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  1. Further Information: Up for sale are one pair of black Emit 20 bookshelf speakers in immaculate condition purchased new in Jan 2023. These play like full range speakers with impressive, solid bass along with a wide soundstage. They carry over the Cerotar tweeter from the Evoke series to present detailed, sweet treble that is never fatiguing. Also well reviewed for their size: https://hifiplus.com/articles/dynaudio-emit-20-stand-mount-loudspeakers/ Comes with original packing box and materials. Pickup from Leura NSW
  2. I am selling: 2 x KEF Q300 bookshelf speakers in black. 2 x KEF Q100 bookshelf speakers in black. 1 x KEF Q200c centre speaker in black. 4 x speaker stands with custom made black gloss perspex mounting shelves (to fit bookshelf speakers). I am selling this as a set but would consider selling separately. I used this as my hi-fi and home theatre set up running off a Marantz receiver. I truly loved using this setup, but my current home does not accommodate or suit this kind of speaker set up. I’d always hoped to use them again, but that seems highly unlikely, so it’s time to send them off to a new home. The pictures show how I had it all set up immediately before I wrapped them up and stored them. The most striking visual feature is the Uni-Q driver that is unique to KEF. You definitely want to use them without the grilles to showcase that stunning piece of industrial design. I expect that if you are looking for something like this, you know that KEF offer bang for buck and this series racked up a number of awards for best bookshelf speakers from many respected magazines. Right now, if you were to buy the equivalent and current KEF speakers brand new the RRP via KEF is $3,500 made up as follows: $1,400 for a pair of Q350 bookshelf speakers - https://au.kef.com/products/q350-bookshelf-speaker $1,000 for a pair of Q150 bookshelf speakers - https://au.kef.com/products/q150-bookshelf-speaker $1,100 for a Q250c centre speaker - https://au.kef.com/products/q250c-centre-channel-speaker I do not have them connected, but if you wanted to bring your own small amplifier to test them, I am happy to allow that.
  3. Richter Predator Cougar Bookshelf Speakers. In great shape but as you can see there is a minor bit of wear on the top corner of the speaker cabinet. Same on the left speaker as well. Grills have some very slight sun fading on top edge. Quality Australian made speakers from one of our finest specialist speaker manufacturers Nice looking speakers - black woodgrain cabinets and removable black cloth grilles - physical condition is great SPECS Frequency response: 60Hz–20kHz Rec. amp power: 20–80 watts Sensitivity: 87dB Impedance: 4 Ohms Dimensions (cm): H 28 W 16 D 24 Weight (each): 4kg Mid/woofer: 1 x 130mm Tweeter: 1 x 19mm dome Crossover: 2-way Enclosure: Single vent reflex Free Local Pickup available in Sydney's Inner West. Not sure how I'd post given no original boxes. Please get in touch with any questions
  4. Excellent condition including grills (see pics). Only offering because I have to scale back excess hifi gear. Will be packaged in original box. Front ported - so good for desktop or near walls. By famous speaker designer, Andrew Jones. This is the sequel to his renowned B6. This DB62 is a lot of speaker for the money and takes well to EQ (plenty of examples of that detail online at ASR, Erin's Audio Corner etc). A 5 star speaker - https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/elac-debut-20-b62 Many other excellent reviews. Enclosure Type 2-Way Bass Reflex Frequency Response 44Hz - 35000Hz Nominal Impedance 6 Ohms Sensitivity 87db @2.83v/1m Crossover Frequency 2200Hz Max Power Input 120 Watts Tweeter 1" Cloth Dome Woofer 6-1/2' Aramid Fibre Cabinet CARB2 Rated MDF Cabinet Finish Black Ash Vinyl Port Dual Flared Binding Posts 5- Way Metal Dimensions (WxHxD) 7.69" x 14.76" x 10.55"
  5. What would you buy for best quality sound ? Pretty sure I want to buy new
  6. Simon (niss_man) has designed and built these book shelf speakers and he has asked me to have a listen to them and then let him know my thoughts. So, with my speaker reviewing training wheels on, here we go. These ZLB (which stands for "Zeus Learner Bookshelf" speakers, I imagine any more refined model will get a name that rolls off the tongue a little easier) speakers have been designed by Simon as a project (and learning experience, hence the name) to see how well he can do on the first try and to see how certain design aspects can work when they are carried through to completion. They have a 17mm MDF construction all the way around with a 3mm steel plate epoxied to each side, top and bottom, and a steel frame on the front for the drivers to screw in to. The crossover is mounted on the rear interior and the rear board is screwed in place into a steel frame that is mounted around the interior edge. Some construction photos. The drivers are a Scanspeak 18w/8434 woofer and a Dayton esoteric ES25nd-4. As you can see from the pics above Simon has used a single bracing rod from side to side, it is also easy to see that they are rear ported. Such an enclosure should be pretty rigid but still light enough to enable the speaker to be carried around without seriously straining your back. These speakers are a proof of concept exercise and Simon has emailed me a powerpoint presentation that he has put together that covers the reasons he has chosen this design and what the pros and cons of such a design and construction are. It is interesting reading, although it does leave me in the dark a little with some of the terminology. But how do they sound? Well, I'm glad you asked. With the similarities to some of Mike Lenehans designs and driver choice you may expect the ZLBs to sound fairly similar, and in some ways they do, but they also don't. More details and clarification to follow (probably) but for now I'm going to put this first post up and give Simon a chance to correct me on anything before I move on to the sound side of things. Back soon!
  7. Item: Wharfedale 9.1 Price Range: FREE Item Condition: Used (poor) Extra Info: Perfectly working as home theatre rears, its time to move these on as I downsize. Maybe 10yrs old with the veneer beginning come off (see pics), but perfectly functional. Free to a good home, pickup in Thornbury 3071. Cheers, Mike
  8. Hi there, Does anyone have any feedback or has purchased the Richter Merlin 6 Bookshelves Looking for a bookshelf to match with the new Sonos Amp, preferably without a Sub for approx $1,000 Medium sized living space and used for a mix of TV, Turntable and Streaming services. I'm tossing up between these and the Wharfedal Evo 4.1 Thanks!
  9. Hi All, Admitted audiophile amateur here. I've been looking to grab a pair of bookshelf speakers to pair with my tv but the priority is to have them sound great listening to music. Whilst I'm still on the journey of deciding what sounds great to my ear (thinking B&W 706 or Focal Aria 906 so far) I'm not sure they will be the right fit for the space. My main concern is losing bass and mid notes given the length of the room. The room is a rectangle shape with dimensions at 9mx5mx2.5m. The room is a shared kitchen/living room space with the kitchen on the left half of the rectangle and the lounge room where the speaker would go on the right half. I've attached an image to try and make this more clear. Essentially the speakers would be facing width ways on the right hand side of the room. I don't mind if the audio doesn't sound great over in the kitchen as that's not really where I would be listening. My main focus is to having sounding great at the couch. I'm not stuck on having to have bookshelf's and would consider loudspeaker towers as well if that did the job too. Cheers, Dan
  10. Hi new here to the forum, After many months of COVId19 enforced WFH, I've gotten the itch to improve my home office setup. Ive mainly been into IEMs in the past, and own universal AAW w900, flc8s, dunu titans. I tend to prefer neutralish signatures with good bass texture and natural soundstage. My budget is around $1000 and tossing up between either some desktop speakers or open backed headphones. (Including DAC/amp) My office is pretty small at about 3m by 3m so any speaker would have to be placed fairly close to the wall. Any suggestions for setups? I prefer the sound of speakers, but with my budget and room I'm thinking a midfi rig (like a Sundara or 2nd hand AFO + dx3) might be a better option.
  11. Struggling to find a decent Bookshelf speaker under $1k (maybe able to go higher) Liked the specs on Q Acoustics 3030i https://www.stereo.net.au/news/q-acoustics-3030i-standmount-loudspeakers-now-available The ELAC DEBUT 2.0 B6.2 are not bad on paper too. What are my options to get anything better than 46Hz and higher than 130W?
  12. Hi all I was lucky enough to get a home demo of the Contrast Audio Model One bookshelf speaker. Firstly the Bookshelf retails at $2,900, and is relatively small in size, but it does pack a punch! If I was to describe these speakers in the shortest possible way I would say "Agile, punchy, neutral and Accurate". At this price point I was very impressed. They are awesome for music that is dynamic and can handle even the most hectic fast paced metal music, whilst at the same time still sounding great with simple acoustic musical pieces. If you have a budget of >$3k and are looking for a bookshelf or compact speaker, this should be high up on your audition list and up for serious consideration. In my extensive auditioning of speakers I found them to go toe to toe with some options considerably more expensive from the likes of Dynaudio and others. Simply put, if you want an agile, dynamic and accurate performing bookshelf, check our the Contrast Audio Model One. PS: Reach out to them , they are lovely and helpful people and can be found here on the forums
  13. Looking for some advice on new speakers please. I thought I had it all figured out until I read an article on Darko's site by Srajan Ebaen http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/2014/02/kih-6-loading-the-room/%C2'> I've been saving up for some floorstanding speakers at around $3K, probably second hand. They will go in a surround system, but my real focus for sound quality is for two channel, not surround. I currently don't have a sub but am also looking to add one of those, probably about $1K, e.g. SVS SB2000. My room is about 7m x 5m x 2.7m (22x16x9 feet), with lots of hard surfaces and few opportunities for treatments. I have a young family, so moderate listening levels will be the reality 95% of the time. I listen to a wide range of music, but folk, rock, blues would be a good ball park. Using RRPs, one example might be Kef R500 ($3,700) vs. Kef R300 ($2,600) + SVS SB2000 ($1,000). So will I be more likely to get better sound from floorstanders or standmounts plus sub? Pros and cons of each set-up? Thanks Corey
  14. Hi all, inspired by http://news.cnet.com/8301-13645_3-57439115-47/build-your-own-desktop-stereo-for-under-$70/ I am looking for good cheap bookshelf speaker to go with either Lepai 2020+ or Topping TP20 (not decided yet). Having done some research, my options come down to: Dayton B652, Sony SS-B1000 and Micca SB42X. All of them around USD 60-70. Unfortunately the shipping from US is so expensive that it is more expensive than the speakers. Looking at JBHifi, I found Wharfedale AT-200 for less than AUD150 which in the end will cost me the same as those speakers above, except with Wharfedale, all the cost goes to the speakers. Can I expect Wharfedale AT-200 sounds significantly better than those three speakers? Anyone has any experience with any of dayton, sony or micca? Also, if you can suggest between Lepai 2020+ vs Topping TP20. Thank you.
  15. I am new to the world of speakers and need some help in finding a nice 2.0 system. All my audio gear has been focused on my headphone systems so I am going to need either active speakers or a small(ish) amp as well. The room these speakers are going into is 3.0 x 3.3m and this is in a share house so I would prefer to avoid a subwoofer. The speakers I currently have are Swan M200 MkIII, but they are not as high fidelity as I would like. Budget: $2,000 - 3,000 incl. amp....but I if there is something worth reaching for let me know. I guess I have a slight preference for active speakers just because it means I don't need to find more space for another amp, but other than that I guess I would prefer them to sit on top of my desk although I could possibly fit speaker stands/narrow floorstanders in a pinch. Because I am wanting to avoid a sub I would prefer to have a frequency response that is as wide as possible (within reason). I also prefer timber finishes on speakers....an aesthetics thing . I listen to an extremely broad range of music, but to help narrow things let's say the main ones are classical, orchestral, jazz and electronic. I am not overly concerned about creating an accurate soundstage and I am not interested in room treatments. The main points are clarity and musicallity. I would prefer that the instruments sound more "real" (in particular the piano) rather than having wide soundstaging or pinpoint imaging and I like a touch of warmth in the sound. I will be using them with my Eximus DP1 DAC and If I can buy them within Australia that would be preferred (second hand is ok). On a side note, if these speakers were also capable of sounding halfway decent in a large room (say 4.0 x 5.0m) that would be a nice bonus. My apologies if this is a little vague, please ask me to clarify anything I have missed. Thanks in advance. EDIT: 1 - Forget the woodgrain 2 - Let's stick with Active monitors 3 - To clarify "warm sounding", I just want speakers that deliver engaging music. I do not want anaemic, analytical sound. These are not for mixing.
  16. A few weeks ago I purchased a new set of Dynaudio Focus 160 (from a special at Rio Sound and Vision). FINALLY, I've had the time to unpack out and try them out. Currently, I'm running a Denon AVR 2807 with B&W 603s3 front, LCR 600 centre and B&W LM1 rears. I live in a smallish apartment so no sub (it would be total overkill with the 603s). My main transport is a Logitech Squeezebox Touch linked to a Synology NAS (full of my .flac files) feeding into a Moon 100D DAC. The turntable is a Project Debut Carbon with standard OM10 cartridge feeding into a Moon 110LP Phono amp and Chord Crimson RCA interconnects for both the Phono and DAC. I've heard over and over that Dynaudio speakers require a lengthy run-in time, however, I'll give you my first impressions after 2 hours of medium/high level listening. Also, I've set the Dyns up temporarily sitting on their foam packaging on little Ikea tables and I appreciate this is far from ideal (plan to purchase some stands for them). Specs (from manufacturer) Sensitivity 85 dB IEC Power handling > 200 W Impedance 4 Ω Frequency Response 44 Hz – 21 kHz (± 3 dB) Weight 7.6 kg Dimensions (W x H x D) 202 x 350 x 294 mm 7.9 x 13.8 x 11.6" Build Quality From the moment they were unpacked, these speakers exuded quality. The black piano finish is precise and this is evident by the fact that you can see your own reflection without leaping back three feet after being greeted with a horribly distorted figure. The boxes feel solid weighing 7.6kg each and the overall finish and precise placement of the drivers is second to none. They are rear ported and their rear terminals, although single inputs (no bi-wiring/bi-amping) accept either banana plugs or sufficiently thick bare wires. Aesthetics Beautiful... really! As mentioned above, the piano finish is excellent and the tapered (to the rear) cabinets look smart and I'm sure have a practical function. The detachable grill sits approx 1cm from the cabinet's front face. They have a contemporary look and would fit in with almost any decor given that they are available in a range of finishes. I often hear dynaudio speakers described as being very 'industrial' like design and although I think this is true for the DM series and C1/C2, I think the Focus series is a far more conventional and versatile (not to say that I wouldn't jump at a pair of C1s given the opportunity). Sound Quality (The most important bit) Okay, I'm not adept at reviewing audio gear, but i'll do my best here. I set the the speakers up in an A/B config on my receiver, although I must add that the B&W towers were running in a bi-amped config through the receiver so potentially had an advantage (debatable). Room placement was also different with the Dyns sitting at least 1.5 foot in front of the B&W (this may affect bass response). Firstly, any buyers remorse faded very quickly. The Dyns exhibited a extremely controlled response with seemingly even response across all frequencies (excluding the very low bass <45hz). When I first powered up the Dyns and switched the receiver to 'B' speakers, I had to double check the setting as my girlfriend immediately asked "When can we listen to the new speakers". To my amazement, the settings were correct and we had the Dyns pumping away while the B&Ws sat silent. The treble response is crisp without sounding over-analytical and the finest details are reproduced effortlessly. Even at high volumes, I felt comfortable and not overwhelmed by harsh treble tones. I found the Dyns to a be a more forward sounding speaker over the B&Ws, although their placement woud have contributed. The refined treble meant that listening to these babies at high volumes did not leave you feeling like you'd just had your ears drilled out by a Black & Decker. The mids were smooth and presented vocals in a truly life-like way, which really took Tracy Chapman's self-titled album to a new level for me. I would describe the mids as being realistic and balanced with a focus on vocals. I've often heard speakers that make the vocals sound distant or muffled, the Dyns brought them to life in a way I have never heard. In terms of bass, these little guys do a tremendous job. For this task, I turned to Kraftwerk's 'Electric Cafe' and various rap tracks from 2pac. The first thing I noticed about the bass response was 'controled'. Surprisingly, the little Dyns handled frequencies that I never thought possible from a standmounted speaker. If your primary listening is rap/electro then I would probably suggest a subwoofer, however, I found the lower bass sufficient. The B&Ws definitely have the edge with low-down bass, however, that is to be expected given their 2.5way floorstander design. In saying that though, the Dyns were more than capable of filling my 18ft x 13ft living room. Conclusion Straight out of the box these speakers amazed me particularly with their ability to bring music to life. I would be keen to see if their performance improves from further listening and I think a 2 channel amp upgrade would improve them even further. If you are in the market for speakers in this price range ($3,200 retail), then I would highly recommend placing them on your audition list. Cheers, David
  17. Hi all, Our little Signature i90 seem to have been a big hit at the Australian Audio & AV Show in Melbourne. Thanks for all the feedback and the positive posts in that thread. Those who experienced them already know how good they are, however we are getting lots of enquiries about from people who haven't heard them yet but have heard the 'buzz' about them. Their regular price is $999each in black or white. On orders taken from the 3 days between right now up to and including this Friday 8 Nov I'll do them for $699each. So why am I doing this? Well, firstly because it's my company and I can. Secondly it would be good if a few more owners could help those who haven't heard them yet do so. Pictures & data sheets attached. Taking orders on Signature i90 for $699 each for 3 days. Go. FreeCall 1800 818 882 or email vaf@vaf.com.au Philip EMAIL - Signature i90 & i49.pdf EMAIL - Signature i90 Preliminary Information.pdf
  18. This design is based on dayton excellent value drivers. The RS180 is 7" alum cone midwoofers and RS28F is a silk dome tweeter, well known in the US for a good performance tweeter with excellent value. Both drivers currently sold by theloudspeakerkit, as i dont see many of 2way builds here in stereonet, i hope this one will suit. In Brief : Sealed 18-25L, with baffle dimension W 200mm x H 450mm Reference sensitivity around 82db All simulations taken by CLIO txt files provided by PartsExpress Baffle Step Compensation is integrated to the crossover LR4 for both Woofer and Tweeter @2100hz 2nd order Electrical on RS180 3rd order Electrical on RS28F henry Edit : Baffle Step revision
  19. Hi all. I finally joined stereo.net.au and just had an observation and partly a question if you can decipher my puzzle of thoughts. I bought a pair of Usher s-520s a week or so ago and have been listening to music and some movies and tv shows through pc. I am missing some of the midrange richness I get from my shure se535 (very mid forward) and HE-500s (same source). I figured the sound signature would be different but I am finding that I am missing some of that richness. I am getting new cables and an SVS SB12 sub for the lower end, so I am not immediately looking to change the speakers, as I am excited to see how these additions change my experience. Other than that these are fantastic for the price. I will listen longer of course and make up my mind eventually but for now what are people's opinions? Is there another reasonably priced speaker which has all of the Usher's good attributes with perhaps a tad more richness. Wondering what other people's opinions were - does the sound signature will change over time. I suppose I will get used to the sound as it is different and still nice (I'm sure it will be sweeter with the sub coming next week). Btw Deep Hz Audio is a fantastic company to deal with after calling around a few companies down South. But still looking for opinions.
  20. During the show I sneaked into the Pymble HIFI room and briefly listened to half a tune of acoustic guitar played by the only stand-mount from Legacy. The volume level was low but the mid and highs were energetic and crisp. Unfortunately they didn't play any music with full bass, no idea how good it is at full range. But from what I've heard alone, impressive enough for a pair of 2K bookshelves. The built seemed quite solid. Ribbon tweeter looks like Elac Jet? No much reviews online though, will go for a dedicated audition at Pymble hifi when next time deciding upgrading boxes.
  21. I was reading a few posts here on SNA a few days ago and I just happened to read several that mentioned speaker stands within a few minutes of each other. They got me thinking, speaker stands for stand mounts can cost quite a bit, from a few hundred to a few thousand (in the more exotic cases), but how much do they have to cost to be effective, and can you come up with something that will work just as well for under $100? OK, I can't answer that yet, but I have started on a 'proof of concept' pair so I thought I'd put them up in their own thread and see what people thought about them, or if anyone had any ideas that could be used to improve them. I started with the easiest components I could get my hands on, bricks, wood and threaded rod. The combination of these means we get a heavy stand that is very solid, very stable and easy enough to build and pull apart again that it can be easily modified at a later date. The tools required are fairly basic, I had to cut my own wood and threaded rod so I needed a hand saw and a hack saw, I also chose to recess my nuts (no comments please!) so I needed a hole saw and chisel as well. Next time I might use two pieces of 20mm ply, one sheet to bolt together and one, slightly larger, sheet to use as a bottom base. The leftover structural veneer I'm using here is a bit narrow, but it was free so it was worth a try. The pics show one finished stand and all the bits to build the second one. I bought the bricks, threaded rod and nuts and washers from Mitre 10. Speaker Stands Per Stand Component Price each Total Price. Total (kg) Concrete Blocks, 6 3.7 22.2 43.5 8mm threaded rod, 4 3.35 13.4 0.6 Washers, 8 0.16 1.28 nuts, 8 0.22 1.76 Ply or MDF, 4 ? ? 8 Total $38.64 52.1 It took about 3 hours to put the first one together and I wasn't exactly pushing hard, I also mucked up a measurement and had to cut one of the rods twice so I think we can call that both a quick and simple build. I'll see if I can get to the second one this afternoon and then I can move on to the testing phase later in the week.
  22. Hi guys I'm a newbie based in Sydney & am looking for speaker advice - a pair of decent 2ch speakers are all that I need to complete my budget audiophile setup. Please look over the following components I already have + a few other details about the room & music - then recommend a few speakers for a budget up to approx $1000, thanks. Wav, flac or 320k music ethernet streamed from PC to Logitech Squeezebox Touch & then via coax to Motu Ultralite MkIII audio interface (I'm using as a DAC) & then via balanced XLR signal into Anthem 225 integrated amp. Mono rca signal from amp into Richter sub (no model number written on it but 12" cone & can output serious bass!). Loungeroom is 4m x 6m (2.75m ceiling), wooden floorboards with rug under coffee table, 2 couches, dining table, sideboard & long bookshelf. I'm a professional DJ (for more than 20yrs!) with a broad & deep taste in music - at home we'd listen to anything from baroque classical, ambient, jazz, blues, soul/motown, world music, modern roots, reggae/dub, nu-jazz, deep house, progressive trance, drum n bass, classic rock, folk - you guys get the picture - the speakers need to be good all-rounders! I should note that we often listen to music at low-moderate levels so want speakers that can sound good when just ticking over. I hope that's enough info for you to make some good recommendations - let me know if there's anything else you need to know. Thanks!
  23. Hi stereo.net I've been thinking a bit lately about upgrading my speaker setup for music listening (60%) and movies (40%). As you can see, I'm limited by a pretty small living room (for the next three or four years at least) and a really iffy room setup for listening to music. Lots of hard surfaces (tiles), even a sliding door behind the blinds to the left of the TV. To make things worse, it's an open plan living space, so the kitchen is right next to the living room. With regards to dimensions, the distance of the wall behind the TV to the wall behind the couch is about 4.1m and the distance from the wall (where the blinds are) to the space heater is about 3.1m. Overall dimensions of the room would be about 4.1m by 6.4m if we take into account the open kitchen area. Currently, the speakers are spaced about 2.3m apart while the listening position is about 2.5 m from each speaker. My question is - if I really did want some better sound for general music listening, would buying a couple of floorstanders, or a couple of bookshelf speakers be worth the money? Or are there too many things happening in the room to even bother? How about for floorstanders such as the Goldenear Triton 2, which features an adjustable dial at the back for bass output? Something like that might suit? I know that ideally, I should be looking for speakers with a front port. Eventually, I'd like to buy more speakers and round it out to a 5.0 or 5.1 setup. I have read Topman_Chief's thread here from 2014 asking advice re: the same questions, as well as some general advice on some websites. I am a little confused by some of the responses there, especially after the first couple of pages... http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/62584-advice-on-floorstanders-vs-standmounts-with-sub/ Any thoughts/advice here would be much appreciated Thanks for reading! Cheers, Ed
  24. Item: B&W 805 D3 Price Range: 4000 - 4500 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for a pair of 805D3 in excellent condition.
  25. Item: 2.1 bookshelf/sub setup for home office. Price Range: Up to $500 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Flexible around brand/model, just want something that will sound nicer (with a flatter frequency response) than my 18 year old Logitech HTIB system. No fancy features in amp/receiver required, I'd be happy with stereo 3.5mm analog or optical (SPDIF) in. Sub is optional, but I do like deep bass so if no sub, then speakers that can go lower than 45Hz would be required. Location: Adelaide preferred so I can audition.
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