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Found 17 results

  1. Hey SNA! Ok, so I've got my older threads, and decided to start a new one. Reason for this, is that I'll update the posts as I build it over the next few weeks in between semesters:) Then hopefully sonic bliss:P So, the parts are:- Denon DP2000 Grace G-840F Audio-Technica AT-F7 Vibrapods and cones Speaker Spikes Ikea Lack Corner table(?) So, the turntable arrived from NSW, which was a little exciting. Plugged in, and all good. It rotates:) (Speed check will be done once it's built) So, the pics are of the initial stencil. I grabbed the old plinth (The new 24mm birch ply was supplied by MaxiPly in Lilydale) and stencilled it out... cutting commences tomorrow:) I'll start with 6 layers, and see how stiff/dense it'll be....
  2. Looking to buy a direct drive turntable in good condition and fully functional, it does not have to be a Technics SL1200 but I would like something decent that won't break the bank. I also would prefer to find someone locally rather than interstate but I'm happy to hear from anyone that thinks they might fit the bill. I'm also not interested in any of the Super oem DD Technics clones that are available. Please let me know what you've got and feel free to through any brand suggestions that might help. Cheers
  3. Item: Brinkmann Bardo , 10.5 arm , Pi cartridge Location: Sydney ( Hillsdale) Price: $12,700 + postage Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: financial Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, + fees Extra Info: Bardo performance package includes larger power supply as used on the balance, glass platter and screw down puck . Stereop Magnetic drive The »Bardo« has a magnetic direct drive motor that was developed by Helmut Brinkmann and is produced in our factory. There is only one bearing for the motor and the platter, a circular magnet is mounted into the bearing of the platter and is concentrically driven into rotation via coils on the circuit board under the magnet. An electronic circuit drives the coils via two magnetic sensitive resistors that react to the magnetic fields into a highly constant and slow circular movement. Many of the known direct drive turntables were constructed for studios and radio stations where it was necessary to have very quick start-up times of less than a second which was achieved with high torque motors that speed up and stop the motor very rapidly. This caused heavy cogging effects accompanied by high wow & flutter numbers. To avoid this, we worked long on a proprietary motor control that transfers just enough energy to the motor for it to remain at constant speed. The motor’s stator consists of four specially designed field coils, which are mounted concentrically with high precision around the platter bearing. Based on listening sessions we decided to forgo the typical 90-degree mounting angle in favor of a non-standard 22.5-degree roster, which, due to the magnetic fields overlapping, further reduced cogging. The motor’s rotor also acts as the sub-platter and carries a magnetic ring with eight poles on its underside. Inside the motor, the rpm of a speedometer disc is measured and turned into variable voltage that is fed into a control circuit where the rpm is compared to the reference voltage that is adjustable via the trim pots. A separate heater for the bearing, as included with the »Balance« and »LaGrange« bearings, is not necessary. The motor circuit is kept under current all the time, just the speed is switched to zero or 33 resp. 45. In this way, the bearing is kept warm by the quiescent current of the motor drive. For those who are interested, there is more information about the magnetic direct drive motor of our turntables »Oasis« and »Bardo« in a white paper about the »Oasis«. The RöNt II tubed power supply is the ideal completion for the »Bardo« Review of the Bardo Turntable Stereophile Review of the Bardo Turntable The Audio Beat Review of the Bardo Turntable The Audio Beat Review of the Bardo Turntable hile Review of the Bardo Turntable The Audio Beat Review of the Bardo Turntable Pictures:
  4. Further information: Price drop Fantastic high torque direct-drive turntable. The TTX-1 delivers versatility and control thanks to an illuminated output bay, a built-in BPM counter and interchangeable S-shaped or straight tonearms. I was attracted by features including the super-high torque motor and S/PDIF optical, coax digital outputs, which I used to record directly to computer sound card. This well-made turntable weighs over 13kg and was Numark’s top of the range model at launch. The overall condition is good with lights, tonearms and digital display working well. In fact, everything works as expected. There are marks around the rubber/plastic material on the top of the casing. The marks are common for this model. The included used Sumiko Oyster High Output Moving Magnet Cartridge (about 150 hours of use) retails for 165 dollars when new. The turntable has had one owner and is approx. 16 years old. Numark TTX1 Turntable Demo Customer Reviews https://www.zzounds.com/productreview--NUMTTX1 Supplied: 1 Turntable 1 Sumiko Oyster High Output Moving Magnet Cartridge (about 150 hours of use) 1 Power Lead 1 Curved Tone Arm 1 Straight Tone Arm 1 Balance Weight 1 Numark Slipmat 1 Target Light 1 Stanton cartridge Headshell 1 Numark cartridge Headshell Technical details: Direct-drive ultra-high torque motor (+3.7 kg/cm peak) Patent-pending interchangeable tonearm system (includes both straight and S-shaped tonearms) Interchangeable pitch fader and button cartridges for club and battle style Blue illuminated display provides pitch, RPM, BPM and motor settings Removable aluminum target light with super-bright white LED Solid-core steel top and rubber base construction fights vibration and unwanted noise Anti-drag aluminum platter reduces excess rotating friction Ultra-precise aluminum tonearm with cue, height and anti-skate adjustments Accurate quartz motor control with instant reverse and variable start and brake times +/- 10, 20 and 50% selectable pitch ranges (optional 8% range) Key lock to maintain any key while changing tempo Onboard auto BPM counter 33, 45 and 78 RPM S/PDIF optical and coax digital outputs Selectable phono/line level output (w/o ground wire) Detachable power and audio connections, illuminated output bay Dimensions: 370mm(W) x 460mm(D) x 135mm(H) Weight: 12.6 kg Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  5. Item: Pioneer XLC1850 Location: Canberra- ca deliver to Sydney etc Price: $750 Item Condition:try nice, a worn patch on the plinth (see photos) and some scratching on res of lid. stop stop is a little slow (but who cares?) Reason for selling: need to fund divorce Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These turntables seen for at least $1000 normally, possible even more (one with a pioneer tonearm went for $1800 on eBay recently) you can read about it here http://www.thevintageknob.org/pioneer-PLC-590.html This deck easily equals the technics sp10 with its massive motor and platter- and it comes in a rock solid plinth and a LID!!! Can you imaging how much it would cost to buy a really good plinth with a lid?Thats after doling out $1000 for your Sp 10. I can provide a Mission low mass tonearm with very low use for another $200- you need to make an arm board for it. In the pictures it has The ($1400) Wand tonearm on it but I am keeping that one. I can deli ver to Sydney , around August 5
  6. Item: complete Technics SL1000mk2 Location: perth nor Price: $2900 Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: thinking about getting sl1200g or 1200gr Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: expression of interest at the moment, I've had this turntable for a about 3 years now. It's not used as much as it should be as I usually listen to cd's , but I still enjoy it immensely when I do. I bought this turntable from Mark T who knows his turntables very well. It it is in very good condition, actual sp10 platter is very good with a little bit of tarnishing near the technics badge. The resin/glass/wood plinth is likewise with no cracks or splitting. The stock feet have been replaced by isonoe feet. The epa100 arm is likewise with no play in bearings. The seperate power is very good condition and the lights still works both strobe and power supply. It had a lid but is not the original and it is not fitted to the hinges - very good condition. No splits cracks etc. the he turntable at the moment is fitted with a Ortonfon A90 mc cartridge - it is probably not part of the deal unless you wanted to make a very good offer on it as part of the unit. Minimal use and it was $5g cartridge when new. It is not for sale seperately, if I sell the T/T , I'm more than happy to remount on a new t/t. I have included some some photos and happy to supply more if requested. I don't have a box for it at this stage , so would prefer local sale, but I imagine I could get suitable box and packaging if needed. as started earlier EOI as I'm thinking about getting one of the new technics Sl1200g or 1200gr - still researching. But if you are interested in a complete sl1000mk2 here's your chance. Regards dave Pictures:
  7. Item: Acoustat 2+2 (4 panels per side) with Bryan's (Lansche Plasma Guy) modifications + frames, does not include transformers or DD Amplifier. Location: Melbourne, North East Price: $2000 Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: My better half sat me down for a talk yesterday…….. it did not end well! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer Only. Can ship at buyers expense however pickup is preferred Extra Info: VERY VERY RELUCTANT SALE. I located the panels in the US and had them shipped out after hearing Bryans amazing setup. I sold my new Magnepan 3.7s and began the journey. I just don't have the funds for the Direct drive stereo amplifier to run them to their full potential. The panels are in frames with 4 per side. All wire modifications are made (I have left the wires long to allow for varying panel setup). They include the speaker wires made to suit the high voltage needed. I am currently running them with a modified 2+2 transformer power supply's on loan from Bryan. Here is some interesting reading on Bryans modifications and Steve M's impressions: http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/61877-best-speaker-in-the-world-just-got-better/?hl=acoustat Pictures:
  8. Item: JVC-TT-81 motor unit Location: Canberra Price: $500 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Postage is $50 on the east coast. Here it is, one of the most beautiful direct drive motors you can bet. High end sound with high WAF. High Torque quartz locked professional direct drive DC servo motor. Cosmetically this is in excellent condition and electronically it is excellent too- except for one small problem, it no longer stops instantly, but takes a few seconds. As these sell for $650 on eBay, I think $500 is a reasonable price Description The JVC TT-81 is a 2-speed, high-performance, professional motor unit which could be fitted in the CL-P1 plinth system or one of the users design depending on the application. From researching on the net, it seems that parts are easier to get for this than the more reviered 101 Specifications Motor: DC servomotor Drive system: direct drive Speeds: 33 and 45rpm Speed detection: integrated frequency generator Servo system: quartz locked positive and negative servo control Starting time: within 1 second Wow and flutter: 0.025% WRMS Rumble: 63dB Speed deviation: within 0.002% Platter: 310mm diecast aluminium Dimensions: 150 x 358 x 358mm Weight: 8kg The motor unit is in a straightforward round housing, making it very easy to cut out a plinth, in comparison, say with Denons, which have a much more complex shape. Hence the proliferation of interesting plinth designs for these, including the naked ones, where the housing is removed. Here are some examples: From the vintage knob: Pictures:
  9. Item: Kenwood KD700 Location: Canberra Price: $700 Item Condition: Turntable is excellent. A small ding at front left. Intermittent lid issue. Reason for selling:Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I can deliver to Sydney. Postage anywhere else will be around $40-$80. This is beautiful turntable, which offers the stability of a rock solid direct drive motor and the convenience of auto stop and lift off. It comes with near new denon DL80 HOMC with 50 hours of use maximum. I had stated having lid problems, but have fixed that- the lid stays up if you settle it in. Should the hinges go you can get new linn ones to fit easily. The lid has some scratches, at the front unfortunately . It is a 100v machine and comes with a transformer. Checking sold prices on eBay shows that they sell for between $700-$900, and that is not with such a good cartridge. also wow and flutter of 0.02% and rumble-80 db. iPhone turntablualtor rates speed stability as perfect Pictures:
  10. Item: Pioneer hi end motor unit Location: Canberra Price: $560 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: I have run out of time for this project Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pickup from Sydney, lower north shore or Canberra of I can post. This is the little sister of the Pioneer exclusive, sharing many of the Exclusive's qualities, along with its spectacular looks. The finished turntable sells for up to $2,800 and its well worth it. You get something every bit as good as a Technics Sp 10 or Denon dp80 or Garrard 401 but looks a hell of a lot better (than the Garrard that's for sure). This one needs a japanese power transformer -for $60 you get a really good one, compared to paying $600 for a technics Sp10 power supply. Inertial mass of 480kg-cm2 Rotational frequency deflection 0.002% or less Signal to noise is a remarkable78dB like the exclusive p3 you can read more specs here: https://audio-database.com/PIONEER-EXCLUSIVE/player/pl-70-e.html here is plinth for sale on ebay- you could probably make your own easily enough https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Pioneer-PL-70-Custom-Beech-Plinth/182886817091?hash=item2a94e75d43:g:FXEAAOSwyYFaA0-F:rk:20:pf:0 Pictures
  11. Item: Pioneer high end turntable motor unit, Location:Canberra Price: $620 includes $15 donation to SNA Item Condition: Outstanding Reason for selling: no longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pickup from Sydney, lower north shore or Canberra of I can post. This is the little sister of the Pioneer exclusive, sharing many of the Exclusive's qualities, along with its spectacular looks. The finished turntable sells for up to $2,800 and its well wortg it. I have a beautiful gold Helius tonearm i will be listing which is a great match for it. You get something every bit as good as a Technics Sp 10 or Denon dp80 or Garrard 401 but looks 10 million percent better (than the Garrard that's for sure). This one needs a japanese power transformer -they are about $60. specs are here (For the full turntable) https://audio-database.com/PIONEER-EXCLUSIVE/player/pl-70-e.html Pictures:
  12. Item: Garrad DD75 Turntable Location: Perth Price: $395 includes $5 Donation to SNA Item Condition: Very Good condition 9.5/10 Reason for selling: Funding another Vintage Turntable Purchase Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Excellent condition vinyl spinner Condition is 9.5/10 Lid is a smokey grey colour Works great, And sound very good too Tested and working Sweet Selling to fund buying a Vintage Scottish Player My Tech Serviced it Last year. Fitted the Green Ortofon Cartridge, new earth lead, and new rca cables Have only played it a few hours.. spent more time in a cupboard Pictures:
  13. Item: Pioneer MU-1800 Location: Canberra Price: $550 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: have run out of time to finish project Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is a very rare motor unit- you can read about it here: http://www.thevintageknob.org/pioneer-MU-1800.html: I can post anywhere in Oz, and can personally deliver to Sydney . This a pic from the nest, a better one than my pics Pictures:
  14. Item: Denon DP 60L Direct Drive turntable Location: Artarmon Sydney Price: $1,100 + fees + postage if required. Item Condition: Excellent for age Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, direct deposit Extra Info: A classic turntable in excellent condition. I imported this from Japan and it has worked flawlessly while I have have been using it. This would be a brilliant way for someone who wants to try a foray into vinyl without spending mega bucks. It does not include the cartridge. I only have the straight tube arm and I have a voltage converter which I will include. I had the tonearm cable upgraded by Audio Genesis to an ultralink and the earth cable renewed. The cable is approx 1.5m. I have the box that it was packed in when it came from Japan. It survived without any issues and I would take care but would require any purchaser to take shipping risk. The transfer is approx 13cm by 9.5cm. I will take better photos in daylight conditions when I get a chance. Description The DP-60L has a head shell integrated into the arm tube, with its connector portion located at the base of the tube. The tube is a replaceable S-shaped arm tube with standard 4P connector. By replacing the low mass arm tube with the S-shaped tube, virtually all head shells or integrated cartridges can be utilised. By having the ability to use the widest selection of cartridges, your audio enjoyment will be significantly broadened. Specifications Drive system: direct drive by AC servo motor Speed control system: servo control with frequency detection Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm Speed deviation: less than 0.002% Wow and flutter: less than 0.015% WRMS Rumble: less than -78dB Starting time: less than 1.5 sec to 33.33rpm Platter: 300mm aluminium die-cast Tonearm: straight and s-shaped type Effective length: 244mm Overhang: 14m Stylus force: 0 to 2.5g Cartridge weight: 4-10g (straight tube), 12-18g (s-shaped tube) Dimensions: 485 x 180 x 410mm Weight: 13kg Pictures:
  15. I'm looking for a good condition preloved Japanese made turntable, direct drive. Technics, Pioneer or Kenwood. Prefer a pick up in Perth WA but happy to pay postage for a good deck. I will look at any available offers and would prefer black in colour to match my other gear. Cheers
  16. Further information: Perfect working order Technics is for a quick sale. Used this as my spare until Linn LP12 is being restored. Included are : Phono cable, Power cable, Tone arm, Shure M70B cart. Perfect TT for a beginner or use as a spare. Pick up only ( VIC 3133)
  17. Further information: Very clean and neat turntable in perfect working order for a quick sale. Included are : Phono cable, Power cable, Tone arm, Shure M70B cart. Genuine offers will be considered. Please PM for queries. Pick up only ( VIC 3133)
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