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  1. Further Information: Audiophile vintage Marantz PM-45 integrated stereo amplifier in the black finish (1986 -1989). The Marantz PM-45 amplifier delivers 59 watts per channel (8 ohm) and features include a phono input (MM / MC) and tone control. Unit is operational and has been used in my garage setup, the volume pot is bit scratchy, so is the phono/cd direct button when pressed but after fiddling the sound comes nice and clear. A good clean maybe in order. Internal pictures suggest it hasn’t been serviced recently. Also another power cord will need to be sourced by the new owner as I have few other vintage marantz on rotation that use that rectangular two pin rectangular iec plug. Will be happy to do a quick demonstration. But be aware that what you buying may require some work
  2. Further Information: Sadly my Marantz SR7015 is up for sale, I purchased this new and It has had very little use in roughly two years. It was always cooled with an AC Infinity Aircom T9 Component Cooler (not included in this sale), when it was being used. This AVR was used in my second living area and is no longer required since moving into a my new house. BONUS!! SPK618 8K HDMI Adapter for true 4K/120hz and 8K compatibility, this addon unit is specifically designed for Marantz and Denon AVRs and it alone Is not cheap to buy. All accessories that come with the SR7015 from new are included in the sale, which includes the Audyssey Mic with Adjustable rocket stand, all the cable labels and manuals. The remote looks brand new and is also included. I still have the original Box and everything is packed in the original box ready for the happy new owner. Everything included is in, as new condition, this AVR looks and sounds fantastic, and I'm only selling because I have no space for a second setup in my new house. Postage should be around $85 with full insurance and signature upon delivery. Thanks for stopping by, and please PM me if you're interested.
  3. Further Information: Selling marantz CD5005 CD player which is in excellent working condition. Comes with remote cabling and manuals and guides, this is a very good quality sounding player with very good build.
  4. Hey folks, Is the Marantz 1060 all that it’s cracked up to be? I’m tempted to purchase… but already have a Pioneer SA 9100 which I absolutely love (Driving Rogers Studio 1A’s). I’ve also got a Sansui 777-D with some Rogers LS3/5A’s. I feel the Sansui is overkill on these little bookshelf speakers and maybe the Marantz is a better fit? I’ve read a lot about the Marantz 1060 lacking in bass, but then people just seem to… cover them… Are they THAT good? what’s a great speaker to pair with the Sansui 777-D’s? While I do like that amp it just doesn’t give the warmth and beauty that my Pioneer Sa-9100 does and I’m not as in love with it as I want to be! Perhaps it just doesn’t like Rogers Speakers!
  5. Folks, I am devastated that my Marantz 1060 is crapping out. I am wondering if the technically minded audiophiles here would recommend I buy a SPECIFIC recap or repair kit off ebay... Like this: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/114684614996 or this: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/114533387086?_trkparms=amclksrc%3DITM%26aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3Dfc840c22e20240558cd96b99b2a00383%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D114533387086%26itm%3D114533387086%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057%26brand%3DMarantz&_trksid=p2380057.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3Ad24409af-e710-11ec-b0c4-dac0802a1630|parentrq%3A42bb90711810a12ad00410d0ffffb510|iid%3A1 To give to my repair guy (Chris Kim in Sydney). Or... does it really matter? He's got his own gear to fix the darn thing. I just want to preserve the original sound of the amp - before it started sounding like crap... Love any advice on whether the extra time and expense would be worth it to preserve the sound of my lovely ol amp.... Thank you! Jordan.
  6. Hi fellow SNAers, It's been a while since my last restoration post (Sansui 555A), I have been quite busy with more restoration work and thus wanted to share a recent project I had finished. So continuing my audio journey into the world of Vintage HiFi, I was lucky enough to acquire this beautiful rare Marantz Model 33 Pre-amplifer. Any double (or single!!) digit Marantz unit is extremely rare in the US, yet alone Australia - so I was quite a happy camper When I purchased this Pre-amp, It was advertised as 'serviced'... however upon inspection, boy was I in for a suprise.. This so called 'tech' who had 'serviced' her managed to unload, what looks to be half a bottle of some sort of corrosive 'lubricate' substance causing the bottom plate to PEEL and etch a majority of the paint off! Ouch. This oily substance was evvvvvverywhereeeee!! I had to flush the poor girl out with contact cleaner... Not Happy Jan. Some people just don't care... Apart from that, the unit had 100% original components Yay! Anyways, after removal of the bottom plate, the unit itself presented a very easy setup for a recap. Went through and wrote down a caps list. The capacitor choice this time was some local Hitano EXR capacitors purchased from Wagner Electronic Services (WES) (no allifiation). I have been advised that these caps present a great bang for buck and have since used them in all my other work, latest being my Yamaha CR-2020 (more on that later). The reason for the recap was due to her 'acting up' - her symptoms screamed of sick capacitors, dry joints and scratchy pots i.e. random drop outs, loudness switch jumping almost triple in volume, slight intermittent buzzing noise, overall she was one sick amp. I'll let the pictures tell the story. will post more up as I go Daniel
  7. I am thinking of buying a marantz cd6005 for a cd transport plus as a DAC for computer files Any views on whether it will do both very well? Or alternative dacs and transport for comparable price around 900 For some reason it's one of those items where the Aussie dollar price is more than twice the pound sterling price Very good value in the uk but not so good here
  8. My Stereo equipment is aged, and the amplifier has at last been put out to pasture, wel,l in the bin actually, so I have to get a new one. Finances are limited, and I really do not want to spend more than $1000 for the amplifier, preferrrably less. I hope to be able to keep my turntable, Pioneer, PL-335, F 201 tuner, PD-S501 CD player, and the B&W 2003 speakers. It's all 20 years old. The must have for the amp then is enough power for the 4 Ohm speakers,and phono, CD, Tape, Tuner inputs. My music of choice is Baroque mainly, but I have opera, classical, organ, and hearing what it is at my age I'm not at all sure that a high quality amp and speakers are required.I hear the low sounds but lose some of the top notes, I probably really mean lots of the top notes. My old amp was a Pioneer A-501R, which had more than enough power so that I never had the volume control more than half way I suppose, mostly less I think. My list now is Marantz PM 6005 Pioneer A-30( which I have been told is an A/B amp, I have no idea as to the class of any of the others.) Arcam fmj 19 ( bit more than I want to spend Denon PMA 720 AE Yamaha A-S500, A-S700. Onkyo A 9050 Marantz and Onkyo have optical/digital input which could he helpful later when the TV and stereo are in the same room, but at the moment they are separated in two rooms. I'm not sure how I am going to be able to listen to them all, and probably only a couple of them with my speakers. But any comments, recommendations, suggestions, must have in the list would be appreciated. I have read the addicts guide too. I have an aversion to buying used as I would have no idea as to what I was getting.
  9. I recently acquired a Marantz PM11S1 integrated and have been running it with my ProAc Response 3.5 in the main system. I wanted to try a sleek integrated solution with high WAF. Evidently the silver Marantz has higher WAF than the black Acurus DIA100. First impression was of a sound reminiscent of the Primare i30. Clean and inoffensive but lacking the valve sound (colouration) of the Tempest. That is a statement of my personal preference - not a judgement! I decided to bi-wire using the amplifier's second pair of speaker posts. Simply select Speakers A + B and away you go. What A Difference! The mids and highs are indistinguishable from my Tablette Reference 8 (my personal benchmark) but bass is significantly tighter. Everything sounds more defined. This is at odds with my last attempt at bi-wiring which resulted in no discernible change in sound. I had given up on bi-wiring after that episode. The same speaker cables are being utilised as per the past experiment. http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/23237-biwiring-question/?hl=bi-wire Currently listening to Goldfrapp and it is just beautiful. I intend to work through a broad selection of my music library covering a wide spectrum of genres. I am really enjoying the PM11S1. Not much is going to get done today...
  10. Hi guys, I'm hoping for a bit of advice for a noobie. I've recently purchased but not yet received some VAF DC7s, a DC6 centre and their SW4 sub. I've been lusting after these for quite some time, so I'm pretty damn excited. I currently have a Marantz SR5003 receiver. Now, I'm also looking for some surround speakers but unfortunately I've already broken the budget with the above purchases, so I'm looking for a cheaper alternative than for eg the VAF DC3s. I was looking at some PSB Image B4s for surrounds as they seem to have similar specs to the DC3s, are quite small and can be had for about $300. The only problem is how much power they can handle. The PSBs are 6ohms with a recommended input of 10-80 watts. However, the Marantz outputs 90 watts/channel at 8ohms and 115 watts at 6ohms. The big question being, am I going to blow them up? My usual listening volume on the amp is at about -35db, but for films it could be at about -20db and for real ear bleeding fun with music (including concerts on bluray), perhaps at the very most -15db. I've done a lot of looking around online to try to find out roughly how many watts per channel the receiver would actually be outputting at the above listening levels but to no avail. I'm also interested in how much power the amp would be sucking from the wall at different listening levels (it has a maximum of 600 watts according to the back panel), so I might buy an energy meter to test it out. If anyone has any idea whether these speakers would be ok or if there are any other cheapish alternatives that might match up with the VAFs reasonably well, I would really appreciate your thoughts. I'm also aware that the PSB Image B5s will handle much more power but that's another $200 I'd rather not spend... Cheers.
  11. Starting a new thread to not pollute other similar discussions. I am currently evaluating amps and pre-amps that provide the perfect or best performance combination to deliver the best capabilities of the system. Below are the list of products I am considering and evaluating against. I current own a Yamaha Aventage 1030 + Halcro MC50 and feel that the sound output level does not match to the specs of 350W per channel at 8ohms. The reason I feel that is because there is only a _slight_ gain in volume before I introduced the Halcro MC50 amp. On further investigation it would seem that its all related to the sensitivity/impedance levels across these systems. I am considering the Marantz 7702 MkII as my future pre-amp for the functionality I am looking ex. Atmos, Auro 3D and before I jump the gun need to be sure that this is the right combination. I would definitely like to add another Halcro MC amp to my inventory list, but if things dont work out, Elektra HD2 is my candidate. Speakers: Yamaha F901 (Soavo-1) Fronts Yamaha C901 (Soava-1) Centre Axiom QS8 Surrounds Yamaha MX5000 (power amp) Input Sensitivity/ Input Impedence Unbalance (1kHz, 100 W/8ohm) 1.0V /47Kohm Balance (1kHz, 100 W/8ohm) 2.0V / 47Kohm Halcro MC50 (power amp) Input Impedance: 10 kOhms Emotiva XPA5 (power amp) Input Sensitivity (for rated power; 8 Ohm load):1.8 V. Gain:29 dB. Input Impedance: 33 kohms (balanced). 23.5 kohms (unbalanced). Marantz 7702 (pre) Input sensitivity/Input impedance: 200 mV/47kohms Rated output: Unbalanced XLR pre-output: 1.2 V Balanced XLR pre-output: 2.4 V Yamaha CX5100 (pre) RCA Unbalance : 200mV/47kOhms XLR Balance: 400mV/100KOhm Output level / Impedence: RCA: 1.0V / 470 ohm XLR: 2..0V / 470 ohm Yamaha RXA1030 (AV reciever) Input Sensitivity/Impedence RCA Unbalance (1kHz, 100 W/8ohm) : 200mV/47kOhms output Level / Impedence: AV 200mV/1.2kohms pre-out : 1.0V / 1.2kohms
  12. Hi all I am upgrading my home theatre set up from a circa 2003 setup. I have an old marantz srx006 amp that doesn't have any hdmi inputs but I do like the warmer sound of it. Having read a lot of the posts in other threads I more than a little undecided! I have 2 x 2003 vAF dcx fronts (may be replaced with i91's or i33's) 2 x i90's as rears 1 x i90 centre. Room size is 10m x 8m with entertainment area in one corner. I am pretty keen on the marantz sr6008 for around the $1000 mark. Budget is around $1k but could stretch a little further if worthwhile. Does anyone have any thoughts on something better than the marantz for the money? Thanks Jaws
  13. A SNAer entrusted this BEAST to me for a service, clean, and to rectify a non-functional scope. We decided not to embark upon a full rebuild due to the time and cost involved. These are fairly complex pieces of kit! Maybe one day... The Marantz 2500 was produced during the 'receiver wars' era in the 70's and a beast, both in a physical sense and in terms of power output. 250WPC is nothing to sneeze at! Here's a photo showing the size of the filter caps and toroidal transformer. The toroid is the largest I've seen in any domestic hifi gear of this era. ENORMOUS springs to mind! A soft drink can is provided for scale. The output transistors are mounted on a big tunnel heatsink with rear mounted fan. Each output transistor has a smaller heatsink with 'fingers' that help to better exchange heat. Overall, this receiver is in good condition for its age, both inside and out. It had the typical 35+ years of dirt and grime on the outside from general use, but a deep clean has rectified this as per the pics below. Unfortunately I didn't take a 'before' photo, but the receiver has scrubbed up very nicely indeed. First port of call was the non-functional scope. This receiver has a proper CRT style scope with a high voltage power supply. Inspection of the power supply board revealed a diode which has deposited a nice amount of soot on the board, along with a blown fuse. The power supply board was recapped and the diode replaced. The board was further cleaned after the pics below, with additional glue removal (although this glue doesn't seem to have turned corrosive like the Sansui glues) : The scope was aligned as per the service manual and now functions perfectly! The DC offset was spot-on, and the bias in the right hand channel was a tiny bit low. She's now 100% perfect in this regard. An internal clean, strip-down of the front face, cleaning and lubrication of all controls, cleaning the rear panel and top cover, and she's looking mighty fine indeed! I doubt there would be too many out there in this kind of cosmetic condition, particularly in Australia. A Sansui AU-717 is included in some of the photos to provide a sense of scale. This is a BIIIIIG unit!
  14. Hey guys, i would like some advise on choosing between an marantz pm54 amp with a ST-64 tuner and a Technics Su-z65 and a st-z55 tuner. i have a friend who acquired both sets and wants to use one in a garage and i can have the other, he is not fussed. From what i can read the sets are very similar in specs with the marantz producing 10 more rms watts Im wanting to use this set to listen to radio and digital audio via a fiio x5 or computer and CD. I already have a marantz 2230b and a kenwood ka 5002 which i swap between using for vinyl. So i would be interested to know which one would be better suited for my purpose. they will be driving a set of 3 way kenwood floor speakers. I really don't have much experience with audio gear post 1980 so any help would be much appreciated
  15. Item: Marantz MM7025 Stereo Power Amplifier Price Range: $800 give or take Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a Marantz MM7025 to pair with my SR5015 AVR to drive my front channel speakers. I'm located in Brisbane.
  16. Hey there guys Looking to buy a Marantz 6300 turntable in clean, original condition, preferably working though would consider non-working as well. Not really interested in the other similar Marantz models, and willing to pay fair but not stupid money! I'm located in Sydney, let me know what you have. Thanks in advance Geoff
  17. Hi All, Just looking for a little info on upgrading my current system which is: Whatmough Magnum series speakers: 2 x M30 front mains (4 ohms, 40 - 150 watt) 1 x M05 centre (4 ohms, 40 - 100 watt) 2 x M10 rears (8 ohms, 40 - 100 watt) AV Receiver: Sony STR-DE485 (please don't laugh) ;-) (Rated at 100watts per channel....hmmm???) Blu-Ray Disc - DVD Player: Sony BDP-S580 I know the speakers are not top of the range and have some age, but I just love them, and I am thinking of adding a Whatmough Tornado 2 sub to the mix. I am open to suggestions for the sub, I just figure the Whatmough would be a good choice and would match well with my current speaker set up. As for the amp.....well I would love to go nuts here but I am on a budget (trying to keep the amp under $1000). I am very fond of NAD equipment, and the NAD T748 (data sheet attached) seems like it would tick the boxes for features (and a pleasant lack of bells & whistles), while focusing on true sound quality and power for a reasonable RRP of $699. I am just a little concerned that it may be a little under powered for my Whatmough speakers? (although I have no doubt it would be a MAJOR improvement over my current Sony amp...LOL). To step up to the NAD T757 which I am sure would be great for my setup, but at a RRP of $1499 is getting a bit out of the budget and not sure if I can justify the extra $800 odd dollars when the T748 would be a big improvement anyway?? I do use the system for both music and movies and would appreciate any advice. Thanks :-) NAD T748.pdf
  18. Hi, I've recently been given a couple of speakers which are in need of repair. I'm a bit of a novice but here's what I know so far: Maker: Unknown (looks custom) Tweeter 1: Magnavox - 15 Ohm, "XJ3" Tweeter 2: Marantz (I think, based on model number), 8 ohm, "ST-10G1A", "Japan" Mid-range: Marantz (I think, based on model number), 8 ohm, "DS - 54", "Japan", "25W" 2 Subwoofers: Etone, "2876", can't find ohm markings anywhere Crossover: 8 ohm Dimensions (h/w/d): 1000 x 415 x 275 Weight: 35kg / speaker Cabinet: 17mm chipboard, 8-10 mm felt throughout entire inside of cabinet, minimal bracing (see attachment) The tweeters are wired in parallel, as are the subwoofers. The tweeters in both speakers are blown. I get no sound out of them and all 4 of them record a 0.L reading on my multimeter. Here are my questions: 1. Could these have been built by Peterson Speaker Laboratories or a company of the like or do they look like home built speakers? 2. Any idea how old are these speakers likely to be? 3. If they're old, should I replace the tweeters with the same kind to maintain its integrity as a vintage speaker or just go new? 4. The first tweeter shows 15 ohms. Is that right? I've never seen 15 before. 5. If the tweeters are 15 ohms and 8 ohms, can the 5.21 ohms circuit be fed into the crossover safely? I'm guessing so but I wanted to be sure. Thanks in advance. Dan. The second last image is taken from the mid-range opening. It's hard to see but it shows the two subs and a brace in between. The last image is of one of the subwoofers.
  19. Hello, I have a Marantz NR1603 receiver and it's great for my set up. Our TV is broken and I was thinking about getting a Sony 4K TV while it's on special. My NR1603 doesn't say anything about 4K. Can I use it with the TV? Regards, Cameron.
  20. Item: Marantz SR6006 7.2 AV Receiver Location: Queensland Discovery Coast Price: $675 Item Condition: 8-9/10 Reason for selling: Simplifying - back to olde worlde 2-channel sound Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Only Extra Info: Bought new from Digital Cinema 12/2011 Pictures: See below This AV Receiver has so many options that I feel it is grossly underused. Deserves an owner who will stretch its prodigious abilities and make it strut its stuff. If you’re on the lookout for a great-value AV 7.2 receiver I don’t think you will be disappointed. Can stream via Apple Airplay, and controlled using Marantz Remote App (via iPhone or iPad). Not sure whether there is an Android Marantz version. Comes with original remote, manual (on CD ROM), setup mic, AM/FM antennas. Marantz SR6006 user reviews: http://www.amazon.co...S/ref=pd_cp_e_0 Have original packaging so can courier (at buyer’s expense) anywhere in Australia.
  21. * Item Marantz PM11S1 complete with remote and manual * Location Sydney 2077 * Item condition description Very good condition * Price and price conditions $2150 * Reason for selling Surplus * Payment Methods: Cash - Pickup, EFT * Extra Info: I have been advised if I sell ALL my "surplus" audio gear I am approved to purchase an Aurender streamer. So both my Acurus DIA100 and Marantz PM11S1 are for sale. I am happy to keep which ever amplifier does not sell. The big Marantz has been a recent addition to my audio set-up. Unfortunately it did not escape notice... I have been enjoying it over the past week. The amp has been driving the Response 3.5 which I have temporarily taken out of storage. NOTE: Remote has a scratch just below the Pause button. I will include an "audio bonus" for any local SNA buyer. HINT: It may have Marantz on it, and it may spin little discs...
  22. Item: Marantz SR6300 Receiver - Self Learning Remote; Location: Horsham, Victoria Price: Sold Item Condition: Very good/Excellent Reason for selling: No use for it anymore. No room. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This receiver has been wonderful. I bought it brand new in 2003/2004 for $1699. It has heaps of power and is VERY musical for a receiver. Small scratch on top near front and battery cover missing on remote (damn kids). I just use insulation tape. See pics. Review here: http://www.audiorevi...86_2718crx.aspx Pictures:
  23. * Marantz CD65II CD player * Sydney (2077) * Good condition * $120 * My stash of "spares" was discovered and deemed surplus to requirements * EFT, CASH * Pictures below A classic Marantz CDP utilising the Philips TDA1541A DAC. This unit was made in Belgium. It is slightly older than the unit that sold earlier today going by the serial number (#070035 vs #070209). I have run the CDP since noon, non-stop, to check operation as best I can. Drawer opens and closes freely and unit indexes with the CDs I have tried. Headphone output functions. Buyer is free to test with their own CDs. Unit Dimensions 450 x 300 x 90 [mm] Unit Weight 3.6 [kg] Typical freight cost via Interparcel (TOLL) ~$25 to major Australian capital cities for a parcel 500 x 360 x 130 [mm] @ 4.6 [kg]
  24. Further information: In excellent condition, comes with original packaging! A rare find. The tuner is in fantastic shape, and the classic blue lights all work just fine. The box has quite a bit of wear to it, as you'd expect from a box of this age. One top flap is missing and one top flap is loose. It still presents very well, and is nevertheless such a rare find. Shipping is available at buyer's expense. Price is negotiable, looking for a quick sale. Donation To StereoNet upon sale. Photos:
  25. Item: Marantz SA-15S1 SACD Player Location: Sprinvale 3171 or Melbourne CBD Price: $700 FIRM. Item Condition: 9/10 pet free and smoke free household. Always kept in Hifi Rack. Reason for selling: Non-use. Payment Method: Cash on pickup, courier quote with e-go required for interstate buyers. Extra Info: Great SACD and redbook CD player with built in headphone amplifier. Made in Japan. Purchased as Australian stock from authorised distributor. Review here by Ken Kessler: http://www.qualifi.com.au/images/stories/marantz/products/SACD-CD/SA15s1/sa1_pm15_hf_news_sep_05.pdf Comes complete with original box, manual and x1 remote control. I'm also selling the matching amplifier the PM15-S1 Features Include: SACD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW playback Built in headphone amplifier! Cirrus Logic CS4397 DAC Frequency Response SACD 2Hz-50kHz (+0, -3dB) Frequency Response CD 2Hz-20kHz Dynamic Range SACD / CD 111dB / 100dB Channel Separation SACD / CD 100dB / 100dB Made in Japan
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