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  1. Further Information: High-quality audio cables, originally purchased from The Tailor Audio, in excellent condition. No box, cables only. Two years old.
  2. Hello has anyone experience with the cables of Achtung Audio, they make solid silver cables for a reasonable price. And if not do you have experience with pure silver cables? I would like to know more. Cheers
  3. Hi Everyone, First time poster here. We are currently in the process of designing a floating cabinet to store our AV equipment. Basically it will be 300mm from ground level and 2300mm wide. This will be vertically divided into 5 segments. The middle segment and outermost segments will be open while the remaining two segments will be cupboards with adjustable shelves. [Speaker][Cupboard][receiver+centrespkr][cupboard][speaker] The cupboards will contain occasional use devices such as xbox/ps etc. I am concerned that cables in the 'open' segments will be visible when seated in front of the whole system. I was considering putting in a false panel at the back of each segment with cable access holes. The centre segment will have electrical outlets, antenna, data etc on the wall behind it as well. Not sure how to implement the false panel idea or if there are any better solutions out there. Does anyone have any prior experience or ideas with regards to this? The TV will be wall mounted above the cabinet with the required cables 'chased' through the wall. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  4. Hello friends, Started using Fiio E17 as DAC to my stereo listening with vintage Rotel Amp. Currently connected mobile using 3.5mm jack out from to Fiio AUX in to fed source from Tidal. Which is 14/48khz Now wish to fed from mobile 3.5 mm jack/ android USB C to Fiio S/PIDF in. So it will fed 24/96. Do we have wire with like 3.5mm to S/PDIF in or USB C to S/PDIF in. Along with DAC I got few connectors attached images Any help will be much helpful. Excuse me if it's a invalid question. Thanks
  5. Hi All, I'm thinking of changing my setup to have all the equipment off to one side so that the space between the speakers is empty. This will require a reasonably long length of speaker cable, I reckon six metres. Will this cause any issues such as SQ loss etc that you are aware of? Its worth noting I'm using a tube integrated and that the speakers are a nominal 4ohm load. Any thoughts appreciated. Cheers!
  6. Has anyone compared The Rock, The Hill and/or The Mountain interconnects by Van den Hul? I would be interested to hear your descriptions of the sonic differences between them.
  7. Being an audio visual and technology fan, one tends to have many devices and of course lots of cables to go along with it. So in my listing/watching entertainment unit i have a mess of cables behind. I tried once before to reorganize and manage them better but it's still a disaster back there and over time i have added and removed devices making it even more of a mess, not to mention the potential for interference between cables etc. due to coils. Therefore i believe that the best course of action is to pull every cable out and start over. So my question is would it be best making all cables custom myself to the exact lengths? As to remove all excess. If so is there like a universal type of connection method? Or am I going to have to buy a termination tool for each type of connection? ie. Hdmi, usb, rca, power, ethernet etc. Or is there some better way to organize cables that I'm overlooking? What do you do to organize your cables? Or is it out of sight out of mind type thing? Thought i would ask you guys before i started researching about cables and connectors and the tools to terminate said cable's/connectors. Thanks in advance. i will now commence the Googles while i await your replies ?
  8. Sorry - I originally put this in with Speakers....but it is probably more appropriate in Cables I had someone lay cable for the two zones of in ceiling speakers. It turns out that the speaker cables are either tangled or do not have enough slack so that I can comfortably pull my receiver out of the shelf. As you imagine this is a real pain. What options do I have for lengthening the speaker cables.....? The cable is reasonably high quality (not sure the brand but it looks quite good). The guy that liad it has suggested soldering on some additional cable to increase the amount of slack at the receiver end. I am a bit worried on quality degradation. Can anyone suggest any other options that would not compromise quality? are there high quality connectors or something? Help? Regards David
  9. I had someone lay cable for the two zones of in ceiling speakers. It turns out that the spaker cables are either tangled or do not have enough slack so that I can comfortably pull my receiver out of the shelf. As you imagine this is a real pain. What options do I have for lengthening the speaker cables. The cable is reasonably high quality (not sure the brand but it looks quite good). The guy that liad it has suggested soldering on some additional cable to increase the amount of slack at the receiver end. I am a bit worried on quality degradation. Can anyone suggest any other options that would not compromise quality? are there high quality connectors or something? Help? Regards David
  10. I have been thinking about experimenting with a different DIY design for some XLR cables. I have a large drum of 2-core shielded mic-cable at home, I used to use it for line level runs for live sound, and I have a fair bit left over. My idea is to use 3 x 2.5m lengths for each speaker (I have a pair of SGR audio CX4F active speakers), and connect BOTH cores of each runs to the +, - and GND of the XLR end, and also group the braided shield together (but not to the termination). My other idea is to cross cores in each run, so <+ GND>/<- +>/<GND -> and then have each matching core terminate together on the pins of the XLR end. Thoughts? I may just do this is an experiment anyway, but some feedback would be excellent. Also yes, I know these cables are not in the same 'league' as the speakers, I am still deciding if I even want to get ridiculous cables or not.
  11. Hi everyone, I am in the process of purchasing US power cables for all of my components (AudioQuest NRG-10 or NRG-100) which are available in either 15A and 20A versions. Most power cables supplied with Australian components seem to be rated for 10A. Can anyone guide me as to whether 15A or 20A US power cables are more suitable for Australian power? My electrician seems to think either would be fine, but it would be interesting to see if anyone has had negative experiences with either. Many Thanks, Alex
  12. Apologies if this is in the wrong section, or has been asked before (I did some searching but had no luck) but... I own a pair of Alessandro MS-1s which have developed some cable issues. Given that the sheathing is cracking in a couple of spots I'm intending to re-cable them (or have them recabled). I'm wondering if anyone can point me to either: a - A site or store that sells reasonably priced cable by the metre, as well as connectors, with reasonable shipping. or b - Somewhere/one that will re-cable them for an affordable price. I'm not concerned with specialty 'audiophile' cables (silver, ultra low oxygen etc.), reasonable gauge copper will do. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Chris
  13. Now this is going to sound weird, but every time I have ever trimmed speaker cable lengths I have found the results to be a surprising clear up of detail. Yes, all good so far - I expect you have noticed the same? But what I find really odd, is that it sounds better (more coherent and less in your face) after about week, sometimes two. I don't think it's a case of getting used to it, as often these things are. So, is it that I actually like the sound of slightly oxidised copper cable? I suspect I am not the only one. This could ruin a few HI-FI myths I reckon. I have tried silver-mixed cables and nearly been sick, Chord Odyssey in that particular instance. Have found Chord carnival, (no exp with silver screen version) to be perfect if I trim a bit off every 6 months or so....and then wait a week. Anyone else found this peculiarity? Oh and I'm looking for more Chord carnival or similar if anyone has any? Mine are getting a wee bit short.
  14. I am looking to purchase or DIY a set of very light or feather weight interconnect RCA cable for my turntable to phono stage connection The reason I want a featherweight cables is that my connection point is direct to the tonearm body and I don't want added pressure from weight to be a pressure point to the connection point I have seen ribbon cables Shoestring DIY cables on the TNT forum Dual seperate wire DIY cables So I would like all suggestions from members brought forward so I can research and choose the idea / s best suited for my application brief
  15. DO CABLES MAKE A DIFFERENCE? FIND OUT WITH NORDOST AT SAVI SYSTEMS If you've ever wondered if cables make a difference, find out and hear for yourself at a special event to be held at SAVI Systems in Perth, 22nd March 2017. Bjorn Bengsston of Nordost Sweden will be in town, giving demonstrations of power cable differences, describing the science behind high quality ethernet cables, how speaker cables make a difference, and much more. These demonstations and questions will be discussed during the evening, along with covering the benefits of using quality connectors and accessories in your system, and explaining that in a hifi system, the foundation is the most important thing. Come and hear for yourself how cables can make a difference at SAVI Systems. PARKING Plenty of FREE parking both in front of and behind the showroom WHEN & WHERE SAVI Systems - 1168 Albany Highway. Bentley, WA 6102 22nd March, 2017 - From 5:30PM to 7:00PM To get your ticket for the event, please register at the Eventbrite event page. Visit SAVI Systems Retailer Page
  16. Hi folks, I am looking for options on how to hide the various cables I have visible from a wall mounted TV. Unfortunately the TV is hanging off a brick wall so an 'in-wall' solution isn't really viable! I'm wondering if anyone has come up with a cosmetically appealing solution (you just know my better half is going to be critical of anything that could be considered 'dodgy'). Cheers, James
  17. So, how do you write a review of speaker cables? I've been contemplating that for a while now and I think we have to start with a few basics. 1. It seems to be generally agreed that thicker is better when it comes to speaker cables, I happen to be one of those that agree. 2. The human ear can hear sound from about 20Hz to about 20kHz, give or take maybe 10%. 3. There are many things that can make sounds that are outside this range of human hearing, tigers can roar down to 14Hz, dogs can hear dog whistles (18kHz to 22kHz, apparently), dolphins and whales use sound up to 160kHz in their native bisonar to detect and even stun fish but they use sound below 20Hz to communicate over vast distances, and some insects can hear sounds as high as 240kHz. Sound above 20kHz is refered to as Ultrasound, sound below 20Hz is called Infrasound. Us humans really lose out when it comes to sound frequency detection, it's a good thing we can see in colour because when it comes to hearing what is going on around us we really suck at it. A couple of interesting links for those who wish to know more. http://en.wikipedia....rasound#Insects It is not just used for the scanning of babies! http://en.wikipedia....wiki/Infrasound If anything, more interesting than ultrasound! Now that we have that out of the way, let's continue. I ordered a pair of Taranui speaker cables from Little Blue Penguin here on SNA on the strength of his IC's performance and build quality and they arrived last week. They look superb, very nicely finished with heat shrink sealing the connections and each banana plug protected with a piece of heat shrink as well. A very nice touch LBP! And thick! Think 2m of 20 cent piece thick mesh-wrapped cable with pencil thick ends that finish with a banana plug that is by far the thinest part of them. Now I thought that Greg Osborns Datalink cables were thick but these are much thicker. They look, and feel, like they could be used to tow armored vehicles, but that is getting a bit far from the point. I ordered biwired speaker cables because that is what the Osborn cables are and that is what the manufacturer recommends, so birwired it is. I was using QED 25th aniversary biwire speaker cable previously and I believe that cable to be silver plated copper (but I can't find anything on the net to confirm that). Anyway, swapping from the QED to the LBP made a huge difference to the sound of the Plessis S1 that I was using at the time. I noticed a massive reduction in the high end metallic sound (which I disliked about this amp, so this is a big tick in its favour) and a sort of smooth fullness applyed to the bass. But that wasn't all, there is a sonic effect in evidence that I can certainly notice but I'm not sure I can really hear. After the speaker wire swap the Plessis S1 went on to give an excellent performance on every disc I played, so on the strength of that I swapped amps back to my current favourite, the Myryad Z142. The Myryad sounded exactly as I remembered it, nice and fast in the mid range and very fluid in the upper bass and lower mids but now it has a subtly smooth mid bass and less emphasis in the highs. All of the high frequencies were still there, just a little softer and more delicate, present but not annoying. This may not be for everyone but in my case it is exactly what I was after, not that I knew that prior to hearing it of course. So there was a far less obvious effect when using the Myryad but it was still a very agreeable one. I have been using the Dussun V6i as a stand to place my other amps on so since it was right there it was next to be trialed with the LBP cables. I heard very similarly smooth bass to the Myryad, and less emphasis on the highs and it seemed surprisingly soft and delicate for an amp that at the same time sounds so powerful. So, my initial impressions are confirmed, I really do like the effect this cable has on my system, but why does it have an effect, how does it do it and what does that effect really sound like? I know people are asking these questions because they are the same ones I would want any reviewer to answer. I'll start by answering the last one first, what does that effect sound like? It sounds like additional harmonics added to the song, a sonic halo of naturalness that makes you realize that this particular performance of the song sounds more realistic than the last one you listened to. It doesn't sound like the performer is there in front of you but it does sound like you are in the studio listening to the recording session with the band on the other side of a window. Breathy female vocals are so much more airy and you could swear that you actually hear their lips move. The bass and upper mid frequencies seem to come from an area 3 times the size of the actual speaker and the way they bounce around the room seems to make the room, and thus the sound stage, feel 3 times larger as well. The sound fills the room and makes it feel warm, the music doesn't sound warm I want to make that clear hear, it feels warm. The warmth is on more of an emotional level rather than a physical one. This is the sort of sonic performance that makes you lay your head back on the headrest, close your eyes and just float in it while savouring every minute. If this gives you the impression that I like it, that is because I do, I really, really do! Now the first question, why does this sound/cable have an effect? I don't know if you have ever heard a Tiger roar, but I have and it is an experience and a half. Now I'm not talking about a recording, this was at the Singapore Zoo at the tender age of 13. That Tiger let loose an expression of just how annoyed he was with the world and my intestines and bladder responded by tightening reflexively just in case some of that annoyance was directed at me. The sound below 20Hz may not be able to be heard, but it can rather easily be felt and there is no denying that it can have an emotional impact. Those vibrations cut straight through skin and flesh and vibrate your very skeleton, in this case the emotional impact was instant fear because tigers are scary to young boys who have grown up in a land where the only animal you have to worry about eating you is a crocodile. But guitars and drums and most other instruments create sound outside of our hearing range too and that is part of what makes a live performance so involving, just because you can't hear it doesn't mean you can't feel it and this addition to the soundstage seems to add a little of that feeling thus making the performance that much more enjoyable. It just sounds more "real". And now for the hard question, how does it do it? I can only offer an opinion on this one but it occurs to me that if the "skin" effect occurs at high frequencies then maybe the low frequencies tend to travel deeper in the wire, if that is the case then thicker wire means a more emotive bass performance. Just an opinion, and I know it doesn't really gell with reality since cds only carry sound from 20Hz to 20kHz. I could claim that maybe it is an effect of the transistors but I know that the music signal goes through high and low pass filters to cut out noise so that won't be it either. So I can't really explain the how, but I can say that the effect is real and I am absolutely loving it! Well done LBP, well done indeed! And a quick edit to add a pic.
  18. Hello Geoff, I have noticed you stock Fibbr cables! I just wanted to say G'day and tell you that I have used these cables before , when using long HDMI cables (10m +) there is always the unknown and the last thing you want is a cable that drops picture every now and then because you are pushing the limits of the bandwidth when playing 4K content, the Fibbr cables are amazing, not only are they extremely robust with an incredible bend radius, they just don't drop out! Anyways, thought I'd add my 2 cents, BTW - have you got some specials on ATM? I will be down your way soon and I might pick up some cables when I visit the new store
  19. Hi - thinking of replacing my QED XT25 speaker cables but have a couple of newbie questions: 1. If you're not disconnecting the cables frequently, are banana plugs necessary? And does a banana plug affect sound quality, even minimally? 2. Some retailers offer a free "burn in" . What is this and does it make any difference? 3. Does more expensive speaker cables (eg. QED 40i) make any real difference, especially if you're using good quality but mid range kit? Thanks Ali
  20. Item: Curious Cable USB 1.5m Location: Melbourne CBD Price: $325 (Pickup only) $350 ( included Express Post within AU + PayPal fees) Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pickup or can ship within Australia for $350 (includes Express Post + PayPal fees). Pictures:
  21. Item: PS AUDIO xStream Reference XLR Cables Location: Balgowlah Heights 2093 Price: 99/pair Item Condition: perfect, as new, used for only 3 m Reason for selling: superflous to requirements after recent system reorganisation Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have 3 pairs - 99/pair or all 3 for $245. RRP for these are $325/pair. Economical option for massive upgrade to audiophile interconnects. Bought for a second system, which is for now on hold - so surplus to requirements. Can be collected from 2093 (SYD Lower North Shore) or will express post Australia wide. Pictures:
  22. Item: Stereovox LSP-600 1.5m pair Location:Caulfield Price: $800 Item Condition:very good Reason for selling:too short in current set up Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: highly reviewed when Stereovox only made ultra-expensive products. eg http://www.stereophile.com/cables/207stereovox/#jOBrVVmOTm6AfLlP.97 the spades are high quality Xhadow adapters and can be removed if bananas are preferred my usual cables are Goertz and I must say these are significantly superior Pictures:
  23. Extra Info: Priced for a quick sale, these are $10k new! Purchased these last year & been simply amazed by their refinement & the improvement they made in my system. Sad to say, they’re now just too short for my current setup. This is the reference loudspeaker cable from ETI Eichmann with this topping the 5 models in the range (Q Ref, Q3000, Q100, Q500, Q100). This worked perfectly with my Martin Logan Monolith/ME 850’s. It is a hybrid technology using both pure silver and copper: " The hand-wound 99.99% solid silver ground conductor uses what ETI calls ‘Ground Nulling Circuitry’ (GnC). Keith Eichmann’s research has produced a proprietary Ground Nulling Circuit (GnC™) which actively works to maintain a quiescent zero Voltage state across the ground, protecting the signal conductor from ground induced capacitance and inductance. This facilitates smooth uninterrupted signal flow from one component to another, effectively isolates them and allows them to perform their tasks without interference. With each higher model in the range, the GnC™ grows in size, complexity, and sophistication." There was a review in six moons of the lower model (Q100) in the range (http://6moons.com/audioreviews/eti/1.html "ETI cables present a very black background against which music emerged with ease, clarity and flow. There may be something to this ‘ground nulling circuitry’ biz. My cable collection seems to constantly proliferate so there were plenty of contenders for comparison purposes. The ETI cables shone for their utter transparency and strict neutrality. There were no embellishments nor imbalances that would reveal or expose certain frequency anomalies. Music just flowed unimpeded, unedited and unsoiled.” They have been advertised used when you can get them for $3k in Europe and North America. I am selling these for what I paid. I consider them very good buying at this price & I’ll probably regret selling in the future ... Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  24. Item: Transparent MusicWave Plus 3m pair. Bananann terminated both ends Location: sydney nsw 2218 Price: $350 $300 Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: no longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pictures:
  25. Item: DNM Design Precision 2 Speaker Cable (2.5m pair) fitted with genuine Audio Note Banana plugs Location: Perth WA, can send to all capital cities. Price: $175- $150- + delivery Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer used in my set up due to change of speaker configuration Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Paypal if shipping. Extra Info: Great sounding cable designed to be used with low power SET amplifiers. The cables are fitted with genuine Audio Note Silver Banana Plugs. For details about the cable - https://www.hificollective.co.uk/components/dnm-design-precision-2-speaker-cable.html - http://www.dnm.co.uk/cablesdetail.html Please feel free to PM if any questions and thanks for looking
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