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  1. Further Information: It had been a great preamp/dac with the latest software which seems to have now hit the nail on the head with no lag and fast connection to all audio streaming services through the bluOS app. With Wifi and bluetooth and all the major streaming services it has been awesome to own. Never had any issues with the unit. Comes with all accessories as per new including the microphone for the dirac room calibration. In new condition, no marks or scratches. Bought January 2022 with receipt supplied on purchase for your warranty. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to reply Here is a link for specs and rear picture as it is a bit time consuming to pull the unit out to take a photo haha https://nadelectronics.com/product/c-658-bluos-streaming-dac/
  2. I've bought a couple of MC cartridge, one is LO (0.25mv) the other HO (1.6mv). I'm currently using a Project Tube Box DS2. I know I can use that and it will work well. I've also managed to get my hands on a very cheap Yaqin MS12-B which is a MM only phone stage. The HO may work as is. The LO will definitely need to be bumped up. I've been looking at SUTs and had a thought - will it work if (technically, I know actual performance will be a suck it and see). Anyway, can I connect the LOMC to the project with correct loading etc, then connect the line level output to the Yaqin CD input (as opposed to the RIAA input), then from the Yaqin to the Reisong A10. Or shall I just invest in a step up (thinking Denon AU-320) and go direct to Yaqin then into the Reisong?
  3. Hello I need a new preamp. As I have posted elsewhere I am after a preamp WITH tone controls. I listen to real music and that means that a lot of it is badly recorded. A bit if work with the tone control can sometimes work wonders. Of course not everything needs it but its good to have. I am also interested in the pre having multiple outputs (for subs). The problem is that the current fashion is for minimalism and featureless preamps. So with that in mind I have become interested in the Accuphase C-2420 ($10750). It has tone controls and 2 RCA outs + 2 XLR outs. I am planning to borrow one this week and test it out. I will be able to directly compare it with a Pass XP-10 so will be interesting. I will post my conclusions. After that I am trying to think of what else fits the criteria. The D'Agostino pre has tone controls but silly price. The classe CP800 also but I cant find any lust for it. I love the AR ref5SE but no features:( And the Pass as mentioned above is also very good but again no features. Can anyone think of what else to shop against the 2420 that has "features"?
  4. I have a musical fidelity KW 550 integrated amp. Will I be able to connect an accuphase c 2420 preamp to this amp. If done, will it improve the sound quality ?
  5. Hi fellow SNAers, It's been a while since my last restoration post (Sansui 555A), I have been quite busy with more restoration work and thus wanted to share a recent project I had finished. So continuing my audio journey into the world of Vintage HiFi, I was lucky enough to acquire this beautiful rare Marantz Model 33 Pre-amplifer. Any double (or single!!) digit Marantz unit is extremely rare in the US, yet alone Australia - so I was quite a happy camper When I purchased this Pre-amp, It was advertised as 'serviced'... however upon inspection, boy was I in for a suprise.. This so called 'tech' who had 'serviced' her managed to unload, what looks to be half a bottle of some sort of corrosive 'lubricate' substance causing the bottom plate to PEEL and etch a majority of the paint off! Ouch. This oily substance was evvvvvverywhereeeee!! I had to flush the poor girl out with contact cleaner... Not Happy Jan. Some people just don't care... Apart from that, the unit had 100% original components Yay! Anyways, after removal of the bottom plate, the unit itself presented a very easy setup for a recap. Went through and wrote down a caps list. The capacitor choice this time was some local Hitano EXR capacitors purchased from Wagner Electronic Services (WES) (no allifiation). I have been advised that these caps present a great bang for buck and have since used them in all my other work, latest being my Yamaha CR-2020 (more on that later). The reason for the recap was due to her 'acting up' - her symptoms screamed of sick capacitors, dry joints and scratchy pots i.e. random drop outs, loudness switch jumping almost triple in volume, slight intermittent buzzing noise, overall she was one sick amp. I'll let the pictures tell the story. will post more up as I go Daniel
  6. Hi Has anyone purchased the Emotiva XPS-1 Phono Preamp, it seems fairly new on their site and is priced at $US 149, which seems reasonable, with another $US 30 for post it seems a goodish item if it lives up to past Emotiva products. http://shop.emotiva.com/collections/processors/products/xps-1-phono-stage JJ
  7. Just a quick question to the more technically minded out there. I notice that my Halcro gear has both voltage and current outputs on the pre and current and voltage inputs on the pwr amp. The only thing mentioned in the manuals is that using the current inputs can eliminate ground hum and some similar issues but I was wondering... Is there any difference in the effectiveness of using current instead of voltage? Is one method potentially superior or inferior to the other? Or is there no real difference to talk about? Just one of those things that might otherwise have kept me awake a little longer at night, so I thought I might as well ask the minds that know.
  8. Hey there fellas, Long time reader but only fourth time poster. Appreciate any advice anybody can offer on the below. Its come time to archive my records, its getting too hard to store them all and they are getting damaged by heat and age ETC. Giving me nightmares actually so I have decided to dedicate the time and money to record them to wav. They are all 12". I only want to do it once, and I want to do it right. So very interested to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Heres what i have currently, 1x Technics SL1200MKII 1x Shure M97x stylus 1x Pioneer DJM800 Mixer with digital out and balanced xlr out 1x Presonus Firestudio with both analog and digital inputs 1x Windows DAW, software includes: sound forge, ableton, cubase, serato scratch live The so many variables and not enough time in my life to test them all, so I come to you guys for some advice. Firstly, A) I was considering buying a proper phono stage.. Is this going to make a massive difference over using the pre's that are in the DJM800? If so, recommendations on units, with the sound interface i have I can use stages with either analog or digital outs. Budget for the stage is maxing out at about $3000. Another option is to buy another sound interface that has a phono stage inbuilt. Software reccomendations for recording, some of these older albums could benefit from a little touching up/remastering C) If i dont buy the stage, and use the pioneer mixers phono inputs, should i do the ADC right in the mixer and go digital from the mixer to the sound cards input, or should i go out of the balanced XLR and do the ADC at the presonus sound interface? D) Is this shure hifi stylus ive got the way to go, or would you guys suggest another type Anything fundamentally different to suggest, or that i have missed? Obviously there are some phono stages that have USB outs in which case the sound card and mixer both become redundant, but the higher end models i have looked at seem to lack both USB and digital outs. Cheers, Paul
  9. So changing direction from some of my previous posts, I'm looking for some info on the two channel tale. Initially I was looking for an AVR that would kind of do everything. If I go in that direction, I'm looking to get a Yamaha RX-V2073. If I don't go the AVR route, I've been recommended (from a couple of corners) Emotiva gear, specifically the UMC-1 and XPA-200, but I would probably go the USP-1 over the UMC. I don't really need surround, and the USP has a phono input and headphone out. (I have a pretty low end AVR and some speakers I can use as 5.1 for the odd movie or PS3, in addition to whatever I do here). My question though: would going the Emotiva (or similar) route be overkill? Could I be happier with an integrated amp like the Yamaha R-S700? I listen to the radio a reasonable amount, so that factors in. Further, if I go in this two channel direction I'm going to have to look at a DAC and potentially a DAB+. As I've got in my signature, I'm looking to power DALI Ikon 7s, which shouldn't be too difficult to drive, so the XPA-200 might be a bit over the top (but sound amazing). Any suggestions are welcome (my budget can push $1800, but lower is obviously better). ST
  10. Hi All! I've ordered some entry-level Schiit equipment recently, and since everyone talks about the higher-end stuff like the Bifrost, Valhalla, etc.. the entry level stuff has much less publicity. I thought I'd share my initial experiences with you. I have been working on setting up a stereo sound system using a DAC and a power amp, (no preamp). So I asked the folks in the preamp section of this forum whether a preamp was truly needed. To cut a long story short, it was recommended to me that unless I was absolutely sure what volume my DAC would play at... I could bypass the preamp, and just get some sort of dedicated volume control to avoid blowing things up. So I ordered the Schiit "Sys". I personally think it a little strange that the Sys is under the "Preamp" on the Schiit site. Yes, it's pre the amplification stage, but many people associate preamp with something a little more complex.. or at least has some amplification of it's own. (If you don't, then I'm clearly more odd than I am aware :-D ) Now there isn't a lot to say about such a simple device. It only contains passive electronics (no amplification, no power needed). It only selects between two stereo (RCA) inputs, and has a volume control. You might be wondering, "I can do that with a potentiometer, some soldering, some sockets, and a selector switch.... and you're probably right. But the Sys does it very nicely in performance and looks. No Jaycar plastic boxes that look like it was made by an eccentric soldering hermit, nor a 15 year old for a "Science project". Ok, so you're not going to get the bass/treble/equalized control of a more complex preamp, nor as many inputs/input plug options. It's simply not there. Strengths of the Sys: - A convenient way to get input selection, and volume control on a small desk or near your computer. It doesn't take anywhere near as much room on desk/shelf as a standard full-featured preamp. - This is a very simple way of setting up a separated system. Using interconnect cables, you can put the power amp wherever you'd like, or is conveniently located to power/speaker connections. - Doesn't "Colour"/modify/correct the signal in any way, so the original signal maintained. - Cheap! Stylish, and sounds great! Drawbacks of the Sys: - Obviously, lacks signal processing. - Only two inputs. - Only takes stereo RCA inputs (no optical/digital coax here) - No bass/treble or other adjustment for the sound. I really like Schiit's audio gear. I think for the money, I am hard pressed to find better. Their delivery from the US to Canberra was in only 3 business days. Everything works, and is described exactly as it is. I've also done an initial review on Schiit's entry-level DAC (The "Fulla") here: http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/user/148381-harmo-hammer/ I hope this helps! Hamish.
  11. Howdy all! I have an old NAD 2ch power amp with standard stereo RCA inputs, and a nice pair of (very old) bookshelf speakers gathering dust. My friend who's just started listening to music in a serious way is still at uni, and I thought I'd give him my old gear as a birthday/graduation present. Although that's still six months away.... Here's the problem, I know he doesn't have any pre-amp.. and I'm not sure if it will be a good present or not. I was wondering, if I connect it directly to a DAC (for example) could I realistically bypass the need for a preamp? He doesn't really need source switching, so I'm interested in what people think about the "need" and benefits for a preamp. Have any of you had good/bad experiences running without one? Otherwise, if there is a nice, (low cost) preamp that anyone recommends (even better, for sale) I'd consider it, but my budget is pretty tight at the moment. All help is greatly appreciated! Hamish.
  12. I have a Astell & Kern AK100 (1.4V RMS output). a Meridian 557 Poweramp (1.44VRMS, 200W) and a pair of Celestion SL6s (120W, 8ohm) and just wondering if I can safely use the AK100/557 to drive the SL6s without a preamp in between? thanks.
  13. Hi guys I just wanted to start this topic as a bit general. I recently got a AK240 and put some FLAC music on it thus rendering my headphone (Fostex TH900 recabled) and HT amp (Yamaha RXV3900) to new heights. After getting a headphone amp and seeing a drastic increase in enjoyability factor in the headphone domain, I was wondering if the same can be done for my speaker system which until now i had no problems with. The Violectric V200 and Auralic Taurus MKII are what I have in the headphone area, both greatly increased soundstage and are very revealing thus allowing the AK240 to function to its true heights (previously Fostex sounded a bit thin). This is sort of the stuff I would be looking for in the pre amp as well I guess. I am going to be driving just a basic HT setup I first started on (Jamo s606) and am completely new to the world of HT amps. Not sure if I can use headphone preamps (have ordered interconnects from the states) but was wondering if I can pull off the same sonic improvements with dedicated HT preamps that are available in Australia (huge if) and especially in Sydney for me to go have a listen too (got lucky with head-fi purchases). I think the Yamaha drives the speakers very well (it was the most expensive component in the kit when i first bought it so i guess this would be expected) so i dont need a power amp but would rather have a pre-amp which sounds musical. Any suggestions to start my research off? Not sure about the budget but wouldn't mind dropping $2000 or even a bit above if people think it makes a difference. I dont need a DAC section since thats what I bought the AK for as i switch it between 2 headphone amps and HT amp. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks for your time guys. Varun
  14. Item: Audio Research LS2 Valve Line Stage Preamp (Silver) including Amperex 6DJ8 Bugle Boy value and spare Amperex 6DJ8 Bugle Boy valve Location: Vermont, VIC Price: $1350 (Free pickup. I will ship, including interstate, at buyers expense, including insurance. I do not have the original shipping box but will ensure the item is carefully packed to avoid any damage.) Item Condition: Excellent (Sonically) and minor scratches as expected for its age Reason for selling: Upgraded to 2nd hand Audio Research LS25 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Original unmodified 240V international version. Voltage has not been converted unlike some imported US 120V products being sold on eBay. Specifications: http://www.arcdb.ws/LS2/LS2.html Pictures: I have attached 6 photos.
  15. Item: Pair REF9V3SE Monoblocks And P-9 Preamplifier In Rose Copper Colour Location: Kingaroy QLD Price: $5000 Then $3500 NOW $3200 Inc. Postage (Aus Only) For Quick Sale! Item Condition: Excellent, One or two Tiny Marks (See Photos) Reason for Selling: Got a Silver Pair of Ref9's to match other Gear, Need Tape Loop & Extra outputs now.. Payment: Paypal, Bank Deposit, Or Cash on Pickup (Preferred for Audition & Personal Inspection) Extra Info: Remote, Leads, Booklet Included.. Turns out there is a slight colour difference between the Mono's and the Pre, Which I only noticed when I stacked them to take pictures, Sitting in separate parts of the cabinet it is not noticeable, and I went for a year without even realising! Cosmetically they are very good with only minimal marks (See Images), and In perfect working order. I would be keeping the power amps but I've swapped for a pair of silver ones to keep the Mrs happy (everything Matches now), So these are selling to pay for them .Upgraded To the better Power Supply, Latest V3 Boards Installed By Tony Moore @ Ambience Loudspeakers. Auditions/Inspections welcome In Kingaroy. PS. Paypal will incur 3% fee to buyer at the new reduced price.
  16. Item: Pair Ref9V3SE Monoblocks and Matching P-9 Preamp in Copper Orange Colour Location: Kingaroy QLD Price: $5000 Including Postage Australia-Wide Item Condition: Excellent, One tiny Scratch on One Piece of the Pre-amp. Reason For Selling: Replacing With the 7Channel Model; Need the money for a Bike. Payment: Paypal, COD or Cash on Pick-up (Preferred so you can see the units in person before purchase) Extra Info: Original Amp Boards from Before Upgrades supplied, Remote and all Power/Control Leads. Approx 3-3 1/2 Years old. Gutted to see them go, hope they go to a good home!! RCA and True Balanced XLR on Monoblocks. I Apologise for the bad light in photos, they are perfectly matching in colour etc, Identical size as well for stacking. I just chose not to so I could go cheap on leads by putting them a metre or so closer to speakers!! ^_^
  17. Item: Audiolab 8200CDQ 9.5+ Like New Hardly Used Location: Sydney Price: NOW SOLD Item Condition: 9.5 Perfect working conditions. Looks brand new and no marks, minor marks on the remote control. Reason for selling: Not use. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only The 8200CDQ is a CD Player, DAC, and have an onboard digital & analogue preamp, also a pair of balanced outputs and a USB port (among many others) to connect directly to you computer, I have it connected to my iMac and it works perfectly. The 8200CDQ has gathered a huge amount of 5 starred reviews and praises. Extra info: 6 moons - "For each function I compared this machine to rather pricier comers and if it didn’t match them on all counts it still came close. What more ought to be said about its very hard-working price/performance quota?" Hi Fi Choice - "A highly attractive piece of equipment that does a lot and does it very, very well." What Hi Fi ★★★★★ - "The 8200CDQ is a forward-looking product that combines top-quality sound with some really useful features." Hi Fi World - "Superbly musicality allied to excellent versatility makes this a brilliant value package." Secrets of Home Theatre and High Fidelity - "Live with this player for a few days and you'll fall in love. An audition is a must if you're considering a DAC or a CD player anywhere between 800-2000 dollars. Don't short change yourself." + plenty more you can find online... The CDQ's version is 1.3 and not the latest OLED version. It comes with a very slick remote control. You can buy it with the excellent Audioquest Carbon 2.0 cable +$90, or without. I have the original box for the 8200CDQ. Will ship with registered parcel at buyer's cost and risk. Specifications: Output Level @ 1kHz: RCA: 2.05V RMS XLR: 4.1V RMS Frequency Response ref. 1kHz: 20Hz - 20kHz ±0.2dB Total Harmonic Distortion: RCA: <0.0025% XLR: <0.008% Crosstalk @1KHz: RCA: >120dB XLR: >130dB Dynamic Range 'A' wtd: RCA: >98dB XLR: >110dB Features: • 32-bit/84.672MHz oversampled/upsampled, 512 element, multibit array DAC (four DACs per channel) • 1920x oversampling with 44.1kHz source from CD/USB • Asychronous USB supporting 24-bit/96kHz with driverless remote control of PC/Mac media player (via HID support) • 2x 24-bit/192kHz coaxial S/PDIF digital inputs • 2x 96kHz optical digital inputs • 3x 2Vrms analogue line-level inputs • Low jitter optical and coxial S/PDIF outputs • Selectable analogue or digital preamplifier mode • High-current, single-ended and balanced, discreet Class A output stage • High-performance, direct-coupled, discrete Class A headphone amplifier • Custom CD servo design – with ultra-low-noise PSU for OPU • Full remote control and external remote I/O loop • 34 regulated power supply rails • 14 ultra-low-noise discrete regulators • User-selectable digital filter settings – software upggradeable via USB port • Master clock jitter less than 3psec short term • Top-quality component parts used throughout, including: ultra-low-ESR capacitors; high-tolerance polypropylene film/foil capacitors; ultra-stable, very-low-VCR 0.1% MELF SMD resisitors; four-layer PCB
  18. Item: Musical Fidelity M1 HPA Location: Canberra Price: $640 + postage. Item Condition: One small mark on top edge (shown in photo), otherwise perfect. Reason for selling: Need some cash and the MF is an optional system component. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer. Extra Info: I purchased the Musical Fidelity M1 HPA last year from Miranda HiFi to use primarily as a preamp with the Weiss DAC2 and W4S Monoblocks. Its inclusion in my system massively improved on the sound I was getting with a direct connection from the Weiss to my power amps. The class A MF M1 HPA is clean, powerful and detailed, but has a subtle sweetness that is very inviting. I haven't used it much as a headphone amp (I don't have high-end phones) so I can't comment on it in that role, though it reviews well. Similarly, I have never used its USB DAC but understand that it is fairly basic. When I purchased it it retailed for $1K but it looks as though it goes for $900 now. Here's a review: http://www.techradar...a-720752/review Prior to removing it from my system it was in completely immaculate "as new" condition. However, I clumsily managed to knock the top edge with a power cable while extracting it, and it now has a small mark which I have tried to capture in the photographs. I have all the original packing etc. Pictures:
  19. Further information: Plinius M16 Preamp. Made in NZ to Krell like standards..... in times when everything was aluminium billet and chunky! ( even the remote is CNC'd from billet). In excellent working conditon and presentation. Some general marks from use but all superficial. Includes remote ( ink has worn off a bit) and original manual. No box so local pick up preferred. PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved You understand that upon successful sale of your item it is expected you pay Seller's Fees. - if you have previously sold items and not made a contribution, your advertisement may not be approved.
  20. Item: Electro Harmonix 6922 Cryo Treated Preamp Vacuum Tubes - 2 Location: Sydney NSW Price: A$40 (includes small parcel postage within Australia) Item Condition: New/Not used Reason for selling: To fund a redecoration home project Payment Method: EFT or Pickup at Sydney metro location - COD Extra Info: "....Cryogenically treated tubes are simply better sounding, more dynamic, have a lower noise floor and are more musical than raw stock - off the shelf stock tubes"
  21. Item: Audio-GD NFB15.32. Has the USB32 upgrade, does not have TCXO upgrade. Location: Melbourne CBD. Price: $250 negotiable + shipping if required. Item Condition: Basically brand new. Used for a few hours. Reason for selling: Surplus to requirements as I got some nice hand-me-downs. Payment Method: Cash or Paypal. I bought this item from Addicted to Audio in January and it is as good as brand new. Comes with USB cable, power cable, and what I believe to be jumpers. The box didn't include any instructions or drivers, which surprised me, although I can provide the latest drivers on CD if required. I will also provide the receipt for warranty purposes. This item can also act as a pre-amp so it should sound quite nice paired with a nice power amp. I've never tried it, though I must admit I am tempted.
  22. Item: Audio-gd C-2.1 Headphone Amp/Preamp Location: Hawthorn, Melbourne Price: $230 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I am selling my Audio-gd C-2.1 Headphone Amp/Preamp. It is in excellent condition, with no marks or scratches. It's going as I have upgraded to the NFB-6. This HP amp delivers a clear (neutral) and faithful sound and won't muddy the source. Comes with an Australian charger. More info from the Audio-gd website - http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/Headphoneamp/C-2new/C2.1EN.htm Postage available at extra cost. I'm also selling my DAC - http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/62194-fs-audio-gd-nfb-2-dac/
  23. Item: Audiolab 8000Q preamp (black) Location: Clayton, Melbourne Price: $499 $450 pickup or buyer pays postage Item Condition: Very good, no marks that I can see Reason for selling: Moving back to an integrated Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: I've been using this with a Musical Fidelity A3CR (also for sale - see my other thread) and have enjoyed the combo very much. The 8000Q is solidly built with plenty of connection options. One standout feature is the option to run it in passive or active mode via a gain knob on the front panel. This will come packaged in the original box with the remote. Reviews: http://www.audioenz....iolab_q-p.shtml http://www.6moons.co...iolab/8000.html Pics: Took some pics of the unit this morning:
  24. Item: Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 (Black) Location: Canberra Price: $1180 O.N.O + postage. Item Condition: 10/10 (Apart from the dust it could be mistaken for new). Reason for selling: Have pre-ordered a higher end DAC and need to pay for it somehow. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Credit. Extra Info: The W4S replaced a very highly regarded Weiss DAC2 in my system, and was more detailed, more musical, and had a better feature set. It was a complete bargain at its retail price, and is an even better at the above price. It has pre-amp functionality (for digital sources) with a remote, as well as phase reversal, a hi res USB input, and multiple other digital ins (including IS2). It is build like a tank (really really really solid), and was made in the USA. Sound wise it is highly detailed without being overly analytical, and has great drive and body. It is very neutral but isn't at all clinical. Reviews can be found here: http://www.positive-.../wyred_dac2.htm http://www.stereotim.../CD101410.shtml www.6moons.com/audioreviews/wyred4/dac.html http://www.avguide.c...nverter-tas-210 Specifications etc. can be found here: http://www.wyred4sou...0/117839/457975 Aus retail is $1950, but it can be had new for around $1750 depending on the exchange rate on the day (Deep Hz Audio are excellent in that way). I have all the original packaging, software, etc. And can include a W4S P1 Ultra power cable (US plug) which retails for about $150, for another $80. I am only selling the W4S because my most loved DAC of all time (more expensive than the W4S) has received an update and I have pre-ordered it. I need to sell the W4S to help pay for the new purchase. Pictures:
  25. Item: ModWright LS100 valve pre-amp Location: Queensland Discovery Coast Price: $2600 (inc freight Australia-wide) Item Condition: 9.5/10 (only because it has been used!) In immaculate condition. Reason for selling: Bad timing. Thought I was going to sell the ModWright pre and power amps together, but someone unexpectedly bought the power amp AFTER I’d gone ahead and bought another pre-amp. Complicated? Yes, don’t ask for further details of my embarrassing lack of ‘system co-ordination’! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Bank Deposit (or PayPal – but only if YOU pay the 2.4% surcharge!) Extra Info: Bought from fellow SNA member Eagle. Since then I’ve upgraded the (barely run-in) Sovtek tubes in the pre-amp to a matched pair of Sophia Electric 6SN7 power tubes, and the rectifier tube to a NOS Philips Mini Watt GZ34. The detailed and dynamic sound via this pre-amp will thrill your ears. Seriously! Pictures: See below. I could rightly be classified as ‘loony’, as was Eagle, for selling this! It is only 5 months old. Here’s the link to Eagle’s original SNA “For Sale†ad: http://www.stereo.ne...odwright +ls100 Comes with the complete set of original valves (almost new, barely burned-in) Comes in original packing, so can courier Australia-wide. NOTE: Price INCLUDES courier within Australia. PLEASE don’t try and low-ball me on the asking price!
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