×D×H mm) : 570×300×225 Net Weight (Kg/unit) : 14.5kg Swans Diva 5.2R Rears Series : Home Theater System Model : Swans Diva5.2R System Type : Bipole Drivers Configuration Woofer : YT6N×2 Tweeter : T28 Frequency Range : 64Hz ~ 20kHz Harmonic Distortion : 63Hz ~ 20kHz =1%(2.83V/1m) Sensitivity(2.83V/m) : 87dB Nominal Impedance : 6? Power Handling : 10 ~ 100W Finish : Pailsander with black piano lacquer Dimensions (W×D×H mm) : 411×186×266 Net Weight (Kg/unit) : 9.5kg
  12. Item: MISSION M53 FLOORSTANDING & MISSION M30 BOOKSHELF SPEAKERS 60% OFF Location: PRESTON Price: $999 WAS $2499 Item Condition: EX-DEMO Payment Method:CASH / EFT Extra Info: MADE IN THE UK Pictures:
  13. Item: Hales Signature II Speakers with external sand filled, cast alloy crossovers.Location: Gosford NSW Price: $2350.00 (may look at partial trades for 4m length high quality speaker cable)Item Condition: Need WorkReason for selling: Too many speakersPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal buyer pays fees, COD OnlyExtra Info: these are simply massive speakers. Each speaker weighs over 80kg and each crossover weighs more than 10kg. The front baffle alone is 4 inches thick. Drivers are 2 X Dynaudio 7" and 1 X MB Quart Tweeter. All drivers work and sound correctly, however the tweeters have had their domes pushed in and out again, as you can see from the pics. Plus one tweeter has no spider cover. Both tweeters are the same model though and this model is still available used online. All the Dynaudio drivers are in excellent condition. The crossovers and speakers utilise 8 of the famous solid copper billet "Edison-Price Music Post" binding posts each, which fetch good money on their own ($100 a pair!) Crossovers are cast alloy and filled with sand, hence the weight. Wiring is by Cardas I believe, both internally and between the crossovers and speaker. Cabinets are showing signs of use as seen in the pics, although they look great as they are. One cabinet is missing some veneer from the front as seen. A brief description of my impressions of their sound would be: Fast, tight and dynamic. Bass does not go deep, but what's there is very accurate. Imaging is excellent. Midrange very accurate and clear with excellent tone. Highs are neutral and transparent, but personally, I would add a super tweeter. With this addition and matched with a good subwoofer, they would be very hard to beat. These were an expensive speaker in their day at USD$4850.00 in 1991 and were compared very favourably with the legendary B&W 801. Here is a link to the Stereophile review http://www.stereophile.com/floorloudspeakers/791hales/index.html#Ss6KOlKh5Aq7mY8b.97 These will have to be pickup only I'm afraid, although I can get them to a Pack & Send Store nearby.Pictures:
  14. Item: Rega RS3 floorstanders in gloss piano black Location: Clayton, Melbourne Price: $950 pickup or buyer pays postage Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Funding other purchases Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: I brought these over from the UK earlier this year as an ex-demo set. They're in fantastic condition (as new); the gloss black finish is impeccable. They sound very similar to the RS1 standmounters, but with more bass (duh). They do the Rega "musical" thing even better than the RS1's. The midrange is typical Rega smooth, and the treble is amazing - the new ZRR tweeter is the fastest, most energetic tweeter I've heard to date. I've been running these with my Rega DAC and Brio-R and they make a fantastic combination. These retail for $2K in Australia. I haven't ever seen any on the local used market, so here's your chance to grab a mint pair at less than half price (and already run in to boot). They'll come in the original boxes with the manual and floor spikes/pads. Pics:
  16. Item: Mission 705 Floorstanding Speakers Location:Mount Martha 3934 Price: $600.00 Item Condition:Very Good Reason for selling:We have downsized and these are too large Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: For Sale - Pair of Mission 705 speakers in Excellent condition both cosmetically and acoustically. These have been used (gently) as front stereo speakers in a 5.1 home theater room for the last eight years. The sub was pretty much superfluous as these put out enormous amounts of bass. Reviews can be found here - http://www.audioreview.com/cat/speakers/floorstanding-speakers/mission/705/prd_120156_1594crx.aspx I would suggest these speakers would be more suited to modern, jazz or rock rather than classical music. Pretty much right in your face and definitely not subtle. We have downsized and no longer have the room for these large speaker. Designed in the UK and manufactured in the EU. I don't believe these ever retailed in Australia. They were marketed in the US and Europe however given their size I would guess the US was the primary market. These were imported from the US by the previous owner RRP in the US was US$1250. 00. Previously powered by a Denon home theater amp. Currently hooked up to an ME750/ME24 pre/power amp combination for audition. These can be auditioned in Mt Martha 3934 and these speakers are pick up only from Mt Martha as we do not have the original boxes and they are far to large to post, Specifications Type: 3 way, 4 driver loudspeaker system Frequency Response: 30Hz to 20kHz Recommended Amplifier: 25 to 250W Impedance: 8? Sensitivity: 89dB Bass: 2 x 200mm profiled GC cone Midrange: 1 x 165mm GC cone Tweeter: 1 x 25mm soft dome Enclosure: bass reflex Dimensions: 1400 x 255 x 420mm Weight: 23kg Pictures:
  17. Item: As per title. Location: Fairfield, VIC. Price: Offers over $300 (see extra info). Item Condition: Used, unfinished project; works great. Reason for selling: Too big to fit new wife's new furniture plans; no time to finish (I'm now a dad). Also not using too much any more (also due to child). Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal. Extra Info: I have for sale a set of floor-standing speakers which I built but didn't completely finish. They are a transmission line (TL) design which gives them a very neutral sound with extended low frequency cutoff. TL designs are known for having a flat frequency response due to the box being a "quarter wave" tuned line. There are websites dedicated to them, including the math of it all. The downside is they are big. The enclosures are what a real-estate agent would term a "blank canvas" ready for further tuning and/or finish with a few coats of paint or veneer. Currently raw MDF with most screws puttied. I had planned on a nice walnut/oak veneer but never really got around to it. The enclosures are 19 mm MDF butt-jointed with the fronts being 2 layers (38 mm). Thus they are very solid and HEAVY. They've also been glued except one wall for allowing internal access. I was going to glue this when finished. They are lightly stuffed and have a rear port. The design is a 2.5-way MTM arrangement using the old classics: 2x Vifa P17WJ-00-08 6.5" midbass drivers and 1x D25AG 1" aluminium dome tweeter. The drivers are flush mounted - got my carpenter brother in-law to route out the channel accurately for me. The design is derived from Paul Spencer's TL units which he published a few years back - here is a link to the Internet Archive version as he's updated the page since and removed a lot of the design detail. I drew up a CAD drawing before building, see attached - I will provide the CAD file to the buyer if wanted. I also built crossovers using high quality caps and inductors, as per Paul's website. I mounted them in a nice black aluminium 1U 19" rack enclosure. See photos. So that's included in the sale as it matches the speakers. Sound. I don't have experience with high-end speakers (other than my Ortofon IEMs) but I think these sound really good. They come alive at high volume; I find the bass a little neutered but they go really low, this could be fixed with some tuning. One of my favourite things to play through them is this, a space shuttle launch with (fairly) accurate audio recording, the thunder of the ~30Hz comes through really good. The mids and highs are bright and smooth. That's where they really shine - vocals and acoustic instruments on a good production sound great. I like the sound of Boy And Bear or Xavier Rudd through them. I drive them with an external DAC and 50W stereo amp I also built (good old Silicon Chip SC-480) - probably would sound even better with a nicer amp. Price. I am not sure how to price a set of unfinished speakers, so it'll be a bit of an auction depending on interest. The drivers cost me over $200, plus enclosure parts, crossover components and crossover enclosure. I think all up it was about $500. Ideally I'd like this but would take offers over $300. Make offers as you see fit. Due to the weight, pickup would be advisable. Would consider freight, but price doesn't include this. If you wanted to come for a listen test before committing, that's understandable being home made speakers. I don't want to sell these - you put lots of care and love into things you build but alas, plans change and they need to go. Pictures: I have a bunch of photos of the initial build, plus the final product of both speakers and crossovers up in my Flickr album here. Here's one for the TL;DR people: OBLIGATORY ELECTRICAL DISCLAIMER This product has not been manufactured by a qualified individual or company, therefore contains electrical circuits that do not necessarily comply with Australian Standards. I understand that as the seller, I may be liable to repercussions in the event of equipment failure. By advertising and selling this product, as the seller I also agree that I am solely liable, and the publisher of this website takes no responsibility for any injury or death resulting from, whether directly or indirectly, any accident that may happen as a result of the failure of the product being sold. If in doubt, seek the services of a qualified electrician to inspect the product to ensure it is safe for use.
  18. Item: KLIPSCH RP-250F Floorstanding Speakers Location: Brisbane Price: RRP $1999 - $975 Item Condition: Ex Display pair in excellent condition Reason for selling: Stock clearance - one pair only! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Deposit, Credit Card (Metro Shipping is also available at no extra cost) Extra Info: Speakers are in excellent condition and come with original boxes. Manufacturer's warranty applies. Video Pro is an Authorised Australian reseller for Klipsch. Frequency Response 35 Hz - 25 kHz ±3 dB Sensitivity 96 dB @ 2.83 V / 3.3' (1 m) Power Handling Continuous: 100 W Peak: 400 W Nominal Impedance 8 ohms compatible Crossover Frequency 1800 Hz High Frequency Driver 1x 1" (2.5 cm) Titanium LTS tweeter with hybrid cross-section Tractrix horn Low Frequency Driver 2x 5.25" (13.3 cm) Cerametallic cone woofers Enclosure Material MDF Enclosure Type Bass reflex via rear-firing Tractrix port Inputs Dual binding posts with bi-wire and bi-amp support Dimensions 91.7 x 20.0 x 37.7 cm Weight 17.06 kg (each) Pictures:
  19. Item: Focal Chorus 826V speakers Location:Burpengary just north of Brisbane Price: $1500 Item Condition:Very good, some minor blemishes Reason for selling:I bought new speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:I have owned these speakers since new , they have served me flawlessly for the past 5 (approx) years. I have bought new and larger Focal speakers to replace them . There is some cosmetic blemishes on them , nothing major . I speaker has what looks like paint spray over the top two speakers , and two little divots down the bottom on the side ( see pictures). The tops are piano black and have some very light scratches on them in certain light . I have the original boxes and manuals Pictures:
  20. Item: One pair of Sonique 6.5 speakers Location: Sydney (Newport) Price: $175 Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: have downsized ! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Very engaging sounding speakers made in Adelaide from the former Duntech team. One owner - bought new by me from Len Wallis Audio in Sydney. Lightly used - as in sometimes not used for 6 months at a time! Good physical condition - one water mark from a glass resting on top which could be removed with some TLC. No accidents. Never played very loud - used for acoustics and vocals. Sold our large house and have downsized so only room for 2 small systems in new place. Pictures:
  21. Item: Dali Concept 10 Location: Melbourne (inner west) Price: $1000 Item Condition: Excellent condition (one speaker mesh has a super tiny wearing on top corners ) Reason for selling: No longer needed as I've purchased a new pair. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash only, inner west suburb in Melbourne. Extra Info: These are becoming hard to find now. Stands at a massive 113cm, plenty of punch from the twin 10" woofer and a 8" driver in each speaker. Surprisingly quite a musical pair and yet great for movies as well. Selling these because I've bought a new pair of speakers and wanted to have a change in the system. No corner bumps or and damages on the speaker. Still in excellent condition except for a slight wearing on the top corner on one of the speaker grills cause by cleaning. Excerpt from Dali's Website: Flagship model of the Dali CONCEPT series, the CONCEPT 10 is a monster of a full-range three-way, floor-standing speaker. Although that might sound like a "living-on-the-edge" or die-hard play-only-loud speaker, it is not.Yes! The CONCEPT 10 can play LOUD and then some - but playing loud was never our intention with this speaker. We wanted to make a speaker that would be able to give you HI-FI sound AND play loud. And the 2 x 10" bass drivers, 8" midrange and 1" tweeter do just that.This is a speaker that will give you real DALI high quality sound reproduction at the same time as it will be able to wake up, not just your next door neighbour, but the entire neighbourhood - not that we recommend you try - but if you wanted to, you could - and you would still enjoy great sound quality. SPECIFICATIONS Product Series CONCEPT Speaker Type Front Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) [Hz] 35 - 25,000 Sensitivity (2,83 V/1 m) [dB] 91.0 Nominal Impedance [?] 6 Maximum SPL [dB] 114 Recommended Amplifier Power [W] 50 - 200 Crossover Frequency [Hz] 600/3.200 High Frequency Driver 1 x 1" Soft Textile Dome Midrange Driver 1 x 6.5" Paper Fibre Cone Low Frequency Driver 2 x 10" Paper Fibre Cone Enclosure Type Bass Reflex Bass Reflex Tuning Frequency [Hz] 29.5 Connection input(s) Single Wire Magnetic Shielding Semi Magnetic Shielded Recommended Placement Floor Recommended Distance From Wall [cm] 0.00 Dimensions With Base (HxWxD) [mm] 1130 x 300 x 420 Weight [kg] 34.0 Accessories Included Manual Spikes Finish Black Ash Vinyl Cherry Vinyl Light Oak Vinyl Reviews: http://www.hifi-review.com/151020-dali-concept-10.html http://www.tnt-audio.com/casse/daliconcept10_e.html Pictures:
  22. Further information: Paid $12500, one owner, like new, no scratches, all papers One speaker terminal screw is not very tight but I use banana plugs. Klipsch Palladiums P-F37's are a small brother of the famous P-F39F's. The speakers are high sensitivity so that a 10 - 15W amplifier will work fine. https://www.areadvd.de/hardware/2008/klipsch_palladium.shtm Klipsch Palladium P-37F Floorstanding Speakers (Natural) As the ``smallest`` floorstanding loudspeaker in our high-end luxury Palladium Series, the P-37F features the flagship P-39F`s technology and gallery-like appearance in a slightly more compact but equally stunning package. The P-37F’s carbon-infused, thermoset composite dual-horn configuration is unique to the Palladium family. It consists of a proprietary tweeter design, combining a chambered phase plug and Tractrix® Horn for extended high-frequency response; a second 90º by 60º acoustically damped Tractrix Horn is coupled to the midrange driver, resulting in precise performances. Features: · Modern design, incomparable craftsmanship and proprietary technologies · Exotic zebra-grain Linia wood veneer cabinet · 0.75-inch horn-loaded tweeter, 4.5-inch midrange and triple 7-inch woofers · Bass-reflex design via triple rear-firing ports Specifications: · Frequency Response:43Hz-24kHz +/-3dB · Low Frequency Extension:31Hz · High Frequency Extension:30kHz · Power Handling: 275W continuous / 1100W peak · Recommended Amplifier Power: 50 - 600W · Sensitvity: 96dB @ 2.83V / 1m · Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms · Mid-Frequency Crossover: 550HZ · High Frequency Crossover: 3400Hz · Maximum Acoustic Output: 120dB (2 speakers in-room) · High Frequency Driver:0.75`` (1.9cm) (titanium diaphragm compression driver mated to 90° x 60° Tractrix® Horn) · Mid-Frequency Driver:4.5`` (11.4cm) (aluminum diaphragm compression driver mated to 90° x 60° Tractrix® Horn) · Low Frequency Drivers: Three 7`` (17.8cm) (high-output, aluminum / Rohacell® /woven synthetic fiber hybrid cone woofers) · Enclosure Material:Constrained layer MDF(medium density fiberboard) · Dimensions (H x W x D): 118.1 x 50.2 x 49.5 cm EA · Weight: 44.5kg EA · Enclousure Type:Bass-reflex via triple rear-firing ports Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  23. Item: Krix Floorstsanding Esoterix II Mk II Location: Adelaide Price: $2,100.00 Item Condition: as new Reason for selling: remodelling house Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: 500 watts RMS power handling American Rock Maple veneer Pictures:
  24. Item: Neat Motive SE2 floorstanders in cherry Location: Clayton, Melbourne Price: SOLD Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Clearout Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: After being so impressed with the Motive 3 standmounters, I decided to splash out on the Motive SE2 floorstanders to see if there was even more improvement to be had. The Motive SE2's are an evolution of the Motive 2 design (which was awarded 5 stars by What Hifi), with upgrades including the EMIT planar-magnetic tweeter from Neat's high-end Ultimatum models, mounted within its own cavity and using an upgraded crossover. The bass/mid driver also gets its own separate cavity (the Motive 2 has one cavity shared by woofer and tweeter), with revised tuning to deliver tighter control of bass frequencies. The Motive 3 bookshelf speakers are some of my favourite speakers to date - they're great fun, have wonderful timing and are fantastically energetic. These Motive SE2 floorstanders add more bass, have warmer mids and a smoother treble response. Overall they're a more mature/refined sounding speaker, and are less fatiguing than the Motive 3's (whose treble can get out of hand on occasion). The speakers will come packed in their original box. Shipping within Australia is included in the asking price. More info: http://www.neat.co.u...s/motivese2.php Pics:
  25. Item: Orpheus Aurora 3.3 (Jarrah colour) Location: Wellington Point, Qld Price: PRICE DROP $1500 $1300 + freight costs if delivery required. Open to reasonable offers. Original retail around $3k Item Condition: Immaculate. Hard to find a mark. Would suit new buyer. Reason for selling: Have since upgraded amplifier and speakers so no use for these anymore. Worked well with Denon PM1500AE integrated and Creek Destiny integrated. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal. Extra Info: Original SNA owner purchased these direct from Kiat at Orpheus. They were the last new pair available, purchased in mid 2011. I purchased these on 24 July 2012 and they have had little use since then as I have only been home every 2nd weekend. Dimensions: 220(W) x 325(D) x 950(H). Weight approx 22kg each. 25kg each in boxes. Product information at Orpheus: http://www.orpheusau...ra-2-and-3.html Review – Best Buys Home Theatre http://www.orpheusau..._3.3_Review.pdf Review – Sound and Image Magazine 2008 http://www.avhub.com...udspeakers.html Pictures:
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