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Found 22 results

  1. Further information: Selling my beloved NAD C320BEE Integrated Amp and C521BEE CD Player in excellent condition. Both have had very easy life and little use over the years - I listen to at most 1-2 hours per week and for the past few years, probably 1-2 hours per month. Both are in excellent condition with no dings / scratches. Remote is also in perfect working and excellent cosmetic condition. The CD laser is getting a little tired, befitting its age. It doesn't like dirty / old / scratched up discs. However you can get replacement ones on eBay for che
  2. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any experience with Altec Lansing 9444A Power amps? Specs and comment online seem to rate them well but anyone have any opinions how they sound or how reliable they actually are? Thanks
  3. Hi there, First, I am a newbie here. I wish to have advice on the pre-amp. My current setting is MacBook Pro --> AQ DragonTail --> Curious Cable --> Chord Hugo 2 --> Sennheiser HD 600. I use Audirvana to listen hard drive music and Tidal. Hugo 2 is nearly the best of portable DACs, and HD 600 is already nice enough for me (of course you can upgrade to Audeze LCD-2 or 3). Here's my question: I listen a lot movie soundtrack and 60s/70s classics (the Beatles, Elton John, Leonard Cohen, you name it). I listened some tube amps giving warm sound for me. I am think
  4. Further information: Hi guys, currently ready to upgrade to a more powerful Rega amp, but my Elicit-R is now up for sale, owned it for 2 years. my most prized possession. Purchased from Carlton Audio Visual previously. regards Beau
  5. Starting to build a stereo system for turntable, CD and streaming. Aiming for some vintage Kef speakers. Looking for opinions or suggestions on the cambridge audio cxa60 or the Yamaha as710? I feel for simplicity sake integrated Bluetooth is the best way to add streaming? The stream boxes I look at are... Pricey. Edit: New contender YAMAHA MUSICCAST R-N602. Tell me why this isn't the answer?
  6. Item: NAD M3 integrated amp Location: Caringbah Price: $2500. Item Condition: Used Reason for selling. New speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: Can post at extra charge The M3 is NAD’s concept of the ideal musical companion, capable of transporting the listener to that place where the music simply exists in its own perfect space. For this task we have pushed classical analog circuit design to unprecedented levels of performance. The total lack of audible noise and distortion is the result of some very sophisticated. The unit is in great working cond
  7. Item: Emotiva A5175 amp Location: Gold coast Price: $1200 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: upgraded to 7 channel Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD . Can post at your expense Extra Info: 175w into 8ohms 250w into 4ohms Almost new condition. Around one year old Has original box and accessories Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  8. Item: XSP-1 GEN2 (RRP $2,199)& XPA-DR2 (RRP $2999) $3980 for both units Location: Clayton VIC, freight available. Price: $3980 for both units. Item Condition: Like Brand New, less than 20hrs comes with full manufacturer’s warranty and all packaging and accessories. Current Model Reason for selling: Cancelled customer order. Payment Method: Eftpos, Cash, PayPal (+3%) or Direct Deposit Extra Info: XSP-1 GEN 2 Superb Analog Audio Quality o Exceptional sound quality via an all-analogue, fully balanced, differential signal path wit
  9. Item: KRELL FBE INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER Location: Sydney Price: $10,900 ( new $27,000) Item Condition: Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only, Bank deposit Extra Info: 300,600,1200 wpc into 8,4,2 ohms. Pictures:
  10. I've visited a couple of members here in Perth and noticed that they have great setups for working. I have four benches for various work, woodwork and welding benches are the tidiest. I am a bit ashamed of my Electronics bench so here are pics. Hopefully others will join in and post about their workroom or bench area. As you can see not a lot of space. Time to get a few projects finished, now that "Fast, Cheap and Loud" is done I might have to move onto some TT'sDriver and general parts shelves and Ikea draws for componentsNext is the TT shelf, these are the immediately do-able
  11. Hi peeps, I've got a question and I'm not sure if this is the right place to post it. I've got a pair of monoblocks that sit on the bottom shelf of my rack. Due to my 7 month old starting to crawl around and the missus not letting me use a shock collar on our baby I have decided to not use the rack for a while. I am moving all my bits of hifi and the tv onto two Ikea expedit shelves we have. So my question is how much space do I need to leave around my amps for cooling/ventilation? They are class A amps and do run hot on a good day. My amp measures W-280mm
  12. I have recently returned to vinyl after finding my old 80s collection . I have many different pressings old , new and imports. My biggest problem is the differance in sound quality . Having just purchased new,The Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways and it sounds very fuzzy and pitchy mainly on vocals ,making it hard to enjoy. On the other hand I have albums that sound brilliant . Some off the older albums I have purchased do not have a mark on them but sound horrible . Is it all about the pressing (recordings) or is it my system ? I am using the following. Rega RP1 turntable with a Cambridge
  13. G'day I currently have a Yamaha RXV1900 with a Panasonic Blueray Player. I have Chord Silver Stream Speaker Cable and a Chord Crimson VEE Interconnect. I'm thinking of adding a Cambridge Azur BD752 Player or the Yamaha CD-S1000. I love my blueray movies as I have recently purchased a Samsung 9000 Series Curved 65inch TV. I also love listening to my music which I do through my New VAF DC7 Speakers. I love the Yamaha RXV1900 and I'm not looking at changing just yet. So recommendations with my set up and my cable selection would be great. I need help and guidance in which way to proceed. ð
  14. .....casually strolling in to the scrapyard to have a look for some interesting bits for my metal sculptures And I see this. :blink: At a glance it appeared to be mostly old walkie talkies, radio gear etc. Of course i had to pull everything out to see what was lurking underneath... And came home with this:
  15. Hi im looking at getting an new(old) amp to run some mission770s and my rega - rp1. my current amp is a yamaha rxv440, it does not have a phono setting so i was looking at buyin an amp with a phono setting. or should i jyst buy a phono pre-amp? my budget is limited - found two amps one is marantz pm-43, the other is a yamaha rxv-490 - does anyone know which of these two would be better or have they had any bad experiences with them, or... is there an amp that they would recommend that will not blow the budget. really appreciate any help.
  16. Item:ME 850 AMP Location:GOLD COAST Price:$2000 ono Item Condition: Good conditon Reason for selling: Need money Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Need to sell ASAP Pictures:
  17. Item:ME850 AMP Location: BILAMBIL HEIGHTS Price: $2000 ono Item Condition: Great working condition Reason for selling: Need money asap Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Great amp for a great price Pictures:
  18. Item: Handcrafted Hawthorne SSI Trio's + Bel Canto eVo 2 Pair + Custom Built Marchand Crossover Location: Kingaroy Price: $9,500 (RRP Over $15,000) Item Condition: Near Perfect Reason For Selling: Looking to upgrade to the new reference model Payment Method: Cash on Pickup Preferred, Paypal(3% fee) or Bank Deposit Also Accepted Extra Info: These are a one-of-a-kind, and I will sorely miss them, but hopefully they go to a good home and hopefully I am not making a big mistake by moving them (And the Impossible to find Bel Cantos with them..) Included with the speakers will be a pair of G
  19. Just putting an idea out here to see if it generates any interest. I'm currently very light on disposable income but I seem to have a few components that are additional to my immediate needs so I was wondering if anyone else was in the same boat and willing to swap (either on a temporary or permanent basis) something with me to keep the hobby interesting. Obviously discussions should take place and pictures of the pieces of gear involved should be taken and exchanged prior to any actual deals being entered into, etc, etc... but just for now does anyone have any interest to express in any
  20. Quick question, is the Marantz AV7005 the same as the SR7005 (apart from the amp section)? I have a seperate power amp so i dont really need the amp section. I have found the AV7005 for about $1450 and the SR7005 for $1250 (refurbished) or about $1650 ex dispay. What are the differences of the 2 units and can they be found cheaper than the prices i have listed? And what does the SR7007 have besides 4K upscaling compared to the 7005's? Thanks in advance, Heath.
  21. I recall a little while ago someone said words to the effect of "mosfets have no place in high end amplifiers". Knowing several manufacturers use Mosfets in their high end amp designs (Perreaux being just one that springs to mind) I just thought I would ask why. What is it they do or don't do that makes people love or hate them?
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