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  1. Hey guys It seems like my place got struck by lightning or something during the week. Came home to my circuit breaker tripped and my Panasonic plasma not turning on. A bunch of electronics in the place are also fried. Electrician came out and thought it was a strike/surge and that everything (minus the wrecked electronics, i.e. washing machine, foxtel, playstations) was okay. So I got delivered my new Sony KD65X8500B during the day and tonight we've noticed that when certain lights are turned off around the house the tv flicks to black, and in rarer cases, to purple. I'm going to do some more thorough testing tomorrow with sources/cables etc, but I'm thinking it's the house as opposed to the tv. Any thoughts or advice? Thanks
  2. Hi there! I'm turning an old speaker system (Panasonic SA-PM54) into a sort of surround sound system, placing the speakers around the room, and I found two old speakers (Realistic Minimus 40-1996B) and I want to plug them in, alongside the speakers that came with the stereo system. However, the back of the Panasonic control box thing (I don't know the correct term), there's four wire input colours; red, black, blue, and white. The regular speakers have all those wires coming out the back of them, but the two extra speakers I found only have red and black inputs. Are the blue and white ones necessary? Can I connect two wires to red and two to black on the speaker and plug one in to each colour on the control box thing? (I've attached pictures in case my explanation was bad) Thanks, Daniel
  3. Item: FOUND Price Range: $750 max with post Item Condition: VG+ Extra Info: Black with wooden sides preferably. JJ
  4. Item: Paradigm Studio 100 v5 Gloss Black Price Range: $2-3k Negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: In Canberra but can travel NSW state to pick up or pay for shipping Looking to match a CC-690 I've gotten. Let me know if anyone knows of anybody looking to sell.
  5. Up for sale is my Parasound A31 Amplifier. Its a solid state amplifier. The unit is in great working condition with box and power cable. Cosmetically perfect and been of little use. I am the first owner. My asking price is $2200. Cheers
  6. Item: Rotel RB1582 Power Amp 200 watts ch 8ohms black Location:Sydney Price: $1200.00 Item Condition:bought Sept 16, unmarked presents as new, comes in original double carton Reason for selling:Looking to upgrade to a integrated solution (Accuphase or Mackintosh) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal plus charges, COD Only Extra Info:Please google for specs or reviews.... Pick up from Chester Hill or buyer to arrange courier. Pictures:
  7. Item: Rotel RC1570 Pre-Amp bought Sep 16 as new Location:Sydney Price: $1250.00 Item Condition:Unmarked presents as new comes with original packaging, remote and cables Reason for selling:upgrading to integrated solution Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal plus charges, COD Only Extra Info:google for tech specs and reviews.....pick up from chester hill or buyer to arrange postage or courier Pictures:
  9. Quote Item:Yamaha Natural Sound CD S2000 SACD Player Location: Syd 2162 Price:$1500.00 $1450.00 (includes $50.00 Donation) Item Condition:As new with original pakaging, Remote, Power Cord Reason for selling: no longer being used ( now Streaming) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal +3%, will post /courier at buyer's expense Extra Info: The player needs no introduction especially on this site, as you will see from the attached photos condition is pristine, Original RRP $2599 Pictures:
  10. Item: Bryston BDA-1 DAC (Black) Location: Canberra Price: NO LONGER AVAILABLE Item Condition: 9.8/10 mint excellent with instructions and original packaging. Reason for selling: Upgrading my system and DAC no longer needed. Payment Method: Cash, Bank Deposit, Paypal +3% Extra Info: Nice Bryston BDA-1 DAC in excellent condition. Top quality build, beautifully detailed sounding DAC. Very versatile with Lots of input and output options. http://bryston.com/PDF/Manuals/300015[BDA1].pdf Local pickup is preferred however, I have the original packaging and would be happy post at buyers additional expense Pictures:
  11. Item: Trafomatic Premise Amplifier Location: Melbourne Price: $3500 ono. Item Condition: Near Mint Reason for selling: Putting up my WLM Diva's for sale, the Premise is the perfect partner. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The Premise is a fantastic amp. The WLM Diva/Trafomatic Premise is the best speaker/amp combo I have ever had in my system. I need to sell a pair of speakers and since I haven't yet sold my wilson benesch's I have put my Diva's up for sale. If they sell and I am left with the W.B then I will need a more appropriate amp match. Here is what our own John Darko had to say about the Premise: "With his Kaivalya monos receiving raves across the board, Sasa Cokic distilled their essence into a gloss-white-lacquered push-pull integrated. The Premise twirls with EL84 tubes; this means super-fast, super clean reproduction without the butterfat that can burden lesser EL34 designs. Musical layering is another standount. Cleverly, Cokic has designed the Premise so that it can be used as a power amplifier and triode/ultra-linear modes are top-plate switchable to suit mood and musical flavour. The former brings a shade more romance, but the delta is sufficiently subtle that you won’t spend all day yo-yo-ing between the two. A glorious and grandiose amplifier that once again proves that bang-for-buck can still be found at the high-end. Don’t be misled: this might look like show-pony hi-fi but the Premise offers performance that you’d be extremely hard-pushed to find for less money. You can show it off to your audiophile mates, it sounds sublime and your partner will be less likely to object to it as a lounge-room centerpiece. A modern classic." Had to argue with JD. Don't underestimate it, this is a high end amp that delivers high end performance. The Premise certainly does pull you into the music. This particular amp is in gloss black rather than the gloss white- just my personal preference. This unit does also come with the $250 optional output to run as a power amp if you want to add your favourite pre into the mix. The amp runs a minimum of 20 watts per channel. Comes with remote. The specs as taken from the Trafomatic website: Specifications: Class of operation: Push Pull class A Triode/ Ultralinerar mode 
Tubes complement: 8 x EL84, 2 x ECC81 
Inputs: CD, Tuner, Aux 
Outputs: 4 , 8 ohms 
Input sensitivity: 0.85Vrms 
THD: 0.25% - 1W/1KHz
 Bandwidth: 10Hz (-1dB) - 50KHz (-3dB) 
S/N ratio: 88dB 
Input impedance: 100K 
Power consumption: 250VA 
Input voltage: 230V/50Hz (100-120-220-240V available on request) 
Size: 430 x 2900 x 1900mm 
Weight: 22kg As always, if you have any question regarding either the amp or its sonic abilities, please don't hesitate to ask. If someone out there is in the extremely fortunate position of being able to purchase both the Premise and my listed Wlm Diva's, we can certainly discuss a package price. I have all original packaging. A donation to SNA will be made upon sale of the amp. Pictures: not my best work, sorry about that: looks cool in the flesh, particularly with all those glowing bottles fired up.
  12. Item: 30GB Black 5g iMod http://redwineaudio.com/imod ALO Audio iMod cable http://redwineaudio.com/cables#imod_dock_cable Location: 6150, Perth Price: $500 posted within Australia Item Condition: 8/10 The condition I'm selling it in is identical to how I received it Reason for selling: Never use it Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct credit Extra Info: Its had literally 10 minutes use. Unit is refurbished as 5g iPods aren't available new anymore. RWA assemble from refurbished parts, modify, and send these out. Protective plastic casing still on the unit from RWA. The silver back panel is scratch free and same goes for the front black faceplate. It was assembled with a scratched click wheel, nothing too major just surface scratches. Pictures: Packed up and ready to go, but will take some if I need to.
  13. Item: Rotel RMB 1075 Black in colour Location: Melbourne Price: $600 plus postage or pick up available Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Deposit Paypal Extra Info: Great condition 5 channel powerhouse.
  14. Item: SPL Volume 2 - minimalist active preamp. Balanced/ XLR inputs / outputs. Location: Brisbane Price: $430 firm inc' freight in Australia. RRP $600 plus freight Item Condition: Perfect. Still has box and packaging. Reason for selling: Going to aim higher and get a Pass Labs preamp (gotta start saving for that....) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash (paypal preferred), Postage -Paypal (as a friend or add 3%) Extra Info: This is a truly minimalist active preamp that provides gain and attenuation without any noticeable colouration, distortion or altering of tonal balance. It was been described as approaching "a wire with gain". It's not super flash in design but it features a very well designed layout, well selected components and a sensible lack of bling. It is somewhat like a more techie version of the Schiit gear in terms of aesthetics - you are paying for what's inside, not fancy casework. Features balanced inputs and outputs and an ALPS pot'. A true balanced design. This unit will not fill the roll of a full blown preamp that feature multiple inputs. It would be perfect if you are running active speakers and need a simple, acoustically transparent volume control, or you need a way of adding gain in between something like a PS Audio directstream / junior to a power amp. Can also assist where there is imbalance between the input and output impedance of you source and amplifier. Don't be fooled by the looks or the fact that it is a "pro" piece of gear. it combines very low distortion and colouration and adds a bit of oomph to proceedings. https://spl.info/en/products/monitor-controller/volume2/overview.html http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/spl/volume2_2.html https://spl.info/fileadmin/user_upload/pdf/Vol2_profaudio_1206.pdf - can you speak German? Nein? Pictures:
  15. Dynaudio Focus 340 floorstander speakers in piano gloss black. Was last of series with a vastly improved precision coating and an enhanced MSP mid/woofer equipped with a new voice coil assembly featuring new black Kapton® formers and new die-cast aluminum basket frames. These were purchased new by me around 2016 from Denis White HiFi, Adelaide. RRP was ~$8000. Have not been used much due to being in storage when new for 3 years, but regular use since 2019 mostly jazz and classical music. Wonderfully balanced , dynamic, full-range, coherent and accurate as per reviews with that special revered Dynaudio sound. Technical data : https://www.dynaudio.com/discontinued-models/focus/focus-340 Review : https://6moons.com/audioreviews/dynaudio5/1.html Absolutely perfect and 'as new' mechanically and cosmetically, to be shipped in all the original packaging. Non-Smoking pet-free home. I have attached protective slim-line mesh metal grilles to the tweeters . Tweeters are in as-new condition with NO indentations. Have been packed in original double-box packaging ready for shipping. Shipping at buyer's quote and cost. High Gloss Piano Black 1" soft dome tweeter 6" cone midrange 2 - 7" woofers 250 watts 87db @ 1 watt @ 1 meter 42H-22KHZ +/- 3db 43"h x 8.7"w x 12"d 25kg each Rear-ported speakers. Foam plugs, use manual and floor spikes are included
  16. 30GB Black 5g iMod http://redwineaudio.com/imod ALO Audio iMod cable http://redwineaudio.com/cables#imod_dock_cable Location: 6150, Perth Price: $350 plus post Item Condition: Near new Reason for selling: Never use it Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct credit Extra Info: Has been used for <1h. Red Wine Audio assemble the iMod using refurbished parts as 5g iPods aren't available new anymore. Rockbox firmware (enables lossless format playback) is included and users have the choice of using stock firmware or rockbox firmware upon powering up the unit. The protective plastic film it was sent with hasn't been touched/removed. Silver back plate is scratch free and same goes for the black faceplate. It was assembled with a scratched click wheel, nothing major just surface scratches. Pictures:
  17. Buyer pulled out, so relisting 30GB Black 5g iMod http://redwineaudio.com/imod ALO Audio iMod cable http://redwineaudio.com/cables#imod_dock_cable Location: 6150, Perth Price: $350 plus post Item Condition: Near new. The protective plastic film it was sent with hasn't been touched/removed. Silver back plate is scratch free and same goes for the black faceplate. It was assembled with a scratched click wheel, nothing major just surface scratches. Reason for selling: Never use it Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct credit Extra Info: Has been used for <1h. Red Wine Audio assemble the iMod using refurbished parts as 5g iPods aren't available new anymore. Rockbox firmware (enables lossless format playback) is included and users have the choice of using stock firmware or rockbox firmware upon powering up the unit. Pictures: Attached. Once again, the protective plastic film hasn't been touched or removed so you'll have to excuse the crude look of the front and back.
  18. Item: Amber phono amp/ phono stage set up for MM cartridges Location: Melbourne Price: $180 Item Condition: 8/10 Reason for selling: surplus - it's been on a shelf for ten months, time to move it on Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank deposit Extra Info: Purchased in 2003 new for $450. I'm the first owner. I don't have the manual. I ran an Iron cartridge (Grado) with it. For no reason except that I had the opportunity because I was having one of my amps checked out by a hairy-armed audio engineer, I took the opportunity also to have this unit checked out last week. Verdict: "It does everything it should. The measurements read correctly at 0 and 20 kHz. The unit is fine and has a lot of electronics in there, I think there's a MC capability in there too. Do you know how to switch it over?" No, I don't. Pictures:
  19. Item: AVM Ovation MA 8.2 Monobloc pwr amps Location: Melbourne, Vic Price: $16,000 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded to valves. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD, Bank Cheque, electronic transfer. If Paypal, buyer to pay all fees. Extra Info: These were Marc Rushton's power amps. I bought them in Oct 2017. I said I was never going to have valve power amps again but I changed my mind after I heard the AR Ref 160M which I bought. But I would've happily stayed with the AVM MA 8.2. The AVM monobloc runs the AR pwr amp close. At $16k the AVM MA 8.2 is an affordable end game power amp. RRP was $44,000 for both ($22,000 each). It is rated at 600 watts RMS. It will drive anything with finesse. It is a low noise, low distortion design. This is a very good price for these amps. If you want to spend less, there is the Holton monobloc listed on this site for $15,000. It is Germanic black as you can see by the pictures. It is so black even the white parts are black. If not pickup, buyer to arrange courier. Gross shipping weigh each at about 45kg. W58cm x H38cm x L57cm. Shipped in haulage case as pictured. Photos:
  20. Like new Elac Speaker front set of two tower speakers. Herbie's Brass Pucks for floor spikes available as shown in photos. Made in Germany, these have served in our living room as the basis of a 5.1 channel system connected to our smart tv. The improvement and fidelity are simply wonderful and created a superb music and movie experience powered from the tv via our Marantz AV Receiver. These speakers are simply joyful to listen to, with warm lush but clear and articulate highs, mids and lows. Because of their design, these Elacs come with the famous Jet tweeter that creates a wide and transparent soundstage. Here's what a reviewer said: "While the newly developed 247.2 is both slender and discrete in its aesthetic; the acoustic elements of the speaker are the complete opposite. A warm, room-filling sound complete with liquid, controlled bass with a punchy and dynamic midrange to match. This excellent sound is improved further by ELAC's specialist JET ribbon tweeter technology, ensuring that the high frequencies are both clear and detailed while the stereo-image is vast and precise. " Specs are here: height x width x depth 1,021 × 220 × 320 mm weight 16.8 kg / 20.4 kg packed type 2½-Way, bass reflex woofer 2 × 150 mm AS-XR cone tweeter 1 × JET 5 crossover frequency 500 / 2,500 Hz frequency range (IEC 268-5) 30 ... 50,000 Hz sensitivity 89 dB / 2.83 V / m suitable for amplifiers 4 ... 8 Ω recommended amplifier power 30 - 250 W / channel nominal/peak power handling 120 / 160 W nominal impedance 4 Ω minimum impedance 3.4 Ω / 210 Hz Note the 247.2 towers speakers come with a rubber port stopper that can be push/pull adjusted to control the bass extension. Bass port is downfiring at the base of each speaker. See the photos. Original packaging available. Shipping available at best price.
  21. Item: PS Audio P-10 power plant with Australian receptacles Location: 2580 Price: $4100 freighted anywhere in Australia Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal incurs fees, EFT. Extra Info: This unit has just been serviced by the Australian importer & is still packaged for freight ready to send on same day. Will not unpack. Get that up ya! Pictures:
  22. Quote Item:For Sale Bluesound NODE2 Wireless Music Streamer Location: NSW 2162 Price:$800 $750.00 $725.00 Item Condition: Brand New (arrived from USA 06/10/2106)----NOT REFURBISHED / NOT USED Reason for selling:Tested for sound and after much deliberation decided to stay with my CA CXN Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal +3%, Direct Deposit Extra Info: Unboxed when arrived and connected to my system to test sound, tried with Spotify and net radio and it sounds as good as the reviews are telling us, very solid well built device but at the end of the day I couldn't let go my Cambridge Audio CXN...sounds as good as the node and i'm familiar with it....You will need an AUST power cable or use an adaptor...Item also listed on Ebay Pictures:
  23. Further information: Little used Pro-Ject Phono Box DS in Very Good ++ / Excellent Condition about 3 years old, with a pair of interconnectors for Phono to Amplifier, RRP at that time was $~400 Adjustability for Ohms : 10, 100, 1000 Capacitance : 100, 220, 320 pF Gain : 40, 50, 60 dB Price includes shipping to most of Australia, a small charge for remote area. Photos: JJ
  24. Item: Onkyo (integra) M588f/ P388f Location: sydney Price: $2990+ Free postage!! PRICE DROP Item Condition:Mint/ Excellent Reason for selling: not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hi Everyone. I have a set combo of Onkyo(integra) high end pre/power combo. This is a true 240 volts interchangeable unit was sold brand new in sydney around 1994. I am the second owner and this has been sparingly used by both of us. where do i begin..the best combo of pre/power i have heard till date ..period. If u may know the integra was a higer end of onkyo division producing some amazing components..and this is the holy grail of onkyo.The Power amp M588 sits just below the monster grand integra..and it can pump out 300watts of pure power each channel @ 4 ohms.!! Soundwise it puts out a 3 dimentional engaging powerful sound. Extrememy detailed and natural. With the right set of speakers/sources..this would be end game for some. The power amp uses the super balanced circuit design and twin monouaral design transformers! Massive amount of high grade capacitance/ balanced inputs/outputs, gold plated terminals and input rca!! beautifully lit with meters lights This beast weighs in at 32kgs+ Same applies to the matching pre amp. 3 transformers and high end massive capacitors, balanced inputs /outputs are some of the features. All controls are at the tip of a touch..and also an Original R1 Remote is supplied which controls volume and other inputs.( will add pic later) Everything works 100% with absolutely zero static or hiss... as if it just came out of the box. Inside and outside condition is LIKE NEW! Not a single mark! On either units If u look closely at the pics u may see some tiny threads..they are fabric strands from my silly cloth wiping skills. Both units are immaculate and a real oppurtunity for someone to own this classic combo for a fraction of the price. These were 300,000 and 200,000 yen when they came out!! importing these from japan nowadays will set u back at least a solid 5000$ and then u need a step down transformer to run it..which is a pain! These will be packed with extreme care as i have sent many items in the past with no issues. 8-9 layers of bubble wrap/ 2 layers of heavy duty cardboard/ shrink wrap/ pallet strap..this is how nicely it will be packed ! It will take a whole day for me to pack these babies..which is the only way i will be doing this!☺ Sorry for this long post but i think it is important to mention things as clear as possible. Some info https://audio-heritage.jp/ONKYO/amp/integram-588.html Pictures:
  25. As new pair of KRIX Neuphonix speakers in Black veneer. These are seriously as new and I have not used them for over a year. These speakers RRP for around $3500. I have the box/manual for the speakers ready to go. More info can be found at http://krix.com.au/P....aspx?p=44&id=1 Price I'm after is $1500
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