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  1. I have a Marantz CR611 that is powering my B&W 685 S2s. I'm hopeful to get a 2-3K tax return in a few months and am wondering if a Power Amp would help things? Ideally, I'd like a Power Amp that would support two zones if there is such a Power Amp. These are to power my outdoor speakers. What are your thoughts?
  2. Hi my name is Taff and I been browsing this forum over the last few days to get some invaluable tips. I decided i just needed a cheaper range pair of speakers for the lounge room to replace the horrible ones (very old) that my wife was complaining about, ended up buying a pair of: Bowers and Wilkins 685 S2 for $800. Obviously coming home and putting them on my 10 year old AV amplifier (Onkyo entry level) decided i needed a amplifier to get some better sound out of them and ended up buying a Cambridge AZUR 651A Integrated Amplifier for $629. Typically the bug has hit me (even though at a budget level) and I have a Stream Magic Network streamer in my sights, just have to convince the lovely wife the 'need' for it. I am very happy with the sound I have achieved for my outlay and I think it will improve once i move it to the front room, which has carpet and window coverings and is all round a smaller better room for listening pleasure. Just wanted to share my excitement Taff
  3. Hi All I'll introduce myself hear first post. I'm Mark and from Perth Western Australia I do like watching movies and youtube music videos. I am building a house and its at roof cover stage and I'm kicking myself hard because if i'd discovered this forum or the shop that sells the equipment I would of made the home theater bigger; enough for 2rows etc.... now I am dreaming. Anyway I have been reading this forum, visiting shops and reading product reviews. I'm lost and confused... .......but I've not given up I still want a kick-ass ground shaking theater room but I'm a n00b so I turn to you guys as you seem very enthusiastic, with heaps of experience and wise knowledge, which I would love to copy and paste from your brain to mine by a USB I have uploaded and image of my small room that's going to be my theater and the 2 quotes. Yes i know double doorssssss. at least I put 2 conduits in and extra power at the back but my wife wants to cover the hole room with curtains yes 360 degrees and I got thick carpets too. so I am young and don't own any furniture nor equipment so I went to west coast HIFI and got 2 quotes from them and I get the feeling of disappointment. Today I've taken a day off work to go window shopping, there isn't many places in Perth that do Home Theater, theirs only west coast HIFI, surround sounds and Douglas hifi, oh and Frank Prowse HiFI. I have not looked into online or international first I need to know what I need. My room is 4430 wide so nice 4 seat leather couch will go in. but 3890 long bit close to screen Bulkhead (wall to 700in all way round) 28c or 2400 high center of ceiling is 31c or 2700 high Bow i did use this website with the 2 different high i cant work out if i got a good room. Screen size I will be sitting about 3500 away I am counting about 400mm for the recliners space. Some say I could get away with 4K Hisense 75" UHD LED LCD 100Hz 3D Smart TV for $4500 others recommend a projector and 100'' size max Now i love B&W speakers especially the cm10 s2 one shop today said that's over kill I love bass,. in my car i have a nice 10'' that made me sick at the start now I feel its losing power or I'm getting deaf. In my opinion the two quote I got are; over my budget, I wonder if I could save somewhere on parts, and I did not like the Yamaha speaker did not cut it for me. The sales man has also added in the quote krix subwoofer because the psb subwoofer was not loud enough for me the krix did make the room shake i think the panasonic DMR-BWT945GL would be great if i went for projector that unit would be my smart hub. Therefore my question is, what would recommend for me. 5.1 or 5.2 ? TV or Projector ? speaker recommendation ( floor or bookshelf on stands ?) (subs I do like if I feel the sound or vibration or neighbors complaining ) ? ( rear in ceiling or ? ) Yamaha power and pre or normal av receiver ? bluray player do i need to be worried about them did i miss any questions ? feel free to add model numbers if you recommending I will appreciate everything I am give, as now I'm in a dilemma.
  4. been a good AV year for so far I got a 55inch led samsung for xmas witch is great. BUT its only a tv (like a car with no engine and tyers) . So ive been busy building a second room :-) All because I got a new tv
  5. I am seeking help in choosing between subwoofers principally for a music centred system. That means the subwoofer should be seen rather than heard. I live close to Lifestyle Store, N Parramatta and generally buy through them (they don't stock B&W). I am trying to avoid models that take up huge amounts of floor space and weight a tonne. Amplifier: Devialet 220. Mac user (NO Windows-based computer available for room calibrations, important as some makers offer calibration systems that are Windows only). WIll probably add a second sub much later down the track. The models I'm considering: 1. B&W DB1D Dual 12" It is remarkably compact and not unduly heavy. W 429 x D 410mm. 43kg. Form factor is just perfect (perhaps a touch too good to be true)! Maximum output from Class D amplifier 2000W. Continuous RMS output not stated by the maker (presumably about 1200W). Has auto set-up/room calibration via iPhone app allowing equilisation of different frequency ranges to achieve a flat response, control room nodes. Easier to coordinate low pass filter of the subwoofer with high pass filter on the Devialet eg can set the value at an exact figure. Upgraded model from the previous DB1, which was a Stereophile Class A product (for all that is worth). Not a recognised subwoofer maker. 2. REL Serie S 212/SE Dual 12" Much bigger and heavier. W446 x D507mm. 55kg. At the limit of size/weight tolerance. Really tall at 816mm but REL does this to bring up the sound closer to head height. Universally praised for its seamless integration with music systems coming from a well-respected subwoofer specialist. Class D amplifier: 1000W RMS continuous output, 1700W maximum output (very similar to the B&W). Less expensive than the DB1D by about $1k. No auto set-up/room calibration to control room nodes, but the addition of a second sub might control this better than equalisation anyway (?). Heavier cabinet probably means better resonance control. Can't set low pass filter at an exact figure (has to be done by ear) to match high pass filter on the Devialet amp. Yes, it has the "High Level Input" design to help it blend into the main speakers better (but it is more spaghetti and how much of a difference does it really make?) [3. Rel G-2 10" Reference Subwoofer At W509 x D611mm, it is getting beyond my size tolerance even if it's lighter at 38kg. Why does REL have to make its models sprawl out flat along the floor like this for you to trip over? Add in lack of room calibration and it is out of contention, though a single 10" model may have cleaner bass than a dual 12" model] n.b. frequency response ratings from manufacturers ignored for being unreliable. No independent measurements available for any of these models. B&W stated frequency response range is particularly spurious as the same value is stated for ALL of their models, and is thought to be an equalised value. Frequency response from rival dual 12" models is likely to be similar. Both the N Parra store and a certain Castle Hill HiFi store keep pushing me towards a REL. The Castle Hill stockist of B&W and REL subs said he'd much rather sell me a pair of REL Rel Serie S S/5 SHO 12" subs than a B&W DB1d! But is a REL so inherently superior in its design that it is worthwhile putting up with the larger form factor and lack of auto setup/room calibration? Yes, you are supposed to audition them. But the difference in the audition room acoustics and overall system setup vs. that at home make meaningful comparison extremely difficult. Even if a seller does stock both REL and B&W, it doesn't mean they have all of these specific models in store for an A-B comparison.
  6. O.P. Hope you are all well, I just acquired a pair of B&W DM303 bookshelf speakers for $80. The catch is one of the tweeters is blown, I pulled it apart and the voice coil has completely separated from the dome. When I saw them for sale I knew it was a good deal and quickly snapped them up, taking the gamble that it be a simple fix, but well it turned out to be not that simple. Even without the tweeter they sound absolutely fantastic, can only imagine how good they'll be with both tweeters. I'm powering them with a Rotel Integrated Amp (RA-930AX). After doing some research, I can buy parts and rebuild both tweeters for $90, meaning I'll be $170 in. The question is, would it be worth it to rebuild the tweeters, or should I just bail and part them out where I'll easily be able to recoup my money. What are your thoughts, on the speakers, are they worth it? Much appreciated, Garfield
  7. I just got a pair of 808’s at auction. Way to big but oh they sound amazing. In fact i have never heard better sound. My wife says too big for the house. I am falling in love though! Anyone else heard these?
  8. Hello friends, I just spontaneously purchased some Bowers and Wilkins DM2000 last week. Honestly, I saw a photo of them on ebay and something just clicked, not at all my usual shopping style. But this is what I imagine when I hear the word "speakers". So, now of course I am worried that my reciever is going to leave me wondering about needing more power. While I await delivery, I'm hoping someone can comment on my Yamaha RX-V1800 ability to push them, and/or suggest something more appropriate, at a price that doesn't trigger my wife's attention. Is the v1800's 140W a true and fair representation of its power? Currently, I have Wharfdale 9.5 towers, and enjoy listening to them as loud as I can, relative to any particular situation, but haven't really gone full throttle on them. They tend to lose clarity as I approach -0db. The few references I find to my b&W online, or to similar b&W spkr of that era, seem be unanimous in that they will eat as much power as you can give them, and crave more. Indeed, the b&W spec sheet gives a minimum Wattage, rather than the usual indicators. What have I got myself into? Further down the rabbit hole? Or is this going to work out just fine?
  9. Hi all, I have some trusty B&W DM310 speakers in my lounge room. The current centre (not B&W) I want to replace. Whilst the are plenty for sale most are the new Kevlar drivers and so I am concerned about matching. So any recommendations? For sale I have seen CC6, LCR6S2 and CC3. Not wedded to these just came up in the searches. Thanks in advance!
  10. B&W 702 S2 presented by 'The Audio Experts' 7:45pm Wednesday 18th September Willis Room, City of Whitehorse Offices Maroondah Highway (Whitehorse Road), Nunawading Melway Map 48 Ref G9 Contact: 9437 1249 It has been over two years since the club was presented with a demonstration from the top-of-the-range B&W speakers, the 800 D3's. Back then, we were introduced to a lot of new innovations that has re-invented this model. In keeping with B&W's philosophy of trickle down technology, the new 702 S2 features many of the new technology from the 800 series. This month we have 'The Audio Experts' aka Whatmough Audio, presenting at the MAC the new 702 S2 floor standing speaker, and its matching bookshelf model, the 705 S2. The speakers will be demonstrated with the same amplifier from PASS LABS the Model 60, while a Marantz KI Pearl SACD player will be playing the tunes. B&W has used its new 'Continuum' midrange cone in the 700 series, replacing the old yellow coloured Kevlar design, and have included the 'tweeter-on -top' technology seen on the 800 series. Sitting in its own aluminium machined pod, the 25mm 'Carbon Dome' tweeter is decoupled from the cabinet. The 702 S2 is a conventional rectangular box that houses a 150mm Continuum FST Midrange driver that is also decoupled from the main box. A set of three 165mm Aerofoil drivers look after the bass frequencies. Like the siblings in the 700 series, the 705 S2 features the new carbon tweeter dome that is more rigid than its previous model, with its first breakup mode now reaching out to 47 Khz. Around the back is the B&W characteristically 'dimpled' reflex port. Supplied with the speakers is a pair of foam bungs (full or half) to accommodate various room placements. The main 165mm mid/bass driver is the new silver coloured Continuum design, said to reach down to 45Hz. With a number of significant upgrades to the new 702/705 models, they offer a taste of the 800-series sound without spending serious money. Will you be putting them on your Christmas list? Nick Karayanis, Program Co-Ordinator. Ken Tripp Wise and Wonderful Webmaster Melbourne Audio Club, Inc. http://www.melbourneaudioclub.org.au
  11. A beautifully-made and good-looking headphone, less costly now at many locations. The major downside is a somewhat hollow sound from a lower-mids emphasis - looking inside the earcups I think I see why. Excellent with EQ due to the high-quality drivers and build. http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/community/threads/b-w-px-anc-bluetooth-headphone-review.4545/
  12. Hi all Enjoyed reading plenty of forums but this is the first one I'm joining! 20 years old from good old P North. Current system: B&W CM5s Audiolab 8200MB Cambridge 851N Also have a Sansui AU-777 sitting on the sidelines! Music interests: Pretty wide, primarily rock/metal... especially Tool & Marilyn Manson! Looking forward to posting & hopefully contributing! Happy Sunday audiophiles
  13. Hi All, I have: Integra HDC 9.9 Pre-Pro Anthem PVA-7 Amplifier B&W 683 in a 5.1 configuration The Integra supports Bi-Amping when in a 5.1 configuration. Is it worth my while in investing a additional speaker cable to bi-amp my B&W's. For an additional 20m of speaker cable, is it worth the investment?
  14. Hi all, Was fortunate enough to attend the Tokyo International Audio Show on Fri 30-Sep and Sat 1-Oct. It was held in a massive conference building, while there bumped into Robert Harley and Jonathan Valin (The Absolute Sound), was kinda star struck ... oh and also met Alon Wolf (CEO of Magico Speakers) ! Audio gear on display was unbelievable, a lot more high end than we'd normally see at Sydney / Melbourne shows etc... For example, one of the local distributors, Axiis, had a MSB SELECT dac on display for a cool 12.3m yen (~AUD $160,000 !), Wilson speakers, Magico, Rockport, Focal etc everything truly high end. Also bumped into Nick & Tony of Audio Solutions, whom I originally met at a Sydney audio show and whom I bought my current speakers off. Attaching some photos from the event, hope you guys enjoy.
  15. Hi all, Semi new to this forum, come in here from time to time for advice and research. I thought I would put up my theatre room build progress and you can critique, assist, give me ideas and help me along the way. I have had to repost this thread as the last one has expired before I could update it with some long overdue progress from along time ago. The room isn't a completely square room, access to the room comes from an angled corner in one of the main hallways in my house. I believe it was built in mind with the house to have it as a larger lounged TV room or formal dining but not a theatre. This is where I have come in to rebuild and make this idea possible. THE STEP First we started off with a step, max standardized Australian step height 190mm. Built the platform with 4x2 wood and finished the top off with 21mm thick ply. Using left overs of my bamboo hard wood flooring throughout the house we incorporated it on the face of the step. This is yet to be completed. FALSE WALL due to the dimensions of the room and the way it was shaped we had to build a false wall over the existing window. This false wall has a few things kept in mind, blocking the window, sound dednening that wall which is closest to the neighbors, creating inserts for the speakers, amp and other equipment and hide all wiring behind this area and still have access to it with the outside window if i ever needed it. BULKHEAD/CEILING The bulkhead and ceiling was created for a few reasons, mainly it was for the look but other reasons were to hide aircon ducting and cabling through it. This was done with 4x2 wood. We created the design so the bulkhead has a lip which i can run the stripped lighting around to have the glow effect on the ceiling.
  16. Item: B&W FS-700/FS-CM S1/S2 Speaker Stands Price Range: $150+ Item Condition: Good Used Condition Extra Info: Looking for a pair of FS-700/FS-CM S1 and/or S2 Speaker Stands. Black or silver. Brisbane based but happy to pay for postage for the right items.
  17. Item: B&W CM10'S Price Range: 2500 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a pair of CM10's, preferably white or piano black, thank you ?
  18. Item: B&W CM10'S Price Range: $2500 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a pair of CM10's, preferably white or piano black, thank you ?
  19. Item: Bowers & Wilkins stav 24 stands Price Range: 150-200 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: B&W Stav 24 stands if anyone is selling locally in Perth or with postage available.
  20. Item: B&W 603 S3 floorstanding speaker Price Range: 500-800 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: If anyone is selling the Bowers & Wilkins DM 603 S3 floorstanding speaker, please get in touch. I am in Perth, WA. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  21. Item: B&W 805 (Nautilus, 805S, Diamond or D2 series) Price Range: $2K - $4K (negotiable based on model, age and condition) Item Condition: Used Location: NSW Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  22. Item: Bowers & Wilkins B&W, 800 D2 Diamond Floorstanding Speaker Pair Price Range: AUD $15k negotiable Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Rosenut (dark timber) Location: VIC or NSW
  23. Item: B&W PV1D Subwoofer Black (will still consider silver if price is right) Price Range: Looking for $1k ish but depending on condition will consider negotiating. No harm making an offer. Item Condition: Used (New if massively discounted) Extra Info:
  24. Item: Pair of B&W CM series speakers in black gloss Price Range: 500-2000 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: location VIC I'm looking for a pair of B&W CM speakers to use as rears to match my CM s2 front end. Something CM s2 would be my preference but I'm not too fussy about that, model type or cosmetic condition. I'd be interested in: CM1 s1 CM5 s1 CM7 CM8 s1 CM9 s1 CM1 s2 CM5 s2 CM6 s2 CM8 s2 CM9 s2 CM10 s2 So if you live in VIC, have any of the above, and are looking to move them on, PM me and maybe we can negotiate a deal. cheers, Chris Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  25. Hi. I am thinking of purchasing B&W 802D3 speakers with Mcintosh amps (452 or 601) for music and also want to use them as a part of dolby atmos setup using Mcintosh MX122. Money is not the biggest issue but at same time I do not want to spend money if the extra benefit is very small. How important are surround speakers and amplification for them? Is it worth getting really good matching surround speakers (for example 805D3 with mcintosh amps like 207? to match them with RCL speakers?) Or would more economical B&W in wall speakers with 'average' amps good enough? Will I notice much difference from surround and in ceiling speakers by spending extra $$$ for mcintosh amps and expensive speakers? The room will be dedicated home theater with 7m*6m in size. TIA!
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