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    • Price: AUD $1,200
    • Condition: Good
    • State: (SA) South Australia/Australia
    I'm selling my Sony TA-4650 amplifier (240V), which is in excellent condition. This amplifier was thoroughly overhauled in November last year by a competent technician. During the overhaul, all capacitors were replaced with high-quality parts, suspect diodes and a few other small components were replaced, and a lot of connections and controls were meticulously serviced. The maintenance ended up being more extensive than anticipated, but it ensured the amplifier is now in peak working condition. I invested $450 in these repairs and maintenance. Additionally, a new set of quality banana speaker connectors has been installed for Speaker A, enhancing its usability. The Sony TA-4650 is a versatile amplifier, offering flexibility with 2 x AUX and 2 x PHONO inputs, making it suitable for various audio setups. One of the standout features of this amplifier is its use of V-Fet transistors, which contribute significantly to its sonic advantages. V-Fet, or Vertical Field Effect Transistor, technology is renowned for its ability to produce a sound quality that is often described as smooth, warm, and musical. Unlike conventional transistors, V-Fet transistors operate more like vacuum tubes, providing a rich harmonic structure and a more natural, tube-like sound. This results in an audio experience that is both detailed and dynamic, with a particular emphasis on midrange clarity and natural-sounding bass. The sonic advantages of the V-Fet transistors in the Sony TA-4650 can be appreciated through its ability to deliver a high level of musicality and emotion in the sound. Music played through this amplifier has a lifelike quality, with an excellent soundstage and imaging. The highs are clear without being harsh, the mids are full and warm, and the bass is tight and controlled. Overall, the Sony TA-4650 is a remarkable amplifier that combines the reliability of modern components with the exceptional sound quality of V-Fet technology. It's an excellent choice for audiophiles who appreciate high-fidelity sound and versatile connectivity options. Also, it has only minor scuffs and a greyish discolouration on the top cover, as shown in the photos.
  1. Further Information: Sony VPL-790es 4k laser projector In dedicated room and available for viewing with light control Calibrated from Tony Brian at Clarity AV using MADVR envy extreme. Approx 4500 hours used of up to 30000-hour life, Flawless condition and zero issues. This projector is something to behold NB.photos hard to take due to hidden placement
  2. Includes calibration mic, remote and manual is in great condition
  3. Item: Sony PS-333 and PS-X45 direct-drive turntables Price Range: Free Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Not working but in good visual condition, including lids. From a deceased estate. PS-X45 has an Ortofon LM-20 cartridge. strictly pick-up only. Going to ‘The Green Shed’ in a week or so if no interest. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  4. 3 new sony laser projectors are due for 2022 see info below, pricing seems to range 7.5k aud to 21k aud based on euro pricing shared, seem quite light weight models 13-14kg ?... still not all glass lenses?, 3D ? no p3 filter for 100% p3 ? manual shift on a 5k euro machine seems odd ?. have to go back to an epson from early 2000 for that ! the more expensive unit has very decent lumens ! at 3200 ! the 2 models with info show they have the x1 for projector chip. availability may - june depending on model . wonder if they will have dynamic tone mapping as JVC do and version epson have added on their laser as well ? regardless good competition for epson and jvc.... from a canadian site, from HCFR, "New Sony Laser Projectors 2022 Model Numbers sony vpl-xw5000ES / vpl-xw7000ES source: Test antidate - HCFR Forum & Magazine auto-translated. The rumour was not easy to contain on our forums. It was necessary to be very discreet and confident for confidence, a well-kept secret can burn the lips. Staying in privacy has not been easy given the announcement that will follow. It's April 26th, 4pm SONY lifts the veil on two new products for the image, the VPL-XW5000ES and VPL-XW7000ES projectors. No more VPL-"VW", the references change because these two novelties are part of a new line of products whose technicality and the destination of use marks a turning point in the field of video projection as we know it today. Faced with such an event HCFR had to provide information and go beyond the simple announcement. Naturally, SONY contacted us to set up what will be a pre-test. A pre-test and not a test, because if HCFR was the first French player to receive these two new products (and among the first in the world), no favouritism is possible given the very tight schedule. A week to be privileged and to be able to play with these two little wonders is already exceptional. Knowing the complexity and the very confidential nature of the announcement, the HCFR association would like to warmly thank SONY, mainly Antoine and Maxime for their trust, their support and for having granted us the first discovery of these two new machines. New machines that are not simple evolutions of the previous ranges, but indeed brand new products in which almost everything changes." specs and pricing from screen time on avforums on two of the models, VPL-XW5000ES Light source: Z-phosphor laser Luminous power: 2000 lm Laser lifetime: 20,000 hours Matrices: SXRD 0.61" Native resolution: UHD 3840×2160 Optics: 4k Optical elements: 10 elements (9 glass + 1 resin) Front lens: Diameter 54mm aspherical Ratio (16:9) : 1:1.38-2.21 Lens shift (16:9): Manual V(+-)71%, H(+-)25% Processor: X1 Ultimate for videoprojector Color management: Triluminos Pro / 95% DCI-3P UHD video compatibility: Up to 2160p@60Hz HD Compatibility: Up to 1080p@120Hz Input lag 2160p@60 : 21ms Input lag 1080p120 : 13ms Dimensions: L460mm, D472mm, H200mm Weight: 13kg Color: black or white Warranty: 3 years extendable 5 years Availability: mid May PRICE : 4999€ VPL-XW7000ES Light source: Z-phosphor laser Light output: 3200 lm Laser lifetime: 20,000 hours Matrices: SXRD 0.61" Native resolution: UHD 3840×2160 Processor: X1 Ultimate for videoprojector Optical: 4k ACF Optical elements: 13 elements (12 glass + 1 resin) Front lens: Diameter 70mm aspherical Ratio (16:9) : 1:1.35-2.84 Lens shift (16:9): Motorized V(+-)85%, H(+-)36% Motorized / diameter 70mm / Processor: X1 Ultimate for videoprojector Color management: Triluminos Pro / 95% DCI-3P UHD video compatibility: Up to 2160p@60Hz HD Compatibility: Up to 1080p@120Hz Input lag 2160p@60 : 21ms Input lag 1080p120 : 13ms Dimensions: L460mm, D517mm, H210mm Weight: 14kg Color: black or white Warranty: 3 years extendable 5 years Availability: mid-June PRICE : 13999€ and more info ? from HEIMKINORAUM on YouTube, Premieres in 3 days ~ 27 April 2022... translated, "Do not miss! The premiere of a unique device for the ultimate picture quality in your own four walls. The tried and tested combines the new, the good gets even better. We have never experienced anything like this before! You may be curious. And when the time comes, you can believe your eyes, because as always, all the recordings and image examples in the video are real filmed to give you the best possible impression."
  5. I have a Denon AVR-750 with a Sony UBP-X800 connected via HDMI. I currently am able to play SACD, including multi-channel. I also have DSD files on Thumb/USB drives. 1 connected to the Denon AVR 750-which only plays stereo DSD; another USB with (dsd stereo and multi) connected to the Sony 800 which can play both stereo and multi channel dsd files. I have a pair of Bose 10.2 ii vintage speakers as front speakers. I use a Polk audio 5.1 speaker set and with the addition of a Mirage subwoofer to have a 7.2 surround system. A pair of rumblers, with seven speakers strategically set in my front room. I would say middling, decent system but not super high end. Anyhooo- I am currently playing the Analogue Production SACD of Hank Mobley Pecking Time. My system is showing DSD 2ch 2.8 MHz/1 bit. I presume it’s a DSD out put or a DsD appended onto some pCM format. Not sure how utter schiit my internal Dacs are on my Sony and/or Denon. My question is- Will I see a noticeable improvement with some I2S Format dac or just wasting time and expense? Second q is whether there is some way to to control whether the conversion is done by the Sony or the Denon? I’ve done the obvious, so far and there are no clear settings on the Sony. Figure I would have to alter or disable a setting on Sony for the Denon AVR to kick in with its DAC (assuming it has some capability). Can I make it better or best leave well enough alone?
  6. I have a Sony TA-E2000ESD digital processing control amplifier. I want to use it as a pre-amp for my two front Cerwin vega CLS-15 with my Yamaha RX-V3900 as the power amp. Problem is before I can even turn on the sony I saw that it is 120v 60Hz with a flat pin plug! What are my options? How much is it going to cost me? Is it even worth it? Thanks for any help
  7. Some may have seen this new (2nd hand) purchase I made in the "vintage audio" topic. Here I intend to look into the Sony TA-700ES in greater detail and also compare it to another couple of excellent integrated amps I have, the 40w quasimodo (Cafad has recently reviewed) and my 150w diy honey badger(info on diyaudio forums) I made a few years back. First some pics. Recent purchase from Germany (ebay) They seems to have lots of excellent old sony products over there. Amp is in great condition for it's age. Just a few minor scratches that are hardly noticeable. I have not cleaned the amp. What you see is how it has arrived. Being an ES series sony has used excellent parts. Starting with gold inputs for phono and cd input. Here you have a new Australian plugtop installed to replace the German type. Das nice. Tops off. This is very clean inside with a very low amount of dust inside. This was obviously kept in a nice clean environment during its lifetime. The techier guys(and non techies) should appreciate the great Sony ES engineering inside this beast. Large Sony EI transformer, green Nichicon Muse capacitors, some Elna Silmics(or cerafine, not sure which) in there as well. Big ass power caps 2x 12000uf and 2x 4700uf Great supply brand. Sony has used some quality components here these are showing no signs of stress, no bulging tops or anything. This particular transformer in this amp has 240v connections on it so it was swapped from Germanys 220v to our 240v tap (top left red and purple wires swapped). Good Quality large annodised cast heatsink (unlike a lot of amps of this time that use an L piece of aluminium with fins formed by scrapping them out of that L piece, like NAD) Large power supply caps with bits of foam on top. What's the foam for you say. Well a perspex top sits on the foam mechanically fixing the caps to stop micro vibrations or microphonics if your a valve man(just part of that sony engineering here). If anyone has info on who made the "Great supply caps" that would be great? A couple of quality Elna caps here and many green Nichicon Muse caps in the mix. Pic from The Vintage Org. How it looked when new. Sony's first amp series to have its "Gibraltar Chassis" made from polyester, calcium and carbon to reduce chassis vibrations. (insane). This thing comes in at 18.3Kg. 2 x 110w continuous Rms into 8 ohms (0.004% THD). 2 x 145w continuous rms into 4 ohms (0.008% THD) 20-20k both chanels driven. Impressive specs. Simon
  8. Hi, I have some 80's Sony hi-fi gear that I can't part with, in particular a TA-F222ESX integrated Stereo Amplifier however it now needs a bit of attention. I'm trying to find a referral to someone who would be able to service/refurbish my Amp. I live in the Illawarra region east coast south of Sydney, if no one local someone in Sydney would not a problem.
  9. I am a lover of the Sony ES Serie of the 90th and 2000nd version, prefer the gold finish. I have an amplifier SCD-player MD-player and more
  10. This is just a brief listen over a few days of this ES amplifier from Sony. Those who follow the Vintage Audio thread here on Stereonet know I have a few amps, mostly separates these days, and I’m a big Sony fan. Particular interest is in “VFET ampsâ€, not only Sony vfets. I just find these amps very interesting, the history around the devices is quite remarkable and the sound is pretty special too. No VFETS represented here, but we do have fets in the form of MOSFETS. I have been interested in the later (MOSFET) Sony ES line for a long time, and finally acquired an integrated from Japan. Sony TA-F333esJ - 1992 The esJ is the last iteration in the ES line from the sixth generation of ES integrated amplifiers. Sony of course made all types of audio products marketed as ES. The ES CD spinners amongst their best sellers. This amplifier is rated at 100w into 8ohms. It weighs 21.3kg. There is a slightly more powerful 555esJ model, at 120watts and 24.6kg. Cosmetically, the esJ was, in my opinion, the last in the ‘luxury line†of integrated amps from Sony. It is beautifully made, consisting of the G chassis, heavy build, and finished to a very high standard. Audio grade and boutique parts are used throughout. Though the ES line continued after the esJ for another 7 years, the build quality was not as good. The later TA-FA33ES, for example, shedding some 10kg in weight, and looking decidedly different. The amp was made in Japan in 1992/93. ES is generally referred to as “Extremely High Standardâ€, though this actual wording was not seen on any Sony products until this sixth generation dating from 1985. I will not bore you with all the export designations that started with this series, suffice to say the export equivalent of this amplifier is the TA-F707ES. As far as I can ascertain, there are a few differences with the export model. Being a pair of pre-outs, different top plate, and the export is rated at 90watts? Loads of information on Sony ES here. http://www.thevintageknob.org/sony-ES.html The 333esJ is the first ES integrated amplifier where Sony adopted the MOSFET devices in the driver stages and the output stage to give an all fet delivery from input to output, (power fets in the form of vfets were first used by Sony as early as 1974 in the TA-4650 integrated amplifier). For ES, Sony continued this design until 1998 with the TA-FA777ES, the end of the series. Topology The power amplifier is a cascode design. Sony first used this design in their legendary TA-N7B power amplifier (one of which I have) back in 1977. That was cascode vfet and bjt’s at the output stage. A remarkable and complex design. Sony continued to develop and evolve this design right up to this point in the ES series. The object of all amplifiers (power amplifiers) is to reduce distortion, whilst maintaining linearity. Cascode does this by eliminating voltage induced distortions whilst increasing bandwidth. High bandwidth means more speed and dynamics, with high impedance for the input stage driving the voltage amplifier stage. The input stage is therefore virtually unloaded and remains very linear, and inside that cascode VAS, one transistor does the current delivery and the other does the voltage amplification. Sound The MOSFET power output devices, there are a total of eight, benefit from this design, and the sound is exceptional. This is the reason, why when I first heard this amplifier it immediately reminded me of the TA-N7B. Now we know why. It is a high speed, low distortion amplifier. The basic performance is very high. Nicely balanced, with great control and with what appears to be quite large power reserves. The Sony drives the Orpheus Apollo to ear splitting levels if required. I was very surprised by the performance of this amplifier. This is another very nice piece from Sony, which is sounding really good now, but even better after a restoration.
  11. After the Easter break ASoN once again resumes activities with a meeting exhibiting quite rare equipment and modded CD players. The following from the organisers as a form of preview: All active 3-way system, driven direct by heavily modified Cary 303/200 HCDC 24bit R2R ladder Multibit player. An identical player, except for a more cost effective I/O stage, will also be included for A/B-ing. 2 x Yamaha YST-SW160 subwoofers In 1999 Yamaha called it their finest musical sub they could make, an all out effort to make a musical sub, no doof doof. It has twin 8†servo controlled doped drivers, 18db active xover, 150watt linear amp and power supply, weight is 25kg each, and will double as stands for the Sony ESL two ways below. They’re that good I sold Velodyne’s and B&W subs in preference to these [owner statement] Sony SA-EX100 Active ESL 2 Way main speakers Very nice electrostatic active book shelf made by Sony back in 1994 Electrostatic tweeter running 4kv bias voltage. Active xovers @ 18db crossed over at 3khz to the 6’ servo controlled mid/bass drivers Linear Active amps and power supplies are 60watt to each driver. Details below and guests are welcomed. Date: Sunday 3 May 2015 Time: Starts 2pm to 5pm Where: Epping Creative Centre (in the Epping Aquatic Centre Complex) 26 Stanley Road, EPPING NSW
  12. I just won this on Grays last night... http://www.whathifi.com/sony/uda-1/review Has anyone had a chance to play with one? Was the experience good or bad? Thanks in advance
  13. Looking for opinions and advice please. Thanks in advance! I have been planning a 5.1.2 HT set up for a while now and the components are coming together. The pending item is the atmos speakers. The HT room is small with a low ceiling and I was advised to have an upfiring atmos speaker. Also it will be very tough to run wires and so an elevated atmos speaker is ruled out. Therefore looking for something that can sit on my floorstanders and do the job. Just want to get a second opinion on this and also some advice on the speakers themselves. Based on my research, even a pair of bookshelves angled up or down should help with the atmos effect but I see a few varieties of atmos speakers that can be used on top of floor standers. I was looking at the Sony ones https://www.sony.com.au/electronics/speakers/ss-cse. These are by far the cheapest I have seen and have good reviews but they have only 1 driver each. Would this be recommended v/s something like this which also comes with a tweeter for the atmos. https://www.spacehifi.com.au/audio/speakers/surround-speakers/monitor-audio-bronze-ams-dolby-atmos-speakers?option=1799 I know that Atmos is a very tricky thing to achieve in the first place. My expectations are low. I will be buying a good 4k blu ray player with Dolby atmos and this would probably be the main source for atmos encoded content. Rest of my set up for reference: Yamaha RX V6A Receiver Front pair: Ascension custom made floorstanders (high end drivers) + centre Rear: Yamaha musiccast 20 * 2
  14. Further Information: Hello All, Happy Sunday!!! I've decided to let go of the Sony WM1Z Walkman Signature Series + Two Dignis Cases. The player is in mint condition, only has just over 200 hours of playtime. I have it with the Mr. Walkman firmware, but can be reverted to stock upon request. I'm including two Dignis cases, one of them is leather. Reason for selling it: Not using it as much as I would want to, so it needs a new home. The item is located in Ingleburn NSW 2565. Please let me know if you have any questions. Cheers.
  15. Further info: Floor standing pair of high resolution Sony speakers. Built for the new standard of audio these floor standing speakers play music to 40000hz. With 6 speakers built into each speaker box and at 18kgs each, these are wonderful speaker which was just under $2000 retail price when purchased. Condition: essentially brand new, not a scratch! They have always been in the same spot. Strong box with nice open midrange and sweet treble, great for small to medium size rooms. negotiable What Hifi review says: The new speakers come in the form of the SS-AC3 three-way, six-driver floorstander (above) which aim to bring concert-quality sound into the home. An "immensely strong" 30mm baffle board joined to the rear enclosure is at the heart of the SS-AC3 in a bid to reduce internal vibrations, while a 13cm woofer with aluminium diaphragm is also found inside. Mid-range and tweeter units have their own "acoustically isolated" enclosures, separate from the woofer cabinet space with their own reflex port in a two-part design that reduces the effects of air pressure. Meanwhile, Sony's I-ARRAY System is on board to supplement a 25mm soft-dome main tweeter with two 19mm soft-dome assist tweeters to increase the "sweet spot" at higher frequencies. See specs below. ENCLOSURE TYPE Bass reflex FRONT SPEAKER SENSITIVITY 86dB (2.83V/m) FRONT SPEAKER TYPE Passive FRONT SPEAKER INPUT TERMINAL Binding post FRONT SPEAKER UNITS: FULL RANGE 1x 130mm full range FRONT SPEAKER DIMENSIONS (W X H X D) 197 x 960 x 295 mm FRONT SPEAKER FINISH Wood FRONT SPEAKER UNITS: WOOFER 2x 130mm aluminium cone woofers FRONT SPEAKER UNITS: TWEETER 1x 25mm + 2x 19mm soft dome tweeters FRONT SPEAKER MAXIMUM INPUT POWER 100W FRONT SPEAKER MODEL NAME SS-AC3 FRONT SPEAKER RATED IMPEDANCE 6 ohm
  16. Further Information: Have a bright room, and need one of the best TVs money can buy? Sony's X95K is a stunning Mini LED television perfect for discerning viewing in the modern Family Room. Probably the best TV on the market for sports fans imo, and daytime viewing in well-lit rooms. Recently purchased, and used occasionally over the past two weeks. Phenomenal picture quality, but considering a possible change in direction, and going even larger than 65' in my space if someone is looking to snag a deal on a top-tier mini LED! Don't get me wrong, the 65' isn't a small TV by any means, but the heart wants what the heart wants... (and having a 65' in our living room has convinced the better half we could go bigger!) The 65' X95K retails for RRP $2,999.00aud. Details As per Sony website: https://store.sony.com.au/television-4K-X95/XR65X95K.html. Yours here for 25% off RRP. Not interested in selling for less than list price, would rather keep it as a secondary TV in that case. Currently Sony's current top of the line mini LED tv, which will to be superseded by the X95L at around $4500RRP for the 65' model... the X95K's performance is very close to the X95L in case you're reading this and curious... and far from 50% better! TV is in as new, perfect condition. There is one minor mark visible on the left foot visible only in the 'soundbar' position, which was present upon unboxing from new. Still have all original packaging, and can provide the Tax Invoice to the new owner for warranty coverage. Would prefer pickup, but could arrange courier at buyers cost, or possibly drop-off within Melbourne metro. Will facilitate audition if asked. Please feel feel free to drop me a line to discuss if interested, or you have any questions.
  17. Further Information: SONY ZEISS SONNAR f1.8/55 mm LENS in excellent condition. Lens, lens cover and lens hood, No Box. Will be carefully packed for shipping at buyers additional cost. Send me a PM if you require further info or would like to buy.
  18. This Sony MUC-B20SB1 Balanced Headphone Cable (length: 2m) used to be a display product housed in a display case (Not a demo product) Come in original factory packaging (see photos for your reference) FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING to your door You might also be interested in the SONY MDR-Z1R Headphones (plus Bonus leather bound journal) I have for sale. Contact me for a combo deal. DM for any inquiries
  19. Item: Sony HCD-GS300AV Location: Sydney Price: $20 Item Condition: Good, few scratches. Fully working. Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Don't like stuffing around storing music on a computer? Then grab this bargain! Sony 60CD Stacker, with optical out! Pair it with your favourite DAC (no line out unfortunately). Alternatively just use the onboard amp, which will also take 5.1 input (analog). Original remote not included, but I have another one from a different model that does the trick. Questions welcome. Nb, the fan on the back has never turned itself on during usage...really not sure what it's for. Pictures:
  20. Item: Sony BDP S590 Location: Richmond Price: $100 Item Condition: Excellent. Reason for selling: I've finally upgraded to an Oppo 105 to save space, cut down on remotes and honestly I just really wanted one! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Only (not interested in shipping so please don't ask) Extra Info: This is a great BluRay player. It's never skipped a beat, picture and sound are both great. I know it has some great features but I really haven't taken advantage of them as I was also using a WDTV unit at the same time. For a list of the features have a look at the CNET review, I honestly just used this as a BluRay player. To see it in action please send me a PM and we can arrange a time. Pictures: Sorry about the pic's. They're the best my phone can do....
  21. This Sony MUC-B20SB1 Balanced Headphone Cable (length: 2m) used to be a display product housed in a display case (Not a demo product) Come in original factory packaging (see photos for your reference) FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING to your door You might also be interested in the SONY MDR-Z1R Headphones (plus Bonus leather bound journal) I have for sale. Contact me for a combo deal. DM for any inquiries
  22. Further information: It was my 1st flagship headphone back in late 2018. I put away when i don't use, so i keep the dust away from it. I also come with a custom aftermarket cable to 4 pin XLR, so You basiclly got all connection cables for you to use. RRP now is over $2000. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved You understand that upon successful sale of your item it is expected you pay Seller's Fees. - if you have previously sold items and not made a contribution, your advertisement may not be approved.
  23. Item: Logitech Harmony 1100i Universal Remote Control with Playstation 3 Adapter Location: Sprinvale 3171 or Melbourne CBD Price: $200 Item Condition: 9/10 pet free and smoke free household. Reason for selling: Non use. g/f and I were too lazy to program this beast. Payment Method: Cash on pickup, bank deposit for interstate mailing postage at buyer's expense - registered post is compulsory. Extra Info: Find out more information about this product here: http://www.logitech.com/en-au/product/6378 Package Contents Harmony® 1100i remote control Charging station USB cable AC adapter Lithium-ion battery Installation CD Quick-start guide Features guide Pictures:
  24. Further Information: Sony WH-1000MX3 Noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones. Multi-award winning Sony Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones. Rated best for both sound quality and for noise cancelling ability. Reviewed by the industry leading What HiFI? magazine in 2019 as "jack of all trades and master of all' and 'best wireless headphones we've ever heard', with five star rating. CNet reviewed it as "With its comfortable fit and superb performance, the Sony WH-1000XM3 is the noise-cancelling headphone to beat." Excellent condition, not used much as I am currently sticking with my stupidly expensive Focals Clear's for home use. Includes box, carry case, manual, cable and airline adapter. These are really great for travelling, now that we are no longer locked down. Price is firm, no swaps. Pickup in Melbourne CBD, Frankston, or Heidelberg.
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