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Found 17 results

    • Price: AUD $1,500
    • Condition: Good
    • State: (NSW) New South Wales/Australia
    Great clean example. Purchased on SNA about 6 years ago. Been used with my Tannoy Ardens. Did not disappoint. Serviced by Chris Kimil about 5 years ago. Displaying absolutely no faults. Ready to rock! https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/8tt5puaxpnp7rq9rvxswo/IMG_7129.MOV?rlkey=wb2xps9ds075yb346vt1qk3o2&dl=0
  1. Well I had a question about member interest in tuners, and suddenly it has turned into our next meeting! June 1, is now an ASoN tuner extravaganza (2:45pm at the Epping Community Centre, Dense Park, as usual). SNA readers and ASoN members alike are invited to attend this unique opportunity to see/hear/show some of the most remarkable tuners on the planet. How did this all start? I've just bought a 1979 Sansui TU-X1, all 17kg of tuner over-engineering, lovingly refurbished with Black Gate caps etc. and realigned by Ken Bernacky of Stereo Surgeons, Connecticut. It should arrive in Oz next week. By all accounts, one of the best sounding half dozen stock tuners ever made, and, according to some, after capacitor upgrades, service and realignment, it is the very best, with a combination of intensity and naturalness that leaves many top CD players seriously wanting ! I hope that's not just hype, since I've put my money into this one, and I haven't even heard it yet! You'll get to decide if it is the best you've heard, on Sunday June 1st. What I do know is that the Accuphase T-1100, released in I think 2011, is more-or-less universally acknowledged as one of if not THE best production tuner of the last 20 years at least, at a price which matches its great looks and position at the top of the tree. One of our members has generously offered to put his Accuphase T-1100 up for comparison. This is one I'm burning to hear. My soon-to-arrive TU-X1 is not my only special tuner. I just received another Sansui tuner I've been looking to buy for a long time, but never had the opportunity as it is one of the rarest of the species. The TU-X711, Sansui's last real high-end tuner, has only been offered on international eBay a few times in the last 10 years. It boasts real-world signal-to-noise levels of 98dB (mono) and 91dB (stereo), which make it the quietest tuner I've ever heard of. You can listen with headphones and barely hear the faintest of hiss on stereo. Sound quality is superb too, but it won't get to the stratospheric heights of realism offered by the TU-X1 or T-1100. There may be a Sumo, a Tandberg, even a classic British Nytech may be there. I'll be using a Magnum Dynalab ST-2 FM antenna. This internal/external 1.4m vertical ½ wave length antenna is regarded as one of the better FM antennas out there and exceptional for its modest price and installation flexibility. Not that we need a particularly special antenna in Epping, but I'm picking it up anyway to manage the appalling multipath I have in my home on Sydney ABC FM. I'll be trying to tee up a special deal with the Magnum Dynalab importer, for any attendee wishing to get one. To really up the ante, we'll be using a broadcast quality stereo FM transmitter, courtesy of Elson, so we can compare tuner performance using CD material of our choosing (as well as great source quality from ABC and 2MBS FM and maybe searching for a few really faint FM stations too). Back end hardware is still being organised but is likely to be Elson's Amps. Who knows, maybe my preamp will be completed by then - an Elson-designed combination preamp/headphone amp. Well maybe not, but Richard or Edgar can bring a pre. Speakers? I could supply my Totem Arros plus REL T2 and T3 subs, but we'd need to use tables as side walls like we did in February, to make the effective size of the room smaller (the Totems are definitely small room speakers). Otherwise there are other speakers available. Do you have a special tuner you'd like to show off and compare? Let me know what you plan to bring so we can make sure we've arranged space for everyone's hardware. See you on the 1st. Cheers Warren Marshall
  2. Hi, apologies for a 'what should I buy' type post... Just wondering what people's thoughts are on the following, apart from the obvious solution of 'buy both!'... AU-666 in OK condition visually, but most likely in need of a re-cap and cleanup AU-4400 recapped and fully cleaned up, with a short warranty $130 difference in price, with the 4400 being more expensive, but a safer 'plug and play' buy. AU-666 provides more power, but my listening room is pretty small. Either of these will be replacing a fairly anemic sounding Pioneer A-102 from the early '90s I picked up for $10 (I had to fix one side to get stereo output). Powering a pair of nice old (maybe first series?) Paradigm Atoms. I know these have the capability to sound bigger than they do currently - I used to run them with a stupidly large/heavy '70s era Rotel receiver and the bass was really impressive for such small boxes. And how much work is the recap if I went the AU-666? I have good soldering skills (have built a valve guitar amp and a number of effects pedals previously) but haven't had much to do with the insides of stereo gear, so may well just be tempted to find someone who knows these amps inside and out to deal with it - I've been doing a lot of reading and seen references/pictures to some awful glue that needs removal too. Anyway, apologies for the rambling... Thoughts? :-S
  3. I'm about to embark on a thorough restoration and re-working of a very clean AU-999 on behalf of a fellow SNAer. All of the parts have been acquired, including Nichicon Super Through top-of-the-range filter caps, Elna Silmic IIs for the preamps and signal path locations, Nichicon HEs for the power supply, Nichicon ES for the bipolar caps, some Panasonic ECQV film caps to replace the 1uf electrolytics and below, and some AXON polypropylenes for bypass duties. The troublesome 'flying saucer' transistors will also be replaced with new equivalents. In addition, a bunch of new metal film resistors will find their way into a few critical locations. A few techs on Audiokarma have identified deficiencies in the original preamp circuitry, bass EQ circuit and subsonic filter circuit, and minor mods to these circuits make a tangible improvement in clarity and bass extension, whilst also ensuring that gain levels throughout the amp are better matched. Apologies for the initial crappy photo, as my main camera was misplaced during our recent move. I'll provide ongoing pics of the restoration process, including some pics highlighting the build quality of these older amps. There are several nice touches like prope resistor ladder stepped attenuator controls for the bass, mid and treble, as opposed to standard potentiometers.
  4. Hi all Recently purchased one of these so I could have a listen to one of these old sansui amps. This particular model is from 1980. The guy I got it from owned it from new. Skirt lifted Bit of gunge between tracks here Has been serviced once in 2005 as sticker suggests. I know there are a few Sansui guru's(Skippy and others) here on these forums and was after a few tips in the restoration of these amps. I have read that the fuse resistors usually become out of spec? Seeing as this is over 30 years old I was going to change the electrolytics as well. Any preferences to capacitor brands/ models to be used with these old sansuis? Simon
  5. Hi All, I have been lucky enough to pick up this big girl from yet another collector from Melbourne. Picked it up for a fair price and had it shipped up undamaged *phew!* only issue is that the tone switch was cutting out the left speaker (must have been due to transit). A bit of jiggling and actuations and she sings beautifully now. First things first, I am amazed at just how accurate and musical sounding this amp is.. I have been playing just about everything on her Flat (no treble/bass increase), it is similar to my Yammie CR2020 receiver but definitely packs more punch! She loves Jazz, all my Norah Jones, Enya, Celine, Alicia, Sarah Mclachlan cds getting their workout. There is no colouring in the sounds at all, what you put in is what you get out. Compared to my Marantz pieces which has a very beefy, boomy (some would call this 'Warm') bass. The 919 packs a nice clean bass and past 12oclock, she gets loud. really loud! I am sure she is well over her 100wpc conservative rating. Great news also is that the unit has recently been serviced, with the seller advising that all the 'glue' has been removed and 'some' caps replaced. Although I haven't had a chance to opened her up yet. I have been enjoying her as is. I think where the 919 really shines though is the mids and highs, she produces a very clean sound at the top end that my Krix Lyrix Gold just hasn't been used to. Even with my Yammie CR2020, which is still a great amp, I have not heard such clarity through my speakers. I am blown away and it has far surpassed my expectation of a TOTL big daddy amp. Prior to the purchase I called John (skippy124) up to pick his brains - Thanks John Lol. These amps are rare and I have not seen any come on for sale in my time searching. Only downside I can think of is this... my amps are starting to breed which is raising a few eyebrows (and fists) from the wife. LOL I am becoming a Sansui Tragic.. what's wrong with me -Daniel
  6. Hi all, found this forum whilst googling information about some of my gear. I literally spent my life savings in 1980 to by my first equipment in one hit. The only 3 pieces of this original kit still existing is my Sansui AU417 amp, a Denon DP-30L turntable and a pair of KEF 104ab's. The turntable is still as new and performs well. The KEFs suffered early on, as I believe they all did, with failed tweeters which were replaced under warrenty. They have given me no trouble since and are still in mint condition. I am concerned about the Sansui amp though. Over the past few years I have found myself decreasing the base and ramping up the treble in an effort to make the sound a bit brighter. I have put this down to the fact that I have a measurable amount of industrial deafness, but have had friends recently comment that it sounds dull to them also. My googling has uncovered a number of sites and forums including this one referring to the degeneration of capacitors amongst other components. I also noted that there was an AU417 for sale, with a comprehensive description of its internal upgrade. So my question is, would the degeneration of components be displayed as a general dullness in the sound? Assuming it is, and its viable/advisable to give it an upgrade, can anyone point me in the direction of a competent tech to do it. I live in rural NSW so would have to freight it wherever it goes. The amp externally as new, and is 'part of my history', and am keen to keep it going if I can restore its performance. Thanks in advance GH
  7. Dear All, I've had a Sansui 1000X receiver for a year or so and it has a long standing "white noise/hiss" problem in one channel, this occurs all the time even when the volume is turned right down. I recently linked the Sansui 1000X pre-amp out into the main in of another amp and it sounded great - no hiss whatsoever. I am now thinking of repairing the amp, I assume a re-cap of the main amp board(s) rather than pre amp is in order but I was just wondering if there could be another cause. I don't know much but read somewhere that the output transistors could also be a problem. Would anyone out there have an informed opinion on this. Best regards Mark
  8. Well, about a month ago I had a momentary lapse of reason & decided to source a vintage amp to enhance the vinyl as my Yammy was not cutting it. Some very helpful people here on SNA offered up some very good suggestions & price points, but an opportunity (& big punt) was to good to miss from a seller in USA. There are many of these amps for sale it seemed, but this one was almost twice the price & the punt was on why?... A little over 4 weeks later, this little or shall I say BIG black beauty arrived from Mr FedEx - Super stoaked! So, was I looking through rose tinted vintage specs or was the punt worth it? Well - This unit is SPOTTLESS. It is so clean, it could possibly be mistaken for NOS (although there is probably no way to tell?). Eitherway it's prestine. There wasnt even previous signs of RCA's being plugged into any of the rear sockets - go figure!? After changing the voltage selector, I cabled it up, plugged her in & flicked the power switch... Then NOTHING!!! The power light went on, flashed & then about 5 seconds later a click. Everything appeared to be ok, no smoke, no loud bang. Only, there was no sound. I was sh***ing myself that it was a dud. So, taking a moment to breath & then systematically move from left to right across the panel to check each knob (which is what I felt like), suddenly, as soon as the tape source button (under the main source knob) was deselected, the room filled with those airy, but sweet warm sounds from that great gig in the sky. And from that moment on, the audible walls were torn down, the room transformed & our friends from Pink Floyd could be heard in the fullest fidelity deserved of such greatness. Wish you were here...
  9. This should be a bit of an eye opener (and ear opener): My system has been designed to satisfy my very demanding audio expectations, within a fairly modest budget, and in a small living room which my wife considers to be her domain. It's taken many years and some heated arguments to find a combination which works, and we are still married. Maybe you should bring your wife. The cornerstone to the success of this dangerous venture has been my Totem Arro speakers. These are tiny floor-standers, and I do mean tiny. They are just 5" wide, 7" deep and under 3' high! And they are designed to sit inches from the back wall! They have no right whatsoever to sound as great as they do. And they do sound great, particularly with small forces such as jazz singers and small classical ensembles, but even with a full orchestra or massed choir. As we did in February, we'll be transforming the huge Epping room into a much smaller one, so these speakers can really open up for you. Hopefully we'll also have current pricing from the Australian distributors, and maybe even a special deal for ASoN members. Filling in the bottom end will be at least one of my REL subs and maybe both. There are many very musical subs out there, but value for money, the REL T-series are hard to beat. You'll hear what I mean on Sunday. Amplification will be my JLTi KT-88 integrated tube push-pull amp, which, including all the tube rolling I've done, has cost me much less than $2500, and would have to be among the best sounding amps I've heard at any price. It certainly wiped the floor for realism with my much more expensive Arcam separates. The source components include a real treat: Two months ago many of you heard my Sansui TU-X1 tuner, enhanced by Stereo Surgeons of Connecticut. Although it was, to my ears, the best sounding tuner I'd ever heard, I was sure I could do better! So I arranged to sell that one (not yet sold, but an extreme expression of interest subject to fixing the AM section), and bought one as cheap as possible in the US in order for it to be enhanced to the nines, by perhaps the world's number 1 FM tuner expert/modifier, Joseph Chow of Audio Horizons. Joseph Chow spent a decade in tuner R&D with Kenwood, and then moved to Proton where he worked with Larry Schotz to develop the Schotz tuner circuit used in Nakamichi and NAD tuners among others. I told Joseph exactly what I wanted and he gave it to me. Afterwards (when I'd already paid him) he told me that, completed, it was by far the best sounding of the dozen or more TU-X1 tuners he has modified, and, by extension, perhaps the best tuner he has ever heard! This amazing Joseph-Chow-modified Sansui TU-X1 tuner is now in my hands and will be one of the sources next week. To make that even more exciting, Pepe Romero (one of the world's greatest classical guitarists) will be in a concert broadcast with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra during the meeting and we'll tune in to hear a movement of Rodrigo's fabulous Concierto de Aranjuez direct from the Sydney Opera House. If you think you know what FM sounds like, think again! CDs and SACDs, including your own choices, will be played on my JLTi (level 3+) Oppo BDP-95 universal digital player. I think you'll agree, once you hear it in this configuration, that the JLTi Oppo is one of the best sounding CD players available at any price. Joe Rasmussen's extensive modifications of the BDP-95 and BDP-105 have now been embraced internationally, with qualified subcontractors doing these modifications in the USA, NZ, Malaysia, HK, Switzerland, South Africa... There will be a few interesting surprises on the day. Don't miss it! Bring a friend. And if you've never been to an ASoN meeting before, this would be a great one to start you off. Try it - I think you'll like it. See you next Sunday, August 3 at 1:45pm! Epping Creative Centre, Dence Park, 26 Stanley Street, Epping. Cheers, Warren Marshall
  10. I have a pair of US only, 120 volt, Sansui AU-717 transformers for sale. They were removed, in perfect working order, from my AU-717, to be replaced with a pair of international voltage ones. I don't know if they are any use to anyone here in Australia or not, but the postage cost seems to be a problem for the Americans. I am asking $90 for the pair.
  11. Item: Sansui SC-3110 cassette deck Location: Brisbane Price: $75 ONO + shipping Item Condition: Cosmetically very clean, just a bit of grime on knobs that will clean off - I was told it needs a new belt. I have not heard this working though, as I bought it as part of a bundle. All other items work fine, have no reason to think this is any different (excluding belt issue of course) Reason for selling: I have no need for a cassette deck Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Japanese power plug original manual, schematic Sansui RCA, and head cleaner Pictures:
  12. Further information: Sansui AU-555A amplifier is in good condition and good working order. The amp was serviced a month ago. Spec: https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/sansui/au-555a.shtml
  13. Item:higher end Sansui amp - Alpha Range, 717 - anything around 80w Price Range: $600 but depends Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Just looking to upgrade the AU-217 to something more high end. Alpha range / DR Bigger AU series (517, 717, 999) Late 70's / Early 80's. Not interested in the valve sound (101 style) or 90's onwards. Prefer Melbourne, but consider interstate / postage. Price is flexible, particularly downwards Thanks - found 'as-new' Sansui 417 for the right price. Now have a decent 30 y/o amp to power my decent 30 y/o speakers. I can't afford equipment in this era yet ... - SP
  14. Hi, Looking for a Sansui AU-717 IA. Clean condition (possibly rebuilt/refreshed caps etc) - although not a deal breaker. Don't really care where you are located. I can arrange courier. PM if you are interested in letting it go. Cheers.
  15. I want to purchase the F-2965 driver circuit board.
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